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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Friedman: 9/11 Made Americans Stupid

In fact, that is only part of the story.

What little Tommy Friedman neglects to mention is that the press only pretended to be stupid, and hoodwinked the American public about what really happened on 9/11.

Then the press cynically allowed the Bush administration to exploit 9/11 for multiple nefarious purposes, including starting two major wars that resulted in the deaths of over one million people.

Now, to top things off, Little Tommy Friedman now wants us to forget about 9/11.


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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Even More Relevant Now Than 30-odd Years Ago

This too:

And this too!
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Friday, September 28, 2007

Explosions Found That Preceded the North Tower Demolition

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Let It Never Be Said Again That There Were No "No-Plane" Witnesses for the Second Hit

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Bush Administration Breaks the Law to Spy on Americans But Is Hypersensitive to Legalities for Spying on Iraqi Insurgents?

There is something really wrong with this story.

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but is it possible that the Bush administration was hiding something that they didn't want the surveillance people to know about the Iraqi insurgency?

This is the only way I can see that this story makes sense.

For crying out loud--
The original FISA law generally requires court orders if the government conducts electronic surveillance on U.S. soil. It allows the attorney general to authorize surveillance in emergencies without a court order for up to 72 hours, provided the government has probable cause to believe it is eavesdropping on an agent of a foreign power.

Really, this sounds quite a bit like the insurgency was NOT "an agent of a foreign power"!!!

Meanwhile, at least we're still killing dead terrorists!
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Too Bad the Hijacker Pilot Didn't Do a Loop-de-Loop Before He Hit the Tower

After all, that would have been the perfect way to finish off his mile a minute dive for four minutes at over 600 mph right before leveling out and doing a quick left turn at a screaming 545 mph close to sea level.

Officially, of course.

(The official flight path report can be downloaded here.)
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More WTC1 Hole Weirdness

Note the collapsed floor is barely pushed inwards:

If a 767 fuselage went in through the center hole, the fuselage must have been cleaved in half by the floor. Presumably the floor gave way after it was smashed in on the right side (by the starboard wing root?).

How is it the the top of the fuselage could bust in the columns ABOVE this floor, yet still be cleaved by the intact floor?

Officially that is.

Original NIST diagram:
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*STILL* Hard to Believe How Lame the Purdue Crash Simulation Is

Why exactly are we supposed to believe this lame cartoon is an accurate recreation of what happened on 9/11?????

Two of the most glaring problems in the simulation:

1) the wings and tail of the plane slice open huge swaths in the WTC facade, which simply does not match the holes that were seen in the WTC for either tower

2) the simulation shows torn sheets of aluminum debris easily slicing through thick steel core columns

It's so incredibly insulting!

The only possible reason I can think that they think we should take this seriously is because it reflects what we were shown on TV that day-- CGI images.

Though I like what Anonymous Physicist called this-- the "pristine plane".

Though the pristine plane is really only "pristine" as it enters. But certainly the plane in this simulation makes about as much sense as the "pristine bullet".
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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Why you should be very worried.

In short, they are a paramilitary force not answerable to the people, and could be easily abused by a despotic ruler.

Not in America?

I wouldn't count on that.
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WTC1 Mystery Debris

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NYTimes Questions South Tower Survivor's Tale

Oh my, I'm getting a case of the vapors.

Tania Head was one of only 19 who say they came down from the crash area or higher-- from both towers.

What next???

They will question Stanley Prainmath's story?

Noooooooo!!! Not Prainmath!!!!!!!

Oh my, I think I'm getting the vapors again.
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Where Is the Outrage??? (part XXIII)

The US has unleashed bloodshed in Iraq that is rarely known even in countries we think of as violent and torn by civil strife. It is amazing to think that this has occurred in what was only recently a liberal and civilized country by the region’s standards. This was a country that had a problem with immigration, particularly among the well-educated and talented classes. They went to Iraq because it was the closest Arab proxy to Western-style society that one could find in the area.

It was the US that turned this country into a killing field. Why won’t we face this? Why won't we take responsibility? The reason has to do with this mysterious thing called nationalism, which makes an ideological religion of the nation's wars. We are god-like liberators. They are devil-like terrorists. No amount of data or contrary information seems to make a dent in this irreligious faith. So it is in every country and in all times. Here is the intellectual blindness that war generates.

Such blindness is always inexcusable, but perhaps more understandable in a time when information was severely restricted, when technological limits actually prohibited us from knowing the whole truth at the time. What excuse do we have today? Our blindness is not technological but ideological. We are the good guys, right? Every nation believes that about itself, but freedom is well served by the few who dare to think critically.

An essential postulate of the Western idea, or so we tell ourselves, is the universal and ultimate value of human life. And indeed it is true. No person or group of people is without value – not even those whom our own government chooses to label the enemy.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

The Blocked Hole

I simply can't see how the outer columns and floor knocked asunder as shown in this picture are consistent with a 767 bashing through here and disappearing further in:

The major problem is the collapsed floor, which is clearly blocking the path of the port wing. And given the position of the floor, it is extremely difficult to see how this could have happened after a plane went in.

I suppose the oddest part is the complete absence of any apparent plane debris.

I don't know what is weirder, that the perps created a hole that matches the outline of a 767 so well-- or that the hole makes no sense for a plane crash.
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Loose Nukes Story

The official version is clearly bullshit.

Whether there were some people killed in relation to this incident, seems possible but not enough is known at this time to draw hard conclusions.

My guess is this story is all just really propaganda intended to make people think we are threatening Iran. It's hard to know if Iran is really buying this story.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

How Many Ways Can We Show That UA175 Didn't Hit the WTC???

A Boeing 767-200 can't fly 500 mph at an altitude of 700 feet!!!
So says Boeing!

And here is a novel proof, using the official flight path study, that also says UA175 couldn't have hit the WTC. (Updated 9/23)

This video says the official 175 flight path report says UA175 flew 66 miles in its final 4.7 minutes-- which would be IMPOSSIBLE, as the plane would have had to be going over 800 mph.

However, because this claim is so important, I checked the facts in this second video, since I also have a copy of the official flight 175 flight path report (it can be downloaded here).

The people in the second video made a mistake, because while the official flight path map shows UA175 going over the letters KNJP*, the actual airport is NOT where the letters are, and in the map, the turn at "G" is only 49 miles from NYC-- NOT 66 miles.

