Humint Events Online: December 2018

Monday, December 31, 2018

A Year of Climate Change Evidence

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Happy New Year! The Blog Is Evolving and Here Is Some History of This Site

I started this blog in 2004 based on my disgust with the George W. Bush administration and their illegal and horrific invasion of Iraq, plus a great deal of dissatisfaction about the official story of 9/11 and the war on terror. 

Politically, I am a liberal, a strong Democrat and have had a lifelong revulsion of conservative and modern Republican politics. A large fraction of my posts here are political in nature and reflect my disdain for the GOP.

I am a scientist by training and I try to evaluate all ideas posted here with critical thinking and in an open minded way. That being said, at this point, I have little or no patience for certain ideas/hypotheses that I have researched and discarded and don't want to waste my time on them. I'm always open to new evidence.

I spend my first few years here researching the terror attacks of 9/11 and then moving onto researching other major conspiracies such as UFO's, the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon landing and the nature of the "powers that be" (PTB). I've found a lot of strange things over the years, and discovered that reality is much more complex and interesting than I ever thought it was when I started this enterprise. More recently I've become interested in more far out ideas such as the paranormal and the nature of consciousness.

I have learned a lot over the years from the things I've researched and posted in my various blogs. The conspiracy world is quite wild and "crazy". There's a huge amount of bad/sloppy research and disinfo and weirdness, and it's a huge job sorting conspiracies out on the internet. I try to do the best I can without getting too bogged down in it.

That brings me to the Anonymous Physicist (AP), who influenced me significantly in terms of the conspiracy world. He led me to some important areas of conspiracy theory, such as the JFK assassination, the Apollo moon landing and UFOs, and wrote a number of really interesting articles that I posted on this Humint Events Online blog site. Many of his pieces are cross-posted here. We had a strong collaborative relationship for several years but eventually I started to get leery of him and we had a break up in 2010 or so. He was a great writer and had some really interesting ideas, but he let paranoia, crankiness and loose thinking get the better of him. He had health issues and severe financial problems and he eventually accused me of being an government intel agent (which I promise I am not). I have lost communication with AP but he continues to post here.

In terms of 9/11, I guess you could call me a "no planes and WTC nukes" dead-ender, meaning I still hold onto those ideas long after 9/11 has stopped being a hot topic. It's not that I know with 100% absolute confidence that 9/11 involved video fakery, faked plane crashes and small nuclear devices in the WTC, I just think the evidence still points there. I also think some version of the official place crash and WTC collapse story is still *possible*. It's hard to know with total confidence and I like to think of what happened on 9/11 in terms of odds. The big problem with 9/11 research is lack of access to all the evidence and also the lack of high quality photos and videos. I keep an open mind and I am open to new evidence. No matter what happened that day, it was a very ugly and tragic, and people in the US government let us down in a huge way.

It is an absolute crime that there haven't been more serious investigations into 9/11 and indictments of people in the US govt who made 9/11 happen. It still is perhaps the crime of the century, or in the top 5, and the official 9/11 story still stinks. The other major crimes so far this century are the illegal invasion of Iraq, the treasonous election of Trump as a Russian plot, the 2007-8 financial crash and scam and the corruption of our constitutional political process by the GOP.

But, like most or all people who researched 9/11, I have moved onto other topics. One has to, because there is no future in 9/11 justice, much like there will never be justice for the assassination of JFK or for the illegal invasion of Iraq and the destruction of that country. Our system cannot deal with criminality on such a scale. Plus, there are too many other scandals and crimes that need attention and other urgent political matters to deal with.

My most conventional but still very important concern is that the GOP is a depraved and malignant evil force in our country in recent years, and in general, their greed, racism, bigotry and rigid small-minded short-term thinking are the reasons for most of the problems our country has and had over the years. The GOP has to die as a political force. This was true under George W Bush, more so under Obama where they acted like spoiled brats, and even more so under Trump, where they have become a grotesquely cruel, corrupt, criminal, idiotic and frankly treasonous political party. George W Bush was the original "worst president ever", and now Trump has taken that mantle of worst president ever, though in a different, more corrupt and disgraceful way. Trump and the treasonous, corrupt, pro-death GOP has to go.

But overall, my most pressing issue these days is anthropogenic climate change, which is a hugely urgent problem that human civilization needs to confront ASAP. Of course the GOP has blocked action on it at every step, showing their corruption and almost death cult mindset. I don't have any tolerance for dogmatic or stubborn climate change denial. Actually I think denial of climate change and carbon pollution reflects greed, ignorance, corruption and even outright evil in our politics and culture. If you have doubts about the science of climate change, this website is a very useful resource to get educated. Note the skeptic claims can be sorted in different ways.

