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Monday, November 29, 2010

Al-CIA-duh/Al-FBI-duh Watch

"FBI stopped Portland bomb suspect from taking job before sting"
It may very well be that the FBI successfully and within legal limits arrested a dangerous criminal intent on carrying out a serious Terrorist plot that would have killed many innocent people, in which case they deserve praise. Court-approved surveillance and use of undercover agents to infiltrate terrorist plots are legitimate tactics when used in accordance with the law.

But it may also just as easily be the case that the FBI -- as they've done many times in the past -- found some very young, impressionable, disaffected, hapless, aimless, inept loner; created a plot it then persuaded/manipulated/entrapped him to join, essentially turning him into a Terrorist; and then patted itself on the back once it arrested him for having thwarted a "Terrorist plot" which, from start to finish, was entirely the FBI's own concoction.
Ya think?
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Deep Thought of the Day

99.999% of the news is a distraction or limited hangout from the ultimate truth about 9/11.

The vast majority of the news also distracts from the evil of the war machine, the evil of the powers that be, and the ultimate evil of the ultimate powers that be.
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Sunday, November 28, 2010

33 of the Day

Colorado Lawyer Files Injunction Against Janet Napolitano and TSA:
Currently, there are over 330 million citizens of the United States, none of whom have ever engaged in any terrorist activity onboard a commercial airliner, at any time or place on the planet Earth.
Wiki lists the US population at almost 310.8 million.

The lawsuit is generally admirable--
Colorado lawyer, Gary Fielder, has filed for a Permanent Restraining Order in federal district court against Janet Napolitano, John Pistole, the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA. Attorney Fielder made headlines earlier this year when he refused to go through a naked body scanner installed at a Colorado courthouse. He has now filed a Complaint for Injunctive Relief to stop the naked body scanners and enhanced pat downs at our nation's airports.

In his complaint, he details his personal story of how he and his daughters were treated during an "enhanced pat down" by the TSA on a recent trip to San Diego, describing the TSA agents' behavior as "disgusting, unconscionable, sexual in nature, unnecessary and a complete violation of his and his children's constitutional rights."
-- but the 33 gives me pause. And if the US does have 330 million people, watch out!

Here's a bonus related 33:
"The grain grown to produce fuel in the US [in 2009] was enough to feed 330 million people for one year at average world consumption levels"...
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

US Presence in Afghanistan as Long as Soviets

9 years and 50 days.

Then there's this-- 92% of Afghan Men Don’t Know About 9/11 Attacks.*

One can only weep at the idiocy and evil of this war, the ignorance of most Americans about the war, and the futility of decent Americans to get us out.

*Shocking. How could they not know about how the US nuked two of its biggest buildings and killed thousands of its own people, in order to start a new world war?

UPDATE: This guy counts the US presence in Afghanistan as 3341 days.
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Astronauts to the Dark Side (of the Moon)

Yeah, right!

Scientists are planning to explore the far side of the Moon using a manned spacecraft for the first since since the Apollo landings of 1968.

Engineers with aerospace giant Lockheed Martin want to send up astronauts into stationary orbit above Earth's best-known natural satellite to study it further.

The firm hopes to use remote controlled robots dispatched from their spacecraft to collect samples and explore the South Pole-Aitken basin on the Moon, one of the oldest craters in the solar system.

Crucially they also hope it will serve as a test for a future possible mission to Mars - the six month trip would see if the equipment and the astronauts - most likely from the US - were capable of enduring long-term space travel. (snip)

So long as NASA approves, it will give both organisations the chance to see how humans respond to lengthy doses of deep space radiation, a key problem on a longer Martian trip.

Ha ha, very funny NASA-- you jokers!!!
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

"King Kill 33"

An essay, a song, and a band-- all conspiracy related, and all very interesting.

The band called "King Kill 33" play a song called "We Never Went to the Moon"-- not a great song, but gotta love the lyrics!

The band Marilyn Manson plays a song called "King Kill 33", with very meaningful lyrics:
Is this what you wanted?
This is what you get.
Turned all your lives into shit.
You never accepted or treated me fair
blame me for what I believe and I wear.
You fucked yourselves and you raise these sheep
the blue and the withered seeds you will reap.
You never gave me a chance to be me
Or even a fucking chance just to be.
But I have to show you that you played a role
and I will destroy you with one simple hole.
The world that hates me has taken its toll
but now I have finally taken control.
You wanted so bad to make me this thing
and now I can help you to kill the king

and I am not sorry, and I am not sorry
this is what you deserve
and I am not sorry, and I am not sorry
this is what you deserve
and I am not sorry, and I am not sorry
this is what you deserve

King Kill 33
King Kill 33
King Kill 33
King Kill 33
The lyrics could be written from the viewpoint of our evil alien controllers-- the ultimate powers that be (UPTB), as described Anonymous Physicist. The reference to "one simple hole" is intriguing, and may refer to a black hole that will swallow the world, perhaps via the Large Hadron Collider, as has been hinted at by various researchers. The black hole would be generated by the UPTB for escape purposes. "Kill the king" apparently refers to the JFK assassination.

Along those lines, "King Kill 33" appears to have originally been the title of a book, posted online at the Ralph Nader library (interestingly enough). Essentially, King Kill 33 (33° actually), refers to "Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy".

Note, I have not read the book, nor the essay on Marilyn Manson and King Kill 33. I have just skimmed them for basic content. I will go through these more carefully, and post updates if I find anything particularly striking.

(Thanks to Anonymous Physicist for the original find on King Kill 33)
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Today's 33

Today, let's give thanks for a future run by the PTB, with lots of vodka and robot lovers.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New JFK Assassination Movie-- "Legacy of Secrecy"

Oooh, how exciting, Hollywood is making a new JFK Assassination movie!

...and it is a total limited hangout piece of shit.

Ooooh, the MAFIA did it:

Hartmann and Waldron-- what a couple of lameass intel fucks.
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Deep Thought of the Day

Our chickens may have finally come home to roost.
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More Evidence the Afghan War Is a Farce

92% of Afghan Men Don’t Know About 9/11 Attacks.

You would think they would at least know that the US govt attacked it's own people?
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Today's 33

AOL News link:

The article itself says 378 dead. So yeah, definitely more than 330.
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Monday, November 22, 2010

The Ultimate Truth of the Kennedy Assassination

by The Anonymous Physicist

President Kennedy fought to rein in the warmongers, the covert-operators, the elite enslavers and so much more. He had taken steps to smash the Federal Reserve Bank, and created “U.S. Notes.” He had refused to go to war in Laos, and Vietnam (See “JFK and Vietnam” by John Newman or see the “Stars and Stripes” Newspaper for October, 1963 on bringing all the “advisors” home beginning in late 1963.) He had refused to invade Cuba during the Missile Crisis or to start the Big One. He refused to allow the Pentagon to do their Project Northwoods. He promised “Peace not just in our time, but for all time.” Listen to this. He promised Senator Mansfield that “after I am re-elected I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces, and scatter them to the wind.” Noel Twyman’s book, “Bloody Treason”, even describes how— far beyond Northwood, and not reported— the Joint Chiefs pressured him to launch a “pre-emptive, full nuclear strike against the Soviet Union and China.” Because “with approaching nuclear parity we won’t be able to get away with it soon.” He even wanted to release information on who might be here and in charge of everything. The regime’s disinfo agents continue to lie with ubiquity about all these things. The dead man, and his brother Robert, can’t defend themselves. The so-called Warren Commission (WC) was composed primarily of his murderers or those beholden to them. The fatal “head shot from behind” has already been detailed here as both physically impossible, and contraindicated by all the treating physicians and the asst press secretary. Likewise the “magic bullet” theory from WC attorney and now-Senator, Arlen Spector, hitting five bones in two people and hanging out in midair for a second and a half and making turns without forces acting on it, and of course not being deformed, is laughably, physically impossible. This is equivalent to 911 with the 911 OC’s theory of gravity, in this instance “magically” exploding outward as well as downward, at that time.