However, this STILL presents a major problem for the official story, as to go 49 miles in 4.7 minutes means the plane would have to be going 10.4 miles per minute or 625 mph-- a ridiculous speed, since the maximum speed for a Boeing 767 is 568 mph.

Not to mention that the plane was descending 24,000 feet in this last 4.7 minutes-- thus officially going well over the maximum speed in progressively thicker air.

So officially-- we have a plane descending a mile a minute, significantly over the maximum possible speed for the aircraft-- ALL officially done by a pilot who has never flown this type of aircraft before-- and somehow he manages to steer the plane perfectly to hit precisely a very narrow target (the WTC south tower)?

This is simply preposterous!!!

Then, as shown above, we have the admission from Boeing that a 767 simply can't go over 500 mph near sea level.

Thus, the facts here should put to rest ALL DOUBTS about whether UA175 hit the WTC.


*Somewhat curiously, is that that KNJP, near where UA175 supposedly made its last turn, is the former Naval Air Warfare Center in Warminster, PA. This is another odd link between 9/11 and the Navy.
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Blackwater Supplying Arms to "al Qaeda in Iraq"

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Taser Incident

This is absolutely horrifying and just fucking insane-- especially considering what Meyer was asking about:

Why was this man being ARRESTED???

Arthur Silber has more.

UPDATE: While the video is chilling to watch for the first time, I do hold out the possibility that the arrest was staged in some way, perhaps to give Meyer a "legend".

The possible tip-off to this being staged is the reference to Greg Palast, who is a major limited hang-out artist at minimum. Though one could understand a college student being taken in by Palast.

That being said, I think Meyer's reactions were real, and natural.

It's just the arrest makes little sense by itself-- even if we don't see the very beginning of the incident where supposedly Meyer was asked to leave.
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Trick o' the Tail

The columns where the vertical stabilizer (tail) section (a 25 foot tall structure on a Boeing 767) disappeared into are essentially intact except for some indentations on the surface cladding:

The tail clearly didn't break off, nor did it apparently go into the building.

Where did it go????

Did it disappear into dust?

Or did it turn into gray WTC pixels?
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How Is the Senate Condemnation of the Petraeus Ad NOT a Condemnation of Free Speech?


Just when my opinion of Congress could not get any lower.

It's not even like the ad was false in any way.

What pathetic times we live in.
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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Interesting Greenspan Remarks About 9/11

Alan Greenspan was on the Diane Rehm show on "NPR" this morning-- said the only way terrorists could have really hurt the country was if they mounted more attacks right after 9/11. He said he was very surprised then and is still surprised there were no follow up attacks immediately after 9/11, even though everyone was expecting more attacks*.

Silly al Qaeda!

They forgot to plan follow up attacks!**

*Yes, I know there were the anthrax mailings, but most people don't really consider that a follow-up to 9/11. Further, the media generally doesn't like to talk about the anthrax attacks, possibly because they were such an obvious false-flag attack.

**Yes, one could argue the Bush administration got it's act together and stopped further attacks that were planned by "Al Qaeda" right after 9/11. But this is extremely unlikely since we would have undoubtedly heard about major attacks that were busted up after 9/11, and we've never heard of such a thing. Further, it stands to reason any intelligent and independent terror organization would-- 1) plan some sort of different attack than the first one, on the premise that the government would take obvious precautions to stop the same kind of attack as the first one (e.g. take extra steps to prevent plane hijackings), and 2) have well hidden agents that couldn't easily be rounded up in a general sweep of illegal aliens.
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Why Clinton, Edwards, Romney or Thompson Will Be the Next President, and Why Obama and Giuliani Won't

When push comes to shove, I'm betting the US is still not ready to elect someone president with a clearly "ethnic" name.

McCain is sort of on the edge here, in terms of having an ethnic name. But more importantly, I think McCain is heavily weighed down by allegiance to Bush and the Iraq war to be electable.

And my pick for who will become the 44th president is... Hillary Clinton.

She will make the least mistakes, she will have the novelty factor of being the first woman president going for her, she will have the juicy gossip angle to her, the Democrats clearly have an edge overall -- and she is clearly an establishment choice.

Personally, I can't see voting for her though.
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Something for Tom Friedman to "Suck On"

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Restoring Habeas Rights Fails

Why do Republicans hate basic human rights so much?

But I'll give some minimal kudos to the five Republican Senators who bucked their pathetic excuse for a political party.

Of course, as Glenn Greenwald notes, this restoring of habeas rights was almost certainly a formality, as Bush would veto the bill, and the Dems didn't have enough votes to override the veto. But at least the Dems tried to do something right, though, as Greenwald spends most of his post on, the Dems have been FAR too accommodating to Bush's extremism.

And this story is a good example-- it's laughable that the Democrats really had no clue that the Bush administration would push a bogus terror threat in order to get their spying bill approved.
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Restoring Habeas Corpus

Rather sad we even need to do this, and even sadder that we need to worry about Republicans FILIBUSTERING restoring habeas corpus.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Abizaid: World Could Live with Nuclear Iran

While nuclear proliferation is not a good thing in general, it is clear that allowing a state to go nuclear is not the worse outcome in the world.

Conservatives, recently all atwitter about the recent "Betray-us" criticism of General Petraeus by, wasted no time in effectively saying the same thing about Abizaid.
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More 9/11 Lawsuits Are Settled in an Effort to Prevent the Playing In Court of the Flight 93 Cockpit Recorder

As 14 families of people killed in hijacked planes on Sept. 11, 2001, have settled their lawsuits against the airlines, they have left the future of the remaining cases in doubt just a week before the first trial was scheduled to begin.

The 14 settlements came a few days after the families won a ruling in United States District Court in Manhattan that would have allowed a jury to hear a cockpit recording that captured the sounds of passengers trying to retake control of United Airlines Flight 93 before it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

6 of the 14 settled cases were for flight 93, and 8 for flight 175.

Still 21 cases pending for victims on the various 9/11 flights-- whatever really happened to those them.
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And So It Goes...

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The Anti-War Protest

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I Guess I Wasn't the Only One Who Saw That

MILBANK: Petraeus --it's no accident he had a Latin name. It looked like he was the Roman general returning to the republic in his gold and purple toga, and they were celebrating him and slaying white bulls. They could not get enough of this man. And anybody's who's even critical of the war wouldn't dare criticize...


MILBANK: ... except in the most polite way, General Petraeus because then you appear to be criticizing the troops. I think it's game, set and match here.

So... is Milbank implying Petraeus was chosen because of his name?

