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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Deep Thought of the Day

Dick Cheney needs to do a book signing at the Hague.
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rendlesham Incident on History Channel

Note, I have not watched the whole thing, but the beginning was good:

Anonymous Physicist wrote about some of the deeper truths of this story here.

UPDATE: I've watched about half of the episode now, and it actually very excellent, very pro-UFO. It covers the Phoenix lights, and has a new revelation in that. Also the O'Hare airport incident and Project Bluebook.
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Top NASA Climate Scientist James Hansen Arrested at White House for Protesting Tar Sands Pipeline Development

Whatever might be going on here, in terms of deeper truths, this seems like big news. Yet it is missing from CNN and Google News.

What I can say is that extracting oil from tar sands is a horrible, wasteful, destructive practice, and I am really glad people are protesting this. I wish I could be there. Some background on Hansen's actions are here.

Also, I still think the evidence is strong that man-made CO2 is leading to global warming, whatever deeper truths may be in terms of manipulation of the truth by the global elites and whatever may be done by military agencies to make things worse (i.e. HAARP).

Speaking of whatever is being done to the weather, check out the 33 in this Irene story: "Irene update: 3.3 million still without power; death toll at 38" Definitely, the PTB are involved in such major weather stories, the question is, exactly WHAT are they doing?
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Operation Fast and Furious-- the CIA Is STILL Involved in Drug Trafficking

This story is from a few weeks back but still important and outrageous:
In congressional testimony, William Newell, former ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix Field Division, testified that the Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were “full partners” in Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Newell’s list left out the most important player: the CIA. According to a CIA insider, the agency had a strong hand in creating, orchestrating and exploiting Operation Fast and Furious.

The CIA’s motive is clear enough: The U.S. government is afraid the Los Zetas drug cartel will mount a successful coup d’etat against the government of Felipe Calderon.

Founded by ex-Mexican special forces, the Zetas already control huge swaths of Mexican territory. They have the organization, arms and money needed to take over the entire country.

Former CIA pilot Robert Plumlee and former CIA operative and DEA Director Phil Jordan recently said the brutally efficient Mexican drug cartel has stockpiled thousands of weapons to disrupt and influence Mexico’s national elections in 2012. There’s a very real chance the Zetas cartel could subvert the political process completely, as it has throughout the regions it controls.

In an effort to prevent a Los Zetas takeover, Uncle Sam has gotten into bed with the rival Sinaloa cartel, which has close ties to the Mexican military. Recent court filings by former Sinaloa cartel member Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, currently in U.S. custody, reveal that the United States allowed the Sinaloas to fly a 747 cargo plane packed with cocaine into American airspace - unmolested.

The CIA made sure the trade wasn’t one-way. It persuaded the ATF to create Operation Fast and Furious - a “no strings attached” variation of the agency’s previous firearms sting. By design, the ATF operation armed the Mexican government’s preferred cartel on the street level near the American border, where the Zetas are most active.
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As "US Prepares to Withdraw All of Its Troops from Iraq", Security Worsens

It would be funny if it weren't so bloody tragic:
A suicide bomber mounted a devastating attack in one of the largest Sunni mosques in Baghdad on Sunday, killing at least 28 people, including a member of Parliament, and wounding dozens more, according to security officials. The attack and a recent spike in suicide bombings across the country heightened fears among Iraqis that the security situation is deteriorating as the United States prepares to withdraw all of its troops by the end of the year.
This evil fucking bullshit happens EVERY TIME the US "thinks" about withdrawing from Iraq. It's clear the PTB don't ever want to leave this war, and are promoting these bombings to use as propaganda for the US to stay. Isn't it obvious that Iraq will never be "stable" as long as the US is there? I don't think I can be more disgusted with the war-mongers and their never-ending excuses for perpetuating the killing-- as well as the never-ending gullibility of the American people to swallow this BS.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret Society Control of the USA and the World

By The Anonymous Physicist

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

When people first start to get pissed off at how corrupt things are, they are often lost and cannot grasp how deep things run. They usually can only see a tree here and there, and not that they are in the midst of a huge forest. Many people harp on money aspects and cite the Federal Reserve or Wall Street shenanigans. One often sees people new to conspiracy matters not even wanting to know how deep and bad it is. Or to be close-minded as to where it all might lead to. This is because the opposition has been adept with their ridicule technique. They have worked long and hard to ridicule the highest levels of the totem pole, so that people will reject that out of hand. All the while the bogus conspiracy sites and “experts” promote the bottom of the totem pole as the top and their “conspiracy experts” are virtually all agents of the secret societies and intel agencies.

People should realize that their own questions contain the seeds of the answers to them. “How was the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve allowed to take over?” True reflection would lead to the realization that only if the Congressmen and President who voted or signed that into “law,” and the Supreme Court that approved or did not overturn it, were ALL controlled by the same overarching, evil, secret organization(s), would this be allowed. But many are again unwilling to view the forest because they are in denial of how vast and old and evil the conspiracy is. Some, again in part because of the ridicule technique, and the effects of denial, will thus only be able to see the trees and never the forest. They will forever think that “money” e.g., is behind all conspiracies. And usually have also fallen for various scapegoats that they believe are in control of the world.

