Humint Events Online: October 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Pentacon

Interesting site dealing with the Pentagon hit.
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Flight 77 Debris?

What part of an American Airlines 757 is this?

I don't see any part of an AA757 with such a thin curved section on it-- except for possibly the very top leading edge of the vertical stabilizer.

But that certainly wouldn't have been knocked off by a light pole, as is claimed!
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Can the FEMA Fake Reporter Story Help Convince People of 9/11 TV Fakery?

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Anyone notice anything funny about this photo?

(click to enlarge)
(Tip to Rob for the photo)
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Cheney and Addington: War-Criminals

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GODDAMN the Warmongerers and Their Media Lackeys

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Nuke Proliferation

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Bach's Brandenburg Concerto #3 in G

Eleven and a half minutes of unadulterated SWEET ROCK AND ROLL!!!

Here's the allegro movement:

(I highly recommend the "I Musici" version, which sadly isn't on YouTube. It's a bit slower, but has more power and precision.)
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Monday, October 29, 2007

A Lot of Missing Core Columns

This amazing picture was clearly taken early on-- before any significant debris was removed (click to enlarge):

Remember, a good section of the core remained after the outer walls and floors went down-- the "spire". Where did all those core columns go? There should be at least a hundred of them, and they should be on top of the pile. These columns are also big enough to stick out clearly from the rest of the debris.

Interestingly, the west wall of the north tower-- the side closest to the camera-- went down without major debris falling on top of it. In other words, this wall (or at least what is left of it) was BLOWN away from the tower and not simply pushed over by debris.

The last point is that these outer walls were 200 feet by 1350 feet ON EACH SIDE. There is a LOT of outer wall steel that seems to have disappeared.
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Collapse, My Ass

(click pics to enlarge)

Where on earth are the rest of the MASSIVE base columns from this west wall of the north tower? (You can see the base columns for the north wall in the background.)

Note the debris pile on this side is simply not that deep, as evidence by the man in the foreground and the fact that the part of the building in front of him is essentially the ground floor!

Here, note the partially vaporized cladding on this section of wall:

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Erased from the Collective Memory

Anyone else remember how incredibly amazingly improbably wrong the exit polls were for the 2004 presidential election?

Anyone else remember how muted the media response was-- and how even the "liberal blogosphere" didn't want to talk about it?

I have to say, at least for me, rather than fading from my conscience, these facts become more stunning and more suspicious with time.
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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Proof of High Heat at Ground Zero, Six Weeks After 9/11

Steam rises as firemen spray the debris pile:

Picture from Meyerowitz's "Aftermath", page 154, dated week of October 24th, 2001.

Many other similar pictures are in this book.
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David H. Brooks: Scumbucket

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Select a Candidate 2008

Take the test.

FWIW, I was closest to Dodd, followed by Kucinich.

No questions on 9/11 though, which effectively renders the whole exercise meaningless.

Of course, as we all know, the number one campaign issue IS bullshit:

Poll: Bullshit Is Most Important Issue For 2008 Voters
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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bent and Charred Parking Meter

I got the Meyerowitz book, and I recommend anyone who has $35 to spend ( ) and is interested in the destruction of the WTC to get it.

The book doesn't really have much in the way of obvious "smoking guns"-- I suspect it was heavily censored*-- but what it does have is a lot of amazingly detailed pictures showing the unbelievable level of destruction of the two MASSIVE World Trade Center towers.

Here is one "smoking gun" from the book:

Meyerowitz's caption-- "I often wondered, as I walked along Barclay Street, what it was that did this to the parking meters. There were at least eight of them, all leaning over the sidewalk at a thirty-degree angle, their bodies charred and their plastic faces melted away." (emphasis added)

Barclay Street is just to the NORTH of WTC7, and is on the opposite side of WTC7 from where the WTC towers were.

This parking meter evidence is as close as Meyerowitz comes to questioning the official story. But it is a VERY ODD finding. It essentially proves a very hot, very strong blast wave from WTC7 -- and thus almost certainly demolition.

In fact, the book has other evidence for demolition than these parking meters-- and what I think is even more convincing evidence. I will be posting this in the next few days

*For instance, the book has no pictures of what was found in the basements of the towers-- a critical issue. Even the parking meter picture shows only one meter, not the whole row-- when the whole row would have been more informative.
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A bunch of good posts here that I would have done if they weren't already here!
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Friday, October 26, 2007

"How dare you! It was not an inside job!"

Bill Clinton reaches a new level of disgustingness-- for me, anyway.
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Always Fun to See What Wikipedia Says About Something Like

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Sad... to Glad

The transition from the Adagio movement of Bach's Sixth Brandenburg Concerto (BWV 1051) to the Allegro movement is a wondrous thing.

I quite like the "I Musici" version.
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Gigue in G from Bach's French Suite #5

Love this piece:
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the Actual Past & Possible Future Use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

The Rendlesham Incident and Beyond

By The Anonymous Physicist

The following incident relates to the apparent, actual use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Unlike the evidence-free claim of DEW use on 9/11, by some, here we have witnesses and other evidence of DEW use. This is also one of the most genuine, and most serious, UFO events since Roswell. This is the Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters Base Incident over four nights in December 1980. See the video. Now Rendlesham/Bentwaters (a British/American base in England) was/is? said to be the largest nuclear bomb base in Western Europe. Note the article has eyewitnesses speak of seeing beams emanating from the UFO craft down to the Earth (base). As with Roswell, indications here are that a UFO craft may have been brought down. The article includes this quote, from eyewitness and Deputy Base Commander, USAF Colonel Charles Halt, “The object to the south was visible for two or three hours and beamed down a stream of light from time to time.” So we likely had the use of real DEW observed— perhaps both ways, if you follow my meaning! (Unlike 9/11, where the evidence leads to nuclear devices, accompanying conventional explosives, and China Syndrome aftermath.)

We will also look at physicist Doug Beason, PhD involved first in creating Directed Energy Weapons, and then in countering them, and “threat reduction” at Los Alamos where nukes were allegedly first created. Why is he also writing novels publicizing DEW Wars? Why is Judy Wood listing Beason as a source for her claims of “DEW did 9/11”? Apparently with his knowledge and blessing, as his name appears on her websites for a year. What is really going on here, based on the knowledge of “ultimate truths” that I have revealed at this site? Recall that I have said that virtually all the wars have been bogus, all the chaos and evil have had an ulterior purpose. Man has been enslaved by his evil creators who have been quarantined (“cast down”) here for 50,000 years or so, by OTHERS who will never allow their escape through the grid or bio-net around the Earth. I wrote that all the wars, nuclear bombs, ICBMs, NSA code cracking, and now lasers and other DEW have had one goal. To break through this quarantine/grid/bio-net that scans for the DNA of the monsters who created us (likely coming from the Orion system), and of humans as well—for we have much of their DNA (from the [self-proclaimed] “God” who “created Man in his own image.”), and prevents their/our escape from the Earth—leading to such things as laughably fake Moon landings. I have detailed how our cosmic criminal creators’ plans to smash the Van Allen belts (or really the Grid), and also nuke the back side of the Moon (whose bases—observed by numerous NASA personnel-- apparently control the Grid [as reported here, and via the “Disclosure Project” youtube videos like this one) were thwarted by the Quarantiners through such events as blowing up the Thor (and other) rockets, and other events. Recall I noted that Roswell had the world’s only atomic bomber group in 1947, and OTHERS above apparently wanted to stop the cosmic criminals in charge of the American regime, from the further nuking of Mankind as the American regime--under the control of these cosmic criminals--had done to the women, children and old men in Hiroshima and Nagassaki in 1945.