On the internet’s many alleged truth sites, one can see some proclaim that “Kennedy’s assassination has nothing to do with today’s world” or that they flat out don’t care, or they believe the Warren Commission (while trying to proclaim that they don’t believe the 911 Commission). Of course, the simple truth is he was killed precisely so we would end up with this country in its present state of blatent fascism, world domination, world mass-murder, and perennial war. Some of the disinfo agents in the 911 field are the same disinfo people from the JFK ass’n field. From the very moment of the assassination to the present time, a whole industry of bogus investigations, books, authors, articles, museums, conferences, websites, etc, was created. The analogies with 911 are clear. Regarding Kennedy, for people that could see and think and rejected the impossible Oswald patsy story— Oswald himself being a CIA/ONI agent framed/murdered by his govt— there would be the unfolding Babel that it was done by the Mafia, Cuba/Castro, Johnson, Grassy Knoll, Israelis, etc. [Just as 911 has the official planes/fuel/pancaking theory, followed by disinfo theories of thermite and DEW—to hide the ultimate truth of nukes]. Jackie and everyone there saw and/or heard who fired the head shot, as this article and never-published book demonstrate. Even SS (Secret Service) agent Clint Hill, one of only a few SS agents not in on the plot, said to the WC that the fatal head shot did not come from a rifle. He said it was: “like the sound of shooting a revolver into something hard.

In the Parkland Hospital O.R., only Agent Hill had his own revolver out and cocked the whole time! He knew Kennedy’s murderers were right there. See the books by Dr. Charles Crenshaw. There are some eye-openers therein. It has come out, elsewhere, that initially the FBI interrogated SS agents William Greer (driver) and Roy Kellerman (passenger side) for Kennedy’s murder. Perhaps the FBI attempted an arrest then (before Hoover called them off), because Crenshaw’s books detail how a SS agent knocked out an FBI agent with the butt of his machine gun— not used, of course, during the assassination.

Now I have seen over 20 different versions of the Zapruder film. I have already detailed how initially the regime forbade release of it, and printed reversed frames in Life Magazine; and likewise got cub reporter Dan Rather to proclaim Kennedy went forward in the limo from the fatal head shot. While the Zapruder film is heavily (and primitively) doctored, when released, it clearly shows Kennedy being slammed back in the limo, and then limply bouncing off the back seat and over to the left—after the slam backwards. If Kennedy had been hit from the right, he would have slammed into Jackie whose head was just to the left of his head. Also numerous witnesses detailed how Greer brought the limo to a complete halt, despite the film showing a steady speed of 10 mph or so. The film was duped onto the moving background of a version of itself. (No CGI then.) Twyman’s book (and many others) detail how there are numerous missing frames which accounts for his proof that Greer turns back to the front 2-3x faster than any other human could. Zapruder (Z) frames printed in the “Globe” showed smoke/exhaust from Greer’s gun.

But let us see what the Zapruder film shows and implies. After the first shot that hits Kennedy, he turns to Jackie for help and his arms reflexively start to come up towards his throat that now has been penetrated. He never moves after this. He also apparently tried to cough up the throat bullet as shown here.

It is clear he was paralyzed for the last 4-6 seconds of his life, but would have been conscious and knew what was happening to him. In all likelihood, a rifle with a special bullet (ice bullet containing shellfish poison was used by the CIA for these purposes) was fired from the Grassy Knoll (or elsewhere) at that time. Jackie first looked to Gov. Connally for help. Then she did as instructed by the S.S. in such an eventuality; she tried to force his elbows and him down, but he was rigid. Gov Connally had turned around to stare at who he knew was the sole target. He was known as LBJ (Little Boy Johnson, as he was Johnson’s puppet. Johnson threw a fit at JFK the night before to try to change the “seating” arrangements.) Connally is hit and yells out “My God they’re trying to kill us all.” [And not just Kennedy, as he had been promised.] After the fatal head shot, both Connallys can be briefly seen looking to the driver as they duck down to give him room. They had not ducked down earlier. On arrival at Parkland, the SS agents help Connally out, but leave Kennedy in the limo. The limo is soon washed down by the S.S. It is eventually destroyed. This too has numerous variations. One article had the air force admit it was later dropped from a C5A, from high altitude into the ocean. Elsewhere it is described as destroyed in more mundane fashion. (I guess they couldn’t ship it to China in those days.)

Who fired the fatal head shot? With a magnifying glass you can see a piece of the gun for yourself. No this will not come out and hit you on the head with clarity. The regime is not that stupid. Some whistleblower may have paid with his/her life for leaving this in; or the PTB often seem to want the intelligentsia to know who did it. Remember this is (primitively) doctored. Frame 313 is known to be the fatal head shot frame by all, and you can see this for yourself. If anyone says a different frame is the fatal head shot frame, you know what that means.

You can actually see that Greer's gun (lower right corner of frame-- usually cropped out of most versions of the film for obvious reasons) was not completely erased. Use a magnifying lens; much better still, get a printed version such as is in Twyman’s (or other) book-- it is clearer than on a monitor. Do this if you really care about truth and justice. The top piece of the gun (i.e., the Sun’s reflection off of it) is visible over the head of Kellerman, and sticking out slightly also to the left of his head. See the curvature of Kellerman's black-haired head. Then see that the bright object above it, and a little piece of it to the left of said curvature-- when there shouldn't be anything there. This is the left most part of the gun. They tried to make it look as if Kellerman’s black hair turns white on top, but the white piece to the left of the curvature is the giveaway. Indeed you can also see Greer's hunched up left shoulder and forearm leading up to the gun (in his left hand). Again they tried to make Greer’s upper arm and forearm blend in with background objects (gutter and limo edge), so (when viewing frame 313) block all this out with your hand to the left of Greer and Kellerman while viewing with a magnifying glass, and you should realize that you are seeing Greer’s upper arm and forearm leading up to the gun by his right ear. You can even see the motion of the gun coming up, here.

As with 9/11, only a small number of people came out with the ultimate truth, while the bogus industry of fake JFK “research” came into being and remains big. (Heavily funded still by you know who.) But former Navy officer, William (Bill) Cooper and his book, “Behold a Pale Horse” were the mainstays of revealing this ultimate truth. Cooper spoke around the country for 15 years or so, and on shortwave radio, before being assassinated just two months after 9/11, by “local” police in an obvious entrapment masterminded by the feds. In the late 70’s, the House Committee on Assassinations first had its Chairman and Chief Counsel forced off the Committee. The controlled replacements did their best to hide the truth. But they got hold of the tape of a Dallas motorcade cop’s microphone, which was on the whole time during the assassination. The House Committee got audio scientists to add this audio to the Zapruder film. They then were forced to admit there was more than one shooter, but blamed “the Mafia.” And let it end at that. However the people who were in charge that day, still are. E.g., see GHW Bush at the book Depository, and his role in the affair here.