Also @ the link-- a good summary of why the media is so ridiculous when it comes to Bush and the war.
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Bush Has Been Extremely Unpopular for Over a Year Now

How often do the mainstream media refer to Bush as extremely unpopular?

Also, the Petraeus tour did nothing to change American's minds about the Iraq war.

Curiously though, 39% of Americans still hold out hope that Osama bin laden will be caught.
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UFO Crash?

LIMA (AFP) - Villagers in southern Peru were struck by a mysterious illness after a meteorite made a fiery crash to Earth in their area, regional authorities said Monday.

Around midday Saturday, villagers were startled by an explosion and a fireball that many were convinced was an airplane crashing near their remote village, located in the high Andes department of Puno in the Desaguadero region, near the border with Bolivia.

Residents complained of headaches and vomiting brought on by a "strange odor," local health department official Jorge Lopez told Peruvian radio RPP. Seven policemen who went to check on the reports also became ill and had to be given oxygen before being hospitalized, Lopez said.

Rescue teams and experts were dispatched to the scene, where the meteorite left a 100-foot-wide (30-meter-wide) and 20-foot-deep (six-meter-deep) crater, said local official Marco Limache. "Boiling water started coming out of the crater and particles of rock and cinders were found nearby. Residents are very concerned," he said.
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It Was About WMD and Terrorism, It Was About WMD and Terrorism, It Was About WMD and Terrorism, It Was About WMD and Terrorism

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Monday, September 17, 2007

Greenspan Lied to Help Get Bush's Tax Cut Passed, Which Helped the Elite and Screwed Everyone Else

That's what the elite do--- lie to perpetrate financial scams, or lie to start wars.

It's what they do.

Only later do they get any sort of conscience.
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Why Do the Shills Go Bananas Every Time I Question Stanley Prainmath's Obviously Bogus Story?

Is there something real special about this guy?

Could it be the fact that he is one of the only people in the south tower to claim to have seen the incoming second plane before it hit the tower?

After all, there should have been, at minimum, dozens of people in the south tower that saw the second plane before it hit-- according to the official story. There could have been more, but many people probably left the south tower after the north tower got "hit" and were not in position to see out the south side of the tower.

Interestingly, the only possible way Prainmath's story could be true is if the official story is very wrong, and that the 767's port wing was magically transported into the southwest corner of the 81st floor-- as opposed to breaking up as it hit the middle of the 78th and 79th floors.

Of course, Prainmath already told us that 9/11 didn't happen in the "real world"!

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Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Pristine Pancake Theory!!!

Pristine Pancakes: On the Explosive Destruction of the WTC Skyscrapers Now Claimed to be Magical, Interaction-Free Pancakes

By the Anonymous Physicist

During the past week, the BBC reported a British engineering professor, Keith Seffen PhD, has claimed to have analyzed the WTC tower “collapses,” and claims to have worked out how a “progressive collapse” occurred in free fall time. The BBC article actually calls these “collapses” at “Ground Zero”, “chain reactions” [hint?] and says, “[Seffen’s] calculations suggest the residual capacity of the north and south towers was limited, and that once the collapse was set in motion, it would take only nine seconds for the building to go down.” Seffen says the “collapses” were “"very ordinary thing[s] to happen" and that no other intervention, such as explosive charges laid inside the building, was needed to explain the behaviour of the buildings.”

Of course, this is risible on many fronts. While I have not seen this alleged article purported about to be published in the Journal of Engineering Mechanics (apparently an American Journal), I will come back soon to reveal what he had to do in his “mathematical models.” But people have to know that when espousing a theory for the destruction of the WTC skyscrapers, they must account for ALL the phenomena observed or proven to have occurred, and not have a “theory” designed to match just one type of observation (commonly called fudging), when it is negated by many other observed or proven aspects of the WTC destruction. And many have already pointed out how the “pancaking” theory ignores what happened on 9/11. The fires were low temperature (black smoke) and were going out when destruction was initiated, alleged jet fuel does not reach temperatures high enough to have melted support structure, analysis shows that even the first floor would not have buckled as claimed (obviating the creation of the first “pancake”) as seen here. No “pancaking” can explain the massive outward explosions seen to have ejected structure weighing many tons as far away as several hundred yards, and that explosions can be seen going off well BELOW the highest extant level that coincides with free fall time of gravitational “pancaking,” as seen here and here. Neither does “pancaking” (“progressive” or otherwise) explain over a thousand (apparently) vaporized human beings, and furniture, micro- or nano-fine particle size, vaporized steel (Prof. Dr. Barnett), vast missing building mass, the many explosions that occurred before the “collapses,” and the ensuing China Syndrome of six months long high temperatures and molten metal massively documented here.

Though I have not seen Seffen’s alleged article and its “mathematical models” purporting to explain THE IMPOSSIBLE— due to the laws of Physics, namely conservation of momentum and energy-- it is clear there are only two ways to fudge things and get the result desired: 1. Omit the interactions, and forces, a bottom floor imparts back on to any alleged “pancaking” floor coming down on top of it. This would be far too obvious, so more likely; 2. Invent fictitious forces and interactions surreptitiously created to exactly counter the actual forces that would have impeded/slowed or halted such fictional pancaking. Thus having the ludicrous effect of the top and bottom floors instantly disappearing (vaporizing?) after impact, and then being “resurrected” in the next instant, and continuing on downward! But such imaginative mathematical models of “magical, interaction-free pancakes” that purport to negate the laws of physics would be seen for what they are, by any professional journal editors, and returned to its shill sender. So if a “Journal” actually publishes this detritus, it has forever destroyed its own credibility. Because a scientist, or engineer, in this age of fascism laughably masquerading as democracy, must resist, at all costs, the desire to buckle under to the regime when asked. But some will not resist.

There is a clear historical analogy. When the conspirator-laden Warren Commission was faced with a similar, impossible task, it created one of history’s great fictions. When faced with the proof of President Kennedy being flung straight back from a frontal head shot, and eyewitness, and earwitness, testimony, and body wounds matching about 10 bullets, including the fatal head shot entry being above the right eye, they came up with following, official story. They said that the shots came from behind (violating the law of conservation of momentum), and that three shots [only] were fired by perhaps the worst marksman in U.S. military history [Oswald, who was either in the cafeteria at the time, or now thought/shown to have been at the front door of the TSBD), through trees with a weak, ancient, bolt-action rifle that had a mis-aligned sighting scope, and was done faster than any FBI marksman could ever duplicate. And that the fatal bullet went through two people hitting up to five bones, hung out in mid-air for a second and a half, and made turns on its own without external forces, AND was in pristine condition when “found” at Parkland Hospital. This fiction would become known as the Pristine Bullet, or the Magic Bullet; because the bullet, despite its alleged interactions with bone and other tissue, was undeformed and was not missing any appreciable mass. This fiction’s creator was young Warren Commission attorney, Arlen Specter. He would be made Senator for life. Sometimes winning re-election even when the polls, just before, showed him significantly behind! (Yes, a harbinger of the Bush elections.)

