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Sunday, July 31, 2011

On The Norwegian Mass Murder Op-Plan. Part II

By The Anonymous Physicist, Copyright 2011. All Rights Reserved

If the Norwegian Govt, likely with the assistance of agents from the UK and the USA perpetrated or aided the mass murder on 7/22/11, it might have gone down as follows. One or more bombs were planted in one or more Oslo buildings. Anders Behring Breivik was told to order nitrate fertilizer for some time with records to prove it. He was also told to rent the van that allegedly had the fertilizer in it. Now, as the building where the bomb/van is claimed to have been left, had the offices of the Prime Minister and other important offices, it is not likely that any vehicle would have been allowed to stop there. Certainly not without some high level Govt or police ID/sticker on the vehicle. So either Breivik’s alleged van had this, or perhaps no such van was involved in the Oslo bomb(s). Explosions may have been planted 2 days earlier during the police “exercise” I already cited. The fire, and presumable earlier explosion at the Oil Ministry building top office may have been a way to get rid of either some person or records troubling to the Norwegian regime, or to higher up PTB. So Breivik may not even have had anything to do with the Oslo bombing(s). Also no crater is seen in video just after the explosion, and no parts of the alleged van are seen (sound familiar?). See:

Next for the Utøya island mass shooting, I present my hypothetical account. Now Breivik did apparently shoot many people there. But the eyewitness accounts indicate that he had one or more accomplices. Furthermore, the off-duty plain-clothes officer that was allegedly shot and killed may have been there as protection for all the young people at the camp. He may have been armed for this purpose, and thus would have to be perhaps the first to be killed. His fellow police officers or superior(s) would have been in on this I must conclude. Most likely he would have been taken out by the other shooter, or shooters, possibly with sniper rifles, that may have been on the island before Breivik got there. Possibly by another officer he knew. Likewise, eyewitnesses reported one or more other shooters throughout the mass murder—even after the Delta Force were on the island. So possibly, Brevik, on his own, did not shoot as many people as was desired, so others throughout were needed to do some of the killing. I already cited that Breivik apparently listened to the pleas of some of the young people begging to be spared. The long 90 minute delay was needed for several reasons. The real perpetrators wanted to make sure most of those shot would bleed out, and to survey and verify all this, and for escape of any other shooters there, unless they were killed too after their acts. It is even possible that the police officer killed first participated in the killing before being killed himself by either Breivik or others.

The various and contradictory excuses cited for the delay are absurd. Obviously they did not want to get there quickly, so no helicopter could be used. If no police helicopter were available, I am sure the Norwegian military has several that could have quickly been employed!

The collusion of the worldwide media, after the fact, is obvious. Many of these “journalists” are British, and thus are either MI5/6 agents or assets controlled by same. The meme that the authorities just couldn’t get there any earlier, and that there was the usual “lone nut” perpetrator must be maintained by the MSM. I particularly note British BBC journalist, Gavin Hewitt who wrote about victim and survivor, Adrian Pracon . Pracon was interviewed in the hospital. Hewitt’s BBC piece said that Breivik “had disabled the ferry to prevent others reaching the island.” How could Pracon or Hewitt know whether Breivik had actually disabled the ferry or not? Recall how after 9/11, Felipe David’s own words say his skin melted off him without any fire. And later someone else adds, “fire down the elevator shaft” that would be parroted by both the MSM and bogus conspiracy sites. Also lied about, or ignored by the MSM, are the sources of Breivik’s alleged fertilizer and ammunition. Poland denied that the alleged Polish source had been arrested, as well as stating that most of the fertilizer allegedly used was not even from Poland, but was Scandinavian. The bullets for all the shooting are now said to have been ordered from the USA and mailed to Norway. See: This sounds quite absurd, as all countries use their postal service as part of their banning whatever it is they ban from direct sales within their country.

The decreasing of the number of previously “confirmed” dead is also telling. When have such numbers gone down, and not up? Furthermore such numbers usually go up later as some of the injured die. When this doesn’t happen, it implies that the PTB provide a “final” number that cannot be publicly changed. The other unnamed person shot, in Sandnes, Norway,by two masked men in military uniform two days later may have been to silence someone who knew too much and/or threatened to spill the beans.

