Humint Events Online: The Norwegian Mass Murder of Children Op. Part III—The PTB Reveal Themselves?

Monday, August 08, 2011

The Norwegian Mass Murder of Children Op. Part III—The PTB Reveal Themselves?

By The Anonymous Physicist Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved

On 7/30/11, the British rag, “The Sun” published a remarkable article online. It was titled Breivik 'Had Plastic Op[eration] To Look Aryan.” Its subtitle or first paragraph is “FAR-RIGHT extremist Anders Breivik had plastic surgery to look more Aryan, it was claimed today.” The Sun is the one who had FAR-RIGHT” in all caps. The article was written by their well-known journalist named, “STAFF REPORTER.” The Sun is also the one who had that in all caps. It is here:

I assert that that the article is a masterpiece of deceit; and that although it has less than 500 words, it could be studied for years to reveal how MI5/6 thinks and acts. It starts out with the above, and next states “The suggestion emerged as the Norway massacre mastermind's links to British extremists became clearer. He was a member of the Norwegian Defence League, a splinter group of the far-right English Defence League.“ So the right wing claims are first touted. Then it reveals that Breivik got some of his “materials” from the UK, including a pound of sulfur (“via eBay from a North London man”), and a hazmat protective suit (from a Brit living in the USA.) Translation?: British and American agencies gave him his necessary materials.

Then the article quotes Janne Kristiansen [JK], head of Norwegian intelligence agency PST, “Meanwhile, intelligence officials have said the blue-eyed and blond killer looked typically Aryan. “The Sun continues, “But Janne Kristiansen, the head of Norwegian intelligence agency PST, said he must have had surgery to get the look.” Now I found that PST comes from Politiets Sikkerhetstjeneste) which means “Police Security Service”—their domestic intel agency, somewhat akin to the FBI. All such agencies I have claimed, or revealed, are “legalizations” of the Secret Societies. Some sources list Janne Kristiansen, as head of “Special Branch” of the police. That is a British way of putting it, or having it. The Financial Times tells us that Janne Kristiansen is “a 58 year-old former defence lawyer [Wiki has her as a former top public defender] who has led the agency for two years, [who] says she is “too old” for Twitter but encourages staff to use it. FT quotes JK: “After the shooting, we did not know what might come next.” (She protest too much here—indicating precisely the opposite.) FT says JK’s agency has a staff of 500 and a budget of $70.2M. It concludes with the usual claim that the agency needs more money and manpower. (And will likely get it—so future such Ops can be more readily funded?)

Let us return to The Sun piece. It quotes JK. "You do not have that Aryan look naturally in Norway. Hitler would have had him on posters. He has the perfect, classic Aryan face. He must have had a facelift." Then The Sun quotes an anonymous friend that I first showed Wikipedia also knows about. “An old school friend also recalled how Breivik had boasted of having plastic surgery around ten years ago. She said: "I remember we were at a party, and he told me he had had his nose and chin operated on by a plastic surgeon in America."

Then The Sun gets into something very ominous to me. “The Sun revealed yesterday how Breivik was said to have rung cops [from Utoya island] after the massacre to sneer: "This is Brigadier Breivik — mission accomplished." Later it states “Breivik is said to have made his vile taunt after getting bored with gunning down helpless victims. He still had plenty of ammo for his semi-automatic rifle and pistol.” The Sun doesn’t state how they know Breivik was getting bored. Is the bored claim a cover for why he didn’t kill more on the island, instead of saying that he reached the pre-assigned quota?

To me there is the possibility that the above is double speak for the Norwegian Police Security Service head actually admitting that Breivik was/is a police or other intelligence agent of Norway. And that he was “phoning home” after he completed his Op. This was to tell them that they could now come and “arrest him.” If this is so, perhaps Breivik’s police uniform was issued to him by the agency, as he is one of theirs, or else given to him by whatever Norwegian, and/or foreign, intel agency he works for.

Again this entire piece is remarkable to me, as we have a Norwegian intel agency chief making these statements in a British rag, as they both have MI5/6 as their controllers. And JK is informing those in the know just who really ran this Op—all the while it superficially says that Breivik was a boasting, right wing nutcase. The alleged main point of the article is absurd. How does Janne Kristiansen know what were Hitler’s, or the German Nazi’s, Aryan facial parameters and criteria? And there are many who would say that the average Scandinavian already has far more Aryan (and Orion) characteristics than does the average German. Is there even a Breivik friend saying Breivik had facial surgery? Or is that part of the Aryan/Nazi legend being promoted. And is it also cover for Breivik’s trip(s) to the USA? Where did he get the alleged surgery? Maybe Langley? And perhaps the Aryan matter is even notice of a higher revelation. Recall I have revealed that Aryan is a version of Orion, where our evil creators came from. But again, I am claiming that this article may be telling the world that Breivik was phoning his police superiors that he had finished his Govt-sanctioned job! And this should not be viewed as far-fetched, as it is similar to the use of the 33 in news stories—which tells those in the know just who is really responsible.

