Humint Events Online: Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian Mass Murderer. Is He Freemason, Knights Templar, Brit, Nut, Patsy, Other, or All—or None— of the Above?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Anders Behring Breivik, Norwegian Mass Murderer. Is He Freemason, Knights Templar, Brit, Nut, Patsy, Other, or All—or None— of the Above?

By The Anonymous Physicist, Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved

Anders Behring Breivik, 32, on July 22, 2011 allegedly blew up a fertilizer car bomb in Oslo, and later—while dressed in a police uniform— shot and killed many people on Utøya island, the site of a Labour Party youth camp. The current death total attributed to him is 76 with nearly 100 others injured. Anders Behring Breivik allegedly confessed to the attacks, saying he was trying to save the Western world from Muslim colonization. We will look at this person and his alleged actions.

First I note that Breivik, was born in London. Does this not make him a British citizen? This question has been ignored by both the MSM and internet conspiracy websites, per usual. Wikipedia also curiously reports “according to a childhood friend, Breivik undertook cosmetic surgery of his forehead, nose and chin in the USA a few years ago.”

I will come back to Breivik, after going over his alleged mass murdering. The Oslo center car bomb killed 8 people. A Norwegian website states that the “bomb blast damaged the doors of Oslo Fire Station.” And also that “News of the death toll reached the Prime Minister at about 3.30am on Saturday morning.” Thus we see one of several 33’s in this Op-Plan. I also note that Breivik is 32—one year short of the Freemason’s coveted 33. Damaging the Oslo Fire Station has been cited as one of several excuses for the slow response of Norwegian authorities. It is also a hallmark of intel agency Ops. To succeed in either a single death of a famous person, or a mass murder of people, the regular authorities must be put out of action, in any one of many ways. When Rev. Martin Luther King was shot, his hotel room phone went down, and an ambulance could not be called by his associates.

There are many anomalies in Breivik’s shooting and killing of 68 young people on the island. At first, “confirmed” reports said the death toll there was 86. A few days later it was changed to 68. Curiously, this is a reversal of 86, and they both, of course, total 14. I do not know if that has significance here. Many of the young people killed were involved in the governing Labour Party, and some were slated as its future stars.

Although the island is only about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from the Norwegian capital, police needed 90 minutes to get to the scene. Various excuses have been offered. These excuses include that they had no operational helicopter; the chopper crew was on vacation, the boat to the island started to sink, and they had to switch boats. Then there are several eyewitnesses who said they saw two men shooting.

The first 4 victims’ names revealed by the Norwegian Gov’t, or Police, were Gunnar Linaker, 23, Tove Aashill Knutsen, 56, Hanna M. Orvik Endresen, 61, and Kai Hauge, 33. Naturally one of the very first revealed is 33 years old. One victim was Trond Berntsen, was the step-brother of the Crown Princess of Norway. See:

One victim and survivor is Adrian Pracon . He was interviewed in the hospital by BBC British journalist, Gavin Hewitt. His BBC piece says that Breivik “was wearing a policeman's uniform and had disabled the ferry to prevent others reaching the island. Adrian thought these would be his last moments. He pleaded with Breivik not to shoot, to spare him and incredibly the gunman walked away….At one point a 10-year-old boy approached the gunman and told him that his father was already gone and that he didn't want to die. Breivik did not shoot him.” Though Breivik first spared Pracon, he was shot later on in a group of people and feigned being dead. But we see that Breivik at times calmly spared some people. The article implies that the 10 year old was not shot. See I note that this BBC reporter. Hewitt is described on Wiki as doing “the first British television interview with [intel agent] Oliver North after the Iran-Contra scandal.

To me, one of the most startling revelations, of events on the island, is this account: “An hour after the shooting began, Julie Bremnes, 16, texted: "The police are here." But 15 minutes later she revealed: "He's still shooting!" Could some of the police have aided Breivik in killing people? The Sun article also states “Survivors said they struggled to get their panicked pleas heard because operators on emergency lines were rejecting calls not connected to an earlier bomb detonated in Oslo.” It also has this on the police excuses, “Meanwhile it emerged that Norway's special forces suffered the tragic mishap of having to abandon their overloaded boat during the scramble to reach Utoya island when it began taking on water...It belonged to the local police department and within seconds the engine became waterlogged and died. …Delta Force police officers then had to borrow a second boat from a tourist after making the 25-mile journey to the shore by car because they have no helicopter.“ But Time magazine has a different story. “Delta Force defended the special operations team… A media helicopter was already hovering over the island when police arrived…. When word of the shooting came, police drove rather than take a helicopter because the crew of the sole chopper available to them was on vacation.”,8599,2085485,00.html#ixzz1TLsU7uVV

The Intel agencies and secret societies that control the MSM have not done a good job here. Another thing that has changed, is that initially it was reported that the Polish Gov’t or police arrested the Pole that sold the fertilizer to Breivik. But this has now been denied. “Breivik said in his manifesto that he had rented his farm and created a fake business there as cover for ordering six metric tons of fertilizer — an integral component of the Oslo bomb.”

Another strange occurrence is that aNorwegian newspaper, VG, reports that an off-duty plain-clothes officer on the island was also a victim of Breivik.” And another excuse is that Norway’s policy is not to allow police to have instant access to their own firearms. A supervisor’s apparently, written permission is a prerequisite. Also the police knew the name of gunman Anders Behring Breivik before they arrested him.