One thing is clear from this Op. As the police and Govt were certainly in on this, the only way, the people on the island could have saved themselves was if they had been armed themselves. It shows what gun control is really all about—ensuring that only the regimes’ mass murdering agents have guns. The people who will grab you and either shoot you immediately or transport you to some concentration camp should be the only ones with guns. The German Nazi regime only opened their camps after they removed guns from their peoples. How wonderful would if be now if a few 18 year olds had killed Breivik and whatever police or other assistants he had on the island?

Now for the deeper aspects. One conspiracy site has this video:, apparently titled, “Special Report--Norway Massacre, Winehouse, Templar Cartel--All Roads Lead to Rome.” I do not know Josh Reeves. I am glad he doesn’t tout the usual idiocy on nearly all conspiracy sites. I have long written that “London, Rome, and Beyond” are in charge on this Planet. And Reeves does not know or get into Quarantine Escape, that I have detailed is the ultimate reason for all such mass murders. Reeves ties in the OD, or murder?, of Amy Winehouse and the arrest of a major, Mexican drug lord—and Knight Templar—around the same time as the Norwegian mass murder.

The Norwegian mass murders show how Norway, like apparently all nations, is infiltrated and controlled by secret societies. Their top politicians, military, and police are implicated in this dastardly Op that killed dozens of their own young people. That many were the “future stars” of the current, ruling Labour Party implies that the “official” Gov’t did something the PTB didn’t like. It’s a message to other countries in Europe and the world. “We can kill plenty of your children any time we want.”

Secret society infiltration and control of a country may occur in top to bottom fashion, or the reverse, or perhaps all levels of society are involved simultaneously. If the first method occurs, first a President, Prime Minister or King or Queen is a top member of the secret society, or controlled by a top member. Let us look at the USA. Recall that many of the founding fathers of the USA were top level Freemasons. Some like George Washington were 33rd degree Freemasons. Some have even alleged, based on appearance, that Washington was really Adam Weisshaupt, founder of the Illuminati. There is definitely some facial similarity. Others have shown how Freemasons are controlled by the Jesuits. And I have always stated that while MI6 controls all the other intel agencies of other counties—CIA, KGB/FSB, Mossad, etc.—it is itself controlled by the secret societies out of Rome. These include the Jesuits, Templars, Knights of Malta, P2 Lodge. While the Josh Reeves video implies the Vatican is some ultimate power, the societies I just cited, in fact, control the Vatican.

But getting back to Secret Society control of a country, such as the USA, it apparently occurred in top to bottom fashion. The very founders were 33rd degree Freemasons. Later, top legislators, judges, and military generals and admirals would be FMs. Then would come police chiefs, journalists, attorneys, medical examiners and other top medical people in the govt. Then top people in education and industry.

There was both knowledge and opposition to Freemason and Jesuit takeover of the USA in the first 100 years of this alleged republic. There even was an “Anti-Masonic Party.” And a few Presidents warned the people, even in their Inaugural Addresses of the danger coming from England and the Jesuits. They usually didn’t last long, to wit the poisoning—according to Sherman Skolnick—of President William Henry Harrison. His Inauguration was on March 4, 1841, and he died on April 4, 1841. Just as Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. was killed on the one-year anniversary of his first speech against the War on Vietnam.

But the simple truth about secret society control is that it is tenuous and there are so many more of good, non-monster controlled people, who would have a good chance of defeating the lackeys that are ready to blow a president’s brains out, poison a citizen for speaking out on this 30-40 years later (me), or massacre dozens of teenagers, or for that matter wage perennial war on Mankind.

The PTB, so fear the words of Malcolm X—“by any means necessary.” But this is what glib Americans condescendingly told German citizens when they said, “what could we have done to stop Hitler?”

The people of Norway need to realize what the July 22 Mass Murders really implies about their political, military and police leaders. And to act on this, as ignoring or blindly obeying only emboldens murderers. The advice goes to the people of all countries. It is only going to get much, much worse soon if good people do not resist —“by any means necessary.” As the long range past indicates, they likely have in mind the elimination of all of us as part of Quarantine Escape. And the evil, stupid, and gutless lackeys who carry out such Ops as the Norway mass murder of mostly young people,` are doing such things for those who plan to annihilate all of Mankind, including them and their own children.

The Anonymous Physicist’s books detail the deeper nature of such events, and are here:

Part I here.

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