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Thursday, August 16, 2012

What Is the Key Point That People Should Know About the Holocaust?

1) That Jews were terribly, horrendously persecuted and killed?
2) That there was an orchestrated, state-run genocidal campaign against Jews?
3) That 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis?
4) That gas chambers, specifically, were used to kill millions of Jews?

I don't think any one denies the first point. The persecution was obviously terrible, and incredible numbers of Jews clearly died as a result.

The second point is obviously an important historical point, and certainly believable. My understanding is that there is a little room for debate here, but raising this issue gets you called a holocaust denier.

The third point is obviously only an estimation. But if you question this number, you tend to get called a holocaust denier.

The fourth point doesn't seem to as critical, conceptually, as the other three points, although it does tie into point 2 fairly closely. If you question the gas chambers, you definitely get called a holocaust denier.

This section from wikipedia on holocaust denial is interesting:
According to James Najarian, Holocaust deniers working for the Institute for Historical review are not trained in history and "put out sham scholarly articles in the mock-academic publication, the Journal of Historical Review".[152] They appeal to “our objectivity, our sense of fair play, and our distrust of figurative language”.[153] Thus, they rely on facts to grab the readers’ attention. These facts, however, are strung by what Narjarian calls “fabricated decorum” and are re-interpreted for their use. For example, they pay particular attention to inconsistencies in numbers.[154]
Emphasis added.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there some point to your post?

2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there some point to your post?

he's pushing holocaust denial but wants it to sound like reasonable free speech that's oppressed.
it's a conspiracy even at wikipedia lol
all smart nazis/racists do this now, pretend to be just asking questions
look up america third position
same thing with paultards and conspiratards

4:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they have software that identifies
specific myths and then have trained
trolls who are tasked with the duty to attack and slander anyone that dares to question the truthfulness of certain specific myths?

Sure seems like it,

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As documented in the book The First Holocaust, the Zionists have continuously and hysterically attempted to claim that six million Jews were dead, dying or in grave danger in Europe and Russia since the late 1800's. Any time there was turmoil in Europe, albeit turmoil often instigated by Jews in the first place, prominent Zionist figures and Jewish-controlled media organizations world wide continuously whipped up a frenzy with phony sob stories to get people to feel sorry for Europe's Jews and donate money to Jewish charities. It turns out that this mythical six million figure, long since discredited even by mainstream Holohoax historians, comes from a Jewish-Talmudic religious myth that says "ye shall return minus six million" or "you shall return to the land of Israel with six million less", and of course WW2 birthed the modern state of Israel which was established in 1948. Israeli Jews often excuse their systematic genocide of Palestinians and theft of Palestinian lands by bringing up the so-called Holocaust™ of WW2, which any serious researcher and critical thinker knows by now is a fraud of collosal proportions. The Zionists have so much influence that they turned a delusional Jewish religious prophecy into "historical fact".

"The First Holocaust" by Don Heddesheimer is a critical work documenting the continuous Jewish attempts at floating out Holocaust propaganda before, during and after World War One, often invoking the magical "6,000,000" figure and using the term "Holocaust". Of course, these clever propagandists have since accomplished their goal of establishing the outrageous myth of the Jewish Holocaust™ in the public consciousness following the end of WW2. In large part due to fictional Hollywood movies like "Shindler's List" from that lying venomous worm, Steven Spielberg. Read The First Holocaust online HERE.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

same thing with paultards and conspiratards

right, because we all know that conspiracies do not exist. ever. certainly not the ridiculous fairy-tale claim that a CONSPIRACY of cave-dwelling muslims high-jacked 4 giant planes and flew them around for over an hour,(without being intercepted by the world's mightiest air force), and then managed to destroy all 7 of the WTC buildings in one fell swoop.

oh and what is a "paultard" - is that someone who would rather see ron paul in office instead of bush/obama/romney?
if so, then i consider myself to be a "paultard".

6:19 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

I guess my point was-- is there some specific point (as listed) about the holocaust that the elites want us to know that is critical? I would say that points 1 and 2 are conceptually critical for Jewish history, and points 3 and 4 not so much. But questioning points 3 and 4 gets the hysterical holocaust denier accusation, and I'm not sure why.

7:53 PM  
Blogger spooked said...

Also, it's weird/amusing/annoying how official story supporters mostly rely on the sheer taboo of questioning the holocaust as an argument, rarely produce solid evidence for their story, and even complain when you use facts and numbers!

7:56 PM  

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