But one of the most telling anomalies is that Oslo police were conducting a bombing exercise at a location near the Oslo Opera House just 48 hours before a terrorist blast hit a government building in Oslo This is the now standard clue to intel agency control of an event, as the WTC, and the London bombings showed. Video of the police “exercise” is here:

A Brit, Craig Murray, reports that “July 24th, two masked men in military uniform shot dead a 27 year old man in his home in Sandnes, Norway. Nowhere in the mainstream media can I find anybody wondering whether this is related to the massacre in Norway the day before – even though both were killings with guns, (very rare in Norway), and either this guy really was assassinated by soldiers, or both were carried out in false uniform.” Curiously, Murray was British Ambassador to Uzbekistan. I would ask, was this person silenced because he knew something? We don’t seem to even have the name of this person!

Now let us look deeper into both Breivik, and what may be behind this mass murder. Breivik was a known Freemason, and was a member of St. Olaus T.D. Tre Søiler No. 8 [Freemason Lodge] in Oslo. [Wiki] He also is said to be a member of, or to be associated with, the Knights Templar [KT]. The Knights Templar’s earliest recorded function was in 1119. Note the 9/11 reversal. Breivik claims association with a modern Templar Order, whose full name is the "Pauperes Commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici", or PCCTS, which is said to have been established in London in April 2002. I saw Breivik’s youtube video, “The Knight Templar 2083” on redicecreations after it was removed from youtube. Now Redice has been banned from showing it too. It was convoluted, and to me, was an obvious intel agency legend creation. The first photo of Breivik released showed him in proud Freemason garb. Brevik has also been portrayed as a user of anabolic steroids {testosterone.).

WaPo has Breivik’s entire 1516 page Manifesto,
2083: A European Declaration of Independence”, here: It begins with a cover page with the Knights Templar’s red cross. Note that the same large red crosses can be seen in photos of the English Defense League (EDL) March in Newcastle in 2010 that Breivik allegedly attended. But we learn from the Norwegian site, that Breivik’s alleged, original manifesto has verbatim copy from Ted Kaczyinski’s manifesto. And while I originally thought that the Unabomber was his own man, I now learn that, as a Harvard undergrad student, in the 50’s and 60’s, he “volunteered” for psychological experiments with Henry Murray, M.D. But Murray, an OSS/CIA asset, was under the aegis of notorious CIA LSD/Mind Control experimenter, Sydney Gottlieb, PhD [Chemistry]. The CIA controlled those experiments, and we know the CIA never lets anyone go. So maybe the Unabomber was always another agent or patsy for the CIA in everything he did. And Breivik using Kaczinski’s manifesto as his own, may all be MITOP. Are the secret societies and intel agencies thus Making It Transparent On Purpose that this Op is one of theirs?

There is much out there on Breivik’s alleged involvement with the “right wing, anti Islam,” English Defense League (EDL). See here: and here: The latter article notes that “the Norwegian gunman who slayed 76 people on Friday took part in a march organized by the far-right movement in Newcastle in May 2010 —and another in London.” So Breivik made several recent trips to the U.K., and a few years earlier to the USA “to get cosmetic surgery.” More on people who say they saw Breivik at EDL functions is here.

Now note that the Newcastle, EDL May, 2010 march is replete with many people flying the identical Knights Templar red cross flags from their windows and such. So EDL is apparently connected with the KT. But we should never forget that anything put out for the public is highly suspect, and often turns out to be limited hangouts. The MSM will likely continue to spin the Islam/Arabs as the real culprits angle, while all the intel agency-run Internet conspiracy sites will have their usual “Mossad did it all” nonsense. Here of course, we have the connections to the UK and the USA. But that won’t stop all the paid assets and their clueless regurgitators.

Beivik’s Facebook page was changed after the killings. He went from anti-Nazi to pro-Nazi. And they seem to have removed his “liking” Stock Analysis and the TV series, “Dexter.” Who doesn’t like Dexter? But alas, Dexter will never be seen going after the real serial and mass murderers in the Gov’t.

As to reasons why the mass murder of mostly young Norwegian people was carried out, we have several possibilities, and, of course, only the doers, the PTB, know the particulars here. But first, we see that Norway’s Foreign Minister, Jonas Gahr Store, went to that island the day before. Foreign Minister was met with claims that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state when he visited the Labour Youth League summer camp Thursday…As the foreign minister arrived Utøya he was met with a demand from the AUF that Norway must recognize a Palestinian state.” Norway had also recently opted out of continued bombing of Libya.

This event, of course, contains the usual, Op of removing all guns from everyone. And in particular, the European Union wants to launch an“extremist early warning system”, despite the fact that EU treats legitimate criticism of its own institution as “extremism.”

Was this mass murder NATO’s revenge for Norway’s decision to stop bombing Libya? Or could there be a causal factor that is far deeper, and related to Quarantine Escape? Recall the strange spiral in the sky over Norway 2 years ago. See here This video contains a final sequence I had not seen before.

Is something far deeper going on in Norway? This was an extreme event as Norway’s small population makes the 76 death toll, equivalent to approx. 4000 Americans. And these were mostly young people.

We will have to see what happens to Breivik in the months and years to come. But for the first time, as we wind down to 2012, we have a murderous Op where Freemasons and Knights Templar are curiously involved, or at least used for some reason. Have some of the top rats (proudly) shown themselves?

The Anonymous Physicist’s books detail the deeper nature of such events, and are here:

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