In 1992, this now audio/video version of the Zapruder film was shown by the lying counsel for that Committee, on a national television magazine show. I taped this and analyzed it, and it clearly showed (audio and video) that not only did Greer kill Kennedy, but he had turned first and accidentally shot Connally. You can hear, as well as see, that at the apex of his two turns, first Connally, then Kennedy is shot. After his first erroneous hit, Greer brought the limo to a standstill, as he obviously found his aim was not too good, while moving. This was not planned, but the last minute substitute, agent Clint Hill, disobeyed the order to remain in the follow-up car, and was running up to try to save Kennedy, and Kellerman can be seen talking to Greer, likely giving him the order to kill Kennedy.

When I presented this audio/video Z film publicly but once, I paid for it with the loss of my health and nearly my life. Among the many horrors I have suffered was that they broke into my home and placed a mercury compound all over my house. I was poisoned via inhalation of a mercury compound for nearly two years. Only with the greatest of luck did I find this out before dying. So I know all too well how easy it is for them to kill any of us individually, and get away with it. While an individual can only lose, and lose everything, it is clear how they fear the masses rising up against them. This is why they did what they did. This is why people must not know that the govt’s own driver killed President Kennedy. This is why the people must not know that 3000 people were nuked by their own regime on 9/11; and the people must not know that thousands of responders may get cancer from the nuclear radiation (China Syndrome) they were exposed to in the aftermath of 9/11. The regime fears that the people will awaken and realize that they are all going to be the victims of these monsters, as was President Kennedy, and the thousands of WTC workers, and the millions around the world, and myself.

For my part, I gave out many copies of this audio/video Zapruder film, in case… But I accept, and expect, my fate, but I have obtained my freedom, in part, by releasing herein the ultimate truths of the WTC mass murder, the Kennedy assassination, and the who and why of it all. Each of you should realize that the reason they did what they did to JFK, to me, and to all the others, is because they know they will lose if the people find out these things and act. They rightly fear the people realizing that they have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If we all accepted the New Hampshire state motto, Live Free or Die, we would all likely Live Free. Then this world would be the kind of place that the best and the brightest of us, like John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States, had to knowingly die striving to create.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Obama's Doppelganger

Interesting ... of course, pretty standard for world leaders, but funny they would so openly use the term doppelganger for Obama.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

War Is a Lie

Some good points in here, particularly about WWII, though it overlooks the obvious hoax of 9/11:

The interesting point is how for WWII used the provoked and expected Japan attack on Pearl Harbor to promote war against the Nazis, and how Bush used the "Afghanistan/Al Qaeda" attack on the US to promote war against Iraq.

This is worth remembering for when people ask why did the US set-up 9/11 with al Qaeda as a patsy, when they really wanted to attack Iraq. If they really wanted to attack Iraq, why didn't they use Iraqi patsies? Look to Pearl Harbor. Thus, it was probably easier to provoke a major attack by the Japanese than Germany -- probably it was easier to fake an al Qaeda attack than fake an Iraq attack. Not to mention the vague al Qaeda (al-CIA-duh) bogey man allowed far greater flexibility in attacking other countries and setting up a police-state to guard against bogeymen.
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Some Promising News

Serious talk of arresting Bush for war-crimes-- if he goes to Europe, anyway:
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Tales of the American Gestapo, Part 13

Read it and weep--

Cancer surviving flight attendant forced to remove prosthetic breast during TSA pat-down.

TSA Forces Woman To Remove Nipple Rings-- Passenger Asks For Apology After Being Required To Remove Body Jewelry With Aid Of Pliers

Woman says her security screening was sexual assault:
Business traveler, Penny Moroney, was flying home from St. Louis to Chicago. Like all other airline passengers, she had to go through security first. When the metal in her artificial knees set off the detectors, she had to undergo more screening. When Moroney asked if she could go through a body scanner, she was told none were available.

A pat down was the only alternative.

Moroney explains “Her gloved hands touched my breasts...went between them. Then she went into the top of my slacks, inserted her hands between my underwear and my skin... then put her hands up on outside of slacks, and patted my genitals.”

“I was shaking and crying when I left that room” Moroney says. “Under any other circumstance, if a person touched me like that without my permission, it would be considered criminal sexual assault.”

Somebody needs to sue these TSA motherfuckers hard. I don't understand why they haven't been dragged through court already for causing humiliation and emotional distress.
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Dr. Death

Dick Cheney -- looking more like an old Nazi every day.

I guess the blood of Iraqi children isn't as sustaining as you might think.
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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Utter Disinfo in the Nuclear 9/11 Field

By The Anonymous Physicist

In comments, it was recently posted that Bill Deagle, M.D., claims that the Anonymous Finnish Military Expert (see stated that he was "commissioned by the Port Authority and Larry Silverstein to use thermate, RDX, and nuclear devices" to destroy the WTC. Listen here at about 7:20. I never saw this at the Finnish site, after reading everything there; and searched again, and did not find where the Finn ever stated what Deagle said he stated there. The video makes clear who they are trying to pin the nuclear destruction of the WTC on.

I have laid bare a certain Op-Plan here from my earliest writings. Being interviewed is Ed Ward, another M.D.—not a physicist—who wrote “if nukes were used, they were Dimona nukes” [or words to that effect] without a shred of evidence, and when all the logic is totally against that. (A country with 200 nukes that is very tiny [hint one nuke would wipe its entire population out] wouldn’t take on a country with many thousands of nukes.) And the Israeli regime, like the U.S. regime, is controlled by the same evil forces, but is at the bottom of the totem pole, not the top.) Ward also always sites another plant (the Australian/MI6 agent?, Joe Vialls), who wrote that if any conventional explosives are used anywhere on Earth, it has to be the Mossad, when all honest conspiracy experts know that MI6 controls the intel agencies of all other countries, and even created them. This includes the CIA, KGB/FSB, Mossad, Pakistani ISI, (and even the former Gestapo/SS/Abwehr), etc. And American intel agency badges, not “Mossad” would have gotten intel filth into the WTC to plant whatever they planted to kill thousands of innocent human beings, which was then used as a ruse to kill millions of other innocent human beings. It is very telling that people fall for the “Israel did it all and is in charge” palaver; when it is our own monstrous “government,” controlled by the London and Rome secret societies on behalf of who I have also revealed here, that is ultimately in charge. A lot of effort goes into this Op at the intel agencies, and secret societies.

I have also detailed which country’s admiralty, since 1936, owns the very patent on all nuclear fission chain reactions! Do you realize how easy I have made it for anyone honest and with a brain to see who is in charge of all nuclear matters? Yes, it means no nuking can occur without that country ordering it. And that country sure isn’t in the Middle East. It’s the very country our founding fathers rebelled against, and who during the Revolutionary War burned down churches with women and children in it whenever they wanted, to punish them for having husbands and fathers who wanted... freedom.

