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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Additional Thoughts on the Breivik-Norway Psy-Op

by Spooked

1) to the credit of the Norwegian Prime Minister, he seems to be resisting to urge to use this catastrophe to push an expanded police state, at least publicly and for now.

2) as to when numbers killed have gone down, not up, that did occur on 9/11, when initial estimates were up to 10,000 killed, and that was steadily revised down. This sort of over-estimation of those killed may reflect part of the propaganda campaign to induce more shock in the public. Or there may be a certain number of people "desired" to be killed, for whatever sick reasons the PTB desire.

3) there were a few reports of a 2nd shooter on the island, but those have disappeared, very typically, as the media focuses on the "lone nut" gunman.

4) Breivik was clearly influenced (controlled?) by right-wing bigots, who push an extreme fear of Muslims as part of their propaganda efforts, and who must be intel agents at some level.

5) Breivik claimed he was part of larger right-wing terror group, but this storyline is also fading, and will likely disappear from the media accounts.

6) we will know if Norway is serious about attacking those who did this, if they crack down on intelligence agencies in any way-- but I will be surprised if they do.

7) This video is very interesting and well-worth watching/listening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My thoughts on these thoughts:

RE Pt 1. My understanding is this begs the point. The whole Op taking place, means that Norway already IS a police state. Just as the BS in America, they may not publicly declare it is, but it is, and has been. Else all the things that have happened would not have, and/or the perps would not get away with it. As I wrote, the secret societies control Norway too, and that means it is a police state. They might lose more by publicly proclaiming it as such, so people can hold on to their illusions or delusions.

RE Pt 2. WTC comparison may not be relevant. There that was an immediate and meaningless guesstimate, not a stated “confirmed” number that lasted for a few days. Also the physical differences are immense. In Norway, all they had to do is count bodies on the ground. With the WTC, the rubble, the vaporized bodies, etc. is a vastly different physicality. That being said, I see from a British rag now that the number is now officially 77—someone floating in the water for a week. ?? So we end up with 77, like the London bombing of 7/7/5, curiously.

RE Pt 4. My title of my first piece— “Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian Mass Murderer. Is He Freemason, Knights Templar, Brit, Nut, Patsy, Other, or All—or None— of the Above?”—indicates we don’t know who is really controlling this person.

RE Pt 6. Excellent point. Not expecting anything but a coverup here.

Thank you.

Anonymous Physicist

6:17 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

Thanks, AP. To clarify, for number 1, I wrote "expanded police state". I didn't mean that there was no police state already, just that there was hope they wouldn't make it worse, like the US.

Interesting about the 77!

Whoever did this, they want us to think that RW anti-Muslim bigots were controlling Breivik, for whatever reason. The RW anti-Muslim freaks also would seem to be some kind of intel-run propaganda operation, in any case.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for that clarification, Spooked.

I may have some more shocking revelations on just who and what Breivik was/is in a week or so!


10:17 AM  

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