As far as the USA is concerned, it is clear that many of the “founding fathers” were high-level Freemasons. That even accounts for their initial meetings and conspiracy to revolt against England. The wise reader might even surmise that the King of England himself may have been controlled to allow the colonies to successfully breakaway. Indeed, King George III may have been deliberately poisoned for this end. As the statement at the end of the film, “The Madness of King George” indicates many medical historians concluded that his “madness” was likely the disease porphyria. Porphyria can be induced by heavy metal poisoning. And a recent hair analysis of George’s hair found very high levels of Arsenic— element #33. And 33 is the highest (publicly acknowledged) degree of Freemasonry. So perhaps King George III was poisoned, most likely by his physicians, to ensure that the colonies ”managed” to break away.

Many of the signers or creators of the US Constitution were Freemasons as were many USA presidents starting with the first one, George Washington, who also was the first top General. And my analysis— in one of my three books on these matters— is that while the US Constitution appears to be great and is in some ways, it cleverly has the seeds of its own destruction built into it. Despite checks and balances for the three branches of the Federal Govt, it allows for the entire negation of itself via Article I, Section 9, Clause 2, on suspending Habeas Corpus —“in case of rebellion or invasion.”

Every President-murdering thug or group used that, and the newer term it has morphed into— “national security”— to take over and further usurp the remnants of the Constitution. IMO the founding Freemasons deliberately and cleverly set this up to happen when desired in the future. So in actual fact, traitors and murderers and mass murderers have been in control since nearly the creation of the USA. The earlier Articles of Confederation did not allow for overarching federal control, and so did not last long as the USA was being created by Freemasons. The only difference lately is that the thugs in power no longer hide all their unconstitutional crimes and treason, and mass murder. All the while, those in denial or totally brainwashed, have their heads in the sand. Or as Hitler wrote, “the people will sooner believe a great lie than a little one” when the horror of the monstrous nature of their leaders, and Govt, show themselves. And of course, both the corrupt MSM and the all the bogus Internet conspiracy sites help the PTB with all their lies, and limited hangouts.

It is instructive to see how in the first decades of the existence of the USA, both some Presidents and the general populace knew who were the enemies of the republic to some extent. The history of the Anti-Mason Party (AMP) is instructive here. It was the first third party in the USA, and existed from 1828-1838. The AMP was founded, at least in part as a response to the bogus arrest, kidnapping and probable murder of William Morgan in 1826. Though some dispute it, Morgan was a low level Freemason who promised to expose Freemasonry in an upcoming book, and had a publisher to do this with. When his plans became known, he was arrested on bogus petty larceny charges and locked up. When his bail was paid, he was again arrested on bogus charges. When freed the second time, he was kidnapped and likely soon murdered. His body was never found.

The people of New York and then the nation were rightly perturbed and could see how much of society was controlled by Freemasons. They could see that Freemasons were likely in control of police and judges for the Morgan affair to have occurred, and for the Freemasons in that area to go unprosecuted, first for their bringing false charges against him, and then for their role in the kidnapping and killing of Morgan.

The Anti-Mason Party was able to secure two state governorships in the 1830s. Its first serious federal presidential challenge was in 1832. William Wirt ran for President on the Anti-Mason Party ticket and received nearly 8% of the popular vote. But let us examine this. Wirt was a “former” Freemason himself, and in his nomination acceptance speech, praised Freemasonry! So it is the same as it is today, with all the bogus conspiracy sites, experts, etc., being assets or agents of the secret societies and what they “legally” morphed into—the intelligence agencies—the opposition really isn’t. In more recent times, Lenin said “to defeat the opposition we emplace our own people to head it.”

In 1836, the AMP wanted to select William Henry Harrison as its Presidential Candidate, But when the larger Whig party did so, the AMP began to dissolve. A later reincarnation of the Anti-Masonic Party occurred from 1872 until 1888 in the USA. Harrison was elected in 1840 on the Whig ticket, and we will come back to him below.

In addition to the federal govt, Freemason control exists for police, judges, newspapers, and newer media, and the internet sites, lawyers, Congressmen, medical examiners (to insure getting away with murder), physicians and their organizations, and trickles down to state and local govt agencies. Many businesses flaunt their 33s in their phone numbers and in other ways. See how many businesses in your town have that. And see how at the national level, even the phone numbers for the Social Security office or the Medicare office have 33s in them. I have also extensively cited how the entire entertainment industry is tightly controlled by Freemasons, with the usual cover of another group. Few movies since the advent of Hollywood are released without a 33 in them.

Returning now to William Henry Harrison, he was elected in 1840, and was sworn in on March 4, 1841. He died exactly one month later— April 4, 1841. (Just as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered one year to the day after he denounced the War on Vietnam.) Sherman Skolnick, I recall, wrote on Harrison’s being poisoned for what he said in his inaugural address. Officially he died of pneumonia. His inaugural address is here:

In this address are many remarkable things. Harrison promised that he would not accept a second term, and that he would not usurp the Constitution or the legislative powers of Congress and the rights of states and individuals. But he also spoke at length about the “defects of the Constitution” that allowed for much corruption to proceed federally. While I am not in agreement with some of the religious undertones in his speech, his warnings against an imperial presidency, and federal govt, as a whole, are very prescient.

Harrison upset the PTB with whom he appointed to his cabinet, and whom he didn’t. “Naturally” when Vice-President, John Tyler became President, he repudiated Harrison’s reforms and policies. Skolnick alleged that Harrison and others may have been poisoned at the inauguration itself. Other presidents or candidates in the early years of the USA spoke against London or the Vatican/Jesuits taking control of the USA. It is sad that people have been so brainwashed recently to look elsewhere instead of “London, Rome and Beyond” for those evil PTB in control of the USA and the world now. Skolnick himself wrote of higher-level secret societies than the Freemasons, such as the P2 Lodge in Italy. Unlike Bill Cooper, Skolnick never wrote about the highest level control of Mankind that I have extensively written about.