Likewise, Keith Seffen will now likely get ahead financially and “professionally.” But will this reward from the regime be worth the price? Seffen’s colleagues will forever snicker after he walks past them, his students will drop out of his classes, if they can, because they too will know enough to know what he did. He is now the Arlen Specter of 9/11. A fate any self-respecting human being, let alone engineer or scientist, would die to avoid. For Keith Seffen will now forever be known as the creator of thoroughly impossible, effectively, interaction-free “Pristine Pancakes” or “Magic Pancakes.”
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REALLY Steep Descent for 2nd Plane?

Wow, I never saw this before. Check out where the "blue plane" comes in at the top of the screen at the 8 second mark.

But look how low and flat the plane comes in here:
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Friday, September 14, 2007



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Ghostplane/Hezarkhani Angle Found?

It's very close.

The bigger trees seem like they could be from 5 years growth. The lamp-post in front left is missing, though.

The lamp-post is key. Can anyone prove that that particular lamp-post was there on 9/11? If not, the video would clearly be proven to be a fake composite.
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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Flight of the E4B "Doomsday" Plane Still a Mystery

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Bush Crony Gets Key A Iraq Oil Contract

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Fox News and CNN Love Osama

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Intel Center

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Bases on the Moon

Here is what I posted a few months back.

I didn't say there were definitely bases on the moon. A NASA worker said he saw them, and I said his story sounded convincing.

Now, who really thinks this isn't, at minimum, an interesting story worthy of discussion?

And who is going to tell me that this NASA whistleblower was lying, and then give me a convincing reason why he is lying?

And who is going to tell me that the hundreds of people involved in the UFO disclosure project are all lying, and give a plausible reason why they would lie?
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The Evil That Men Do

This is incredibly horrible:
BIG CREEK, W.Va. - Inside a shed on a remote hillside of this coalfield community, authorities say a young black woman was tortured for days, sexually assaulted, beaten and forced to eat rat droppings.

If she wanted water, she had to drink from the toilet.

Her captors, all of them white, choked her with a cable cord, poured hot water over her and stabbed her in the leg while calling her a racial slur, according to criminal complaints. It wasn't until an anonymous tip led Logan County Sheriff's deputies to the property on Saturday that her ordeal ended and she was able to limp to safety, arms outstretched as she cried "help me!"
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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Six Years Later

Lots of deception.

Still no justice.
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Bin Laden's Beard

How sad is this?
McConnell swiftly rejected any possibility that the hair in his chin was intended to send any signal to his Al-Qaeda members.

"So far, we do not think there's been a signal. He's done this periodically, as has (Ayman al-) Zawahiri (the group's second-in-command), and there has not been a correlation necessarily between one of these tapes or a public statement and a particular event," McConnell said.

But he wondered whether Bin Laden's beard was genuine.

"The big question in the community this morning, 'Is that beard real,' because as you know, just a few years ago, the last time he appeared, it was very different," he said.

"So we don't know if it's dyed and trimmed or real, but that's one of the things we're looking at. But no specific message."

I tend to think the CIA is deceptive in matters like this. But here, they just sound kind of clueless.
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I Weep Over the Idiots Who Rule Our Public Discourse

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Monday, September 10, 2007

The Establishment Has No Clothes When It Comes to Iraq

Could it be any more clear at this point that the real goal for "the powers that be" regarding Iraq is permanent occupation by the US-- and that the major media and the major politicians will lie shamelessly as much as they have to in order to accomplish that goal?
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General Petraeus

Am I the only one who thinks the establishment has latched onto this guy mostly because he has a tough-sounding name that is reminiscent of ancient Rome-- and also conjures up images of cool military leader taken from a sci-fi-fantasy movie?

UPDATE: I just realized today Petraus sounds a lot like "Patronus", the spell from Harry Potter:
The Patronus Charm conjures an incarnation of the caster's innermost positive feelings, such as joy, hope, or the desire to survive, known as a Patronus. A Patronus is conjured as a protector, and is a weapon rather than a predator of souls: Patronuses shield their conjurors from Dementors, and can even drive them away.

The Latin word "patronus" interestingly, translates to "protector".
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Scary Islamofascist Videos

This is the mentality of the die-hard 9/11 official story believers, it appears:
I'm listening to the audio now. Starts out with sirens, gunshots, and panicked people screaming. There is a voice over in Arabic. Very menacing. Not at all like the usual. There's shouting and screaming, and gunshots. Very different than most of these types of audios which are usually calm sermons with nasheeds (music) in the background.

No bin Laden audio, but towards the end of the audio is a nasheed praising Osama bin Laden. Then gunshots. Then it ends. Scary.

Sounds threatening to me. And considering that I monitor a lot of this stuff, if I even think its scary, then I think that's saying something. It may not be a direct specific threat about an impending attack, but it is a general threat. And it reminds us of exactly who it is we're fighting.
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Memo to Geraldo Rivera

You suck.

WTC Nuclear demolition:

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Memo to NIST, Popular Mechanics, Screw Loose Change, Debunking 911 and Other Assorted 9/11 Debunkers

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So Now Osama Cares About High Taxes, Global Warming, and the Failure of Democrats to Stop the Iraq War?

What a weird dude-- whoever this is.

He sounds a bit like an intelligence asset who's been drugged up and kept in seclusion watching TV for a long time. Which might explain a few things.

