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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Micro-Nukes in the WTC--Creating The China Syndrome: Important Matters of Completeness & Plausibility

by The Anonymous Physicist

My “Many Nukes” Hypothesis for the destruction of the WTC on 9/11, perpetrated by the American regime, is detailed here How this led to the China Syndrome is detailed here

To summarize these matters now, I have written how the towers’ destruction entailed numerous micro-nukes detonating in each tower, and furthermore much redundancy was employed to insure that sufficient numbers of these low-yield devices successfully went off as planned. Some of the redundant micro-nukes were impacted by the exploding micro-nukes, which allowed for the redundant ones’ fissile material to give rise to the China Syndrome. I also explained how some micro-nukes fizzled for various reasons--part of the reason for having so many redundant micro-nukes present. I listed several factors that could have caused this fizzling, even hypothesizing that the early explosions in the WTC7 were fizzled nukes, that were meant to destroy WTC7 but they did not properly go critical.

The reader can read how standard some of these concepts are in the nuclear world. The military and “policy” makers use the term “fratricide” for the occurrence of one nuclear warhead impacting/adversely affecting another one and preventing the latter from going nuclear. Read here, for example. Under the heading of “Nuclear targeting and fratricide,” you will find this: “Historically, analysts have assumed that only 2 nuclear warheads could be used in a short time frame against any target because of a problem called “fratricide.” Assigning multiple warheads to a target requires precise timing to prevent one incoming warhead from destroying others. Furthermore, a nuclear detonation near ground level (which is ideal for destroying hardened silos) would create a debris cloud that could destroy other warheads heading to the same target.”

Furthermore, long term storage of nuclear bombs or warheads involves another form of fratricide. This article on the many problems of long-term nuclear warhead storage, describes how nuclear warheads have “vulnerability to fratricide neutrons,” as well as being susceptible to many other problems that could make them fizzle. So you can see that I was correct in writing that impacted and/or fizzled nukes, are problems that could be expected to occur when you have a complicated scenario involving many small nukes going off in a relatively small place-- especially in an enclosed space. And these matters thus could easily explain where the available fissile material to cause the China Syndrome at the WTC came from.

Now knowing of these potentially, fratricidal effects on the nukes to be used in the WTC on 9/11, the American perps-- foul physicists, and monstrous military men, much like those involved in nuking their own at Port Chicago, and other innocent humans at Hiroshima and Nagasaki-- did the following. 1. Emplaced many redundant nukes, in each WTC building, and at each level to be nuked. The levels where the nukes were emplaced took fratricidal effects into account, as much as possible. 2. Used (somewhat hardened) sensors that would trigger (sequentially, as needed) redundant nukes at each level that they were to be set off at. 3. Used sensors that themselves would be vaporized, if the first, planned nuke went off properly, so that the redundant ones would not go nuclear. Of course, their fissile material would then be available for the China Syndrome Aftermath. Did all this go off exactly as planned? No. As I have written, the hidden, denied, early WTC7 explosions indicate that the perps failed to properly set off the nukes in WTC7, and took five or more hours to re-do it, later in the afternoon. One possible scenario for the failed, early nuking of WTC7 could be the following. The early nukes in the lobby and basement fizzled (due to fratricidal or other effects). That is, they exploded but either did not attain any criticality (only conventional explosions worked), or else the fissile material had been “weakened” and the resultant nuclear explosion was too small for demolition of WTC7 to occur. The sensor(s) were themselves damaged (from partial explosions), and did not then trigger redundant nukes to go off, or else all redundant nukes fizzled, as Jennings (in the last article) describes several WTC7 explosions.

However even a properly functioning nuclear device going off inside a building can lead to its own China Syndrome, as follows. Let us look at the efficiency of nuclear devices historically, as I do not have access to data on the efficiency of the most current nukes. But it would likely be in the same range. The efficiency of a nuclear bomb is the percentage of its total available fissile material (such as Uranium-235 or Plutonium-239) that actually undergoes fission during the criticality stage of implosion/explosion-- roughly one microsecond. The remainder is still highly radioactive and could give rise to a China Syndrome under certain conditions. Peter Vogel’s book, “The Last Wave From Port Chicago" describes on page 13-13 how the Hiroshima “A-Bomb” used only 1.14% of its contained fissile material. The Port Chicago type A-Bomb had even less efficiency-- about 0.5%. More recently, 6% efficiency for updated nuclear bombs is cited here. Such a low efficiency is due to the immense difficulty of having an implosion, and then an explosion, whereby the fissile material has only one microsecond before the imploding, fissioning U-235 critical mass with its tremendous number of released neutrons and subsequent energy release (and great heat and pressure), forces the critical mass to explode outward thus terminating its criticality geometry.

What this means is that even a properly functioning, fission bomb will have 94-99% of its highly radioactive, fissile material released into the environment where it will more slowly continue to fission and decay-- and release great heat. Now if a nuclear bomb goes off several thousand feet in the air, a la Hiroshima, the unfissioned U-235 will be widely dispersed and will come down over a huge area. (The heat of the Bomb would even have vaporized the unfissioned U-235, but this will later condense and come down somewhere.) But the micro-nukes--even the properly fissioning ones used inside the WTC-- were, at least partially, contained during the destruction. But as the buildings were being destroyed, even vaporized, the remaining fissile material would be able to reach all around the WTC area, and some would likely reach significantly beyond as well. Some fissile material from the sub-basement nukes, would likely be trapped in the largest concentrations, to be found in the aftermath, in these basement areas. These radioactive fragments would also be inaccessible to the usual radiation-lowering mechanisms that were extensively employed beginning the very next day-- water hosing, and “coating” with sand/earth.

To sum up, my “Many Nukes” and resultant China Syndrome Hypothesis, is well supported by the known concepts of nuclear warhead fratricide, and the low (0.5-6.0%) efficiency of fission bombs. Indeed all the facts involving exploding numerous micro-nukes in an enclosed (or partially enclosed) space appears to make the China Syndrome aftermath not only plausible, but inevitable!

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