Almost every important thing that has happened in Mankind’s history relates to the monsters who were “cast down” here and created us to be their slaves and hostages. Everything important relates to their desire for Quarantine Escape. And all the WMD and the blatant devolution of the USA into a mass murdering, mass torturing, world destroying entity relates to that. And the stupid Freemasons and others who have enabled the U.S. to do what it does, are acting on behalf of those whose desire includes the likely extermination of all of Mankind. Indeed this has likely happened several times in the last 50,000 years; and is likely to happen again soon given all the weapons the US has, and what they were really designed for.

Indeed the Freemasons’ beloved 33 is IMO a likely code for the origin of our CCCs (Cosmic Criminal Creators). This appears to be one of the belt stars in Orion. And 33 may stand for such as the third planet of the third belt star in Orion. Whatever it specifically encodes, it is clear though that it stands for our CCCs who created us and plan to exterminate us in another Q-Escape event as soon as they think they have a fair chance of succeeding. In all past such attempts, the Quarantiners were able to thwart their attempts to get back into the Galaxy with disastrous result for Mankind or previous hominid species.

Secret Society— Freemasons and the others— control of the USA and the world is the mechanism for our evil creators to control our species. It needs to be exposed as President Kennedy did in one of his earliest speeches, and countered and terminated. Or else they will terminate all of us— including the stupid high-level Freemasons themselves.

See the deeper picture, from me at:

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Friday, August 26, 2011

While the Hutchison Effect Is Almost Certainly a Scam, the Coral Castle Does Sound Like a Real Mystery Involving Strange Forces

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rense and Wood: Disinfoteque

11 minutes, in, Wood is asked about what can turn solids into dust, and instead of mentioning a nuclear blast, says "the Hutchison effect". Now, as far as I can tell, the Hutchison effect is completely fraudulent, but even assuming there is something to it, nowhere has anyone shown the Hutchison effect turning steel into dust. So this is complete misdirection. What happens next is even more remarkable-- Wood starts referring to chain reactions of disintegration. But instead of referring to the obvious example-- nuclear fission, she ascribes it to the bogus Hutchison effect. Then, just as remarkably, Wood mentions the Bankers Trust building being contaminated, so they had to tear it down even though it wasn't really damaged. Contaminated-- no, not by radioactive material, but by some mysterious chain reaction, according to Wood. Then they go onto discuss the fine dust made during the destruction of the WTC, and of course Wood doesn't mention that high explosives and especially nuclear explosions, produce fine dust from disintegrating the substance. No, it's some MYSTERIOUS effect we don't know what it is, even though in every way, the evidence she describes perfectly fits nuclear demolition. And of course, much of the other strangeness can be explained by EMP effects, and EMPs are well known to be produced during nuclear blasts. But does Wood ever mention this? Not that I've heard. It's almost as if THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT NUCLEAR DEMOLITION. Yeah, they will say, oh, there were no bright flashes (when there were some, and such flashes would have been greatly dampened in the way and underground nuke is mostly know by its debris trails), or there were no loud blast sounds (when there were), or the heat at Ground Zero did not even exist (though it was extremely well-documented)!

Then, at the same time, Rense starts going on and on about Israelis being behind 9/11 (when they are obvious patsies if you think about it).

Now I should note that I hadn't heard Rense before. He's got a very nice, pleasant voice and easy style-- much better than most other conspiracy hosts I've heard, particularly Alex Jones and Josh Reeves. But here we have Wood spouting the disinfo, and Rense lapping it up, and adding to the mix with his own disinfo.

It's enough to make a serious conspiracy researcher gag. Amusingly, this segment starts out with Wood complaining about all the people attacking her. I have really tried to refrain from attacking Wood as a person, but she is blatantly misrepresenting the evidence. There are other odd things about Wood's story that I won't go into here, but I will mention how incredibly slick her book is.
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33 of the Day

Claims for disability benefits typically increase in a bad economy because many disabled people get laid off and can’t find a new job. This year, about 3.3 million people are expected to apply for federal disability benefits. That’s 700,000 more than in 2008 and 1 million more than a decade ago.

“It’s primarily economic desperation,” Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue said in an interview. “People on the margins who get bad news in terms of a layoff and have no other place to go and they take a shot at disability.”
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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nice Analysis of the "Official" bin Laden Raid Narrative

The narrative which is most likely complete fiction. Very curious is that the New Yorker piece is by Nicholas Schmidle, whose father is Marine Lt. General Robert E. “Rooster” Schmidle Jr.
General Schmidle served as Commanding Officer of Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force (Experimental)—that’s essentially Special Operations akin to Navy SEALs. In recent years, he was “assistant deputy commandant for Programs and Resources (Programs)”—where, among other things, he oversaw “irregular warfare.” (See various, including contract specs here [27] on “Special Operations,” and picture caption here [28]) In 2010, he moved into another piece of this, when Obama appointed him deputy commander, U.S. Cyber Command. Cumulatively, this makes the author’s father a very important man in precisely the sort of circles who care how the raid is publicly portrayed—and who would be quite intimate with some of the folks hunkering down with Obama in the Situation Room on the big day.
We weren’t allowed to hear from the raid participants. And on August 6, seventeen Navy SEALs died when their helicopter was shot down in Afghanistan. We’re told that fifteen of them came, amazingly, from the same SEAL Team 6 that carried out the Abbottabad raid—but that none of the dead were present for the raid.
That would be the perfect way to cover up the bogusness of the raid, by killing off people in the same unit who would know best that the raid was fictional.
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Robama and the Pod People

Interesting post:
... Japanese roboticist Masahiro Mori's idea of the "uncanny valley" ... asserts that people can feel comfortable with robots as long as they're not too human. Mori learned that when robots become too real we experience an "unsettling sense of revulsion." The "valley" in question is a dip in a proposed graph of the positivity of human reaction as a function of a robot's human likeness.

