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Monday, April 26, 2021

Massive 33-Related Crop Circle 4 Weeks Before 9/11

Milk Hill, Wiltshire, U.K., August 13, 2001 
This crop circle was discovered August 13, 2001 at Milk Hill in Wiltshire, U.K. Composed of 409 circles, the formation was 900 feet in diameter, flowing over an undulating landscape that rendered it impossible to see from one side of the formation to the other! Information encoded into the design specifies the date of its creation and the lat/lon of its position! How could human beings have created this design without being discovered?

 More here.

A "triskelion" formation-- 3 interlocked spirals, or 3 + 3 arms. The larger circles have 3 and 3 side circles.

No way humans made this. The question is-- who did and why???

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Monday, April 19, 2021

Looking at Crop Circles Again

 I recently listened to a couple podcasts on crop circles that were quite good. It was coincidental (or synchronistic) that they both came out in the same week though they had independent guests and are very different podcasts. 

I first heard the Astonishing Legends podcast episode on crop circles. These guys are a little too slick for my tastes and do way too much introductory jibber jabber (I eventually skipped over about 15 minutes of them talking about what they were going to talk about), but eventually they did present a good overview on the topic.

Then I heard the Podcast UFO show on the same topic, with a great panel of guests. They had a really interesting discussion of the topic-- I highly recommend it. They didn't waste much time on filler unlike the Astonishing Legends podcast (and also no ads unlike A.L.).

Both podcasts are worth the time if you're interested in the topic, though I recommend skipping fast through the first part of the A.L. pod and of course skip over the ads.

Bottom line is the evidence is that most crop circles are probably a paranormal/ET-linked phenomenon. Most interestingly is the fact that they have gotten progressively more complex over the years, not unlike the topic of UFOs. There is a theory that it is ETs trying to send humanity a message, but still they are mostly a big mystery.

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Did Eisenhower Meet with ETs?

 See this podcast.

Interesting discussion that touches on some old "ultimate truth" issues, though I'm sure A.P. would say their interpretation is disinfo or something like that.


Wow,  Laura Eisenhower has some wild stuff to say and it sounds a lot more like A.P.'s stuff.

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Top 5 Reasons Why the Engine Found at Church and Murray Was Most Likely Planted

1) the engine piece was found under a canopy, with no hole in the roof showing how it got there and it seems unlikely someone would have rolled this large piece of flaming hot evidence there 

2) the starboard engine of the plane that hit the South tower collided with a floor slab and it seems very likely this would have kept the engine from sailing out the other side of the tower 
3) the engine would have had to weave between several tall buildings to get to Church and Murray 
4) the distance travelled by the eject is not clearly the right trajectory to land at Church and Murray 

5) between the videos and the plane-shaped hole, it is clear that no conventional plane hit the tower

From here.
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