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Friday, September 21, 2012

Nazis-- the Ultimate in Human Evil?

According to official history, Nazi Germany descended into the epitome of evil during WWII, led by their supremely evil leader Adolph Hitler. Driven by their incredibly twisted ideology, the Nazis systematically killed and burned and almost completely wiped out the Jewish people of Europe. The question has always been-- how could they have done it? What led to this mass psychology of evil? Also-- how did the Jews let themselves be slaughtered en masse, as well?

There has always been evil in mankind, and some forms of genocide, but the Nazis outdid them all, with staggering numbers of systematic killings. (Although even officially, more non-Jews were killed during the war and the Russians killed huge numbers of non-military people themselves) But still... HOW to explain the evil, especially by WWII era Germany, which was highly educated and civilized and not so different from the US in terms of culture. Of course, back then, there was clearly a lot of racism (though it was rampant in the US too) and discrimination, there was the whole eugenics Aryan thing (though eugenics was promoted by US elites too) and the Nazis clearly developed a highly authoritarian fascist state (though was it really much different before the war, with what the US is now?), and the Nazis were quite brutal to their opponents (but isn't that par for humanity?). But still-- was that enough to explain the ultimate evil of the holocaust?

It seems to me that Nazi Germany is much more comprehensible WITHOUT the whole story of the holocaust-- that is systematic mass slaughter of people, especially Jews. For instance, the Einsatzgruppen were these roving death squads supposedly, that operated in the territory of eastern Europe after the German army had gone through and conquered the military defenders. The Einsatzgruppen were supposed to deal with left-over partisans as well as round up Jews. There were four Einsatzgruppen units, each with a few hundred men, and the incredible part is that officially, one unit of a few hundred men was supposed to be able to round up tens of thousands of Jews and shoot them and bury them in mass pits. And then because they knew they would get in trouble for this, they later found these graves, unearthed them, poured gas on the bodies and completely burned the corpses to erase all traces of their work. So no one ever found these mass graves where the massacres took place. Does anyone else have a problem with this story?

Of course there are very similar problems with the official Nazi concentration camp and mass gassing stories. There is the issue of when the Nazis decided they would systematically kill all the Jews, when the initial plan was to ship them to Madagascar.

So, by no means am I defending the Nazis or saying they weren't brutal killers. The question is-- were they truly the ultimate in genocidal killers as they are usually portrayed? And personally, it makes more sense-- it is more COMPREHENSIBLE -- that they did some terrible things in the war, but nothing so beyond the scope of what the US did in its history-- which was plenty evil, but an evil we can sort of understand and rationalize. And let's not forget that concentration camps were also used by the US during WWII to house the Japanese!

So-- the ultimate in evil? I propose the Nazis were not-- not significantly more evil than any other powerful regime in recent history, and possibly POSSIBLY somewhat less evil than even that. And clearly it was in the interest of the US and Britain, after WWII, to portray the Germans as terrible and horrible evil people who deserved everything that happened to them-- including the mass starvation of German POWs after the war.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saying that "the Nazis" killed six million Jews, when the evidence is either
non-existent or otherwise woefully unclear, is sort of like how Iran is said to have vowed to "wipe Israel off the map" or how Kruschev(sp?) supposedly claimed "we will bury you (U.S.)" --which MSM failed to explain wasn't meant to be taken literally.

What IS difficult to deny is the Holocaust policy of Colonial America against Native Amerians.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Plant a seed, pour a little water on it and see what grows.

11:43 AM  

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