In his latest column "Obama in the Valley," Charles Blow deploys the idea of the all-too-creepy robot in political matters.
I have often thought that there must be an uncanny valley of politics, a point at which particular politicians rouse our discomfort because there’s something about them that people connect with, but there’s something else about them — intangible, unbelievable and not relatable — that produces a sense of unease. It can be found in the “Artificial Intelligence” of Michele Bachmann and her pull-the-string-in-the-middle-of-my-back compulsion to repeat the same red-meat responses no matter the question. It’s the Buzz Lightyear-come-to-life bravado of Rick Perry, complete with delusions of grandeur and accomplishment. And it’s pretty much everything about the mechanical “I, Republican” Mitt Romney.
When we put our hope in Obama in 2008, we did so because we saw a person relating to us as people rather than votes on the tally. His genius on the stump was to express recognition of the dangerous position us "regular folk" are in, and promise to work for us, as a person in government who'd be on our side.

What's happened since his election is akin to Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The person who promised to don his comfortable shoes to walk the picket line with us, suddenly won't take our calls. The person who inveighed against the "revolving door" between lawmakers and Washington lobbyists has filled his cabinet with Washington lobbyists. And the person we thought would stop the banks from stealing our homes, our retirements and our savings has been disturbingly silent and maddeningly passive on reigning in Wall Street.

Now we see a president who is so different from the Obama of 2008 that it's almost creepy. What happened to the Obama we voted for? Charles Blow sees this too:
But one person I never thought would fall into this valley was Barack Obama, the charismatic candidate who electrified the electorate in 2008 and whom many saw as the fulfillment of the dream of the even-more-electrifying Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Yet here Obama is, down in the valley, struggling to connect with the American people and failing, increasingly coming across as dispassionate to some and outright revolting to others.
Only pod-people think you can motivate the masses with talk of free trade agreements and further weakening the social safety net with deficit reduction. Free trade and deficit reduction is the language of pod people, of career pols talking to other career pols. It's not the language of leadership, and it's definitely not what the crisis our time calls for.
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Discussion Items for 8/22/11

Presidential politics

Most of the Republican field is a bunch of corrupt and mentally-challenged flakes, except for Huntsman, who will never win, and Ron Paul, who will never win because the PTB won't let him. This indicates to me that the corporate interests and super-rich are behind Obama, and he is suitably beholden to them. Now that he's been installed, they will make sure he stays. As a Democrat, Obama has a benefit for the oligarchs over any GOP politician in the office of president, thus he divides and neuters the left and keeps them from speaking in a cohesive voice for progressive change. Further, he can better undo social programs than any Republican could.

The Libyan Civil War

Looks like Ghaddafi is on his way out and the rebels on the verge of taking power. There is something odd to this whole campaign that is being hidden from us-- certainly who these "rebels" are and who is behind them, is not being publicized. While ostensibly part of this whole conflict is about putting Libya's energy reserves in more reliable hands, there seems to be something else missing from the equation. To some degree, this is about NATO taking power as well.

China Syndrome in the WTC7 Rubble

Judy Wood's "Where Did the Towers Go?" Book

So I got a copy of it, mostly out of curiosity what it looked like and whether there was anything more substantial in it then what I've heard in radio interviews with her. OK, so the book is an amazing presentation-- it is hardcover, beautifully put together. Very impressive to look at. I actually have no idea how she put this together by herself, unless she was working non-stop for five years on it, but even then this seems WAY too professional for one person to do. She doesn't acknowledge any graphic artist that I can see. So something is weird here and this slickness indicates some serious backing from somewhere, for this book. Now, I haven't read the book yet, but looking it over, most of it looks like valuable resource material, with some spin towards "directed free energy technology" spin. Curiously and interestingly, she doesn't push DEW at all in this, and really nothing conspiratorial anywhere. It is all her interpretation of the evidence.

Worth noting that "directed free energy technology" could even refer to nukes.
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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Forever War

US troops may stay in Afghanistan until 2024:
America and Afghanistan are close to signing a strategic pact which would allow thousands of United States troops to remain in the country until at least 2024, The Daily Telegraph can disclose.

By Ben Farmer, Kabul

10:33PM BST 19 Aug 2011

The agreement would allow not only military trainers to stay to build up the Afghan army and police, but also American special forces soldiers and air power to remain.

The prospect of such a deal has already been met with anger among Afghanistan’s neighbours including, publicly, Iran and, privately, Pakistan.

It also risks being rejected by the Taliban and derailing any attempt to coax them to the negotiating table, according to one senior member of Hamid Karzai’s peace council.
Note the time posted.

Please protest this bullshit.
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Saturday, August 20, 2011

China Syndrome at Fukushima-- Japan Syndrome?

Simply terrible what is happening there:
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33 of the Day

New 1 World Trade Center tower, built to replace the WTC, has a $3.3 billion price tag. It's also the most expensive office bldg in the world. And it turns out the huge project is a giant rip-off, all the way around.
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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Mystery of the Dogon Tribe

This is just amazing, and goes to show how wrong our modern history is:
In Mali, West Africa, lives a tribe of people called the Dogon. The Dogon are believed to be of Egyptian decent and their astronomical lore goes back thousands of years to 3200 BC. According to their traditions, the star Sirius has a companion star which is invisible to the human eye. This companion star has a 50 year elliptical orbit around the visible Sirius and is extremely heavy. It also rotates on its axis.