Deagle’s site has or had many falsehoods from the intel Op of claiming that “red mercury” can cause nuclear fission or fusion (when it is 6 orders of magnitude too feeble, as any high school physics student knows), to claiming to have had on his show “the Anonymous Physicist” when he had Spooked on, not A.P. Deagle was also used when 911blogger claimed that they were going to shoot down the whole nuclear 9/11 hypothesis. All that they did was write a scathing personal attack on Deagle and his strange history of involvement as an M.D. in Columbine, financial “matters,” loss of license in Colorado—with case file # 33863, naturally—and claims of being in direct communications with god, Gabriel and whoever else. See this site on some of that; couldn’t find it at 911blogger—whose goal has always been to hide the truth of the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath. They dared not attempt to shoot down all that I have written on the nuking of the WTC and the CSA. A summary is here:

Furthermore Deagle now spoke about his own “my Anonymous Physicist.” Is this to divert from all that I have written here about the nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome Aftermath? (Just as Alex Jones wrote that the Anonymous Physicist was “British.” I am American.) Much of this disinfo is to prevent internet searches from finding what I have written, I surmise. I have revealed here how intel agency gatekeeping and Limited Hangouts proponents pretending to be in the 9/11 nuke camp, actually were meant to destroy it. The Op-Plan is to keep the American people from finding out that the China Syndrome existed at the WTC for at least half a year, and who ordered it. And so the “4th generation pure fusion” hangout is pushed by the Finn, Ed Ward etc., citing the Tritium finding, but ignoring that fission releases tritium via ternary fission (three daughter elements created instead of the usual two). Then when one author did cite the China Syndrome (Tahil) he claimed it came from two huge, long-hidden underground nuclear reactors that went off as nuclear bombs, when all physicists have stated this is an impossibility, as it is. Tahil also wrote that it couldn’t have been fission bombs used, because they use up 100% of their radioactive Uranium or Plutonium. I showed that they only use up 1-6% of it.

So it has been a major Op to shoot down the micro-nuke hypothesis from the very beginning by having assets or nutters proposing various aspects that are physically impossible, and/or do not fit the evidence. Both the Finn and Tahil also claim just one shaped charge-like nuke did each tower. And this ignores the earlier sub-basement nuke that I have lengthily written about, that was timed with the explosions on top (bogus “plane hits.”) And the other part of their Op is to steer people away from the fact that our own regime did it. This is where all the operatives expose themselves when they cite “dancing Isrealis” who obviously were ordered to VIDEOTAPE THEMSELVES so that if people didn’t buy the one set of Semites doing 9/11, they put out the other set of Semites. When was the last time you saw a bunch of intel agents out in daylight videotaping themselves, and giving it to the media? Seeing who pushes the “dancing Israeli movers/Mossad really did 9/11” PsyOp is how you easily see who is an intel agent or asset.

So if the Finnish Military Expert did not write that he was commissioned to destroy and nuke the WTC, it is prima facie evidence of Deagle speaking total falsehoods. A total disregard for the truth has been manifested. (In general, when someone lies habitually we cannot be sure if he is a psychopathic liar, or paid or ordered to do so. But it has the same effect.) Anything from someone who completely invents a crucial statement from another person should either not be promulgated at all, or if so, should be exposed explicitly.

You can find youtubes of where the self-professed, fearless Deagle met Steven Jones, PhD. And immediately, and totally, kowtowed to Jones regarding alleged thermite usage and “finding.” (So we saw who is much higher up the intel/secret society chain.) All this about Deagle should also give us pause about his claims that the Murrah bombing in Oklahoma City, OK was a micro-nuke, if he is the only one claiming that. Note that it wouldn’t surprise me if micro-nukes were used, but Deagle’s alleged Army technician is only cited by, or known to, Deagle. And furthermore, if he were a patient, I think it may be illegal for him to publicly proclaim such information. So we should be very careful in claiming OKC was a nuke, as it may be an Op to later claim that that was not true, and therefore that WTC wasn’t nuked either.

I do not know of any evidence for the CSA at OKC, but there was much at the WTC. Again I am not saying OKC couldn’t have had a micro-nuke go off, but if all we have is Deagle, then perhaps it is more likely that that is false. And we do not see evidence of a spherical blast wave that we see with WTC6.

Compare that with: Murrah building: And again no apparent CSA evidence either. But sometimes there is the Op of having an asset be the first to put out the truth of something, but that person has the personna of a total nut or racist or such, and is meant therefore to have the conspiracy field NOT believe him even if that matter really is true. Yes, all this is meant to have chaos and not lead to anything definitive. But intelligence and evidence can win out. And I think I have made sense of what happened at the WTC and its aftermath, in my books and articles, despite all the disinfo agents, even in the nuclear 9/11 field.

It is an ongoing Op that others are going to have to step up to counter. I have even seen where one or two buyers of my books make false claims about what is or isn’t in them. (One lied and claimed I agreed about the 4th generation pure fusion nonsense.)

Always remember, I had my (first) 9/11 nuke book sent to Deagle, and I had someone ask Alex Jones and Jeff Rense if they wantred review copies and to have me interviewed about it. All three ignored me.

I believe my book remains the only 9/11 book to this day that is not written by an intel asset, and that attempts to honestly and accurately explain what happened during and after 9/11. It must have succeeded, else they wouldn’t need to keep having new and old assets putting out lies and distortions.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

3 Outrageous "Mother Ships"

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Deep Thought of the Day

The real and rising outrage against airport screening madness* may yet expose the war on terror for the massive fraud that it is.

*Note the 11 (TSA threatening an $11,000 fine)

Check out the American Gestapo here:

Just disgusting and outrageous.

See also:

(check out Chernoff with the snake)
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Monday, November 15, 2010

55 2nd Hit Videos

This page does a nice job going over the various videos, and explaining what is known about each one.

The site appears to be the work of Matt Nelson, a free-lance writer. He does not appear to support video fakery or no-planes, but at least he doesn't reflexively dismiss it either.
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Unfortunately, This Thermite Crap Isn't Going Away

Impressive work here, even if it is misleading at best and disinfo at worst. It's a pretty slick presentation but one problem is that first that he says thermite was used because it doesn't make a loud explosion when it goes off, then he later shows how it can make a loud explosion.

Of course, most of the evidence he uses as support for thermite-- iron microspheres, molten steel, bright flashes during the destruction (a good eyewitness clip here for that evidence I hadn't seen before) and clearly defined explosions also support nukes.

And of course the highly sophisticated readers of this blog know that thermite can't account for the incredible pulverization/vaporization of the tower contents, as well as account for the incredible heat generation at ground zero for months after the towers went down. Nukes and the China Syndrome do.
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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Omnibus Post

Over-reaching intel watch-- personal spy drones on their way, probably already in limited use.

Obama intel watch: growing up in Indonesia, Obama's nanny was a gay man, who later became a tranvestite.

Article in NYTimes describes how China puts trouble-makers in mental asylums-- never would happen here, amirite?

The DEA "ignored" signs that their informant David Headley, plotter of the 2008 Mumbai attacks was becoming an Islamic radical.

Left and right meet at Orion Strategies-- Orion being code for the PTB.

In long interview with Rachel Maddow, Jon Stewart dismisses calling Bush a war criminal since many US presidents have committed war crimes -- and notes Obama could be considered a war criminal.

Airport security patdown madness-- article admits it's worthless at the end. Madness all around-- X-ray full-body scanners are clearly dangerous to frequent travelers. More here.

Houston, Texas covered up radioactive water-- and a classic 33: "The federal legal limit is set at 15 picocuries (a measurement for radiation), and the water system measured between 33 and 43 picocuries in all six of its most recent tests."

Israel madness-- Republicans pledge allegiance to Israel over US.

The CIA loved them some Nazis.

Bush's book even lamer than expected.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the Anniversary of the Murder of Intrepid Heroine Karen Silkwood

By The Anonymous Physicist

November 13 is the 36th anniversary of the murder of Karen Silkwood, who was a Plutonium processing technician at the Kerr-McGee plant near Crescent, Oklahoma. Silkwood was massively poisoned with Plutonium (Pu-239), apparently via a sandwich in her refrigerator—with all kinds of explanations as to how the Pu-239 got there. But she was not dying quickly enough, and her car was hit from behind while she was driving on an Oklahoma highway on the night of November 13, 1974. She was attempting to meet with a NY Times reporter. I believe OK state troopers lied about the accident, and her stomach contents. Methaqualone (Quaaludes) was allegedly found in her blood. The trooper also claimed he saw marijuana in her car. The amount of Quaalude allegedly also found in her stomach provides an indication that the drug may have been shoved down her throat after she was run off the road. One wonders if the Times, or the AEC that she had earlier testified to, was involved with federal intel agents in her demise? This need not be the case as she would have been heavily surveilled and wiretapped. She wouldn’t have been able to drive if she had that much drugs in her. Eyewitnesses who met her before she drove off, described her having documentation with her, which was not found in her car (naturally.)

