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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret Society Control of the USA and the World

By The Anonymous Physicist

Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved.

When people first start to get pissed off at how corrupt things are, they are often lost and cannot grasp how deep things run. They usually can only see a tree here and there, and not that they are in the midst of a huge forest. Many people harp on money aspects and cite the Federal Reserve or Wall Street shenanigans. One often sees people new to conspiracy matters not even wanting to know how deep and bad it is. Or to be close-minded as to where it all might lead to. This is because the opposition has been adept with their ridicule technique. They have worked long and hard to ridicule the highest levels of the totem pole, so that people will reject that out of hand. All the while the bogus conspiracy sites and “experts” promote the bottom of the totem pole as the top and their “conspiracy experts” are virtually all agents of the secret societies and intel agencies.

People should realize that their own questions contain the seeds of the answers to them. “How was the (unconstitutional) Federal Reserve allowed to take over?” True reflection would lead to the realization that only if the Congressmen and President who voted or signed that into “law,” and the Supreme Court that approved or did not overturn it, were ALL controlled by the same overarching, evil, secret organization(s), would this be allowed. But many are again unwilling to view the forest because they are in denial of how vast and old and evil the conspiracy is. Some, again in part because of the ridicule technique, and the effects of denial, will thus only be able to see the trees and never the forest. They will forever think that “money” e.g., is behind all conspiracies. And usually have also fallen for various scapegoats that they believe are in control of the world.

As far as the USA is concerned, it is clear that many of the “founding fathers” were high-level Freemasons. That even accounts for their initial meetings and conspiracy to revolt against England. The wise reader might even surmise that the King of England himself may have been controlled to allow the colonies to successfully breakaway. Indeed, King George III may have been deliberately poisoned for this end. As the statement at the end of the film, “The Madness of King George” indicates many medical historians concluded that his “madness” was likely the disease porphyria. Porphyria can be induced by heavy metal poisoning. And a recent hair analysis of George’s hair found very high levels of Arsenic— element #33. And 33 is the highest (publicly acknowledged) degree of Freemasonry. So perhaps King George III was poisoned, most likely by his physicians, to ensure that the colonies ”managed” to break away.

Many of the signers or creators of the US Constitution were Freemasons as were many USA presidents starting with the first one, George Washington, who also was the first top General. And my analysis— in one of my three books on these matters— is that while the US Constitution appears to be great and is in some ways, it cleverly has the seeds of its own destruction built into it. Despite checks and balances for the three branches of the Federal Govt, it allows for the entire negation of itself via Article I, Section 9, Clause 2, on suspending Habeas Corpus —“in case of rebellion or invasion.”

Every President-murdering thug or group used that, and the newer term it has morphed into— “national security”— to take over and further usurp the remnants of the Constitution. IMO the founding Freemasons deliberately and cleverly set this up to happen when desired in the future. So in actual fact, traitors and murderers and mass murderers have been in control since nearly the creation of the USA. The earlier Articles of Confederation did not allow for overarching federal control, and so did not last long as the USA was being created by Freemasons. The only difference lately is that the thugs in power no longer hide all their unconstitutional crimes and treason, and mass murder. All the while, those in denial or totally brainwashed, have their heads in the sand. Or as Hitler wrote, “the people will sooner believe a great lie than a little one” when the horror of the monstrous nature of their leaders, and Govt, show themselves. And of course, both the corrupt MSM and the all the bogus Internet conspiracy sites help the PTB with all their lies, and limited hangouts.

It is instructive to see how in the first decades of the existence of the USA, both some Presidents and the general populace knew who were the enemies of the republic to some extent. The history of the Anti-Mason Party (AMP) is instructive here. It was the first third party in the USA, and existed from 1828-1838. The AMP was founded, at least in part as a response to the bogus arrest, kidnapping and probable murder of William Morgan in 1826. Though some dispute it, Morgan was a low level Freemason who promised to expose Freemasonry in an upcoming book, and had a publisher to do this with. When his plans became known, he was arrested on bogus petty larceny charges and locked up. When his bail was paid, he was again arrested on bogus charges. When freed the second time, he was kidnapped and likely soon murdered. His body was never found.

The people of New York and then the nation were rightly perturbed and could see how much of society was controlled by Freemasons. They could see that Freemasons were likely in control of police and judges for the Morgan affair to have occurred, and for the Freemasons in that area to go unprosecuted, first for their bringing false charges against him, and then for their role in the kidnapping and killing of Morgan.