This legend might be of little interest to anybody but the two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germain Dieterlen, who recorded it from four Dogon priests in the 1930's. Of little interest except that it is exactly true. How did a people who lacked any kind of astronomical devices know so much about an invisible star? The star, which scientists call Sirius B, wasn't even photographed until it was done by a large telescope in 1970.

The Dogon stories explain that also. According to their oral traditions, a race people from the Sirius system called the Nommos visited Earth thousands of years ago. The Nommos were ugly, amphibious beings that resembled mermen and mermaids. They also appear in Babylonian, Accadian, and Sumerian myths. The Egyptian Goddess Isis, who is sometimes depicted as a mermaid, is also linked with the star Sirius.

The Nommos, according to the Dogon legend, lived on a planet that orbits another star in the Sirius system. They landed on Earth in an "ark" that made a spinning decent to the ground with great noise and wind. It was the Nommos that gave the Dogon the knowledge about Sirius B.

The legend goes on to say the Nommos also furnished the Dogon's with some interesting information about our own solar system: That the planet Jupiter has four major moons, that Saturn has rings and that the planets orbit the sun. These were all facts discovered by Westerners only after Galileo invented the telescope.
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Ground Zero Debris

Interesting video:

At 2:50 is the famous I-beam bent in a perfect U, by extreme heat, and note some apparent molten aluminum on the surface.

At 3:25 is something I hadn't seen before-- a huge "tangled mass" of wires and rebar and clothes "pulled from ground zero". What I don't understand is why they didn't tear it apart to look for human remains? Nothing looks burned, not clear where it was.

Also, at the end is the antenna from the top of WTC1 they pulled out from ground zero. Surprising how intact it is.
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

China Syndrome Debunking Fail

This video is from Webfairy. Note the video is 3:34 long, and refers to alpha radiation, says there was cold fusion and Tesla weaponry but claims the destruction of the towers was cold.

The logic, such as it is, is severely flawed:
1) we really don't know what the temp is here-- it could be quite warm
2) extreme heat from a nuclear reaction would dissipate VERY quickly-- within seconds
3) any heat is going to dissipate very quickly out on the periphery, as here, away from the main rubble pile.

Quirky item-- what is going on with the guy who seems to be falling down, on the right side, just as the camera pans to the left?
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Darpa Wants "Humans" to Go to Other Planets

This should raise your conspiracy alarms. And see if you can find the 33 here:

In what is perhaps the ultimate startup opportunity, Darpa, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, plans to award some lucky, ambitious and star-struck organization roughly $500,000 in seed money to begin studying what it would take — organizationally, technically, sociologically and ethically — to send humans to another star, a challenge of such magnitude that the study alone could take a hundred years.

The awarding of that grant, on Nov. 11 — 11/11/11 — is planned as the culmination of a yearlong Darpa-NASA effort called the 100-Year Starship Study, which started quietly last winter and will include a three-day public symposium in Orlando, Fla., on Sept. 30 on the whys and wherefores of interstellar travel.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

"The Pentagon's Fake Jihadists"

Nothing to see here, move along:
Or consider what American computer specialists are doing on the Internet, perhaps terrorist leaders’ greatest safe haven, where they recruit, raise money and plot future attacks on a global scale. American specialists have become especially proficient at forging the onscreen cyber-trademarks used by Al Qaeda to certify its Web statements, and are posting confusing and contradictory orders, some so virulent that young Muslims dabbling in jihadist philosophy, but on the fence about it, might be driven away.

And in a classified tactic used multiple times across the Middle East, American military and intelligence officers have hacked the cellphones of terrorist leaders using computer code, to lure them into an ambush or spread the word that fellow cell members were embezzling money or plotting against their comrades. Distrust of secure communications disrupts and even deters action.
So, yeah. Sure, this just started after 9/11. Riiight. Also, is there any doubt that this set-up is fucking asking for trouble, and is just made to inspire terrorist attacks????
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bush-Obama Administration War Criminals

The Bureau has identified credible reports of 168 children killed in seven years of CIA drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas. These children would account for 44% of the minimum figure of 385 civilians reported killed by the attacks.

and oh yeah:
Mirza Shahzad Akbar, an Islamabad-based lawyer representing a number of families caught up in drone strikes said:

All these children are a big recruitment agent for militants in the area. When you can show people that children are being killed in the drone strikes, all those who are so far non-aligned, that gets them onto the other side. That is what most worries me as a Pakistani.
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Fascism Watch

Freaking outrageous:

Thursday night [August 11, 2011] , a protest was planned in the Bay Area Rapid Transit to protest the latest police shooting of an unarmed man. But protesters found themselves without cell service, and now a BART official admits that cell service was shut off to quell the action—violating citizens’ First Amendment rights. CS Monitor :

Because July protests against BART police shootings had turned violent, BART officials took the unusual step to protect public safety, they said. The tactic may have worked: No protests took place Thursday night at BART stations.

Temporarily shutting down cell service and beefing up police patrols were “great tool[s] to utilize for this specific purpose,” BART police Lt. Andy Alkire told Bay City News Friday. The protests, planned for sometime between 4 and 8 p.m. in transit stations, would likely have disrupted service for many of the 341,000 daily BART passengers.

