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Friday, November 23, 2012

Is the Holocaust Still Relevant?

When Israel commits gross crimes against humanity in Gaza, it seems clear that any moral high ground Israel may have had from the Nazi-era "holocaust" is far gone. Israel is capable of enslaving people in concentration camps and slowly slaughtering them (also see here)-- much like what the Nazis did (ignoring for now the issue of mass gassing and cremation). 

So Israel and by extension, their American supporters/partners in war, are committing great evil, even almost comparable to monstrous evil Nazis did officially -- and the whole world can see this (except of course, for a large segment of blind Americans).  And these modern crimes of Israel, which were originally justified to a large extent by the "holocaust", are now comparable to the holocaust, especially in terms of genocide being an overt goal of Israel's leaders.  The victims have become the perpetrators of the same crimes of which they were victims. 

In my opinion, Israel's actions have de-legitimized the holocaust as much as any holocaust revisionist/denier.  Because how could any honest and good group of victimized people, turn around and commit comparable crimes just 60 years later?

So given these world-class crimes, does the official Nazi holocaust story have much relevance now?

In a sense, Israel's current crimes stand on their own, and the Nazi-era holocaust just makes them more sickening.  But we don't need the holocaust as an example of pure evil-- especially after all the evil since WWII.

But the Jewish holocaust of WWII does still have importance--

1) both Jews and Christians use the holocaust to give Jews special status among the ethnic groups of the world-- and thus use it to justify Israel's actions and US/Christian support of those crimes.

2) culturally and politically, the Jewish holocaust is an example of ultimate evil, frequently used in arguments as the result of extremism (both by liberals and conservatives).  Liberals think that conservative appeals to ethnicity and tribalism and outright racism can eventually lead to extreme acts like the Jewish holocaust.  Conservatives seem to think that liberal-style egalitarianism and socialism and atheism can lead to the dehumanization of humanity and less tolerance for ethnicity and religion, making mass slaughter of minorities more easy (this is my best guess at their argument in a simplified form). Nonetheless, the Jewish holocaust legend still has great sway in politics!

The bottom line is that between Israel's crimes and research showing that the gas chambers and massive cremations of the holocaust are a fabrication and growing realization of this fact due to the internet, I think that the relevance of the holocaust will fade in coming years.  This, in spite of ridiculous and insane laws trying to shut down free speech about the holocaust.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our country's history began with a holocaust against the Native American population, and our government was formed by slave owners seeking freedom.

Is our country more evil, since there's no doubt about the above, whereas the evidence against Germany includes no such mass killings?

12:00 PM  

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