Nearly all of humanity may not have known-- and still does not--what those dastardly nuclear bombings were about, but the Quarantiners sure knew. They knew it had nothing to do with differing “countries”, “nationalities”, “religions”, “ideologies” (whether bogus “democracies”, or more outright fascism, etc). ALL THESE SUPERFICIAL NOTIONS ARE TO GET THE CONTROLLED, IGNORANT HUMANS TO KILL EACH OTHER EN MASSE! The real nature of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was that our cosmic criminal creators were sending a message to their Quarantiners: We have these mass destruction weapons again, and either let us escape, or we will kill all these humans, AND TRICK THEM INTO DOING IT THEMSELVES. The Quarantiners will never allow these evil monsters to leave the Earth, but soon after Hiroshima and Nagasaki took steps to try to prevent the further nuking of cities and human beings. Apparently both sides work on the premise of preferably not “publicizing” their acts to humans, and it is greatly covered up— but now readily seen, such as from Shuttle astronauts’ own videos on Youtube. (I will have more on this in a future article.) The whole alien issue is known to have a much higher secret classification, in the US Govt, than the Manhattan Project ever did! (Of course that name may have been used for what was to later occur on 9/11/01.) One can see the need for such secrecy. How many Americans would be happy to learn who’s really in charge of their govt, and what their monstrous aims really are? Even some Presidents may not know these things. But some did, as I have indicated, President Kennedy wanted to tell the American citizenry, and the world, of the alien issue but said, “My hands are tied.”

Now Rendlesham is apparently a well-documented site where an actual DEW War may have occurred. With perhaps both sides having some victories?! Hopefully many nukes were disengaged by the OTHERS trying to protect humanity from the British/American regime, and the “cosmic criminals” in control of it. IN MY OPINION, THIS TYPE OF ACT MAY BE THE ONLY REASON YOU AND I ARE ARE STILL ALIVE. Now recall that “cosmic criminal” is the term I have used for the quarantined monsters who created Homo sapiens to be their slaves, tens of thousands of years ago. Note, we are not the first “model”. Check out Cro Magnon Man, an earlier “model”. He had some 200 cubic centimeters greater brain volume than we do, but was wiped out by the cosmic criminals for being too smart for his own good. We are the dumbed-down, later version. Does evolution teach that stupider creatures (e.g. the ubiquitous web shills) successfully evolve from smarter ones?? Unless evolution had nothing to do with it.

Getting back to Rendlesham, unfortunately as at Roswell, eyewitness testimony indicates those in charge down here, brought down one or more spacecraft, likely with some kind of DEW. This brings us back to current top DEW physicist Douglas Beason. He was apparently first involved in creating Directed Energy Weapons, and then in “threat reduction” related to “others” using nukes or DEW against “us.” He also writes novels about future (or current?, see above) DEW Wars. This appears to be akin to the very connected H.G. Wells who, a century ago, wrote of future weapons and wars that alas soon came about. And Beason also may be a covert operator interfacing with others promoting ideas that DEW use occurred on 9/11, when unlike Rendlesham, all the evidence indicates something else (nukes) occurred.

So Beason first helps create DEW, then is involved in countering DEW, or “threat reduction.” I can only interpret all this as follows. As the U.S. has no high tech (Earth-bound) adversaries (and even the alleged previous one [the USSR] was a secret ally, all along, as I previously described, and this is well documented); the DEW Beason worked on, I conclude, was AIMED AT BREAKING THROUGH THE GRID, a la Carl Sagan working on nuking the OTHERS’ bases on the back side of the Moon-- all the while hypocritically claiming there was absolutely no evidence anywhere of extraterrestrials! Now the OTHERS above would be aware of the attempted use of DEW against the Quarantine/Grid, and might use their own DEW to blast any DEW that either those in charge of the U.S. regime attempted to put in space, or also even down here on Earth. The OTHERS know what it is to be used for, even if most humans do not! So, IMO, likely any “American” DEW weapons would need to be hidden underground, until final use--against the Quarantine/Grid.

Now I have previously noted that neutrino beams may be the most effective DEW regarding disengaging nuclear devices. I have stated neutrino use on some of the American mini-nuke arsenal was one likely explanation for the fizzled nukes on 9/11, that led to the China Syndrome. Always remember that the military has technology decades beyond what is allowed, or known, in the civilian domain. Be aware that Neutrino beams can go through the entire Earth to disengage a nuke, or a DEW weapon. I hope OTHERS are utilizing everything they have to disengage every nuclear weapon and every Directed Energy Weapon every bogus regime, like the so-called, but obviously anti-human, alien-controlled U.S. govt has. While there isn’t any evidence DEW was ever used on 9/11, it appears that nefarious individuals may be preparing to use DEW for its ultimate goal. DEW Wars may become a reality, as Beason’s novels depict. They may have already occurred (on a small scale compared to what may be coming) such as at Roswell and Rendlesham. Yes, as before, it will not likely be revealed to the public who the real adversaries are. Phony adversaries will be cited, per usual. But you will now know what it is really about. So real DEW events like Rendlesham should be studied carefully!

Finally I ask why is a government DEW expert/DEW creator/DEW ”threat reducer” supporting someone’s claim that DEW was used on the WTC on 9/11, when there is no evidence of this, and when officially only the US government itself would have such weapons? Will Beason or Wood tell us, if they don’t credit the U.S. govt for DEW-ing 9/11, who do they claim did use DEW on the WTC (and how about a shred of evidence of this)? Recall I, from the outset, countered the evidence-free “Space Beams” claims from the DEW crowd; and declared that “DEW weapons would not be allowed in space.” Now you know, in detail, why I said that. So from whence came the DEW? DEW disinfo agents: please be advised that intelligent, non-corrupt people will no longer accept the following usual scapegoats for 9/11: Russians, Arabs, Moslems, Israelis, Chinese, etc.

Not surprisingly to me, I see that Dr. Beason’s best novel is said to be “Assemblers of Infinity.” It is about (naturally) nanotechnology of ALIENS, found on the Moon, by humans (that’ll be the day). It was co-written by Beason’s frequent co-author, Kevin J. Anderson. Now Anderson, Wiki says worked for 12 years at Lawrence Livermore Labs where he met Beason (his boss?). Anderson is well connected, and likely an excellent writer. He has been allowed to write prequels, etc. for Star Wars/Lucas, Dune, Superman, and other classics! Once I saw the Superman connection, I knew what to look for. I have always thought the first Superman movie gave away hints of the Quarantine/Grid/Bio-net around the Earth, when it showed, at the beginning, some criminals being sentenced and banished to a seeming 2-Dimensional Universe, before Krypton explodes. Now I see one of Anderson’s (Beason’s writing partner) books is “The Last Days of Krypton.” Info at Amazon includes that this book is about “the Phantom Zone where Superman's enemies are exiled.”

As I have written, once one knows and understands “Ultimate Truths”, so much is clear. Beason and his writing partner informing us of the “Phantom Zone”, (really Earth’s Quarantine/Grid/Bio-net), DEW, and “alien nanotechnology” is all code. I have deciphered what these writers/gov’t “workers” are really about, and are telling us--either through their lies or their sci-fi.

So in the final analysis, I ask: is the 9/11 DEW claim just the regime’s immensely, logically flawed, and desperate disinformation to steer people away from seeing the nuking of the WTC on 9/11? While possibly also planting a meme for massive, imminent DEW Wars—- related to Ultimate Truths that I have revealed here?
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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Smallish Black Plane Hit the South Tower?

These videos all show a black "plane" that is significantly too small for a 767:

There are two basic possibilities here--

1) this black plane-like thing that is smaller than a 767 was a real object and also is what hit the tower

2) someone went to the trouble of faking the video but only put in this mutant black plane instead of a normal looking and sized Boeing 767.

I must say option 1 has some appeal, as something clearly hit the tower and made an inward-blown hole. Though I also feel that this is too simple of an explanation.

But the fact is, a large percentage of second hit videos (warning page takes a lot of computer memory to load)-- but importantly NOT ALL-- have "planes" that are too small for a 767. I'm really not sure what this means, but I think it means something!

Either way, it is kind of funny how this evidence, that obviously shows the official story wrong, has been in front of us for so long with so few people saying anything about it...
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"It's Like Much of the High Desert of the United States..."