This may be the first time a government agency in the United States has ever deliberately disrupted cellphone service to defang planned protests, criminologist Casey Jordan told CNN. “I haven’t been able to find another incident in which this has happened,” she told CNN’s Suzanne Malveaux Friday.

But isn’t digital jamming exactly the same thing governments in Egypt, Syria, and elsewhere this Spring were doing?
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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Israelis Want the Same Things Most People Do, and Aren't Afraid to Protest

JERUSALEM — The leaders of a social protest movement that has rocked Israel for a month called on demonstrators to "get out of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem" to bolster demonstrations Saturday in a dozen other cities.

Israel has gripped since mid-July by a rapidly growing protest movement demanding cheaper housing, education and health care.


"For a month (Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu has been trying to humiliate us, divide us, buy time -- and he has done absolutely nothing," she said.

"It is up to the government to take concrete steps to demonstrate its goodwill, only then can a dialogue begin."

An opinion poll released by Channel 10 television Tuesday showed that 88 percent of respondents said they supported the movement, with 53 percent saying they are willing take part in protests.

Last Saturday, more than 300,000 people demonstrated in Tel Aviv and other cities calling for "social justice" and a "welfare state."
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9/11 Psychedelic

I think the perspective issues raised here are complex and probably misleading if not outright disinfo. Nonetheless, I love the point about how the video cameras recorded such very odd colors and a very hazy Manhattan when 9/11 was supposed to be such a crisp clear day. Undoubtedly, this bizarre camera work was done to hide the video fakery.
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Limited Hangoutsville

In a new documentary, former national-security aide Richard Clarke suggests the CIA tried to recruit 9/11 hijackers—then covered it up.
The only good thing about this is that it reminds me of this old story I had forgotten about:
In the fall of 2001, I was talking to an OU library employee who told me that she was present when an FBI agent was interviewing her colleague. From this encounter she learned that an OU library computer terminal had been used for an online purchase of an airline ticket for a 9/11 hijacker who was on the plane which crashed in Pennsylvania. She also told me that the person who made the purchase had not been a hijacker. Contrary to expectation, he was a white American male, but he knew he was assisting the hijacking operation.
And I just learned that Michael Wright, who did this research, died in 2009 of a stroke. Hmmm...

Wright's site is down, presumably since he passed away, but some key info is archived here.
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33 of the Day

Anyone else think that Michelle Bachmann is an intel-controlled puppet and Marcus Bachmann is Michelle's controller? "Marcus and I will be married for 33 years this September 10th."
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WTC China Syndrome

Lots of good footage here:

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War Is Still a Lie

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Good Rant from Roseanne Barr

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Song of the Day

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Monday, August 08, 2011

The Norwegian Mass Murder of Children Op. Part III—The PTB Reveal Themselves?

By The Anonymous Physicist Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved

On 7/30/11, the British rag, “The Sun” published a remarkable article online. It was titled Breivik 'Had Plastic Op[eration] To Look Aryan.” Its subtitle or first paragraph is “FAR-RIGHT extremist Anders Breivik had plastic surgery to look more Aryan, it was claimed today.” The Sun is the one who had FAR-RIGHT” in all caps. The article was written by their well-known journalist named, “STAFF REPORTER.” The Sun is also the one who had that in all caps. It is here:

I assert that that the article is a masterpiece of deceit; and that although it has less than 500 words, it could be studied for years to reveal how MI5/6 thinks and acts. It starts out with the above, and next states “The suggestion emerged as the Norway massacre mastermind's links to British extremists became clearer. He was a member of the Norwegian Defence League, a splinter group of the far-right English Defence League.“ So the right wing claims are first touted. Then it reveals that Breivik got some of his “materials” from the UK, including a pound of sulfur (“via eBay from a North London man”), and a hazmat protective suit (from a Brit living in the USA.) Translation?: British and American agencies gave him his necessary materials.

Then the article quotes Janne Kristiansen [JK], head of Norwegian intelligence agency PST, “Meanwhile, intelligence officials have said the blue-eyed and blond killer looked typically Aryan. “The Sun continues, “But Janne Kristiansen, the head of Norwegian intelligence agency PST, said he must have had surgery to get the look.” Now I found that PST comes from Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste) which means “Police Security Service”—their domestic intel agency, somewhat akin to the FBI. All such agencies I have claimed, or revealed, are “legalizations” of the Secret Societies. Some sources list Janne Kristiansen, as head of “Special Branch” of the police. That is a British way of putting it, or having it. The Financial Times tells us that Janne Kristiansen is “a 58 year-old former defence lawyer [Wiki has her as a former top public defender] who has led the agency for two years, [who] says she is “too old” for Twitter but encourages staff to use it. FT quotes JK: “After the shooting, we did not know what might come next.” (She protest too much here—indicating precisely the opposite.) FT says JK’s agency has a staff of 500 and a budget of $70.2M. It concludes with the usual claim that the agency needs more money and manpower. (And will likely get it—so future such Ops can be more readily funded?)

Let us return to The Sun piece. It quotes JK. "You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway. Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. He must have had a facelift." Then The Sun quotes an anonymous friend that I first showed Wikipedia also knows about. “An old school friend also recalled how Breivik had boasted of having plastic surgery around ten years ago. She said: "I remember we were at a party, and he told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America."

Then The Sun gets into something very ominous to me. “The Sun revealed yesterday how Breivik was said to have rung cops [from Utoya island] after the massacre to sneer: "This is Brigadier Breivik — mission accomplished." Later it states “Breivik is said to have made his vile taunt after getting bored with gunning down helpless victims. He still had plenty of ammo for his semi-automatic rifle and pistol.” The Sun doesn’t state how they know Breivik was getting bored. Is the bored claim a cover for why he didn’t kill more on the island, instead of saying that he reached the pre-assigned quota?