Silkwood may have been deliberately poisoned several times, from all I have read, first via altered gloves at the Kerr-McGee plutonium processing plant. In 1979, after a long civil trial, an Oklahoma wrongful death trial jury found for the estate of Silkwood and awarded $505,000 in damages and $10,000,000 in punitive damages. Later a (corrupt) Appellate Court knocked that down to a mere $5,000. Further appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court found for the Silkwood estate (which alas probably would not be the case today), and a new trial was ordered. Kerr-McGee then settled out of court, in 1984, for $1.38 million. At least one defense eyewitness was suicided before she could testify at the first trial. To counter Gov’t radiation experts, the father of the entire field of health physics, Dr. Karl Morgan, PhD was brought in to testify about the truth of Silkwood’s radiation levels. He is known for citing that even one ionizing photon has the capability of leading to cancer. (Something all cancer patients should know.) If I recall correctly, Dr. Morgan disputed the “official” Los Alamos report on Silkwood—she and two co-workers went there for testing shortly before she was murdered—that claimed her radiation levels would not soon be fatal. Morgan stated that they were fatal levels. Also in the first trial, a jury was properly convinced by expert testimony that evidence from the rear of Silkwood’s car proved that it was hit from behind by another vehicle thus causing the accident. The state troopers, and other Oklahoma agencies, ignored or hid this evidence, again likely at the behest of federal American Gestapo agencies.

The MSM, while noting her work regarding safety, mostly leave out that she had ascertained and reported to union reps that a large amount of Plutonium-239 was missing at the Kerr-McGee plant. (Reports vary from about 40 lbs. on up—and that’s only what Silkwood was able to ascertain) As ever, the MSM and internet assets often insert Israel here (without any evidence), instead of the vastly more likely scenario that the U.S. and its British master were proliferating fissile material to whoever they had plans for being the next nuclear powers, with the ever present design of creating flash points to initiate a local, then a global, nuclear holocaust as part of some planned Q-escape. And Israel was already producing plenty Plutonium on its own by then, at Dimona, after getting help from the French and British. As always, flashing of American Intel agency badges—not Mossad, or any other, badges—would get someone into the Kerr-McGee plant, OR THE WORLD TRADE CENTER. I have made it easy to understand control of nuclear matters. I have written on which country’s admiralty has owned, and continues to own, the very patent on all nuclear fission chain reactions, since the 1930’s. But we are talking about a major, diversion Op-Plan here—everything must lead away from London, despite what I have just written in the previous sentence, and in my books.

As the Plutonium disappearance was in 1974, the most likely recipients of the missing Kerr-McGee Pu-239 may have been India, or Pakistan, or South Africa, as all the bogus enemies matter is a ruse; and all governments are controlled by the same PTB. And nuclear proliferation and creating flash points is one of their main Ops. India’s first nuclear bomb was exploded in 1974; it was (code)named “Smiling Buddha.” In addition to the Middle East, the India-Pakistan (controlled) conflict provides a potential flash point for the “Big One.”

The PTB and their MSM have been ruthless regarding Karen Silkwood. First with radioactive poisoning, then running her off the road, and likely killing her then if she survived the “accident.” Then they defamed her with that stupid movie, where she was portrayed by Meryl Streep. The film portrayed Silkwood as a floozie and a flake; but she was actually deeply committed to the health of her co-workers. “Silkwood” was directed by Mike Nichols, currently married to Diane Sawyer. Nichols last film was “Charlie Wilson's War”—an obvious bit of intel agency-created claptrap. One of Nichols earlier films was Catch-22; known to have been significantly altered from the Joseph Heller novel. But that film and book nonetheless revealed—though as Théâtre de l'Absurde—that warring factions were (behind the scenes) in collusion during WWII.

The Silkwood screenplay was written by Nora Ephron and Alice Arlen. It is interesting that Ephron was once married to none other than celebrated Watergate reporter, Carl Bernstein, who has himself been outed as a former Naval Intelligence officer. (I understand that he no longer tries to hide this.) Ephron’s marriage to Bernstein broke up because the latter was having an affair with Margaret Ann Jay (aka Baroness Jay of Paddington)—none other than the daughter of the British Prime Minister James Callaghan. Carl Bernstein, just before working as a journalist or such at the Washington Post, was an ONI officer working under Admiral Moorer, then Chief of Naval Operations. Moorer soon became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during Nixon’s Watergate unraveling. We still do not know just what Nixon did that led to the PTB booting him out via the whole Watergate and resignation matter. Bill Cooper had revealed, in his book, that when he was a Naval Intelligence officer, word came down from the highest naval authorities to disregard any Nixon order that related to nukes, during Nixon’s last days as President. Cooper immediately realized that the whole constitutional Gov’t thing was a public ruse, and someone else was in charge.

Ultimately Karen Silkwood may have been murdered because she was about to throw a monkey wrench into some design by the PTB. Most likely this was her attempted exposure and interference in the well-hidden but massive (asserted here) proliferation of fissile material. IMO, this continues to this day—to wit the NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER on 9/11/01. The fissile material for those small fission bombs came from somewhere—and likely an undocumented source. The Kerr-McGee plant was closed in 1975. Its grounds are still being decontaminated.

I, of course, feel a deep kinship with Karen Silkwood, having had mercury placed throughout my home (all well documented with state agencies and my own subsequent lab tests on myself) for but once speaking out that Secret Service driver William Greer killed President Kennedy, decades earlier. I was also assaulted several times, and heavily surveilled and wiretapped as well. My health, life, and finances were destroyed, and hardly anyone seems to want to help me.

This article is dedicated to the memory of Karen Silkwood (February 19, 1946 – November 13, 1974), poisoned with Plutonium by the PTB—most likely perpetrated by American intelligence agency filth— for speaking the truth in furtherance of attempting to help Humanity survive the nuclear monstrosity foisted upon all of us.

Rest in Peace, dear Karen, mother of three small children, and murdered at the young age of 28. You were braver than anyone I have ever known.

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Friday, November 12, 2010

China Syndrome at Ground Zero

Some good clips showing the extreme temperatures at ground zero:
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Riots in Germany Over Radioactive Waste

133 tons of waste, that is-- and you should know what that means.
...the 17,000 police officers that marched into the woods around the nuclear storage facility in Gorleben in northern Germany on Sunday morning looked invincible. Police personnel from France, Croatia and Poland had joined in the biggest security operation ever mounted against protestors against the a train carrying nuclear waste to a depot in an isolated part of Lower Saxony’s countryside. Helicopters, water canons and police vehicles, including an armoured surveillance truck, accompanied an endless column of anti-riot police mounted on horses and also marching down the railway tracks into the dense woods. Tens of thousands of anti riot police clattered along the tracks, their helmets and visors gleaming in the morning sun, and wearing body armour, leg guards and carrying batons.

But by Sunday night, those same police officers were begging the protestors for a respite.