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Is there any other explanation for David Horowitz?
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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Eight Charred and Warped Parking Meters

& More Photographic Proof of the High Temperatures During and After WTC (Nuclear) Demolition

By The Anonymous Physicist

After an initial perusal of the photos and captions in the following important book, I urge you to see if your library reference section has it. If not, get it on inter-library loan or purchase it. The book is the over-sized photo book by photographer, Joel Meyerowitz, and is titled: Aftermath: World Trade Center Archive. Its ISBN is 0714846554. Make sure to match the ISBN, and author.

I will cite just a few of the photos and captions/text. On page 200, is a photo taken on 11/15/01. The text says, “I often wondered, as I walked along Barclay St., what it was that did this to the parking meters. There were at least eight of them, all leaning over the sidewalk at a thirty degree angle, their bodies charred and their plastic faces melted away.”

By all indications the meters are bent over because of either tremendous blast, great heat, or most likely both effects are needed for the “bending away” and other melting seen. Such things have not been observed in conventional controlled demolitions. Again perhaps only nuking could account for this. Now as Barclay Street is north of where WTC7 was, we have, at least, two possibilities. If the parking meters were due north of WTC7, then their condition was likely due to what was done to WTC7 (either during the initial early, failed attempt to destroy WTC (according to my article here, or at 5:20 P.M. when WTC7 was successfully destroyed), and not the towers, as WTC7 was (mostly) there when the towers were demolished, and would have likely blocked much of what was emitted from the towers. If however, the meters were not due north of WCTC7, they may have suffered their fate from the nuclear demolition of the two towers. The locations of these eight bent, melted parking meters is not conclusive from the book, and an interview of Mr. Meyerowitz is crucial here for definitiveness.

In any case, the eight bent, partially melted parking meters on Barclay St., demonstrate that great heat and blast occurred on, or reached, Barclay St. on 9/11.

Then on page 23, regarding photos taken on 9/23/01, 12 days after 9/11 the text reads. “All around me spray hissed as it hit hot metal and smoke belched from the wreckage.” He is referring to water hosing down on the rubble.

On page 48, regarding photos taken on 9/25, 14 days after 9/11, the text adjacent to photos reads, “In front of the crane, firemen poured a constant stream of water onto the pile where fires still raged below… There were places on the pile where temperatures were over 1,000 degrees, and the soles of the workers’ boots melted.” So we have further documentation of both the high temperatures and melted responders’ boots.

On page 154, regarding photos taken on 10/24/01, now SIX WEEKS after 9/11, we have this caption, “Firemen spraying the pile.” The photo shows firemen, above the rubble, in a crane, hosing water down, as much steam is seen coming off the pile (apparently rising.) This is documentation, IMO, after continual water spraying for six weeks, of HEAT GENERATION—the China Syndrome of nuclear reacting fragments present.

Then on page 178, regarding a photo taken on 11/08/01, the text reads, “Smoke and ash explode from the pile when steel is pulled out and oxygen races in.” A large grey explosion cloud is seen, apparently rising, in the photo. And on page 181 regarding a photo, also taken on 11/08/01, the caption reads, “An explosion of dust and ash over spotters.”

Was oxygen really prevented from contacting the ash, before the steel was moved? Perhaps a more likely explanation is that the hot steel contacted piles of ash, as the steel was brought up, and the high temperature of the steel triggered the piles of ash to explode. So perhaps the last two photo captions counter the claim of some DEW proponents who claimed that explosions should have occurred, under certain circumstances, if the steel was really hot, weeks and months later. So here is photo and eyewitness testimony of explosions likely because of the high temperatures of the metal, TWO MONTHS LATER.

Due to copyright law, many of these photos have never been published elsewhere, but hopefully someone can get permission to have some of them get online, especially the melted, bent parking meter photo on page 200.

This Meyerowitz photo book has page after page, demonstrating “extraordinarily high temperatures” during the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and the China Syndrome aftermath of generating heat for weeks and months after 9/11. And never forget that unbiased, intrepid responders, such as Bronx firefighter Joe O’Toole, and many others, eye-witnessed and reported molten metal FIVE MONTHS later in the deep underground basements of the towers where apparently Meyerowitz was unable… or forbidden to go.
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Monday, October 22, 2007

No Way

No way.

No way.

Apparently even the CIA thinks the "war on terror" is a bit of a joke.
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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Carmen Taylor Update

See here.
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Fake Second Hit Videos

NOW can we arrest someone???

Like perhaps Devin Clark, the professional video animator whose "amateur" 2nd hit video miraculously was shown at CNN studios 7 minutes after the second hit occurred:

Or perhaps we can arrest one of the people who made one of these, as at least one is certainly a fake:

Or perhaps Naka Nathaniel and Park Foreman:
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Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Number 33, 9/11, the Freemasons/PTB, and All Things Nuclear

By The Anonymous Physicist

Here I will present a world first. I will connect the code (number 33) of the Powers That Be (Freemasons on one level) to 9/11, and to both nuclear bombs, and all things nuclear. Other events such as the assassination of President Kennedy and the recent VA. Tech killings are also tied in. I should note that each time I cite the number 33, it might only be happenstance, and not anything conspiratorial; there’s no way to prove otherwise in each case. But never forget what high level British secret agent, and later novelist, Ian Fleming had his Goldfinger character say, “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.”

Readers who want to know where all this leads should read or re-read what I have written here. If you are new to the deeper levels of the global/historical conspiracy, I would advise you to read much on Freemasons, Illuminati, CFR/Trilaterals/Bilderberg/Tavistock, Jesuits/Black Pope, Opus Dei, Knights Templar, and “Royal” Bloodlines. While my cited article will save you many years, and lead you to the “Ultimate Truth” behind these groups, learning about these nefarious groups, commonly called the Powers That Be (PTB) will help you learn about what I call “the interfacers”— the seeming ultimate powers, until you learn of that final level I have revealed in that article.

I trust the reader knows that the number 33 is perhaps the most “beloved” of the Freemasons. It is the “official” highest degree of membership in Freemasonry— most of whose membership likely does not know these things, and join to get a job, or “lose” a parking ticket. Others have said there may be Freemason levels higher than 33, known only to a few. Now the origin of the importance of this number throughout Man’s recorded history, can only be hypothesized, and is both beyond the scope here, and is not crucial to this article. (You can read clues in my article cited on top; whether it relates to trigonometric relations of the Giza pyramid lengths and angles, the belt stars in Orion, and other matters, is up to you to learn and decide. But it is beyond the scope here, and not necessary for what I will reveal.)

Numerous cities have been built on 33 degree latitude locations, including Dallas, TX, and Baghdad, Iraq. Dallas, of course, is where President Kennedy was killed, and indeed you can find articles on all the Freemason symbols present at Dealey Plaza. Also the month and day add up to 33 (11 + 22 = 33). A recent mass murder, the Virgina Tech killings, by who I coined was the ManCHOrian Candidate, led to 33 official deaths including Cho, who like Oswald was likely just a patsy, and not the shooter. I have found that the PTB were really telling their “fellow travelers” and anyone else who knows, that they were responsible for many things that day. At that same time, the official death toll of U.S. service men and women in Iraq was the double 33 — 3333. And Congressman Kucinich, on that day, issued 3 articles of impeachment (of Cheney/Bush) in his Resolution 333 — or 3333.

Before I conclude with the 9/11 connection to the number 33 and the PTB, I wish to release (perhaps for the first time) its crucial connection to all things nuclear. Now you may know that the world’s first, official, man-made, controlled, nuclear chain reaction, on December 2, 1942, was led by Physicist, Dr. Enrico Fermi, in a converted sqaush court underneath the football stadium at the University of Chicago.

Fermi officially let it run for— “NATURALLY”--33 minutes. Now, IMO, I do not necessarily believe the pile went critical that long. Rather the number is code to all their members, in the highest places, both in the U.S. Govt and their controllers in London and Rome, and elsewhere, that “we now have and control nuclear power.” I conclude this because of several things: These physicists’ instruments told them they were successful likely within seconds; and they have themselves acknowledged that they were endangering the survival of a large percentage of the human population of Chicago with matters that were allegedly new to them. So I doubt it really was run for 33 minutes; and even if it was, stopping it at 33 minutes was code.