To me there is the possibility that the above is double speak for the Norwegian Police Security Service head actually admitting that Breivik was/is a police or other intelligence agent of Norway. And that he was “phoning home” after he completed his Op. This was to tell them that they could now come and “arrest him.” If this is so, perhaps Breivik’s police uniform was issued to him by the agency, as he is one of theirs, or else given to him by whatever Norwegian, and/or foreign, intel agency he works for.

Again this entire piece is remarkable to me, as we have a Norwegian intel agency chief making these statements in a British rag, as they both have MI5/6 as their controllers. And JK is informing those in the know just who really ran this Op—all the while it superficially says that Breivik was a boasting, right wing nutcase. The alleged main point of the article is absurd. How does Janne Kristiansen know what were Hitler’s, or the German Nazi’s, Aryan facial parameters and criteria? And there are many who would say that the average Scandinavian already has far more Aryan (and Orion) characteristics than does the average German. Is there even a Breivik friend saying Breivik had facial surgery? Or is that part of the Aryan/Nazi legend being promoted. And is it also cover for Breivik’s trip(s) to the USA? Where did he get the alleged surgery? Maybe Langley? And perhaps the Aryan matter is even notice of a higher revelation. Recall I have revealed that Aryan is a version of Orion, where our evil creators came from. But again, I am claiming that this article may be telling the world that Breivik was phoning his police superiors that he had finished his Govt-sanctioned job! And this should not be viewed as far-fetched, as it is similar to the use of the 33 in news stories—which tells those in the know just who is really responsible.

Then curiously, The Sun quotes Breivik’s defense attorney with statements that would perhaps get him disbarred in the USA for not having his client’s interest in his words or deeds. Breivik’s lawyer said Breivik “had been planning to hit other targets. There were several projects of different scale for that Friday," he said. "Things happened that day, which I don't want to go into, which meant events unfolded differently from what he had planned."

The Sun piece ends with some now ancient, red-baiting: “fears were growing that Breivik underwent paramilitary training in the former Soviet state of Belarus. Spymasters there were said to have codenamed him "Viking".” How does The Sun know what Belarus spymasters codenamed Breivik? Oh I already answered that years ago. All intel agencies are under MI6 control. Including this is for those who smell an intel rat, and gives the old Commies/reds were involved hangout. All to distract from Breivik’s probable control by Norway, with MI6 having overall control at a higher level. Later I saw that the same Sun “Staff Reporter” apparently works at most of the rags in the UK. This same piece quoting JK about Breivik’s Aryanness, and alleged surgery, was posted at most British papers.

Now it is both boring and sickening to be right in my predicting that the usual assets (Duff, Madsen, Hoffman, Higgins, etc., see conspiracyplanet) would write the usual balderdash that the Norway mass murder was a Mossad/ Israeli Op, without a shred of evidence or logic. I see how they ignore the well-demonstrated Norwegian control of events with the many connections to the UK and the USA, as pointed out by me. And that is why quoting any of these assets shows what a website is about. Their perennial Op—run out of London and Rome—is to claim any evil deed anywhere is an Israeli Op, to hide the Op’s actual controllers in London and Rome. Their Op is the same one that Goebbels and Hitler had. To hide the fact that Hitler and other top Nazis (as well as Mussolini and Stalin) were British agents, they constantly bombarded the airwaves and print media with claims that some other group had taken control of the German Govt. It is amazing that not everyone sees this same Op-Plan instantly, or pretends not to.

An online Norwegian news agency has revealed a remarkable rescue saga—if true—that occurred on Utoya island. It is here: It’s titled, “Married Lesbian Couple Save 40 Teens from Killing Spree, Not Norway Police.”

It states “A married lesbian couple in Norway used their boat to rescue 40 teens from last Friday's Norwegian killing spree. Risking their lives, these women saved people, even as bullets hit the side of their boat. They're heroes and you've never heard of them. Enjoying a dinner at their campsite in Utøya, Hege Dalen and her wife, Toril Hansen stopped eating when they heard gunshots and screaming from the campsite across the lake. Realizing that something was seriously amiss, they pushed their boat into Lake Tyrifjorden and headed across the water. Over the course of four trips from the island to the mainland, bullets smacking into the right side of their boat, Dalen and Hansen pulled the young and the wounded from the water, rescuing 40 teens in all.”

Then however it gets into all the usual legend stuff. “Anders Behring Breivik, a Christian fundamentalist…” It clamors for the gay couple to be recognized and not to have people or news sources be prejudiced in not informing everyone about what they did just because they are a gay couple. But note the nice even number of 40, when I would think that in the heat of such a dangerous undertaking, they would not know how many they rescued. If the story is true, it implies the number of dead, mostly young people on the island may have been meant to be 50% higher. And if is true, these two women are braver, and certainly quicker, than the Norwegian “Delta Force.” Alas I have some doubts, as this isn’t the kind of thing most people would do as bullets are flying about. And in 4 trips they rescued 40 people? That is 10 per boat trip. Is that not too large for a standard small boat? Hopefully it will not appear sexist if I say perhaps even less likely for women to do that? But again if true, they are braver than most men in this world.

