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Thursday, October 25, 2007

On the Actual Past & Possible Future Use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

The Rendlesham Incident and Beyond

By The Anonymous Physicist

The following incident relates to the apparent, actual use of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW). Unlike the evidence-free claim of DEW use on 9/11, by some, here we have witnesses and other evidence of DEW use. This is also one of the most genuine, and most serious, UFO events since Roswell. This is the Rendlesham Forest/Bentwaters Base Incident over four nights in December 1980. See the video. Now Rendlesham/Bentwaters (a British/American base in England) was/is? said to be the largest nuclear bomb base in Western Europe. Note the article has eyewitnesses speak of seeing beams emanating from the UFO craft down to the Earth (base). As with Roswell, indications here are that a UFO craft may have been brought down. The article includes this quote, from eyewitness and Deputy Base Commander, USAF Colonel Charles Halt, “The object to the south was visible for two or three hours and beamed down a stream of light from time to time.” So we likely had the use of real DEW observed— perhaps both ways, if you follow my meaning! (Unlike 9/11, where the evidence leads to nuclear devices, accompanying conventional explosives, and China Syndrome aftermath.)

We will also look at physicist Doug Beason, PhD involved first in creating Directed Energy Weapons, and then in countering them, and “threat reduction” at Los Alamos where nukes were allegedly first created. Why is he also writing novels publicizing DEW Wars? Why is Judy Wood listing Beason as a source for her claims of “DEW did 9/11”? Apparently with his knowledge and blessing, as his name appears on her websites for a year. What is really going on here, based on the knowledge of “ultimate truths” that I have revealed at this site? Recall that I have said that virtually all the wars have been bogus, all the chaos and evil have had an ulterior purpose. Man has been enslaved by his evil creators who have been quarantined (“cast down”) here for 50,000 years or so, by OTHERS who will never allow their escape through the grid or bio-net around the Earth. I wrote that all the wars, nuclear bombs, ICBMs, NSA code cracking, and now lasers and other DEW have had one goal. To break through this quarantine/grid/bio-net that scans for the DNA of the monsters who created us (likely coming from the Orion system), and of humans as well—for we have much of their DNA (from the [self-proclaimed] “God” who “created Man in his own image.”), and prevents their/our escape from the Earth—leading to such things as laughably fake Moon landings. I have detailed how our cosmic criminal creators’ plans to smash the Van Allen belts (or really the Grid), and also nuke the back side of the Moon (whose bases—observed by numerous NASA personnel-- apparently control the Grid [as reported here, and via the “Disclosure Project” youtube videos like this one) were thwarted by the Quarantiners through such events as blowing up the Thor (and other) rockets, and other events. Recall I noted that Roswell had the world’s only atomic bomber group in 1947, and OTHERS above apparently wanted to stop the cosmic criminals in charge of the American regime, from the further nuking of Mankind as the American regime--under the control of these cosmic criminals--had done to the women, children and old men in Hiroshima and Nagassaki in 1945.

Nearly all of humanity may not have known-- and still does not--what those dastardly nuclear bombings were about, but the Quarantiners sure knew. They knew it had nothing to do with differing “countries”, “nationalities”, “religions”, “ideologies” (whether bogus “democracies”, or more outright fascism, etc). ALL THESE SUPERFICIAL NOTIONS ARE TO GET THE CONTROLLED, IGNORANT HUMANS TO KILL EACH OTHER EN MASSE! The real nature of Hiroshima and Nagasaki was that our cosmic criminal creators were sending a message to their Quarantiners: We have these mass destruction weapons again, and either let us escape, or we will kill all these humans, AND TRICK THEM INTO DOING IT THEMSELVES. The Quarantiners will never allow these evil monsters to leave the Earth, but soon after Hiroshima and Nagasaki took steps to try to prevent the further nuking of cities and human beings. Apparently both sides work on the premise of preferably not “publicizing” their acts to humans, and it is greatly covered up— but now readily seen, such as from Shuttle astronauts’ own videos on Youtube. (I will have more on this in a future article.) The whole alien issue is known to have a much higher secret classification, in the US Govt, than the Manhattan Project ever did! (Of course that name may have been used for what was to later occur on 9/11/01.) One can see the need for such secrecy. How many Americans would be happy to learn who’s really in charge of their govt, and what their monstrous aims really are? Even some Presidents may not know these things. But some did, as I have indicated, President Kennedy wanted to tell the American citizenry, and the world, of the alien issue but said, “My hands are tied.”

Now Rendlesham is apparently a well-documented site where an actual DEW War may have occurred. With perhaps both sides having some victories?! Hopefully many nukes were disengaged by the OTHERS trying to protect humanity from the British/American regime, and the “cosmic criminals” in control of it. IN MY OPINION, THIS TYPE OF ACT MAY BE THE ONLY REASON YOU AND I ARE ARE STILL ALIVE. Now recall that “cosmic criminal” is the term I have used for the quarantined monsters who created Homo sapiens to be their slaves, tens of thousands of years ago. Note, we are not the first “model”. Check out Cro Magnon Man, an earlier “model”. He had some 200 cubic centimeters greater brain volume than we do, but was wiped out by the cosmic criminals for being too smart for his own good. We are the dumbed-down, later version. Does evolution teach that stupider creatures (e.g. the ubiquitous web shills) successfully evolve from smarter ones?? Unless evolution had nothing to do with it.