In August of 1945, the culmination of the “Manhattan Project” [or was 9/11/01 in Manhattan’s WTC, the culmination?], of which the U. of Chicago experiment was part, took place when the U.S. regime dropped nuclear fission bombs on the women, children and old men living in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Hundreds of thousands died immediately (from the two cities) and many more would die from the radioactive aftermath. Who officially ordered this monstrosity? President Harry Truman who was both a 33rd degree Freemason, and the 33rd President of the USA. You might say a double 33 again. The official story is that Truman, was kept in the dark about “the Bomb” as Vice-President, until President Roosevelt died. This may or may not be true. But never forget where all this leads, so even 33rd degree Freemasons may not know what they are to be used for, until after it happens. Also, in passing, I note that George Washington was a 33rd degree Freemason, and that appears on his tombstone-- above reference to his being the first President of the USA. Other Presidents were 33rd degree Freemasons as well.

The final nuclear matter I wish to include relates to radiation released from low levels of nuclear reactions such as are found in medicine and science, and even in smoke detectors. The original symbol for radiation released from these low level nuclear reactions is the logo which has 3 triangular shaped entities; i.e. 3 3-sided figures, or 33. See this for example. So, I have found, all things nuclear seem to have the 33 associated with them! Informing those in the know, just who controls all things nuclear, on this Planet.

Finally regarding 9/11, we have reference to Freemasons (see the all-seeing eye at the subway station near and under the WTC), and the number 33 in several ways. But one way has apparently escaped virtually everyone. It concerns someone the PTB have proclaimed as a hero, namely William Rodriguez-- the former TV magician, cum janitor, cum Gov. Mario Cuomo press agent, cum janitor—cum hero! And he was not in his usual place (high up in the tower) at his usual time that morning. Now I have detailed how likely nuclear radiation victim Felipe David’s hanging skin was due to heat without fire, in David’s own words. But when the story is told by Rodriquez, fire is added. Here we have Rodriquez, at 4:53, saying “I was on the 33rd floor…” He cryptically describes hearing goings on at the 34th floor, but is afraid of going there, and “few have the key for that floor.” Maybe he really was there at the 33rd floor, listening in on the 34th floor where he cryptically dare not enter. But historically the number 33 has been used to “promote this guy,” or “give him a pass” or “get this religion going around the world, it’s part of our thing.” The last item, of course, relates to the alleged age of death of the alleged “son of God”, Jesus Christ. Those who know the conspiracy matter well, know that similar psyops of the “son of God”, sometimes with “12 disciples” was perpetrated on mankind several times-- besides Jesus, we had Alexander, Horus, Buddha. Alexander was born in 356 B.C. and died in 323 B.C., a difference of 33 years. Now these individuals/”gods”, if they existed at all, and some researchers are doubtful in one or more cases— were not the ones to make the “son of God” claim; others did that—usually much later. Horus was said to be both the son of God and the “Sun God.” The many similarities in the psyops/stories of Jesus and Horus is noted here. And the “all seeing eye” noted above, that is in the subway station underneath the WTC is also known as the “eye of Horus.” Yes, the 9/11 event was likely planned a long time ago! The 9/11 date is itself a favorite of the PTB. Pentagon ground was broken to start its construction on 9/11/42. George HW Bush announced his beloved “New World Order” in his speech before Congress, and the world, on 9/11/91.

Let’s get back to Rodriquez saying he went to the 33rd floor, and looked/heard “beyond” where some important action was going on, that he could not rise to, nor enter. Was the number 33 (and beyond) code in the matter of the William Rodriquez story? Was that floor number cited to “give this guy a pass and promote this guy and his story, around the world and quickly.” Like all things nuclear, like with the assassination of President Kennedy, 9/11/01 was replete with code from the PTB, that the official story is bogus, and hinting at who was ultimately responsible and why.
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Friday, October 19, 2007

New 2nd Hit Video

Here, if you're interested.

Looks pretty fake to me.

But clearly, the regime can keep making these for as long as they want. Really, it's child's play, with current technology.
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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Rockefeller Has Taken Thousands from Telecom Executives

Looks like a clear case of bribery to me.

So, apart from Rockefeller's corruption, not only did the telecoms break the law by going along with Bush's illegal spying program, NOW they are trying to bribe a key Democrat to sway legislation to keep them out of trouble!

Since I don't exactly see Washington DC or the media up in arms about this, I guess this is the American way, huh?

More on Rockefeller here.
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

NIST Caught With Their Pants Down

The NIST response to various 9/11 researchers can be downloaded here.

I want to highlight this quote from the letter:

See? Even if you spot them their bogus collapse initiation mechanism, try to swallow their next leap of logic. To NIST, it had to be a collapse because it was "clear" that the building was unable to resist the falling mass of the upper stories!

Talk about circular reasoning! They say it had to be a collapse because the lower floors simply couldn't resist the upper floors falling!

Of course the whole point that skeptics of the official story make is that there was minimal resistance from the lower floors because the lowers floors were blown away by explosives!

How would someone see if explosives were used? Check for explosive residue.

Did they check for explosive residue?

No, because it might not have been conclusive.

Well, lots and lots of tests are down without knowing for sure if the results will be conclusive. Jeesh.

But here is the real kicker:

They can't explain the collapses.

It is TIME to ring the gong on these shameless shills!!!
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Fake Opposition Dems Strike Again

They apparently have caved on telecom immunity.

Basically, the telecoms bought off congress.

You know the legislation is bullshit when you have assholes saying stuff like this about the alternative bill:
"There is absolutely no reason our intelligence officials should have to consult government lawyers before listening in to terrorist communications with the likes of Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and other foreign terror groups," said House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio).

The measure "extends our Constitution beyond American soil to our enemies who want to cut the heads off Americans," said Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tex.).

This bill includes immunity from this kind of appalling behaviour:
We have evidence of an NSA-controlled room in the Folsom Street AT&T facilities in San Francisco. We have evidence that AT&T diverted copies of everyone's Internet traffic into that room. And we know that there's very sophisticated equipment in that room that is capable of doing real-time analysis of the Internet traffic that is getting routed into there.

The final vote hasn't been taken however, and there is some chance for heroics by a Senator with some interest in justice and civil rights to put a hold on this thing -- but I sure wouldn't hold my breath.

UPDATE: Dodd is the hero for today.
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Melted Boots at Ground Zero Prove Abnormally High Heat

More On The WTC Responders’ Melted Boots

By The Anonymous Physicist

In my China Syndrome archived articles here, I have previously noted that the rubble surface, throughout much of the WTC, was hot for several weeks after 9/11, and the skyscraper basements were hotter still-- molten metal-- up to six months after 9/11. But the proponents of the DEW and OCT hangouts continue to scream that there were no high temperatures during or after 9/11—because their hangout mechanisms are cold, and thus their scenarios themselves collapse, if high heat were demonstrated during or after 9/11. So let us now examine other testimony specifically in the matter of responders’ melted boots.

First this Red Cross site notes that WTC Responders often had to replace their boots "twice a day" at a Red Cross respite center--which also provided other essentials including “first aid, food, clothing… and counseling.”

Here a responder, Brendan Butkus— a UConn Physics major and former Marine, reports that, “The asphalt was so hot it melted boots and tires.” Note that the last item perhaps provides a new understanding for some of the photos of vehicles whose tires were burnt and/or gone. Just as responders’ boots melted if they walked on certain areas, so too vehicle tires melted if they were driven on to certain areas, beginning immediately after the towers were demolished.

Here we learn that, “boots were especially needed. The pile of twisted steel and debris was STILL SMOLDERING AFTER TWO MONTHS, and the heat was melting the soles on the workers' boots.”

Then this video of now disabled NYPD officer/responder, Craig Bartmer, has him stating he had “5 pairs of melted boots.” He also talks about how quickly, after 9/11, remaining steel beams were carted away. IMO, this was because the steel beams would have yielded evidence of vaporization and/or neutron bombardment which would have been irrefutable proof of the nuking of the WTC.

