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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

33 of the Day

This is just perfect, in terms of 33's:
U.S. trucking funds reach Taliban, military-led investigation concludes... According to a summary of the investigation results, compiled in May and reviewed by The Washington Post, the military found “documented, credible evidence . . . of involvement in a criminal enterprise or support for the enemy” by four of the eight prime contractors. Investigators also cited cases of profiteering, money laundering and kickbacks to Afghan power brokers, government officials and police officers. Six of the companies were found to have been associated with “fraudulent paperwork and behavior.”


The military summary included several case studies in which money was traced from the U.S. Treasury through a labyrinth of subcontractors and power brokers. In one, investigators followed a $7.4 million payment to one of the eight companies, which in turn paid a subcontractor, who hired other subcontractors to supply trucks.

The trucking subcontractors then made deposits into an Afghan National Police commander’s account, already swollen with payments from other subcontractors, in exchange for guarantees of safe passage for the convoys. Intelligence officials traced $3.3 million, withdrawn in 27 transactions from the commander’s account, that was transferred to insurgents in the form of weapons, explosives and cash.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Piece on new music website Spotify. Keep reading til you hit the 33.
My God.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh,it's in the new york times today. Sorry, forgot that part.

4:41 PM  

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