We can evolve to a green, thriving, more equal society and help save much of the life on earth if we work together on the problem of greed and dirty energy. WE HAVE TO EVOLVE.

Overall, I use these blogs as a way to spread ideas, but I know that few people read blogs these days, and even fewer people actually come to this site. I use Facebook and Twitter a great deal in the past 6 years or so, but I use totally separate accounts that are not linked to this blog, and I mostly deal with conventional politics there. Sadly I don't post here as much as I used to post here.


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Climate Change and C-words

A lot of important words linked with climate change start with C:


C is the 3rd letter of the alphabet and 3 is a power number.

Climate change itself is a 3-3 word, and key C/3 words are associated with climate change.

33 is a number with deep symbolism. Anonymous Physicist said it means nuclear weapons/energy and the evil PTB, but I think it's more than that. 

I think 33 is a extremely important number that signifies power and control and may reflect something fundamental in our universe besides simply evil and destruction.
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Sunday, December 09, 2018

WTC & Nuclear Waste Cleanup

Interesting find here after I saw a tweet about the "Manafort brothers" being involved in the WTC cleanup after 9/11. I was curious if the Trump/Russian operator Paul Manafort was connected to these guys (turns out he is) but then I found this:

An established reputation has led to us being called upon for unique and first of their kind projects. One occasion that stands out occurred shortly after 9/11 when our involvement was requested at Ground Zero in New York City in 2001 to assist in the demolition and removal of the World Trade Center buildings. Unique and highly specialized also were the decommissioning and demolition of the Connecticut and Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plants. The Maine Yankee Plant became the first nuclear power plant to be decommissioned in the U.S.
Quite the coincidence that the same demolition firm that cleaned up the WTC is also experienced in cleaning up nuclear waste!  It's also quite odd that they mention the WTC cleanup back-to-back with the decommissioning of two nuclear power plants.

This blog's review of nuclear demolition of the WTC can be seen at

Also, keep in mind Paul Manafort of Trump-Russia fame is a deeply corrupt political mercenary, so it certainly wouldn't be surprising if his family's demolition firm was quite corrupt and mercenary.
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All Aboard the Massive Criminality of the Trump Treason Train

From David Rothkopf:

"So we know this, Russian government representatives reached out to the Trump campaign in 2015 and undertook multiple initiatives and had multiple points and series of contacts with Team Trump for the next couple years.

It's not just the Trump Tower meeting. It's not just the interactions with Wikileaks. It's not just the Russian ties to Cambridge Analytica. It's not just Konstantin Kiliminik, a Russian agent working hand in hand with campaign chair Paul Manafort.

It's not just the ties between Flynn and the Russians. it's not just the links between the Russians and Eric Prince through the meeting in the Seychelles and beyond that. It's not just the ties of Wilbur Ross. It's not just the Trump Organization dealings with Russia. It's not just Jared Kushner's dealings with Russia. It's not just Kushner and Flynn's dealing with Kislyak during the campaign. It's not just the candidate Trump asking for Russian help. It's not just the GRU hacking for which indictments have already taken place. We can go on.

But let's not stop before we discuss the many benefits the Russians delivered to Trump via hacking, the dumping of files, the manipulation of social media and other avenues all to support Trump over Clinton.

Nor should we fail to discuss the benefits Trump offered the Russians since he gained power.

There was his covering up their hacking and his efforts to slow investigations of it. There was his denying the conclusions of the intelligence community about the Russians. There were the talks between Flynn and the Russians about waiving sanctions. There were the meetings with Trump when he was president when he handed over classified information to the Russians. There were whatever promises or concessions were made in Helsinki. There was a pattern of placating the Russians or failing to enforce sanctions for months and months.

In other words, there was plenty of quid and plenty of quo ($50 million penthouse apartments and the promise of big deals or financing benefits aside).

From the outreach to Cohen to just the first months of the administration we can count more than a dozen separate avenues of connection at the highest level. In any normal campaign or administration, just one would set off alarm bells and have the president calling the FBI into action.

But instead, in addition to those dozen avenues, the offers that were explicitly or tacitly accepted, benefits to both sides & the overt betrayal of the U.S. to advance the political or economic interests of Trump and those close to him, we have the president obstructing justice.

Actively obstructing. Threatening to fire all those getting closer to the truth. Lying and lying and lying some more and urging staff to lie and witness tampering and so on. This is not a case of possible collusion. This is sweeping, multi-layered, high level conspiracy led by Vladimir Putin and the Russian intelligence community and involving the active cooperation and complicity of a man who was a candidate for president and then president as well as his entire team.