Despite all this, history has taught us that we should expect to see the continuation of the “big lie”— more claims of “no proof" of heat during or after 9/11 at the WTC. The responders and everyone else saying this are liars or crazy.” But it is quite clear just who the liars and shills are.
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Three Things Supporters of the Official WTC Collapse Theory Don't Like to Talk About

1) factor of safety-- there WAS extensive redundancy in the structures-- typical structures have at least five-fold redundancy

2) there WAS fireproofing on structural steel, thus ordinary fires should not have weakened the structure significantly (the NIST idea that the "plane crashes" stripped insulation from a large proportion of the structural steel is unsupported by evidence and is extremely improbable).

3) the odd fact that for BOTH towers, initial asymmetric damage turned into a symmetric global "collapse"

4) the fact that despite very different damage and fire patterns, BOTH towers were completely ablated, down to their bases, and both towers showed a similar violent mechanism of destruction

5) the NIST model of "collapses", where part of one floor collapsing pulls apart the core then pulls down the whole tower, is completely illogical and filled with flaws

There is also the other evidence that people point to as evidence of demolition, but usually official story supporters have some form of rebuttal for this evidence.

I have not seen good rebuttals to these points above, however.

UPDATE: Clearly, NIST simply cannot explain what happened to the towers. There is SO much to criticize in this letter, hopefully I will have a chance to post a more extensive critique of the NIST letter in the near future.
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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kucinich Wants to Have Bush Arrested

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Calls Made by Lauren Grandcolas from Flight 93, According to the Government

To me, this looks like the pattern of someone trying to get a cell phone connection to work from a plane.

But according to the government, these were all Airphone calls.

Go figure.
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"Little Evidence of Jihadists in the U.S."

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Good Summary of Nuke Demolition Evidence

Top Ten Reasons to Suspect the Twin Towers were Nuked:

1. Speed, thoroughness, and destructiveness of the demolitions
2. Disappearance of vast amounts of construction steel
3. Mushroom-like dust clouds accompanying the demolitions
4. Steel vaporization and condensation into dust particles
5. Cancers, low birth rates, and other signs of radiation poisoning
6. Lingering hotspots and fires in the basements
7. Cloak-and-dagger cleanup operation
8. Complete disappearance of building contents
9. Complete pulverization of above-grade concrete
10. Elevated radiation detected at Fresh Kills landfill

Ten Additional reasons:
1. Survivors' tales of nuclear blast-like noise, heat, and force.
2. 60-year history of US nuclear weapons labs and investments in nuclear weaponry.
3. Failure of 1993 bombs to produce significant damage.
4. Close ties between WH and asbestos industry.
5. Photographs of disintegrating steel during demolitions.
6. US Military use of DU weaponry.
7. WH Warnings of black market and suitcase nukes, non-state players, etc.
8. US development of tactical demolition nuclear devices.
9. EPA/CDC won't release 911 radiation readings.
10. Dr. Jones's well-funded propaganda campaign.

(from here)

Another brief list of nuke evidence compiled by Anonymous Physicist is here.
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Monday, October 15, 2007

Ed Felt's Phone Call from Flight 93, Revisited

This phone call is typically completely ignored by the official 9/11 conspiracy theory, as it is so odd.

Summary (from ):here

1) at 9:58am, Felt calls 911 on his cell phone from the bathroom of flight 93
2) the call connects to a local 911 dispatcher, who takes the call, and also calls his supervisor to listen in
3) the call only lasts 78 seconds
4) Felt is very distraught, says the plane is going down, talks of an explosion and smoke
5) this part of the call that mentions an explosion and smoke is removed from a NYTimes article on the call, though the explosion and smoke is clearly in initial reports of the call

The oddest part here is that Felt seems oblivious to the passenger attack against the hijackers, which was well-organized by this point and was just starting to take place. Why was Felt locked in the bathroom when the passenger attack just starting?

And ironically enough, though officially the plane had been descending rapidly for many minutes, at 9:58am, the plane leveled off then climbed!

So little about Felt's call adds up, and certainly the fact that the 911 operator/supervisor who took the call was gagged by the FBI is odd. At minimum, we can conclude that there is some sort of cover-up here. AT worst, it suggests a different level of legend was created for flight 93, and this was discarded when the passenger heroic story became popular.

But what was this explosion and smoke, and why has this been ignored?
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How Tricky Is "Al Qaeda"?

They are so tricky, they managed to pull off 9/11 even though Bush started an illegal spying program six months before 9/11 meant to disrupt their fiendish attack.

They are so tricky, they managed not to pull off any attack on the US since 9/11.

They are so tricky, they managed not to have any direct evidence linking their leader, Osama bin Laden, to 9/11.

They are so sneaky, that their leader, the most wanted man in the world, has eluded capture for over six years, despite everyone knowing basically where he was.

They are so sneaky, that many people think that their leader, Osama bin Laden, is dead!

They are so sneaky, that they put out videos with Osama bin Laden talking about current events, but with no new footage of him, in order to leave people wondering how alive he really is!

They are so tricky, they managed to get the stuffing beat out of them by apparently not anticipating that the US would attack Afghanistan after 9/11.

They are so sneaky, they managed to lure lure the US into invading Iraq, and then made the US look bad by drawing out the war for five years.

They are so sneaky, they are now laying low in Iraq, pretending to be beat.

They are so tricky, they managed to fill the internet with incredibly fake-looking videos of the second hit!

They are so tricky, they managed to make the fire-induced WTC collapses look like nuclear demolitions!

What WILL they think of next?!
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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Government Dramatically Changes Tom Burnett Phone Call Story from Flight 93

I only now found out that the official government position, from evidence presented at the Moussaoui trial, was that only two calls, of the multiple calls made from flight 93, were made by cell phone: CeeCee Lyles and Ed Felt, both from flight 93. I will discuss the Felt and Lyles calls in a future post. For now I want to mention the remarkable finding that the government says Tom Burnett never used a cell phone to call his wife. Further, they say he made only three calls to his wife, when previously it was well reported that he made FOUR phone calls to his wife.

The following info is according to Jere Longman's book "Among the Heroes", published in 2002 (this book is the most comprehensive source of official flight 93 information, culled from witness interviews and news reports):

Tom Burnett was sitting in first class. He called his wife four times during the course of the hijacking, at 9:27am, 9:34 am, 9:45am and 9:54am. Each time he got through and spoke to her.

At 9:27am, he tells his wife there are hijackers, they have knifed a passenger and one of the hijackers has a gun. (None of the other flight 93 passengers notes that the hijackers have a gun). Burnett also says the hijackers say they have a bomb on board.

At 9:34am, he tells his wife "they're in the cockpit", and his wife gives Burnett info about the WTC attacks.

At 9:45am, according to Longman: "The hijackers, Tom said, were talking about crashing the plane into the ground. 'We have to do something'"

At 9:54am, he calls his wife and describes the passenger's plan to take control of the plane. Says "We're going to do something".

Further, according to Longman, the first and third calls WERE cell phone calls, while the second was from an "Airphone". The source of the fourth call was not specified. Nonetheless, for each call, we have a defined message, consistent with four different calls.

Here is Paul Thompson's 9/11 timeline which supports the four calls story.

Here is the government's version of Tom Burnett's calls:

call 1-- 9:30am, 28 second length call to home
call 2-- 9:37am, 62 second length call to home
call 3-- 9:44am, 54 second length call to home

As you can see, the times of the calls are also quite a bit off between the two versions, and the times are not even off in any consistent way. The government has no 1st call at 9:27am, but there is a 9:30 call. The original 9:34 am call could then be the govt's 9:37 am call, if we assume a three minute difference. But that doesn't explain the 9:44 am call, nor does it explain the missing fourth call.

So -- this is really strange, particularly as explained by Longman, Burnett's wife is SURE he used a cell phone.

