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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kucinich Calls Out Obama

Last Friday, the president told the nation that he offered a plan that would cut $650 billion from Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. Last night in his address to the nation, the president didn't want to 'bore' Americans with the details of his plan but threatened that Congress must accept a deal on the debt ceiling or seniors face the possibility that Social Security checks won't go out.

Curiously, the president didn't explain in his primetime address to the nation that 'the deal' he has been advocating cuts Social Security benefits and pushes back the retirement age. These changes are unwarranted and indefensible.

Social Security is 100% wholly funded up to the year 2036 without any changes whatsoever. It has no place in the debt ceiling debate at all. Furthermore, it is not the government's money but the money of the workers who have paid into the program their entire lives.

Threatening the withholding of Social Security checks to advance an agenda that includes cutting Social Security benefits is not befitting of the Democratic Party, it is not fair to the American people, and it represents a sellout of the interests of seniors.

I want to be supportive of the president. It would be easier to be supportive if the president's candor matched the level of his eloquence.
Of course, it has been known for a while what Obama is really about, to those paying attention. (And unfortunately, I didn't pay attention soon enough)

Overall, about the completely fucked up situation in DC, this piece is good.

UPDATE 8/27/11: Another long list of disappointments from the Obama admin here. An explanation of why the Obama admin is actively bad and not simply helpless because the Repubs control of the House.


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