Mostly, it seems like the point of these videos is just a mind-fuck from al-CIA-duh.
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Friday, September 07, 2007

"The Myth of AQI" (Al Qaeda in Iraq)

A mainstream analysis that cuts through much of the bullshit associated with the Iraq war-- but not surprisingly, doesn't go far enough in tearing down the complete myth of al Qaeda.
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Breakthroughs Toward Attaining A Complete Understanding of the Nuking of the WTC on 9/11-- The Likelihood of Sabotaged, Fizzled Nukes

By The Anonymous Physicist

This article will include breakthroughs that may provide a complete understanding of all the anomalous matters in the nuclear destruction of the WTC. My previous articles on the WTC nuclear destruction of the WTC, and its aftermath are here and here. There is much evidence that the sub-basement of WTC 1 was hit with a nuclear bomb around the time of the first “plane hit. The accounts (I have previously given) of surviving burn victim Felipe David and stationary engineer Mike Pecoraro, strongly indicate that this sub-basement, massive blast was nuclear. My article on Felipe David made clear that David’s hanging and burnt skin was from the radiation from a nuke. Pecoraro’s account of a vaporized 50 ton hydraulic press, missing parking garage, and the 300 pound steel and concrete door shriveled up “like aluminum foil” also were from this nuke. We also had phone outage from an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) that is part of a nuclear bomb’s effects, at this time and long before the tower’s destruction, as you can read here. Perhaps the early-on EMP is why there were so many military helicopters and planes at the towers— possibly even initiating conventional and/or nuclear explosions, including the final nuclear destruction, via direct line-of-sight lasers into the towers, because radio communications either failed or could not be counted upon, after the first nuke (and EMP).

Now regarding the nuking of the WTC, let me re-introduce the crucial concept of “redundancy.” When the PTB decide to do something, and that it must not fail, various forms of redundancy are utilized. If a nuke is to go off in the basement, and say on several upper floors, they would likely have emplaced more than one at each of those levels. Why? Because nukes have been known to fail to detonate, or fail to detonate with their maximum potential. To have a nuclear bomb go off with its maximum potential devastation achieved is very complicated and intertwined. Maximizing the nuclear chain reaction— while necessarily minimizing the time interval of the chain reaction, after having a successful, complicated, conventional explosion, involves many things being done near perfectly— including having properly manufactured/enhanced substances, and triggering mechanisms. This can never be 100% guaranteed. (I am assuming that the trigger is conventional explosives, as opposed to possible newer modalities including laser or sound waves.) We also have Bill Deagle relating how an ATF agent from the OKC bombing told him he removed unused extra— i.e. redundant-- micro-nukes from the Murrah building. If a nuke at a level is crucial for the demolition scenario (including its secondary, fall-back scenarios), there likely was more than one there, in case the first “fizzled.”

Because with a fizzled, crucial nuke, the failed remains would provide a giveaway that the regime itself just tried to nuke the WTC. Clearly the plan called for the complete destruction of the WTC, followed by evidence removal. Now, I assert that great redundancy, and the alternative (bottom up) tower destruction mechanism, and “leaning” (recall my John Miller piece) scenarios, were partially employed, or prepared, because this was the first time a top-bottom set of nukes going off vertically, and very complexly, and timed with conventional explosives was done. Indeed the bogus “leaning” was the fall back scenario if the planned nuking scenario proved untenable. And things did not go perfectly at all. There would be numerous “fizzled” nukes!

While we can never know with certainty which type(s) of nukes were employed, they would likely have used ones that were likely the most dependable. Now the evidence indicates that both fission and fusion occurred at the WTC. The govt’s publicly released studies found Uranium, and Tritium (fusion source); while Plutonium was never tested for (or such data was not released.) Relatively massive amounts of Strontium and Barium were found in the dust in at least one WTC area, conclusive to William Tahil that a significant amount of fission occurred. So the presence of both tritium and fission by-products (Strontium and Barium are by-products of the fission of Uranium or Plutonium) indicate that fission and fusion took place. Tritium boosting (fusion) has been incorporated into fission bombs. These nukes may have been thought to be the most dependable. “Fusion boosted fission bombs can also be made immune to radiation from nearby nuclear explosions which can cause other designs to predetonate, blowing themselves apart without achieving a high yield. The combination of reduced weight in relation to yield and immunity to radiation means that most modern nuclear weapons are fusion boosted.” But Wikipedia is CIA-connected. And note the conflict between the alleged “immune to radiation” claim and the information, I will reveal shortly, that neutrinos can, in effect, “evaporate” sufficient nuclear material to prevent a full chain reaction.

So let us assume this type of nuke was used, and that several of them “fizzled.” First I need to clarify the difference in “fizzling” that I will delve into now, and the fizzled nukes I wrote of in my first articles. The core idea is the same— nuclear bomb fragments gave rise to the "China Syndrome". But earlier I wrote of exploded nukes that impacted unexploded nukes. The latter then giving rise to these fragments, as is, or partially detonating thereafter. But now I will highlight crucial, new evidence that indicates numerous nukes “fizzled” on their own, through likely sabotage, and not from the effects of other nukes. When these nukes that would “fizzle” were triggered, there are several possibilities. If their conventional triggering explosives failed, there would be nothing. If these powerful, conventional explosives went off (and the evidence herein indicates they did), there would be blast from this; and likely some subsequent, partial nuclear criticality would have been attained with some, or all, of these fizzled nukes. But the blast, and neutron, and other, radiation released was a fraction of what was supposed to happen— and insufficient to bring down a building such as WTC7. The result was a (much) smaller nuke going off, and the beginning of the China Syndrome of nuclear reacting fragments exploded about— but perhaps mostly in the basements, if that’s where the first nukes went off, as is probable. These fragments would be the HEAT SOURCE that would give rise to the molten steel at the bottoms of the three WTC skyscrapers in the coming months. The molten steel’s heat source was the remnants from fizzled (likely sabotaged) nukes. These sub-basement nuke fragments were unable to be completely removed, according to the evidence and logic I have presented, for six months, or so. Now if a “fizzled” nuke went off high up, in one of the twin towers, it would likely disperse these fragments about the WTC (with much finer “bits” dispersed much farther out), and give rise to more widespread, but lower level of heat that was measured.