Then curiously, The Sun quotes Breivik’s defense attorney with statements that would perhaps get him disbarred in the USA for not having his client’s interest in his words or deeds. Breivik’s lawyer said Breivik “had been planning to hit other targets. There were several projects of different scale for that Friday," he said. "Things happened that day, which I don't want to go into, which meant events unfolded differently from what he had planned."

The Sun piece ends with some now ancient, red-baiting: “fears were growing that Breivik underwent paramilitary training in the former Soviet state of Belarus. Spymasters there were said to have codenamed him "Viking".” How does The Sun know what Belarus spymasters codenamed Breivik? Oh I already answered that years ago. All intel agencies are under MI6 control. Including this is for those who smell an intel rat, and gives the old Commies/reds were involved hangout. All to distract from Breivik’s probable control by Norway, with MI6 having overall control at a higher level. Later I saw that the same Sun “Staff Reporter” apparently works at most of the rags in the UK. This same piece quoting JK about Breivik’s Aryanness, and alleged surgery, was posted at most British papers.

Now it is both boring and sickening to be right in my predicting that the usual assets (Duff, Madsen, Hoffman, Higgins, etc., see conspiracyplanet) would write the usual balderdash that the Norway mass murder was a Mossad/ Israeli Op, without a shred of evidence or logic. I see how they ignore the well-demonstrated Norwegian control of events with the many connections to the UK and the USA, as pointed out by me. And that is why quoting any of these assets shows what a website is about. Their perennial Op—run out of London and Rome—is to claim any evil deed anywhere is an Israeli Op, to hide the Op’s actual controllers in London and Rome. Their Op is the same one that Goebbels and Hitler had. To hide the fact that Hitler and other top Nazis (as well as Mussolini and Stalin) were British agents, they constantly bombarded the airwaves and print media with claims that some other group had taken control of the German Govt. It is amazing that not everyone sees this same Op-Plan instantly, or pretends not to.

An online Norwegian news agency has revealed a remarkable rescue saga—if true—that occurred on Utoya island. It is here: It’s titled, “Married Lesbian Couple Save 40 Teens from Killing Spree, Not Norway Police.”

It states “A married lesbian couple in Norway used their boat to rescue 40 teens from last Friday's Norwegian killing spree. Risking their lives, these women saved people, even as bullets hit the side of their boat. They're heroes and you've never heard of them. Enjoying a dinner at their campsite in Utøya, Hege Dalen and her wife, Toril Hansen stopped eating when they heard gunshots and screaming from the campsite across the lake. Realizing that something was seriously amiss, they pushed their boat into Lake Tyrifjorden and headed across the water. Over the course of four trips from the island to the mainland, bullets smacking into the right side of their boat, Dalen and Hansen pulled the young and the wounded from the water, rescuing 40 teens in all.”

Then however it gets into all the usual legend stuff. “Anders Behring Breivik, a Christian fundamentalist…” It clamors for the gay couple to be recognized and not to have people or news sources be prejudiced in not informing everyone about what they did just because they are a gay couple. But note the nice even number of 40, when I would think that in the heat of such a dangerous undertaking, they would not know how many they rescued. If the story is true, it implies the number of dead, mostly young people on the island may have been meant to be 50% higher. And if is true, these two women are braver, and certainly quicker, than the Norwegian “Delta Force.” Alas I have some doubts, as this isn’t the kind of thing most people would do as bullets are flying about. And in 4 trips they rescued 40 people? That is 10 per boat trip. Is that not too large for a standard small boat? Hopefully it will not appear sexist if I say perhaps even less likely for women to do that? But again if true, they are braver than most men in this world.

Yes I question all sources when an obvious intel Op has taken place. And I conclude that the Norwegian Police Security Service chief, in a statement sponsored by her British intel masters was telling the world, that Breivik was one of theirs, and was “phoning home” to say “I finished your Op, now come and arrest me for the next part of your plans.” Again this variation is MITOP, and perhaps is meant to scare the intelligentsia with this hidden admission of their dastardly deed?

Finally I see a related Norwegian helicopter matter. On 5 August 2011, some two weeks, after the Norwegian mass murder, and Gov’t failure to use a helicopter for the rescue of Norway’s children and adults, a 17 year old Brit was killed by a polar bear on a glacial island 500 miles north of the Norwegian mainland. Four other young Brits were seriously injured. One of the four shot and killed the bear. The Sun reports that “Helicopters rushed to airlift the victims from the Von Postbreen glacier on Norway's Svalbard Islands - an archipelago halfway between the mainland and the North Pole - to the town of Longyearbyen 25 miles away… Svalbard's vice-governor Lars Erik Alfheim added: "After we got the call we sent helicopters as fast as we could.” So Norway has plenty of helicopters even in remote areas that can be immediately “scrambled”, except in its large capital area when its young people are being mass murdered. I hope the Norwegian people realize the nature of their regime.

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