Yes I question all sources when an obvious intel Op has taken place. And I conclude that the Norwegian Police Security Service chief, in a statement sponsored by her British intel masters was telling the world, that Breivik was one of theirs, and was “phoning home” to say “I finished your Op, now come and arrest me for the next part of your plans.” Again this variation is MITOP, and perhaps is meant to scare the intelligentsia with this hidden admission of their dastardly deed?

Finally I see a related Norwegian helicopter matter. On 5 August 2011, some two weeks, after the Norwegian mass murder, and Gov’t failure to use a helicopter for the rescue of Norway’s children and adults, a 17 year old Brit was killed by a polar bear on a glacial island 500 miles north of the Norwegian mainland. Four other young Brits were seriously injured. One of the four shot and killed the bear. The Sun reports that “Helicopters rushed to airlift the victims from the Von Postbreen glacier on Norway's Svalbard Islands - an archipelago halfway between the mainland and the North Pole - to the town of Longyearbyen 25 miles away… Svalbard's vice-governor Lars Erik Alfheim added: "After we got the call we sent helicopters as fast as we could.” So Norway has plenty of helicopters even in remote areas that can be immediately “scrambled”, except in its large capital area when its young people are being mass murdered. I hope the Norwegian people realize the nature of their regime.

See the deeper picture at:

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Saturday, August 06, 2011

31 US troops, mostly elite Navy SEALs, killed in Afghanistan Chooper Crash

Nothing fishy about this, is there?
A military helicopter was shot down in eastern Afghanistan, killing 31 U.S. special operation troops, most of them from the elite Navy SEALs unit that killed al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden, along with seven Afghan commandos.
Yes, I know it says "None of those killed in the crash is believed to have been part of the SEALs mission that killed bin Laden, but they were from the same unit as the bin Laden team." Still, you gotta wonder...
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66th Anniversary of the Hiroshima Bombing

Aug. 6 and 9 are the days on which Japanese pray for the souls of those who died due to the U.S. atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945, and renew our resolve to seek a world without nuclear weapons.

But a new dimension has been added to this year's atomic bombing anniversaries. The disaster at Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant has made the risk of radiation exposure all too real to many people.


The Hiroshima and Nagasaki atomic bombings killed an estimated 140,000 people and 74,000 people, respectively, by the end of 1945.

Thankfully the Fukushima nuclear accident will not reap such a toll, but there can be no downplaying its effects. The disaster has forced more than 100,000 residents living near the nuclear power plant to be evacuated, and many radioactive hot spots have been found even in distant places.

Because soil in the areas surrounding the plant is contaminated with radioactive substances, there exists a strong possibility that they will be uninhabitable for many years, meaning that some evacuees may be unable to return to their homes.

The situation inside the Fukushima No. 1 compounds remains extremely grave. Radiation levels exceeding a lethal 10 sieverts per hour were discovered at two hot spots near the plant's No. 1 reactor earlier this week — the highest level of radiation measured since the March 11 disaster.

To put this figure in perspective, it is estimated that radioactive contamination registering 11.1 sieverts per hour existed in areas 700 meters from ground zero following the Hiroshima atomic bombing. Human exposure to 4 sieverts per hour can cause extremely severe radiation poisoning that will result in death if proper treatment is not given.
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Friday, August 05, 2011

33 of the Day

The Jupiter-bound Juno spacecraft is programmed to orbit Jupiter 33 times. "Juno will circle the planet 33 times, each orbit lasting 11 days for a grand total of one year."

Even got the 11 there, and a 34 here: "Unlike many other NASA missions, this one came in on cost and on time. It's relatively inexpensive; the Cassini probe launched in 1997 to Saturn, by way of Jupiter, cost $3.4 billion."

This sounds interesting: "After Juno, next up is Grail, twin spacecraft that will be launched next month and go into orbit around Earth's moon."

Grail? And WHY do they need to orbit the moon at this point???
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Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Battle of Athens, Tennessee

Some obscure but fascinating history:
On 2 August 1946, some Americans, brutalized by their county government, used armed force to overturn it. These Americans wanted honest, open elections. For years they had asked for state or Federal election monitors to prevent vote fraud -- forged ballots, secret ballot counts, and intimidation by armed sheriff's deputies -- by the local political boss. They got no help.

These Americans' absolute refusal to knuckle-under had been hardened by service in World War II. Having fought to free other countries from murderous regimes, they rejected vicious abuse by their county government. These Americans had a choice. Their state's Constitution - Article 1, Section 26 - recorded their right to keep and bear arms for the common defense. Few "gun control" laws had been enacted. (snip)

Those who took up arms in Athens, Tennessee:

* wanted honest elections, a cornerstone of our Constitutional order;
* had repeatedly tried to get Federal or State election monitors;
* used armed force so as to minimize harm to the law-breakers;
* showed little malice to the defeated law-breakers;
* restored lawful government.

The Battle of Athens clearly shows:

* how Americans can and should lawfully use armed force;
* why the Rule of Law requires unrestricted access to firearms;
* how civilians with military-type firearms can beat the forces of "law and order".
(via Piglipstick)
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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

What Really Happened on 9/11

Hmmm, somehow this cartoon is more believable than what we were shown on 9/11...
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Congressional super-committee in charge of cutting spending is composed of 3 Dems from the Senate, 3 Repubs from the Senate, 3 Dems from the House and 3 Repubs from the House.

And oh yeah:
Since the Commission’s mandate is to target Social Security, Medicare and other entitlements as well as tax revenues, who gets appointed to the gang of 12 will be critical. ... If you care about Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid, be very worried.
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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

It's Official-- Number Dead from the Norway Shooting Spree is Now 77

WOW-- nothing fishy about that, is there?

(via AP)
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