How many fizzled nukes were there? I can only surmise. At least two for WTC7 (the first, and at least one redundant one), and one or more per tower. Remember that the three skyscrapers had molten steel underneath them for months. That would be a minimum of four fizzled nukes. If the Murrah/OKC Deagle story is true (ATF agents removed several, unexploded micro-nukes), there may have been significantly more than these four, at the WTC. I believe all the evidence indicates that there were likely more than these four. I also assert that the likely reason there were numerous defective nukes is because they had been sabotaged— and this was not realized by the perps until after the fact! There are numerous possibilities. This could have been performed by elements of the military who tried to save Americans from their fate. Another possibility is that the nukes could have been hidden in place for a long time, and gone bad. (Not probable, IMO.) Sabotage could have been performed by others, even from far away, such as with neutrino beams, even through the Earth. As the end of this article indicates, neutrino-irradiated nukes may act as if they have undergone effective "evaporation of nuclear material.” And this negates the wiki/CIA claim above that these, or any other, nukes are “immune to all radiation.” Here we learn that Japan, in 1999, began through the Earth neutrino beaming, to distant targets. Always remember that with such military and nuclear matters, and technologies, public release of information is often decades after actual military use has gone on. There are other possibilities that could have led to the unknowing emplacement of sabotaged nukes, but that is described elsewhere by me. Successful, redundant or replacement nukes may have been of a different design, or intensity, than the ones that “fizzled”.

Note that the scenario of a small nuke whose core is sabotaged, via removal of sufficient fissile material to prevent complete criticality, and full chain reaction, was depicted in the 1997 Kidman/Clooney movie, “Peacemaker.” This form of sabotage would not likely be relevant here (due to detectability by the perps emplacing them.) More likely is the scenario (neutrinos) described above (or something similar), that would have allowed for having previously, and surreptiously sabotaged numerous nukes.

What happened, and didn’t happen, to WTC7 is crucial to this scenario. New information regarding earlier explosions in WTC7 will soon be detailed. Recall the following. I first wrote that WTC7’s demise was a conventional controlled demolition (CD). Then in a later article, I revised this and wrote that I had become certain that WTC7 was a nuclear CD, not a conventional CD. I quoted the unimpeachable source, Fire Engineering Professor, Dr. Barnett who had observed remnants of vaporized steel “from extraordinarily high temperatures” in the WTC7 rubble. I had conclusively proven, by then, that the months long eyewitnessed and photographed high temperatures and molten steel was accurate despite all the desperate disinfo from the OCT and DEW crowd(s). The difference between my earlier WTC7 hypotheses and this article is, in part, due to the well-hidden fact of WTC7 explosions during the time of the towers’ destructions. It is now clear to me that they didn’t demolish WTC7 earlier that morning, because they couldn’t— but not the way I wrote months ago. They couldn’t destroy WTC7 early that morning, because they tried, and it “fizzled.”

Let us now examine WTC7 in detail. We have Tris McCall of Jersey City, NJ. on November 24, 2003 stating, “I said I'd talk a little bit more about WTC7…From our vantage point atop the palisade, we could see the top stories of the trapezoidal structure peeking out between the skyscrapers of Battery Park City….Just before the fall of the North Tower, we saw a large explosion coming from the street-level area around World Trade Center 7. …it looked distinctly like a bomb had been detonated underneath the city, and, of course, that's exactly what I thought had occurred.” On 9/11 itself, the major media put this out: “After the initial blast, Housing Authority worker Barry Jennings reported to a command center on the 23rd floor of 7 World Trade Center. He was with Michael Hess, the city's corporation counsel. They were the only ones there. They felt and heard another explosion, probably the collapse of one building. He broke a window and screamed for help. Then they went down a stairwell. "I told Hess, `We've got to try to get out of here."' They got to the lobby, or what was left of it. "I thought I was dead. The whole building shook. ... I looked around, the lobby was gone. It looked like hell. It was like a bad movie. Though covered in soot, Jennings was not physically injured. He said Hess escaped safely as well.” Note how the article tries to claim that the lobby blast was from the collapse of another WTC building. But now we learn that Jennings was the Deputy Director of the Emergency Services Dept. of the NYC Housing Authority, and is now stating he is certain that he heard and felt explosions in WTC7, shortly after 9 A.M. First as he is coming down the stairs at about the eighth floor. Then there is proof of a large explosion that impacts the WTC7 lobby. Jennings first indicates he is sure the “fuel/oil tank explosion” explanation is bogus. Then he says, “I heard explosions… [Note the plural.] The lobby was totally destroyed… They had to take me out through a make-shift hole in the wall the fire dept. had to make to get me out.” Then Alex Jones comes on this Youtube piece and says that all this happened within minutes of the first “plane hit”— before either tower’s “collapse.” Other information is that this happened in between the two tower demolitions. Jones says that Jennings also says (in the full tape) he saw numerous dead bodies, presumably in the lobby, and was told not to look at them. Could the reason Jennings is told not to examine the bodies be that they showed evidence of being nuked?

I assert that the explosions Jennings hears, and experiences, in WTC7 were one or more fizzled nukes. What would happen to WTC7 at 5:20 P.M. was actually meant to happen at about the same time as all the other WTC buildings were destroyed! Is it not likely that WTC7 was also planned for simultaneous destruction? I don’t blame Jennings for hiding out, if his story is true, nor for being too scared for six years to tell his more complete story. Now any dead bodies Jennings saw in the WTC7 lobby, were likely from these fizzled nukes. I assert that WTC7 was not demolished early on, with the other buildings, because all its nukes-- including the redundant one(s)-- fizzled, as described above! I further now hypothesize that this matter, fizzled nukes, is likely the reason for the long 7-8 hour delay— even beyond the planned time that the regime errantly pre-told the media— for the WTC7 “collapse.” The perps were likely replacing defective nukes! This would have taken time to get them from wherever they were brought in from. Apparently all nukes in WTC7, despite redundancy, were defective, again, IMO, likely sabotaged. And it took a few hours to get replacements, possibly even needing time to test, or try to test, the new ones before emplacing them in WTC7? Indeed I would hypothesize that perhaps even the errant early notice to the worldwide media that WTC7 HAD ALREADY COLLAPSED, was once again due to another defective nuke unexpectedly “fizzling!” So it seems that my hypothesized scenario of defective, likely sabotaged, nukes and replacing them as needed (WTC7), appears to explain every single anomalous fact on 9/11, and the China Syndrome afterwards.

There are other related anomalous WTC7 matters. We see that WTC7 was ordered evacuated at 9:03. I guess the federal perps knew the end result ahead of time, and ordered their own to leave immediately, while people in WTC1 and 2 were told to stay in, or go back to, their offices!! Maximize the deaths of the citizens, and minimize the deaths of the feds. Some of the 9/11 perps may have been agents working in WTC7, but the vast majority, I would presume would not know of the matter, or its details. All reports of the earlier explosions in WTC7 would be hidden by the lackey media. During the 7-8 hour interval, firefighters were not allowed to fight the relatively small fires that likely resulted from “fizzled” nukes. You wouldn’t want firefighters to witness many things, including federal perps bringing in the replacement—- “better” nukes! Likely those perps would be wearing radiation-protecting garb. While the WTC7 fires would be “officially” blamed on ejecta from WTC 1 or 2, photos of WTC7 show limited damage to the facade which cannot account for the complete global "collapse" of the tower.