What one CAN conclude is that this funny business with the phone calls (and there is much more to talk about here but I will save for later), is that this supports the idea that the 9/11 passenger phone calls were fabrications-- at least at some level we do not completely understand.

I know a debunker would say that the last, fourth call, simply didn't happen, and that Burnett's wife was wrong about the times and about the cell phone use. BUT-- according to one article, the FBI was monitoring the second, third and fourth calls!!!. Further, it is hard to believe that his wife made a mistake about the cell phone, as according to Longman, Burnett told his wife he was using the cell phone surreptitiously in his seat via an earpiece, and his wife also noted that she recognized his cell number on her speed dial. Finally, Tom Burnett's wife said Burnett seemed to be walking around (Longman, page 111), which is clearly impossible if he was using an Airphone.

To summarize: we have a real problem with the official government version of the Burnett story.

Now for some reason, the ScrewLooseChange people think that Burnett's wife is the mistaken, which is such a ridiculously biased and over-simplified view. Their slanted view is all the more apparent when you see that they also think Ted Olson was telling the truth about his wife's calls from flight 77! The fact is, Olson initially said his wife Barbara used a cell phone to call him, even though the government now says there were no cell phone calls from Barbara Olson, and not even any connected calls to Olson's office from her! As well, Ted Olson has said in court that it is OK for the government to lie under the right circumstances. So, really, Olson is far from the most trustworthy source here, and yet the SLCers have no problem with his story!

Talk about ignoring evidence that doesn't fit a certain point of view (which is what official story supporters like to say about CTists)!

UPDATE: Deena Burnett's transcripts of the FOUR calls. Amazing how calm Burnett seems.
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Saturday, October 13, 2007

More Evidence the Bush Administration Started Illegal Spying Program PRIOR to 9/11

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US Generals "Revolt" Over Iraq

Suck on this, Bush supporters.
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Blackwater Disarmed US Soldiers in Iraq

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Friday, October 12, 2007

9/11 NORAD Chief On ObjectVideo Board Of Directors

See here.

Excellent new Genghis6199 video linked therein as well.
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Three Proofs of Fake Second Hit Videos

In here:

1) at the 50 second mark in (Moussaoui comparison)

2) at the 3:35 mark in (B&W shaky view)

3) at the 3:45 mark in (Techmac video vs Blue plane)

The 1st two, I have discussed on this site before.

The last one is a new one, but totally convincing if you realize that the plane in the "Blue plane" video is facing at a dramatically different angle.

No doubt whatsoever of three fake 2nd hit videos!

Now, why should we believe ANY of the other videos????
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"They Carried It"

OK, you can see where they might have carried it FROM-- there are in fact some tire tracks on the right side. But this still begs the questions:
1) where are the heavy footprints that should be all over from them carrying the vehicle?
2) Why do the tracks change direction dramatically and how does this fit with them carrying the vehicle?
3) WHY would they carry it????

(please click to enlarge)
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Nobel Peace Prize for Gore on Climate Change


Sure to drive the wingnuts insane.
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Shout Out to Glenn Greenwald

If you haven't reading Glenn Greenwald regularly, you should.

He doesn't talk about 9/11, but otherwise his writings are some of the best critiques on the messed up media and DC political culture that I've seen.
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More on WABC Cameraman John DelGiorno

Can hear Jeff Hill's short interview with him here.

It's a bit odd-- first DelGiorno seems to say he was the cameraman that took the footage, then later says he was facing the wrong way.

Here, DelGiornio says the second plane flew past him, but no word on if he took the footage.
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2001-- A Fake Odyssey

This is extremely well done, and makes a number of good points:
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WABC News Chopper Pilot Who Took WTC Footage on 9/11 Killed in Unlucky Accident

Something of an odd story:
He'd flown helicopters during the Vietnam War, and later in New York City for WABC-TV, as a news pilot, brought viewers close to countless horrific events: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, the Staten Island ferry crash and the recent steam pipe explosion in Manhattan.

But on Sunday evening it was doing something comparatively safe - standing on a midtown sidewalk - that put Paul Smith in harm's way. Police say Smith, 60, of West Islip, and his wife Donna, 55, had just left a restaurant when a taxicab jumped the curb and ran over him.

There's some interesting info here about the WABC chopper footage, if you have the patience to put up with the annoying and overly loud background music mixed in on the video.

Bottom line-- it seems that WABC did not take the famous "live" shot that is attributed to the station, and there was no Wescam on the chopper either.
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Grrrrrooovy, Man

The song is better than I remember but the costumes and dancing are too hilarious!
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1/6th Gravity

Initially the way objects feel in this footage might be hard proof of fakery, as they seemed to fall too fast for what you might imagine moon gravity would be. But to be sure I did some calculations (distance in feet = 1/2*a*(seconds squared), where a is either 32 feet/(seconds squared) for earth or 5.3 feet/(seconds squared) for the moon, and * is a multiplication sign) and found that 1/6th gravity decreases the timing a relatively small amount at low heights-- say for a 5 foot fall, on earth an object would take 0.56 seconds to get to the ground, where on the moon, this would be 1.4 seconds. For a 100 foot fall though, this would take only 2.5 seconds on earth and 6.1 seconds on the moon, a larger and more easily measurable time. These timings assume a vacuum, though air resistance doesn't affect the timing too much for falls from low heights. The moon of course would be closer to a vacuum than the earth.

Anyway, I think this footage (for instance where an object tumbles about 5 feet off the back of the astronaut's backpack at about 2 minutes in) indicates a faster than expected fall time for the moon. The caveat is that the footage may not be perfectly true speed (it may have been altered somewhere along the way). But certainly the object falls in less than 1.4 seconds in the footage.

And I think in general, where objects fall in this footage, they show more of an earth gravity than a moon gravity. Particularly check out (about 2/3 way through) where the astronaut throws some sort of cloth in the air, and it floats surprisingly quickly-- a cloth like that thrown on earth floats down at a similar speed. Now someone could argue that the air slows down the cloth a lot on earth, and there is no air on the moon, so the object floats down at a slower speed on the moon due to less gravity. However, the cloth takes 3 seconds to float down from about 15 feet, and this should take 2.4 seconds on the moon since there is no air resistance! So either the timing is altered in this video, or this is proof of earth conditions.

And obviously, the rock they kick around could be foam...
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On the Lighter Side...

this is one of the funnier things I've seen in a while:

All the more funny because I don't think she is trying to be funny...
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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tipping Off al-CIA-duh

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People I Can't Understand

I don't understand why right blogistan:

1) has such a hard time believing that a middle class family with two kids who have serious health problems might have a hard time finding affordable health insurance.

2) has such a huge problem with spending a relatively small amount of government money to help provide health insurance for children.

3) supports the Iraq war, the biggest boondoggle EVER in the history of this country.

Bush and Cheney, I could sort of see as anomalous sick and demented freaks.

But their followers are this way too?

UPDATE: Actually, I can understand these people. They are brainwashed ignoramuses.
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Buying Off 9/11 Victim Families and Swearing Them to Secrecy

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6 "Moon Landing Missions", 18 Different Astronauts!

There were no repeat "moon landing" missions for any of these 18 astronauts.

Doesn't that seem extremely odd, considering how tricky these missions were (in principle)? Wouldn't it make sense for at least one experienced astronaut to go back on a second trip?

It wasn't a matter of being exposed to radiation, since some of the "moon landing" astronauts went on other space flights that didn't land on the moon.
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The Ultimate Reason Why the Moon Landings Were Faked

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Who Wants to Argue That This Apollo Footage Was Taken on the Moon?

Check out how unnaturally he falls and gets up. This isn't from 1/6th gravity, this is from wires supporting his weight which weren't designed for sudden shifts in center of gravity.