Trapped in black, icy woods without supplies or reinforcements able to reach them because of blockades by a mobile fleet of farmer’s tractors, the exhausted and hungry police officers requested negotiations with the protestors. A water cannon truck was blocked by tractors, and yet the police still had to clear 5000 people lying on the railway track at Harlingen in pitch darkness. The largest ever police operation had descended into chaos and confusion in the autumn woods of Lower Saxony, defeated by the courage and determination of peaceful protestors who marched for miles through woods to find places to lie down on the tracks and to scoop out gravel to delay the progress of the “the train from hell.”

The police union head Reiner Wendt gave vent to the general frustration when he issued a press statement via the DPA news agency last night saying the police had reached exhaustion point and needed a break. Behind the scenes, a battle seemed to be raging between the police chiefs, tucked up in their warm headquarters urging more action, and the exhausted officers on the ground.

The police on the ground won out. The Castor train – called a “Chernobyl on wheels” because it has been carrying 133 tonnes of highly radioactive waste to an unsafe depot – was stopped in the middle of the countryside and Nato barbed wire was placed around it. Lit by floodlights and guarded by a handful of police, the most dangerous train on the planet was forced to a halt after a 63 hour journey across France and Germany.

(thanks to Anonymous Physicist for the link)
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jon Stewart and the Plot to Save the World: Best Conspiracy EVER

"Secretive Knights Templar Make Astounding Bid To Save World" from Sorcha Faal.

This is just brilliant:

This past April, however, the Knights Templar’s centuries long silence came to an abrupt end when one of their “spokesman” Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz held an extraordinary and secret meeting with US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner stating that his order was about to “unleash” their estimated wealth of over $980 Trillion to “save the World from itself”.

Important to note about Jonathan Leibowitz besides his being educated in the Knights Templar College of William & Mary in Virginia, and his brother, Larry Leibowitz, being one of the most important men in America as the Chief Operating Officer of the New York Stock Exchange, is that he was recently named as being the Most Influential Man in the United States under his stage name of Jon Stewart and who hosts a faux news programme called The Daily Show.

To what Leibowitz (Stewart) had told the power elite in American during his meeting with US Treasury Secretary Geithner, this report continues, can be glimpsed in the unprecedented speech given on November 1st to the British House of Lords by Lord James of Blackheath wherein he stated that he had been “approached” by a secret organization he calls “Foundation X” who offered to eliminate the United Kingdom’s entire national debt in a move they said was designed to protect their vast wealth by protecting the entire Global economy.

Lord Blackheath further stated that this mysterious “Foundation X” was prepared to use its vast cash reserves to accomplish this astounding feat they said has since the 1920’s been backed by their own gold reserves worth more than all that has been mined on Earth in all of history. In an interview with Sky News this past week Lord Blackheath also stated that his investigation into the mysterious “Foundation X” found all of their claims to be true.

(via Anonymous Physicist)
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11/11-- Illuminati Day

As I've noted before, there does seem to be an importance to the number 11, and 11:11 is even noted in wikipedia as having numerological significance. I have glanced at the clock many times to see 11:11 at interesting times, though hard to know of whether there is selective recognition going on.

Worth noting that WWI Armistice was on the 11th hour of the 11 day of the 11th month.
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How Sad Is It That the People of Florida Elected a Criminal Like Rick Scott?

Assuming the voting wasn't scammed-- but either way, no one seems to be making a big fuss about what seems to be a massive outrage:
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NIST's Plane of the Plane Is Plainly Wrong

I actually like this Achimspok video-- an interesting question is why NIST got the plane so wrong... might it have to do with calculating the damage made by the plane and supporting the official collapse story?
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Last Night I Dreamed About Confronting George W. Bush

For some reason, I was alone in a room with him, and I got to yell at him for a bit. No response from him. I woke up feeling very anxious.

Certainly, if there was any justice in this world, Bush would be sitting in a jail cell-- not going out on some fucking book tour, trying to sugar-coat his disastrous legacy.
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Monday, November 08, 2010

Today's 33-- Cheesus Christ!

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All 2nd Hit Video Plane Paths Reconciled?

Regardless of what you might think about "Achimspok", pretty impressive work here:

I *have* in fact in the past pushed the idea that there are conflicting plane paths in the 2nd hit videos. I did some early work modeling the 2nd hit with flight simulator, and it was exceedingly difficult, tedious, time-consuming work. I thought there was some evidence for conflicting paths, such as the video shown here at 3:12. But viewing angles can be extremely misleading and I guess I was wrong about the flight path shown in that video. I guess if you are low enough and close enough to the towers, it can look like the plane ascends in the last few seconds.

This video does a great job of reconciling the different angles, but it's really hard to rule out more subtle differences between paths. Basically, Achimspok is showing a best fit flight path that roughly agrees with the videos he shows.

Even if we assume the flight paths were the same in all videos, this doesn't mean there wasn't video fakery, of course. This just means the fakers were very coordinated and had a centralized process for the flight path modeling.

As far as Achimspok, I don't really know who has the TIME to put together something like this, except without either a life, or an honest job. I always wonder about the people like Achimspok and Genghis, who put together these extensive, really high-tech video presentations-- for what reward? Note, at the end, there are a couple of 33's thrown in, so you have to wonder.

Just to note here, he calculates 527 mph initial speed, going to 624 mph than 581 mph at the end. So obviously very fast; way too fast for an amateur pilot, and maybe too fast for anyone to handle the plane in the manner shown in the videos.

There is an incredible dive in there, which would have thrown everyone around who wasn't buckled in, and certainly it's hard to reconcile that with the official story-- the actual cockpit conditions.
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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Elevator Motor-- Indication of EMP?

In the "Ground Zero Museum" is this striking piece-- a 10,000 pound elevator motor (or part of one) recovered from the rubble:

Basically, this looks like the inner rotor of a massive electric motor. The elevator cable would probably be pulled on the wheel section on the far end. Particularly, note the deformed electric coils.

My questions would be:
1) what happened to the rest of the dozen or so motors that must have been in each tower? How many motors were recovered?
2) what happened to the rest of the motor-- i.e., the stator or casing?
3) what caused the wires to become splayed out and the coils to become deformed?

One interesting possibility is this motor shows signs of a nuke-generated EMP-- the EMP being an electro-magnetic pulse that would hit this engine and fry the wires, causing them to splay outwards. Is this yet more evidence for nukes at the WTC?

(thanks to a reader for sending in this pic and noting the possible signs of EMP)
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The Case of the Missing Helicopter, Continued

UPDATE: Helicopter found in some other videos (see below)

Check out right after the 2nd hit in this video-- at 0:47, a helicopter comes out from behind the North tower.

I have been unable to see this helicopter, which would have had a great view of the 2nd hit, in any other 2nd hit video.

For instance, look at this video of the second hit, which clearly shows the west side of the North tower, and no helicopter in that position for any time after the hit.

This is clear evidence of video compositing. Particularly interesting is that the first video, which doesn't show a plane, shows the helicopter, indicating that the helicopter was deleted from videos with the plane.

(Cross-posted at DU here and added to the no-planer reason list here)

this video (below) shows a helicopter at the right position, roughly for the one in the first (top) video above. The perspective of the top video is tricky, since it is far below the towers and the chopper may be much higher than it seems. If this is true, than the chopper at 18 seconds into the second video may be the chopper in question. Still not clear why this chopper isn't seen in videos from the south or where exactly the chopper was when the plane officially went by, but still, there may not be a discrepancy in these three videos after all.

these two videos from the east should have shown the helicopter, but don't.