The Anti-Mason Party was able to secure two state governorships in the 1830s. Its first serious federal presidential challenge was in 1832. William Wirt ran for President on the Anti-Mason Party ticket and received nearly 8% of the popular vote. But let us examine this. Wirt was a “former” Freemason himself, and in his nomination acceptance speech, praised Freemasonry! So it is the same as it is today, with all the bogus conspiracy sites, experts, etc., being assets or agents of the secret societies and what they “legally” morphed into—the intelligence agencies—the opposition really isn’t. In more recent times, Lenin said “to defeat the opposition we emplace our own people to head it.”

In 1836, the AMP wanted to select William Henry Harrison as its Presidential Candidate, But when the larger Whig party did so, the AMP began to dissolve. A later reincarnation of the Anti-Masonic Party occurred from 1872 until 1888 in the USA. Harrison was elected in 1840 on the Whig ticket, and we will come back to him below.

In addition to the federal govt, Freemason control exists for police, judges, newspapers, and newer media, and the internet sites, lawyers, Congressmen, medical examiners (to insure getting away with murder), physicians and their organizations, and trickles down to state and local govt agencies. Many businesses flaunt their 33s in their phone numbers and in other ways. See how many businesses in your town have that. And see how at the national level, even the phone numbers for the Social Security office or the Medicare office have 33s in them. I have also extensively cited how the entire entertainment industry is tightly controlled by Freemasons, with the usual cover of another group. Few movies since the advent of Hollywood are released without a 33 in them.

Returning now to William Henry Harrison, he was elected in 1840, and was sworn in on March 4, 1841. He died exactly one month later— April 4, 1841. (Just as Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered one year to the day after he denounced the War on Vietnam.) Sherman Skolnick, I recall, wrote on Harrison’s being poisoned for what he said in his inaugural address. Officially he died of pneumonia. His inaugural address is here:

In this address are many remarkable things. Harrison promised that he would not accept a second term, and that he would not usurp the Constitution or the legislative powers of Congress and the rights of states and individuals. But he also spoke at length about the “defects of the Constitution” that allowed for much corruption to proceed federally. While I am not in agreement with some of the religious undertones in his speech, his warnings against an imperial presidency, and federal govt, as a whole, are very prescient.

Harrison upset the PTB with whom he appointed to his cabinet, and whom he didn’t. “Naturally” when Vice-President, John Tyler became President, he repudiated Harrison’s reforms and policies. Skolnick alleged that Harrison and others may have been poisoned at the inauguration itself. Other presidents or candidates in the early years of the USA spoke against London or the Vatican/Jesuits taking control of the USA. It is sad that people have been so brainwashed recently to look elsewhere instead of “London, Rome and Beyond” for those evil PTB in control of the USA and the world now. Skolnick himself wrote of higher-level secret societies than the Freemasons, such as the P2 Lodge in Italy. Unlike Bill Cooper, Skolnick never wrote about the highest level control of Mankind that I have extensively written about.

Almost every important thing that has happened in Mankind’s history relates to the monsters who were “cast down” here and created us to be their slaves and hostages. Everything important relates to their desire for Quarantine Escape. And all the WMD and the blatant devolution of the USA into a mass murdering, mass torturing, world destroying entity relates to that. And the stupid Freemasons and others who have enabled the U.S. to do what it does, are acting on behalf of those whose desire includes the likely extermination of all of Mankind. Indeed this has likely happened several times in the last 50,000 years; and is likely to happen again soon given all the weapons the US has, and what they were really designed for.

Indeed the Freemasons’ beloved 33 is IMO a likely code for the origin of our CCCs (Cosmic Criminal Creators). This appears to be one of the belt stars in Orion. And 33 may stand for such as the third planet of the third belt star in Orion. Whatever it specifically encodes, it is clear though that it stands for our CCCs who created us and plan to exterminate us in another Q-Escape event as soon as they think they have a fair chance of succeeding. In all past such attempts, the Quarantiners were able to thwart their attempts to get back into the Galaxy with disastrous result for Mankind or previous hominid species.

Secret Society— Freemasons and the others— control of the USA and the world is the mechanism for our evil creators to control our species. It needs to be exposed as President Kennedy did in one of his earliest speeches, and countered and terminated. Or else they will terminate all of us— including the stupid high-level Freemasons themselves.

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