Moreover, the lobby of WTC7 was shielded by the presence of WTC6 from any ejecta from WTC1 and 2. The first WTC7 explosions are now said to have occurred before any tower destruction. Now regarding these fires several floors up, there could have been one or more mini-nukes that fizzled therein, or criticality fragments from partially exploded defective nukes could have been blasted up a few floors. Recall the Chernobyl core explosion that blasted off the roof itself and left some 30 criticality fragments burning away on the roofs of adjacent buildings— the China Syndrome. And I trust you know why WTC7 could not get a reprieve? It was even more imperative now for the perps to “eliminate” WTC7, because its lobby, basement and possibly some of the floors where fires were, now contained the proof of one or more fizzled nukes— the nuclear reacting criticality fragments that link back to the U.S. regime, and not 19 Arabs and “plane hits.”

Perhaps all redundant nukes in the towers that finally, successfully exploded were of a different type than the fizzled ones. Redundant nukes that were successfully exploded in the towers’ upper floors, after any initial “fizzled” nukes went off at those levels, would have widely dispersed the fizzled nukes’ contents which had presumably undergone partial criticality (nuclear reacting fragments). Of course, even properly functioning nukes will give off some radioactivity, but Hiroshima, and Nagasaki did not have surface hotspots, for weeks and months. Now, at the WTC, these fragments gave rise to the widespread hotspots all over the WTC, after the “collapses” were over. These areas thus had to be massively, repeatedly washed down, and treated with dirt, that was then removed and carted away (as was the neutron-bombarded metal itself)— this took weeks. Thus we had the high temperatures, melted firemen’s’ boots, etc. from surface hotspots. Fizzled nukes, in the sub-basement levels of the three skyscrapers were entrapped therein, and thus were effectively more concentrated, and nearly impossible to “treat” with dirt or water, and not reachable for months. These deep underground hotspots stayed hot for six months or so (as documented at this blog), giving rise, all the while, to such phenomena as molten steel for six months.

To sum up, it appears that this author has herein revealed a consistent scenario that includes the cause of the resultant, and now massively documented, China Syndrome of high temperatures, molten steel, and nuclear irradiation of responders, and NYC residents, and the long WTC7 demolition delay— namely defective, likely sabotaged, nukes and the time interval needed for replacement (WTC7). Possible mechanisms for the hidden nuclear bomb sabotage have also been revealed here. I assert this is now the most consistent, and perhaps the simplest, scenario that includes the most heretofore inexplicable factors— long WTC7 destruction delay, errant WTC7 destruction time given to the media, the WTC7 “preliminary” explosions, and the resultant China Syndrome, with the greatest and longest time-line for very high temperatures and molten metal underneath the three skyscrapers of the WTC, all of which had one or more “fizzled” nukes! This article may have eliminated the last mysteries of the nuking of the WTC on 9/11 by the Federal American regime. It is up to each of you now to promulgate this! The life you save may be your own!
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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Proof the "UA715" Engine Part Was Planted


Here is the exit face from which the engine supposedly came:

The important facts here are that:
1) the gap between the outer columns are slightly over 2 feet-- 26 inches
2) there are no columns broken to open up a wider hole
3) one column is bent in a way to allow an object slighter wider than two feet through, but certainly this hole is not more than 30 inches wide
4) the base of the engine part shown below is about three feet wide

Thus, this engine cannot have come from the exit hole.

Further proof comes from the fact that even IF the engine could SQUEEZE through the 30 inch hole, there is no way that it would have come straight with a perpendicular high speed trajectory-- the columns on either sides of the exit hole would have skewed the trajectory greatly. Plus, it is extremely unlikely that the engine would arrive at the hole from the inside in such a way such that it would be centered to go out of the hole perfectly-- as it would need to be to have any chance of getting out of the hole in a straight manner.

Related proof-- the ejected debris could not have landed where the engine was found.

UPDATE 9/7/07:
First, this picture shows a carpenter's square right on the engine. It looks to be a 12 inch square, which fits with the street sign size (typically 30 inches long). Thus I can make a pretty good estimate that the engine is 32 inches at its widest, which makes it impossible for it to squeeze anywhere from out between the steel outer columns shown above which are spaced 26 inches apart.

Further, the close up of the circled "exit hole" seems to actually show that the outer wall of the box column is bent to the side-- which makes more sense than the whole column being bent to the side from something going OUT. Further, the close-up shows a large piece of column STUCK in the hole next to the distorted column. This may be one side of that distorted column that was blown outwards by the blast from inside. Interestingly, if this is indeed the side of the column sticking in this hole, it is further PROOF that no engine went through this hole, since the hole is BLOCKED by debris that could have only been made by something blowing outwards! And this column piece sure as hell wasn't formed AFTER the engine went out.

(The German label speculates that the column piece sticking out is part of an "eject" mechanism, something I think is unlikely.)
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"Riverbend" leaves Iraq

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Loose Nukes

A very strange story, with many possible interpretations:
WASHINGTON -- A B-52 bomber was mistakenly armed with six nuclear warheads and flown for more than three hours across several states last week, prompting an Air Force investigation and the firing of one commander, Pentagon officials said Wednesday.

The plane was carrying Advanced Cruise Missiles from Minot Air Force Base, N.D, to Barksdale Air Force Base, La., on Aug. 30, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of a Defense Department policy not to confirm information on nuclear weapons.

More here.
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Synthetic Terror: Made in Germany

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"Popular Mechanics" 9/11 Conspiracy "Debunking" Is Very Silly

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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Heavy Duty Iran War Propaganda

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Monday, September 03, 2007

Engine Deflection in Hezarkhani Video?

Why are the ENGINES the only part of the plane that is noticeably being deflected here upon collision with the thick steel outer columns of the tower????

You might recall starboard engine was officially the only significant part of this plane to penetrate all the way through the tower.

UPDATE: According to this diagram, a large section of fuselage and a landing gear (which we've never seen a picture of) also flew out of the north face exit hole along with the engine.
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Clifton Cloud Video-- Yet Another 2nd Hit Vid

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Park Foreman and Naka Nathaniel 2nd Hit Videos-- Same Exact Line of Sight, Different Views

This can't be a coincidence*.

