Humint Events Online: August 2020

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Still Alive, Alternating Between Hope And Despair

 The criminal shitbeast in the WhiteHouse is driving me nuts, driving us all nuts.

One result of the lunatic POTUS pushing stupid conspiracy theories is it really has made me lose interest in any conspiracy theory stuff. I feel kind of guilty now for promoting any conspiracy theories that may have helped the evil shitbeast get into office.

NOTE-- I'm not disavowing conspiracy theories or anything I've written here. Just I've lost the taste for it.

I hate this moronic, racist, psychopathic, gas lighting, treasonous Russian-puppet POTUS with a passion. 

He has done so much damage to this country, including killed around 200,000 Americans. His inaction on the climate crisis has cost all of humanity and life on earth, dearly.

What's maddening how deeply in denial, how deluded, his "base" is, about his countless crimes, corruption and lunacy. The Qanon assholes that support him are even worse.

I have hope he will get driven out of office in November and we can move forward with progressive politics in 2021, but I also have much despair that he's fucked up everything beyond repair and has really rigged the system in his demented favor. 

But if nothing else, these are interesting times. 

By the way, they have changed the blogger interface and it's somewhat difficult to start new posts on this blog. Between my loss of interest in conspiracy theories, being very active on social media, my real job and the new interface, I'm not sure how much I will post here.

I am not abandoning this blog, just not sure how much I will post. I do tend to keep my GOP ASSHOLES blog more up to date as that is somewhat easier to post on that topic.

In any case, 

stay safe and vote blue! 

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Tuesday, August 04, 2020

Holy Hell, Beirut

Massive horrifying explosion.

Horrifying aftermath:

Near the 75th anniversary of Hiroshima nuking. Lots of people saying a nuke but it probably isn't

Veterans Today says it is Israel nuking a Hezbollah storage facility.

A lot of things have been blowing up in Iran lately too.

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Sunday, August 02, 2020

The Big Fail

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Trump 2020-- Fuck Y'All

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