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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Evil Pro-Slavery History of the Second Amendment

Pretty interesting stuff:

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Sunday, January 13, 2013

American Paranoia, Rise of the CIA, Rise of the Military Industrial Complex, Rise of the Atomic Culture

A couple of really interesting episodes:

You can really see why Henry Wallace is a progressive hero, and only wonder what might have been, if he was not slandered by the PTB.
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Not Really a Productive Approach, Alex

I agree with some of what he says-- the Wall St stuff for sure-- but the Agenda 21 stuff and other stuff is paranoid nonsense, imo.

The larger point is that if you WANTED to make conspiracy stuff look bad, the stuff of ranting lunatics, and even make real problems look crazy, you simply could not do better than what Jones does here.  This coupled with his ridiculous performance on Piers Morgan. In some regards, you gotta love the passion, but come on, dude.

Assuming he is not paid by them, the people who who is railing against, HAVE to love Jones' performances.

Just saying.

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

WWII, US Evil, and the Atomic Bomb

This segment of Stone's "Untold History" is quite good, on the sheer horror of what the Allies did in terms of bombing civilians in WWII.  The dropping of the atomic bombs was really the capstone of massive conventional bombing campaigns that were just pure human slaughter-- and all war crimes, and unnecessary evils.

Beyond that, the coverage of Truman is interesting-- a kind of evil doofus, much like George W. Bush.

Also, there are a number of notable 33's that Stone puts out.  I like how he says the Enola Gay was going 330 mph as it approached Hiroshima.

So, a short retirement, hmm?  I guess it's too hard to completely stop posting! 

I will likely post things like this -- videos I like-- once in a while.
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