This is the biggest scandal in the history of the American presidency and there is not another that is close to it.

But that is not all we know. The DoJ believes the president of the United States directed the commission of campaign finance felonies as a candidate.

The NYT produced extensive and compelling evidence of serial tax fraud by the Trump family. The state of NY is investigate fraud in their charities. The House will soon begin investigation of Trump money laundering. A case involving his violation of the Constitution's emoluments clause is under way.

In other words, as massive as the Russia scandal is, it might not be the biggest Trump scandal. It might not even be the scandal that brings Trump down.

But what we know is that all of these or any of these scandals must bring him down.

This criminal has no business being the White House.

He has no business walking freely among us.

2019 is going to be the worst year of Donald Trump's life except for all those that will follow it.

These cases will be investigated further and then proven. Some may be prosecuted while he is in office. Some may wait until he leaves office.

But someday this is already certain, no senior American public official--not Richard Nixon, not Andrew Johnson--will go down in more disgrace or be more reviled by history than Donald Trump.

And that is as it should be."

Fuck Trump and his crime family.
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10 Reasons To Think Trump Is a Pedophile

Is Donald Trump a pedophile?

There's more evidence for this than you might think:

1) he was good friends with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and used to hang out at his pedophilia mansion, rode on his "Lolita Express"

2) he was accused in a legal filing of raping a 13 year old at an Epstein party; the now grown woman never came forward due to death threats

3) he continually sexualized Ivanka, even when she was a baby, and publicly said he was sexually attracted to her when she was a teen. He had Ivanka work as a model at a modeling agency that used very young girls and there were rumors of the head of the agency Casablancas being a pedophile.

4) pedophilia is relatively common among rich, powerful people like Trump and is a way to show control and to exert blackmail.

5) It's a common conservative political tactic to accuse the other side of what you are guilty of, and Trump is well known to project his own flaws onto others, and of course Trump's campaign surrogates made a big push to accuse Hillary Clinton of Pedophilia in the 2016 campaign (Pizzagate and rumors of her going off with Epstein).

6) Vladimir Putin is thought to be a pedophile and Trump worships Putin.

7) Trump gave a cushy job to Florida prosecutor Alex Acosta, who helped cover up the Epstein sex ring that included Trump.

8) Trump is amoral and clearly used to flouting the law

9) Besides Epstein, Trump is friends with other accused pedophiles: Casablancas, Arif, Nader, Cohn, which is significant because Trump isn't really known for having a lot of friends

10) Trump defended pedophile Roy Moore and endorsed him for Senate.

-------- Interesting to also note that the GHWB White House was reported to have a pedophile ring (on the front page of the Washington Times)... and then the story disappeared.

 All these corrupt, abusive, sociopathic, pedophilic elites need to finally see justice.
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Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Trump's Labor Secretary Covered Up a Massive Pedophile Ring

Alex Acosta has got to go, due to his corrupt role in letting Jeffrey Epstein getting a super soft plea deal for his massive sex crimes and pedophilia.

It's pretty clear Acosta was covering for the rich and famous who also cavorted for Epstein, including people like Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, and Alan Dershowitz.

There are actually serious allegations against Dershowitz and previously there was a woman who said Trump had raped her when she was 13.

This ALL needs to come out and the criminals prosecuted.
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GOP Traitors

There's pretty clear evidence now that the last 5 Republican presidents covertly colluded with a hostile foreign power:
1) Nixon with North Vietnam before the 1968 election

2) Reagan with Iran before the 1980 election

3) Reagan and Bush Sr with Iran in the mid-80's (Iran-Contra)

4) GWB with Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda (pre- and post-9/11)

5) Trump with Russia before the 2016 election

3 out of 5 times it was to help get elected.

First, it's interesting that Democratic presidents don't need such help, but that's probably because they actually have broadly popular policies and don't have to use sleazy corrupt means to get elected. You could make possibly cases for Clinton and Obama to have made some secret deals with hostile foreign powers, but really, there's nothing like what these last 5 GOP presidents have done.

Second, Nixon, Reagan and Bush Sr basically wriggled out of trouble for this collusion, though Nixon was eventually removed for other corrupt crimes in office.