A helicopter is seen in the "Brooklyn bridge" video; the plane flies right below and in front of the chopper, which lags behind in speed. The chopper is not seen in the same position as in the top video here, but is on a trajectory to get there.
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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Surprise-- the NIST WTC7 Collapse Simulation Is a Joke

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When Did Lawrence Wilkerson Become a Gay Socialist?

Kidding, of course. Though it's amazing to see a Republican who sounds rational. He's against attacking Iran, against uncontrolled military spending, and is willing to call out Bush on war crimes. Most chillingly he talks about the people pushing for war with Iran, and says that today, we are about where we were with invading Iraq in 1997 or so. He talks about the same cabal of people who pushed for attacking Iraq, inexorably moving to attacking Iran. The big question (which he doesn't address) is whether there will be some major false-flag attack to spur on an Iran war. It's easy to guess 'yes', but who knows as they may still just rely on 9/11 and just push the media propaganda campaign full steam ahead.
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Genius Guitar Solo

(solo starts about 40 seconds in)
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Friday, November 05, 2010

WTC2 Demolition: Lots of Flashes

This newly released amateur footage shows a huge number of small bright flashes in the demolition:
The flashes would be the micro-nukes or fragments of the nukes going off during the demolition.

Flashes are seen in other WTC2 demo videos, of course, such as this one:

But in this video, someone could argue that the flashes are a trick of the sunlight flashing on the cladding or other shiny material being blown away. In the first video above, the flashes seem less likely to be explained that way (to me anyway).

First video via a great resource of 9/11 videos.

UPDATE-- reading the comment from Anonymous Physicist, I agree that the flashes are not from nuke fragments. It makes sense that isolated fragments would not undergo explosive fission. However, I wasn't saying the small floating flashes were the micronukes-- I was only referring to the flashes within the tower before it was obliterated. It makes sense that the small flashes may be small objects within the tower that are undergoing delayed combustion from the intense heat of the nuke igniting them during the demolition. These objects would not be immediately vaporized but only secondarily vaporized. Some of them may be standard explosive charges that did not go off but were detonated by the heat.
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Bush's New Book a Timely Reminder of What a Disgrace and a War Criminal He Was

Bush claims he was a ‘dissenting voice’ on Iraq, and still maintains he tried to avoid war.

‘Damn right’ I personally ordered waterboarding-- Bush admits (again) to war crimes.

Bush claims his most disgusting moment during his presidency was when Kanye West said he didn’t “care about black people.” Yeah, Mr. "I can't wait to hang it" isn't a racist. Not to mention he shows what a twisted sense of priorities he has, considering ALL the horrible things that happened during his tenure as president.

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Most Brutal of the Mexican Drug Terrorists Trained in US


It was a brutal massacre even by the gruesome standards of Mexico’s drug war: 72 migrant workers gunned down by the "Zetas" - arguably the country's most violent cartel - and left rotting in a pile outside a ranch in Tamaulipas state near the US border in late August.

The Zetas have a fearsome reputation, but the real surprise comes not in their ruthless use of violence, but in the origins of where they learned the tricks of their bloody trade.

Some of the cartel's initial members were elite Mexican troops, trained in the early 1990s by America’s 7th Special Forces Group or "snake eaters" at Ft. Bragg, North Carolina, a former US special operations commander has told Al Jazeera.

“They were given map reading courses, communications, standard special forces training, light to heavy weapons, machine guns and automatic weapons,” says Craig Deare, the former special forces commander who is now a professor at the US National Defence University. (snip)

“The Zetas definitely have the reputation of being the most dangerous, the most vicious, the most renegade of the cartels,” says Kristen Bricker, a Mexico-based research associate with the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA).

About 29,000 people have died since Felipe Calderon, Mexico’s president, declared war on the drug cartels in 2006.

The group has mounted the severed heads of its victims on pikes in urban areas, posted torture and execution videos on the internet, forced poor migrants into prostitution and massacred college students during house parties.

"Other cartels have accused them of not following the 'gentlemen's code' of drug trafficking and causing undue violence," Bricker told Al Jazeera.

"At one time, it was considered bad form to kill pregnant women, but not any more." For safety concerns, Bricker didn’t want to say where she lives in Mexico.

Deare estimates "probably more than 500" GAFE personnel received special forces training. He is unsure exactly how long the programme lasted. The Zetas came to the attention of Mexico’s Attorney General’s office in 1999.

After US training, GAFE operatives defected from the Mexican military to become hired guns, providing security to the Gulf cartel, a well established trafficking organisation, according to Laura Carlsen, director of the Americas program of the International Relations Center. (snip)

But unlike Zorro, the Mexican outlaw hero who also used the "Z" alias, Los Zetas steal from everyone, not just the rich. And they certainly don’t give much back to the poor, except the corpses of their relatives. "They are just known for being a different kind of human being," says Bricker.

(Thanks to Anonymous Physicist for the article.)
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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Plane Bomb Plot-- Bogusness and 33's

Almost everything about this screams 'bogus':
WASHINGTON — American intelligence officials in September intercepted several packages containing books, papers, CDs and other household items shipped to Chicago from Yemen and considered the possibility that the parcels might be a test run for a terrorist attack, two officials said Monday night.
Yeah, random packages from Yemen to Chicago -- must be a terrorist test-run!
Now the intelligence officials believe that the shipments, whose hour-by-hour locations could be tracked by the sender on the shippers’ Web sites, may have been used to plan the route and timing for two printer cartridges packed with explosives that were sent from Yemen and intercepted in Britain and Dubai on Friday.

In September, after American counterterrorism agencies received information linking the packages to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the terror network’s branch in Yemen, intelligence officers stopped the shipments in transit and searched them, said the officials, who would discuss the operation only on the condition of anonymity. They found no explosives, and the packages were permitted to continue to what appeared to be “random addresses” with no connection to the terrorist group in Chicago.

“At the time, people obviously took notice and — knowing of the terrorist group’s interest in aviation — considered the possibility that AQAP might be exploring the logistics of the cargo system,” one of the officials said, referring to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

The apparent test run might have permitted the plotters to estimate when cargo planes carrying the doctored toner cartridges would be over Chicago or another city. That would conceivably enable them to set timers on the two devices to set off explosions where they would cause the greatest damage.
Truly ludicrous. Have you ever tried to track a package on-line? The idea that you could time where a plane is by the on-line tracking system is simply absurd.
The September shipments were first reported by ABC News on Monday night, which also noted that Inspire, the English-language magazine of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, recently published a picture of the Chicago skyline.
al CIA-duh, I mean, al Qaeda, has an English-language MAGAZINE, with PICTURES of potential targets? The absurdity grows.
One of the officials said that when the American intelligence agents received a tip from Saudi intelligence officials last week that bombs might be on cargo flights to Chicago from Yemen, analysts “recalled the incident and factored it in to our government’s very prompt response.”