Look at how the the astronaut jumps. Even if the spacesuits were 270 pounds, a 200 pound man plus that suit would "weigh" only about 80 pounds in 1/6th gravity. Don't you think an astronaut could have jumped higher than 18 inches if a man with muscles that could support 200 pounds all of a sudden only had 80 pounds to lift? It's ridiculous.
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Rodent head in your green beans? No problem, canner says - it's 'commercially sterile'

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Question of the Day

Is "Sword of Truth"--

a) a lone internet stalker
b) a volunteer for some organization who sends him here
c) a paid shill
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Monday, October 08, 2007


This is why I love YouTube-- being able to find old gems like this:
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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Politics, Partisanship, the Media, the 9/11 Attacks, Are All Just Distractions

from this--
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Shaking Ground at Beginning of Tower Destruction, Hot Dust, Exploding Car-- More Evidence of Nukes (and EMP) at the WTC

“Don’t Ask Me How”, Says Fleeing Responder, As Car Catches Fire. Here’s Probably How.

By The Anonymous Physicist

You may recall my detailed analysis of EMT Patricia Ondrovic's eyewitness WTC destruction testimony.

I indicated her two interviews demonstrated that she witnessed cars catching fire, as WTC 5, 6, 2 were destroyed. She was in front of the lobby of WTC 6. She was knocked to the ground by a door exploding off of one of these cars that caught fire just as WTC 5, 6, 2 were being destroyed. I explained how EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse), from nuclear bombs, would intersect the car, and would induce great current in the metal, which degrades as heat and would then lead to fire, and the exploding car door.

Now we may have further corroboration that at least some of the so-called “toasted cars” may have been due to EMP, and also possible further evidence of the nuking of the WTC. Here we have Paramedic Robert Ruiz who has just barely escaped WTC2 being destroyed. First he describes [page 11], the ground near him shaking BEFORE the “collapse” starts. This could be evidence of an underground nuclear bomb going off before the top was brought down. He says, the ground shakes, and then WTC2 starts to come down, and he runs and survives under a nearby, “one foot…cutout” doorway, as he is pelted with debris.

Ruiz then states [page 16], "I was trapped there. Like things weren't bad enough already, the car that's parked right on that corner catches on fire. I don't mean a little fire, the entire thing. Don't ask me how. The entire car caught on fire. You would think maybe just a motor part or just the engine part. But this entire car just goes up in fire."

So we see that he can’t explain why the nearby car INSTANTLY catches entirely on fire. If it were hit by any fiery object, he would have seen and/or heard this, and would not be so incredulous. Note that he states the dust [pyroclastic] cloud was indeed hot at that time. But if the cloud was the cause of the entire car immediately catching on fire, wouldn’t it have done the same thing to him too, being right there (as was Ondrovic near her fiery car), and being engulfed by this same cloud? So the cloud was hot at that time, and in his area, but it is NOT that hot to toast he is not metallic!

I assert that just as with EMT Patricia Ondrovic, Paramedic Robert Ruiz likely witnessed the effects of EMP. Perhaps even from what I called a “cleaner nuke” detonated after final “collapse” and described in my first article archived at Certainly this deserves careful analysis of this possibility. So once again, analyisis of eyewitness testimony appears to corroborate the nuclear destruction of the WTC, and concomitant Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP.)
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Saturday, October 06, 2007

On the New Belgian Video, and the Strange Smoke of WTC1, and other Anomalies

By The Anonymous Physicist

This new video
(see imbed at bottom), from a Belgian site, was uploaded by “bartvanbelle.” Now when you click on that name, this one video (“unseen footage 9/11”) comes up, and it is said to be of “13:51” duration. But when you get it to start playing, it then says it has a duration of “12:43.” What happened to the missing one minute and eight seconds? What was taken out?

Then listen carefully to the whoosh of the alleged “second plane hit.” It sounds like one can still hear the whoosh after we hear what sounds like the impact. But we should not hear any more “whoosh” after the impact, unless the plane or missile was a flyby; or the whole thing is doctored. Then when that "Radio Dispatched Manhattan Demolition" truck goes by, the video is clearly then playing in slow motion to facilitate the reading of what’s on this painted-over garbage truck, as one reader here described it.

But perhaps the most fascinating anomaly on this video is the smoke emanating from WTC1, after the alleged first “plane hit.” This video has good close-ups of the “plane hit” side and also of the adjacent side. Note, on this video, the people falling to the ground seem to be mostly or solely from the adjacent side, and not from the “plane hit” side. Now my key point is that the smoke emanating from the “plane hit” side appears to be going straight to the side (from all the floors from which the smoke is emanating from), due East (from the position of the tower and the street. Note how this smoke from this side has little or no upward vector component— it just goes straight east and then southeast— for a great distance away. Now contrast this with the smoke emanating from the adjacent side, from which people are falling or jumping. Here the smoke rises straight up, without any apparent sideways vector component whatsoever. This smoke acts as if it is hot, while the “plane hit” side smoke acts as if it is produced at ambient temperature, and stays that way. Note that neither is it “cold,” else it would float down. Even its density was well controlled. For if it were more or less dense than surrounding air it would have had downward or upward vector components, which again is not seen. Looking closely when the video allows, even indicates something inside may be blowing the smoke out. But we cannot be sure because hydrodynamic flow is a complicated matter; here involving wind shear, turbulence and other factors. This side having ambient temperature smoke, of course, fits in with hypotheses of smaller shape charges having made the ludicrous [pristine] plane outline shaped “hole.” As indicated above, the troubling flow of the smoke from the “plane hit” side indicates its physical properties, namely that it appears to be of ambient temperature and density. This is highly unlikely if this smoke were produced from actual conventional fires. Smoke from fires is hot just like the burning material it is derived from. Air hotter than it’s surroundings rises (unless other variables are involved.) This is seen at the adjacent side. So likely there is something untoward going on here; i.e. indications of artificially contrived smoke at the “plane hit” side.

Furthermore, the fact that there is no rising of the smoke from the "plane hit" side indicates that there was NO MIXING whatsoever of the sources of the "plane hit" smoke and the hot smoke going out the adjacent side. Thus we likely had separate explosions near the outer structure, and not the ludicrous scenario say from Purdue U. that shows a pristine plane barreling all the way through the outer structure and the interior floors, and an inside fireball doing the same. It is also untenable that any hot smoke from inside the building would totally cool off to ambient temperature in the short distance and time it has to reach an outer window. Indeed the fact that it would move toward such an opening indicates it is driven by a temperature gradient; i.e. if it were not hotter than the surrounding air it wouldn't move towards cooler air. And we have all seen the smoke from fires rise hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet until it is no longer hotter than ambient air. This entire smoke issue is even more anomalous when you realize that the ambient temperature smoke is coming out of the area which was allegedly impacted by the alleged plane with its thousands of gallons of allegedly exploding fuel. If any side should have had hot smoke, this would be the side-- as also indicated by the Naudet video. The latter, of course, may now further lose any notion of validity by this examination of the properties of the smoke.

Now only the perps know why they did each element of their scenario. But in my— and the Finnish military expert’s-- theory of the nuking of the WTC on 9/11, conventional charges (and possibly micro-nukes as well [my theory]) were employed leading up to the final nuclear demolition of the towers. This took some time. Certainly one crucial need for continuous smoke would be to make sure that not all smoke went out before the “big one,” as nearly happened with one tower. If that happened, the ludicrous [pristine] planes/fuel/gravity/[pristine] pancakes scenario would be even more untenable. In the final analysis, what is seen [the unique smoke from the “plane hit” side of WTC1] and heard [the seeming whooshes and explosion] on this tape, require further video and audio analyses.

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Friday, October 05, 2007

Complete Jibberish from a Total Jerk

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And In Creepy News About Dick Cheney...

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Bush Administration War Criminals-- More People Waking Up to the Awful Truth

Andrew Sullivan:
A couple of things need to be stressed, because I've learned the hard way that intelligent people simply refuse to absorb what is staring them in the face, when what is staring them in the face is so staggering:
Never in history had the United States authorized such tactics.

There is no doubt - no doubt at all - that these tactics are torture and subject to prosecution as war crimes. We know this because the law is very clear when you don't have war criminals like AEI's John Yoo rewriting it to give one man unchecked power. We know this because the very same techniques - hypothermia, long-time standing, beating - and even the very same term "enhanced interrogation techniques" - "verschaerfte Vernehmung" in the original German - were once prosecuted by American forces as war crimes. The perpetrators were the Gestapo. The penalty was death. You can verify the history here.