GWB was let off the hook because clearly this country was not able to confront the truth about 9/11

I do think Trump will have trouble getting out of trouble for his collusion for a few reasons:

1) he's a dumb criminal and just does a lot of corrupt things right out in the open

2) Bob Mueller is as smart and tough of a prosecutor as they come

3) the case against Trump is as serious as you can get-- colluding with a foreign power to get elected where the foreign power actually attacks our election process -- that's way worse than what happened with Nixon and Reagan. It's on par with 9/11 but the thing with Trump is he doesn't have the national security state (aka deep state) behind him as Bush did.

4) what really sets Trump apart from the other Repubs is that Trump is quite obviously in the sway of Russia-- he didn't just make a deal with them, he became their AGENT. He spouts their propaganda even AGAINST the US state. It's clear that Trump is OWNED by Russia. This is simply treasonous in the most dire and intolerable way for a US president.

If the full charges and case against Trump are brought to light, as I think they will, Trump MUST be impeached, removed from office and sent to jail.
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RIP Poppy Bush

Rude Pundit does a fantastic job summing him up as president:
Goddamn, we've become such a pathetic nation living under the bovine shadow of Donald Trump that the orgy of corpse worship of dead George H.W. Bush, our 41st president, makes the nostalgia-gasm over dead Ronald Reagan back in 2004 look like a rushed hand job in the back of the historical convertible. Of course, Bush was a better human than Trump. But there are parasitic worms that are better humans than Trump. The bar is not that high.

So, yeah, sure, you can thank Bush for some things he did that genuinely made the nation kinder and gentler, like the Americans with Disabilities Act or his environmental record (putting aside, for obvious reasons, his years as a Texas oil man). But that's the way it's always been: no matter how shitty you think a president might be, he does a few things that you think aren't bad. It's like if you're fucking a porcupine's asshole, and, once every ten thrusts or so, you don't get a quill in your dick. At the end of the day, you're still fucking a porcupine's asshole. (Sure, it's consensual. The porcupine wanted it.)

Besides, one thing that's been left out in this rush to praise Bush as the Greatest Single-Term President in History or whatever other superlatives you wanna toss out there in the encomiums of doom is that he had no fuckin' choice when it came to legislative goals except to do some rational shit. He had a Democratic House and Senate for his entire term.  Everyone wants to talk about the bipartisanship, the "reaching across the aisle" that Bush did, but the fuckin' Democrats did it, too. They didn't just shut the whole fuckin' joint down unless Bush did what they wanted, like the Republicans did with Obama. So spare a thought or two for Tom Foley in the House and George Mitchell in the Senate. Most of what Bush is being praised for are Democratic initiatives he went along with.

So, sorry, tender-hearted liberals and weeping conservatives, I'm not going to spend any more time fluffing this cock. This is gonna be more of a shit-on-his-dead-face type of thing. See, I was there. I remember. I marched against him, against the Persian Gulf "war," which ended with the United States rebuilding the palaces of the oil billionaires in Kuwait; and against his savage anti-choice policies, which empowered the lunatics of Operation Rescue and the Christian terrorist assassins in their war on women.

You wanna understand who Bush was? Look at the shit he vetoed or pocket vetoed. The very first one was for a hike in the minimum wage, which hadn't budged in 8 years from $3.35, because he wanted it at $4.35 and Congress, in a bipartisan vote, wanted it $4.55. He vetoed the Civil Rights Act of 1990 because he claimed it would force hiring quotas on businesses (it wouldn't) and because it didn't cap punitive damages on discrimination lawsuits. He vetoed the National Voter Registration Act because of, no shit, false allegations of possible "fraud." He vetoed the Family and Medical Leave Act because he was a prick.  (snip)
You want to talk about the pardons for the half-dozen Reagan administration officials in the scandal of selling arms to Iran in order to fund the terrorist Contras in Nicaragua, obsructing justice and immunizing him from prosecution? Or his lies that got us into the worthless war in Iraq and set us up for our next worthless war with Iraq, all because of Saddam Hussein, who Bush had had no small role in putting into power? Or his role in getting arms and funds to the mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight a proxy war with the Soviet Union, which, of course, led to al-Qaeda's formation?

Or his terrible family, who continued to damage the nation in ways from which we will never recover? Or his failures in the wake of Hurricane Andrew (like father, like son, eh?)? Or his propping up of the heinous Reagan? Or his role as director of the CIA? Or Clarence fuckin' Thomas? Or his dragging the economy into a recession because he was willing to pass tax hikes but not enough to turn things around?
Ultimately, George Herbert Walker Bush was just another fucking Republican creep, superficially not quite as bad as Reagan, GWB or Trump.

I will grant him his service in WWII, but his long service as a spy and apparent involvement in the JFK assassination made him part of a very ugly history.
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