Park Foreman.

Naka Nathaniel.

I imagine this has something to do with "Georeferencing" for helping produce all the fake 2nd hit videos.

I think Georeferencing is why the Hezarkhani viewpoint is so similar to the Carmen Taylor viewpoint but slightly shifted over. The shots were planned that way, as part of the whole fake video production scheme, I bet.

*Nice finding from Ewing 2001.
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Interesting Discussion on the "Ghostplane" Video


The fact that 19 Rector Street (Greenwich Club Residences), which is the apparently missing building in the Hezerkhani (Ghostplane) video, is absent from Microsoft Virtual Earth is quite interesting.
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Could 9/11 Have Been Done With FAE/Thermobaric Explosives?

By The Anonymous Physicist

Major breakthroughs on the nuking of the WTC will be coming soon. For now, let us examine the theory that the WTC was demolished solely, or primarily, via thermobaric (Fuel/Air) explosives. Thermobaric or Fuel Air Explosives (FAE) produce great blast and overpressure. Their relatively high temperature (compared to other conventional explosives), and over-pressure can cause great damage to structure, and to humans. And I have written (coming soon), they were possibly used in the initial explosions (bogus “plane hits.”) But let us address whether thermobarics could have caused the final WTC demolition we saw, and the China Syndrome aftermath we know came to be.

We know from the towers’ missing mass (debris, rubble), and the dust testing that much steel structure was vaporized. We also have the quote, after examination, from fire engineering professor, Dr. Barnett, about his observing steel beams that he said showed evidence of vaporized steel from “extraordinarily high temperatures”, that led to a laughable “refutation” from a disinfo physicist (scroll down to comments). How anyone could believe anything from either of the two disinfo agents/physicists is beyond me.

Now the best thermobarics reach a temperature of about 2500 to 3000 degrees Celsius. Steel boils (vaporizes) at about 3000 degrees Celsius. I understand that most of the steel structure in the towers was treated with asbestos and other types of fireproofing, which would give it an effective higher vaporization temperature, thus likely beyond the range of even the best thermobaric/FAE explosives. We also have the issue of time, for an explosive that barely, maybe reaches the boiling point of steel, the explosive would not provide enough time to yield what Dr. Barnett saw. Does your water boil instantly, even though your burner has a temperature somewhat beyond water’s boiling point? No, it takes time-- but it would vaporize instantly if it were nuked! The “extraordinarily high temperatures” of a nuke, or neutron bombardment, would vaporize (boil) steel instantly. But even if we give thermobarics the benefit of the doubt; let’s say you wanted to have the rapid, mostly symmetric, virtual free-fall (some say faster than free fall, as this is not in a vacuum), 10-12 second complete destruction of the towers, would you employ an explosive that might possibly, barely vaporize some steel structure; or would you need and use something that instantly, overwhelmingly vaporized it— via multi-million degree temperature, and neutron bombardment?

For completeness now, thermobarics cause great damage to structure and to human beings. “The blast wave destroys UNREINFORCED (get it?) buildings” and the office of the Australian Minister of Defence states “Internal organs that contain air (sinuses, ears, lungs and intestines) are particularly vulnerable to [thermobaric] blast. The whole body may also be thrown by blast wind, which can result in fractures. Besides the obvious blast injuries, recent research has shown that there are neurological, biochemical and blood chemistry changes caused by blast effects.” But at least one thing is clearly missing… VAPORIZATION. As Spooked has posted here after reading Robert Shaler's book on attempted DNA matching of 9/11 victims, "Who They Were", some 1157 tower workers were missing completely and probably vaporized. Instant vaporization of people and structures, I have written, is well known from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to occur at, or near, the hypocenter of a nuke. And I already cited the steel vaporization which is not attainable, or not significantly so, with thermobarics, and less likely with asbestos-treated steel. And you don’t get the China Syndrome aftermath of six month long high temperatures and molten steel— that I have heavily documented with numerous articles here, and ensuing cancer deaths including thyroid, leukemia and lymph cancers— known radiation-induced cancers. Nor would thermobarics provide the responders’ later teeth falling out, or demolition-time burned or hanging skin WITHOUT FIRE, that I have repeatedly highlighted in my previous articles. Nor did we see the fireballs during “collapse” (a la the “plane hits”), that we would have, if thermobarics were employed in any appreciable sense during final demolition. All these missing, but necessary, actual WTC destruction, and aftermath, components prove that the main WTC demolition cause was NOT the hangouts of Nuke-Like, or Nuke-Light, thermobarics, or “DEW”.

In the final analysis, thermobaric explosives may well have been used for the “plane hit’ explosions, and possibly also in a subsidiary capacity BEFORE the final destruction-- to allow for the use of what I have called “underpowered” nuke(s). Both the Finnish military expert and myself (months ago, now at have basically written that keeping the nuking “under wraps” was much desired. Outer steel support structure would be cut or exploded with conventional explosives or cutting charges. I have written that the “innards” of the towers were vaporized by nukes, allowing the overpressure throughout to help "peel away" the outer structure. The Finnish expert details how this last part was likely assisted with conventional explosives, such as thermate or C4.

So we have seen that thermobarics cannot account for the actual WTC destruction and aftermath. What we witnessed on 9/11/01 at the WTC was the dreaded nuking of an American city by its most horrific enemy— its own federal government. More shocking nuclear proof is coming soon.
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Sunday, September 02, 2007

What Is the Most Horrific 9/11 Crime?

1) faking videos of the 2nd plane?

2) faking the other plane crashes?

3) the nuking of the WTC along with its inhabitants?

4) the extensive cover-up?
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A Golden Bush Moment: He Refused to Testify to the 9/11 Commission Without Cheney by His Side

They wouldn't have wanted him to say anything STUPID.

One can only imagine the secret signals Cheney must have worked out with Bush ahead of time...
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Worst President Ever

Really, there is no doubt.

It's not that he is dumb, per se, but he has a fatal lack of conscience, a fatal lack of responsibility and seems to be completely incapable of using language appropriate to his position.
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What Condi Rice SHOULD Have Said

"I don't think anybody could have predicted that these people would make fake videos of an airplane slamming into the World Trade Center, fake another plane slamming into the Pentagon, and try to fake an airplane crash with a missile, pre-planted explosives and planted plane debris."
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

NYTimes Piece on Condi Rice

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Putting In a Good Word for Conspiracy

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