We have war criminals in the White House. What are we going to do about it?

Of course this could well be written about 9/11 as well:
"intelligent people simply refuse to absorb what is staring them in the face, when what is staring them in the face is so staggering: Never in history had the United States authorized such tactics."

What are we going to do about it.

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FBI Won't Confirm Identities of the Four 9/11 Planes

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Thursday, October 04, 2007

It's Too Hard To Go Back to the Moon -- What a Joke!

"I personally believe that China will be back on the moon before we are," NASA Administrator Michael Griffin said in a low-key lecture in Washington two weeks ago, marking the space agency's 50th anniversary, still a year away.

"I think when that happens, Americans will not like it. But they will just have to not like it."

Griffin's candor startled many in the space community, but insiders acknowledge the reality. China has pulled off two manned spaceflights with its own rockets and is eager to head for the moon.

NASA has a 2020 deadline for returning Americans to the moon. China would like to beat that.

The U.S. is "more technically advanced. We certainly could be back on the moon faster than the Chinese, but we don't have the political will and therefore the resources to do it," said Joan Johnson-Freese, head of the Naval War College's national security decision-making department.

Oh bullshit.

The WHOLE Apollo program cost $135 billion in 2006 dollars.

One moon flight would cost far less than $135 billion, particularly with technological advances, but let us say it would cost $50 billion because we'd have to design and build new rockets.

$50 billion is only one-ninth of the (horribly bloated) Pentagon budget-- and that doesn't even include the Iraq war costs!

Is $50 billion really such an obstacle for this country?

Or is there another reason we can't go to the moon? The same reason we didn't go before?

UPDATE: To be a bit more explicit, this is the reason the moon landings were faked and why no human is going to the moon in the near future.

The 2020 deadline is a joke.

The whole point is, if we really wanted to go to the moon AND we were capable of it, we could do it in the next two years. And we probably would have done it in the past 30 years as well. We wouldn't be saying we're going to do it 13 years from now.
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Priorities, Priorities

2007 Pentagon budget-- 459 billion dollars.

2007 National Institutes of Health (NIH) Budget-- 29 billion dollars.

NIH is the federal agency that supports the vast majority of biomedical research in the US-- research that seeks to find cures for human diseases, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimers, asthma, arthritis, infectious disease (to name just a few).

UPDATE: For once I can actually say "Yay for Hillary!"

And check out the braindead Republican response to Hillary's plan.
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Bush Administration War Criminals-- Torture edition!

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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Israeli Raid on Syria

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Still Waiting for the Proof that Jet Fuel-Filled Aluminum Wings Can Slice Through Thick Steel Columns

The NIST fantasy model:

Remember that officially for the South tower at the 80th floor, we had outer box columns with two sides of 13/16th inch thick steel and two side of 1/4 inch thick steel.

For a Boeing 767 wing, we have aluminum skin over aluminum spars. I couldn't find the exact thickness of the aluminum for the Boeing 767 wing, but aluminum of less than 1/10th of an inch thick seems very safe to assume.

Also note, aluminum is about 1/3rd as dense as iron (2.702 g/cm^3 versus 7.86 g/cm^3). Even if special aluminum and steel alloys were used for the respective structures, it is not going to change the density ratio very much.

So we have a wing, a relatively thin aluminum structure, made of far less dense material than steel, impacting thick steel columns-- and BURSTING THROUGH THEM?

That is what, NIST, shills for the official story, says, using a highly manipulated computer model (see above figure).

But wouldn't this concept be easily testable in real-life?

Think of an aluminum can, empty or filled, striking a steel pipe at high velocity, with walls of the pipe being proportionally thicker than the walls of the can, as the proportions of the box column steel thickness compared to thickness of the wing aluminum.

Note, I am NOT saying this would be a perfect way to test the official theory, I am just saying a meaningful physical experiment wouldn't be at all hard to set up-- especially with someone like NIST with extensive resources.
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Why the Conspiracy Theorist In Me Thinks the US Won't Attack Iran At All

1) oil prices would skyrocket, wreaking havoc on the western economies

2) Iran would retaliate in some nasty fashion giving a very unpredictable outcome to any attack on Iran

3) I don't sense that the Bush administration's heart is really in attacking Iran, and I don't see a big media campaign by the Whitehouse on this issue. I feel a lot of the Iran rhetoric is simply to appease wingnuts itching for another war.

Finally, I do wonder if the talk about attacking Iran that is bubbling through the internet is yet another diversion to keep people from talking about 9/11.
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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

More on "Manhattan Demolition Company Inc."


(Being able to read Dutch would useful)
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Finding My Inner Geek

But these songs are so damn great:

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Obama Takes On the Media

What he says is true enough, and the call for eliminating nukes is very welcome.

But it's hard to imagine that this is going to help his candidacy, given how media-driven a presidential race is.

It's screwed up, to be sure-- if you don't criticize the media, you become part of the corrupt system, but if you do criticize them, they keep you from being part of the system, thus virtually dooming your chances.

Heaven forbid Obama actually said anything about 9/11.

UPDATE: Good post on Obama and the Washington establishment here from Greenwald.
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Erik Prince, Blackwater CEO

What a piece of work, to put it mildly.
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150 Billion Dollars More for Bush's Wars

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The Incredible 9/11 Evidence We've All Been Waiting For!*

Check out 9:23 in this clearly authentic 9/11 video--

"Radio Dispatched Manhattan Demolition" truck goes by, with the twin towers prominent in the Manhattan skyline cartoon on the truck.

Then the truck goes by and we see the wounded towers looming overhead.

There's some other interesting stuff here, such as seemingly authentic 2nd hit sound. No clear jet noise, but a brief whoosh and a bang and then a small series of smaller bangs. Some metallic debris is then shown in the street, not clear what it is, doesn't look like a plane part.

There is no second plane, though the videographer could have seen a plane between the two towers.

The oddest thing perhaps, is how very shortly after the 1st hit, HOW MANY PEOPLE START JUMPING. It's a bit hard to see how the fires were so severe at that point to make people jump, though obviously something was making them leap to their deaths. But did anyone jump who was actually on fire or in flames? I've never seen that myself.

*for the sarcasm impaired, the title is sarcastic.
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Monday, October 01, 2007

NSA Surveillance of Iraqi Insurgents

This story still makes no sense.

Why couldn't the US simply spy on the insurgents from Iraq, if there was a problem with doing this domestically?

What exactly were the "novel" legal issues?

I simply don't understand why the DOJ takes so long to decide to spy on Iraqi insurgents, but Bush can get away with his domestic warrantless spying program.

Anyone care to explain this?
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UFO Disclosure Is Coming!

Or maybe not...

Funny how this very real issue never seems to go anywhere.

UFO's are THE classic case of government secrecy/government stonewalling.

(Note: some excellent UFO evidence links at the link above)
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Government Secrecy

I think the key issue about government secrecy is not that the government can keep perfect secrets-- they can't.

The key issue really is that the government/"powers that be" are very good at controlling dissemination of information they don't like. Basically, through control of the media, the government/"powers that be" can strongly limit what the public sees and hears.

Sure, there is always some report from the major media that hangs out some aspect of the truth-- in part because the media isn't perfectly controlled, probably in part because the government/"powers that be" enjoy creating cognitive dissonance and creating "disinfo".

But the important point is how once you have a hang-out story, the media horde either completely ignore it OR they actively put out some bogus debunking story.

"Some of my friends sit around every evening and they worry about the time ahead
but everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference and the promise of an early bed
you either shut up or get cut up
they don't want to hear about it
it's only inches on the reel-to-reel
and the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools
trying to anesthetize the way that you feel"

"...they say you better listen to the voice of reason
but they don't give you any choice
'cause they think that it's treason
so you had better do as you are told
and listen to the radio..."

--Elvis Costello, "Radio Radio"
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