“Both events reflect solid intelligence work,” the official said.
So basically, the only reason we know of this failed plot is because the Saudis tipped us off. Well, that was right decent of them... right ...solid. So basically, we just got very lucky, it sounds like they are saying? Or that they tortured the shit out of some dufus they captured, and he gave out the details of the plot? So HOW exactly, officially, did the Saudis find out? Of course, my guess is they knew all along, and helped set the whole thing up.
(snip) After the recovery of the unexploded printer cartridges in Dubai and Britain on Friday, Yemeni and American intelligence officials have stepped up the hunt for Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, 28, a Saudi who is believed to be the top technical expert of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. They believe he designed the underwear explosives that failed to detonate aboard a Detroit-bound airliner last Dec. 25, as well as the body-cavity bomb that killed his younger brother, Abdullah al-Asiri, in a failed attempt last year to assassinate the top Saudi counterterrorism official, Prince Mohammed bin Nayef.
If this guy is their "top technical expert", it seems there is little to worry about, given how lame these bombs have been so far.
(snip) On Monday, information about the latest failed plot continued to emerge. An American official said that the addresses on the packages were outdated addresses for Jewish institutions in Chicago. But in place of the names of the institutions, the packages bore the names of historical figures from the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition, the official said. The addresses are one reason that investigators now believe the plan may have been to blow up the planes, since there were no longer synagogues at the Chicago locations.
You think? But how truly bizarre is this? Addresses of synagogues that no longer exist? How would they even have that info? They have out-of-date Chicago phone-books in Yemen? How often do synagogues shut down, anyway? What is even the point here? It sounds totally contrived and bogus, as first they say these guys are high-tech-- tracking packages online -- but they can't find a current synagogue address?
Explosives experts with the Federal Bureau of Investigation have been sent to London and Dubai to inspect the printer bombs, and technicians planned to “reverse-engineer” the bombs to understand their construction and purpose, Janet Napolitano, the homeland security secretary, told National Public Radio.
Seriously, how likely is it that there is anything particularly high-tech here, that needs "reverse engineering"???
New details about the two explosive packages were disclosed by security officials in several countries, who discussed the continuing investigation on condition of anonymity. The explosive powder, pentaerythritol tetranitrate, or PETN, was found inside toner cartridges that were themselves inside HP LaserJet P2055 printers, according to officials from Germany and the United Arab Emirates.

German security officials also offered new details about the two bombs, one of which was on a plane that made a stop in Cologne. They said that bomb, which was found at the East Midlands Airport near Nottingham, England, contained 400 grams, or about 14 ounces, of PETN, one of the most powerful explosives known. The one found in Dubai contained 300 grams of PETN, the officials said.

Neal Langerman, an expert on explosives at Advanced Chemical Safety, a consulting firm in San Diego, said 14 ounces of PETN is the equivalent of five pounds of TNT. He said that a one-pound stick of TNT would level a house.

Both bombs contained circuit boards from cellphones, but the phone parts appeared to be used as timers, because the so-called SIM cards necessary to receive calls were missing, American officials said. Their construction appeared to support the conclusion, announced Sunday by John O. Brennan, the White House counterterrorism adviser, that the bombs were designed to blow up aboard the aircraft.
I must say, the only clever thing in this plot, that makes sense to me, is re-filling a printer cartridge with explosive powder. But overall, the plot seems pretty dumb. And why can't packages be tested for explosive residue anyway? They do this for plane passengers. Surely, putting explosive in a toner cartridge would be pretty messy.

On a different note-- it's odd that wikipedia actually describes the chemical procedure for how one could manufacture PETN in some detail. Wonder how long that will stay there?
At least one of the packages was initially carried out of Yemen on two Qatar Airways passenger flights, and it was unclear whether they were intended to take down those passenger jets or the U.P.S. and FedEx cargo planes scheduled later to carry them to the United States. (snip)
Overall, the basic story is not inconceivable-- bombs are put in packages by some al Qaeda group, and then fortunately Saudi intelligence is tipped off about the packages and the plot and the bombs are discovered. That part is okay, the problem is the details and the fact that there is simply no reason to trust Saudi intelligence, who have long been linked with al Qaeda.

Then there are the 33s (3:30 time) related to the plot-- for both the English (double 33 here!) and German leaders. the same time the Prime Minister was speaking, Britain had been under attack from terrorists for at least 10 hours. (snip)

An hour after the press conference finished, so we are told by Downing Street, Cameron was informed about the bomb in a cargo plane at East Midlands airport, which had been found by police at 3.30am that morning.

This is acutely embarrassing for the Prime Minister. It just does not wash to suggest that the local police who examined the package did not know what they were dealing with.

If that was the case, why was President Obama informed shortly after the toner cartridge was discovered? There was certainly a relaxed air in Whitehall last Friday afternoon about the drama when the news became public at around 3.30pm.
German police found a suspicious package in the post at Chancellor Angela Merkel's office in Berlin on Tuesday, a government spokesman said. Merkel was not in the building at the time.

"A suspicious package was found in the post office of the chancellery," the spokesman said. "It can't be ruled out that the package contains explosives. The investigation is
continuing. No one has been injured." Merkel is on a state visit to Belgium.

German-language daily Tagesspiegel reported that the package was sent via the delivery company UPS and contained "explosive material". At around 3:30 P.M. local time, a police bomb disposal unit used a water canon to neutralize the package, some two and a half hours after it was first discovered.
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Behold, the Power of Thermite!

I kid of course, about the thermite.

Still amazing though, the incredible pace of the downwards explosions...

Actually, looking at it again, I think I understand this a bit better now than before. There is a bit of an optical illusion here, where the downward falling debris cloud is intermingling with huge explosions from the tower, just ahead of where the debris falling from. It LOOKS like the debris cloud and explosions are moving as an explosive wave down the tower, when it is really the debris cloud moving down plus a few big explosions every few stories.
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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Some stunning new* footage of the South tower clearly being blown to shit in a downward pattern, at 6:30 or so:

*new for me.

(Thanks to AP for the link)
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One More Reason America Is Fucked-- Horrific Economic Injustice

UPDATED-- see below
“Over the last generation,” the authors write, “more and more of the rewards of growth have gone to the rich and superrich. The rest of America, from the poor through the upper middle class, has fallen further and further behind.”

As if to underscore this theme, it was revealed last week (by David Cay Johnston, a Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for The New York Times), that the incomes of the very highest earners in the United States, a small group of individuals hauling in more than $50 million annually (sometimes much more), increased fivefold from 2008 to 2009, even as the nation was being rocked by the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Last year was a terrific year for those at the very top. Professors Hacker and Pierson note in their book that investors and executives at the nation’s 38 largest companies earned a stunning total of $140 billion — a record. The investment firm Goldman Sachs paid bonuses to its employees that averaged nearly $600,000 per person, its best year since it was founded in 1869.

UPDATE: Hmmm---weird:
My column on Tuesday incorrectly described the situation of the small group of Americans earning $50 million or more annually. Their incomes declined by 7.7 percent between 2008 and 2009; they did not quintuple. The incorrect information came from a report based on flawed Social Security Administration data. An inspector general is investigating after two individuals filed false W-2 forms that led to the skewed data.
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Three Minutes Before WTC2 Demolition

This video has a nice view from a distance of what happened to the south tower before it was blown. Probably the most interesting thing is the appearance of the dripping "molten material/thermite reaction*" right before the demolition. This video put this event into a time context that I didn't appreciate before and really gives the impression that the molten junk is a direct cause leading to the downfall of the tower.

*yeah, yeah, I know.
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Monday, November 01, 2010

World Series

I don't have a real favorite here; as a life-long Dodger fan, I'm not exactly a big Giants fan. At the same time, I've always been kind of annoyed at the whole Texas image, and their hickish politics. But given the sad history of the Rangers franchise, I was willing to root for them until last night, when I saw George W. Bush and Barbara Bush sitting in the stands on TV. Knowing a team is supported by a disgusting person like Bush was enough to turn me away for good. Plus, there are a few other reasons for me to support the Giants: 1) I've always been an NL guy, 2) they are from California, and 3) they have better pitching, and 4) they are from gay, liberal San Francisco, which will piss off conservatards if they win.

UPDATE: Yeah GIANTS! Making Bush cry! :)
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