Getting back to Rendlesham, unfortunately as at Roswell, eyewitness testimony indicates those in charge down here, brought down one or more spacecraft, likely with some kind of DEW. This brings us back to current top DEW physicist Douglas Beason. He was apparently first involved in creating Directed Energy Weapons, and then in “threat reduction” related to “others” using nukes or DEW against “us.” He also writes novels about future (or current?, see above) DEW Wars. This appears to be akin to the very connected H.G. Wells who, a century ago, wrote of future weapons and wars that alas soon came about. And Beason also may be a covert operator interfacing with others promoting ideas that DEW use occurred on 9/11, when unlike Rendlesham, all the evidence indicates something else (nukes) occurred.

So Beason first helps create DEW, then is involved in countering DEW, or “threat reduction.” I can only interpret all this as follows. As the U.S. has no high tech (Earth-bound) adversaries (and even the alleged previous one [the USSR] was a secret ally, all along, as I previously described, and this is well documented); the DEW Beason worked on, I conclude, was AIMED AT BREAKING THROUGH THE GRID, a la Carl Sagan working on nuking the OTHERS’ bases on the back side of the Moon-- all the while hypocritically claiming there was absolutely no evidence anywhere of extraterrestrials! Now the OTHERS above would be aware of the attempted use of DEW against the Quarantine/Grid, and might use their own DEW to blast any DEW that either those in charge of the U.S. regime attempted to put in space, or also even down here on Earth. The OTHERS know what it is to be used for, even if most humans do not! So, IMO, likely any “American” DEW weapons would need to be hidden underground, until final use--against the Quarantine/Grid.

Now I have previously noted that neutrino beams may be the most effective DEW regarding disengaging nuclear devices. I have stated neutrino use on some of the American mini-nuke arsenal was one likely explanation for the fizzled nukes on 9/11, that led to the China Syndrome. Always remember that the military has technology decades beyond what is allowed, or known, in the civilian domain. Be aware that Neutrino beams can go through the entire Earth to disengage a nuke, or a DEW weapon. I hope OTHERS are utilizing everything they have to disengage every nuclear weapon and every Directed Energy Weapon every bogus regime, like the so-called, but obviously anti-human, alien-controlled U.S. govt has. While there isn’t any evidence DEW was ever used on 9/11, it appears that nefarious individuals may be preparing to use DEW for its ultimate goal. DEW Wars may become a reality, as Beason’s novels depict. They may have already occurred (on a small scale compared to what may be coming) such as at Roswell and Rendlesham. Yes, as before, it will not likely be revealed to the public who the real adversaries are. Phony adversaries will be cited, per usual. But you will now know what it is really about. So real DEW events like Rendlesham should be studied carefully!

Finally I ask why is a government DEW expert/DEW creator/DEW ”threat reducer” supporting someone’s claim that DEW was used on the WTC on 9/11, when there is no evidence of this, and when officially only the US government itself would have such weapons? Will Beason or Wood tell us, if they don’t credit the U.S. govt for DEW-ing 9/11, who do they claim did use DEW on the WTC (and how about a shred of evidence of this)? Recall I, from the outset, countered the evidence-free “Space Beams” claims from the DEW crowd; and declared that “DEW weapons would not be allowed in space.” Now you know, in detail, why I said that. So from whence came the DEW? DEW disinfo agents: please be advised that intelligent, non-corrupt people will no longer accept the following usual scapegoats for 9/11: Russians, Arabs, Moslems, Israelis, Chinese, etc.

Not surprisingly to me, I see that Dr. Beason’s best novel is said to be “Assemblers of Infinity.” It is about (naturally) nanotechnology of ALIENS, found on the Moon, by humans (that’ll be the day). It was co-written by Beason’s frequent co-author, Kevin J. Anderson. Now Anderson, Wiki says worked for 12 years at Lawrence Livermore Labs where he met Beason (his boss?). Anderson is well connected, and likely an excellent writer. He has been allowed to write prequels, etc. for Star Wars/Lucas, Dune, Superman, and other classics! Once I saw the Superman connection, I knew what to look for. I have always thought the first Superman movie gave away hints of the Quarantine/Grid/Bio-net around the Earth, when it showed, at the beginning, some criminals being sentenced and banished to a seeming 2-Dimensional Universe, before Krypton explodes. Now I see one of Anderson’s (Beason’s writing partner) books is “The Last Days of Krypton.” Info at Amazon includes that this book is about “the Phantom Zone where Superman's enemies are exiled.”

As I have written, once one knows and understands “Ultimate Truths”, so much is clear. Beason and his writing partner informing us of the “Phantom Zone”, (really Earth’s Quarantine/Grid/Bio-net), DEW, and “alien nanotechnology” is all code. I have deciphered what these writers/gov’t “workers” are really about, and are telling us--either through their lies or their sci-fi.

So in the final analysis, I ask: is the 9/11 DEW claim just the regime’s immensely, logically flawed, and desperate disinformation to steer people away from seeing the nuking of the WTC on 9/11? While possibly also planting a meme for massive, imminent DEW Wars—- related to Ultimate Truths that I have revealed here?

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