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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Some Fresh 9/11 Research-- "Federal Aviation Administration Failures on 9/11"

 From Shoestring 911:

Federal Aviation Administration Failures on 9/11: Why Did Those Responsible for Responding to the Hijackings Get It So Wrong?

Long but well-research, as usual.

Bottom line is it all supports the idea of hijacking exercises that day impacting the response to the "real hijacked planes", as Shoestring 911 seems to believe.

But if there weren't real planes, do the hijacking exercises mean anything? Were the hijacking exercises used to create the cover story or were they just another layer of distraction?

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Dr. Irena Scott, Pascagoula UFO Abduction, The Rest of the Story

 Worth a watch or listen-- some new findings on a famous UFO/Abduction case

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Friday, October 29, 2021

A Brief History of the Right and White Supremacy in America

by Jared Yates Sexton

The Right depends on a mythological telling of our Founding. They want to treat the Framers as champions of freedom, liberty, and equality, and hide the fact that they created a country explicitly for white, wealthy men. 

The myth of American Exceptionalism, this idea that we are a *chosen nation* by God and that we are a bastion for liberty and freedom is why so much of our political crisis is confusing and, for some, inscrutable. But real history shows us how we've arrived at this moment.  

From the very beginning, America was founded to serve the whims of white, wealthy men, particularly slaveholders. The South took advantage of the Founding to create for itself a hold over power and the protection of human bondage as a capitalistic enterprise. 

The GOP and the Right want you to believe the Founding and America were divinely inspired by God so that it cannot be questioned and the white supremacist institutions will remain in place, even as times and demographics change. 

This, of course, is how a complete failure of a third-rate reality TV "star" not only becomes president, but is considered by white evangelicals as a messiah-like figure chosen by God. The mythology of American Exceptionalism is directly to blame. 

The mythology of American Exceptionalism aggressively whitewashes history, taking things like the Confederate States of America and erasing the truth that they considered themselves the rightful heirs of our white supremacist founding. 

In that perverse mythology, the Civil War *ended white supremacy* forever, cleansing our nation of its "one sin." Truthfully, the white supremacy merely absorbed into our culture, politics, and society at large. It's been hiding there ever since behind that mythology. 

What the GOP wants is weaponized history and mythology, an active hiding of massive race riots, generations of lynching, entire cities like Tulsa razed to the ground by rampaging white supremacists. It wants to disinfect the record to more effectively hide racism. 

As part of this weaponizing of history, the Right wants to forget that America spearheaded eugenics and the forced sterilization of citizens. We inflicted tens of thousands and exported our explicitly white supremacist ideas abroad, including to Nazi Germany. 

America played a massive role in spreading white supremacist conspiracy theories, like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, publishing them for years and popularizing the idea, influencing fascist movements in America and in Europe in the early 20th century. 

As well, the GOP doesn't want you to know about previous fascist American movements, like America First, headed by Charles Lindbergh, who called for a white supremacist alliance with Hitler against people of color. They want you to believe it can't happen here. 

The Right also wants you to remain ignorant of how they have attacked past civil rights movement, portraying them as "communist conspiracies" or the result of manipulations by Jewish puppetmasters. This has always been their trick, from the 1960's to this current day. 

Over and over again, the Right has targeted reform movements like Civil Rights, claiming they're outside conspiracies meant to destroy America, thus legitimizing violent oppression and attacks against the protestors. We're still fighting this fight. Right now. 

And the GOP doesn't want you to know how, faced with Civil Rights, they intentionally directed their focus on stirring up white supremacy as an electoral strategy, using existing fascistic elements to create a new party and movement of hate and fearmongering. 

Keeping real history at bay is a means of plausible deniability, of being able to deny that America is a racist country, that white supremacy is real, and thus allowing the GOP and its backers to continue racially exploiting people. The mythological history is a weapon. 

Meanwhile, the same people who peddle the myth that America isn't racist use calls for reforms as "proof" that the country is under attack, giving them cover to gradually destroy liberal democracy in order to continue their power grab and limit democratic progress. 

This attack on reality has been spearheaded by massive corporations who have committed to a parallel attack on reality and truth, all in an effort to continue profiting off the destruction of the environment, even while the climate catastrophe continues to grow. 

The denial of absolute truth like the climate catastrophe serves multiple purposes: enabling the continued exploitation of the environment and creating a conspiratorial fearmongering that furthers profit and political power. This is the essence of Fox News. 

In this fearmongering environment, the GOP tells its viewers that all calls for reform are part of a larger, sinister conspiracy. This makes sure the base continues voting, but also creates an alternate reality where the myth can remain and profiting continues. 

Only in this backward, conspiracy-filled environment can someone like Donald Trump win the presidency. He was the embodiment of it, but also a weapon by which the GOP could continue to weaponize history, radicalize its base, and further its agenda. 

Trump was repulsive, but useful for all the different GOP factions, including the Evangelical Right and billionaires like Betsy DeVos who wanted to destroy public education and eradicate impediments to continuing to grow their fortunes. 

Of course, Trump was only a symptom of a larger disease and a portent of what was to come. There is a radical new generation following in his footsteps, and they are completely dedicated to forwarding this mythological history and the conspiratorial fearmongering. 

This alternate reality is where the GOP's base now reside. They hold onto a completely fake history and are absolutely terrified about the conspiratorial threats that have been created by billionaires, Right Wing media, and demagogues like Donald Trump. 

And what's worse is that it's only speeding up. The Big Lie was about creating massive doubt toward elections, allowing the GOP to deny any loss and potentially overturn any contest. All of this is built on weaponized history and the myth of American Exceptionalism. 

There is a direct line between the crafting of the GOP's conspiracy-filled alternate reality and the weaponization of American history. You can't get to January 6th and this current moment without realizing its based on an alternate American story that hides our faults. 

The outrage over "Critical Race Theory," "cultural Marxism," and liberal "conspiracies" is about the GOP protecting its stranglehold over its base and hoping to further indoctrinate others, all to hide its past mistakes and America's worst actions. 

Only by learning actual history, the truth of how America was founded on white patriarchal supremacist exploitation, and how our history has been a chronicle of the struggle for equality and against this force, can we begin to actually progress and move past this crisis.
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Friday, October 22, 2021

Where Did Humanity Go Wrong?

 Fascinating topics in this book, as related in this review. 

Is “civilization” worth it, the authors want to know, if civilization—ancient Egypt, the Aztecs, imperial Rome, the modern regime of bureaucratic capitalism enforced by state violence—means the loss of what they see as our three basic freedoms: the freedom to disobey, the freedom to go somewhere else, and the freedom to create new social arrangements? Or does civilization rather mean “mutual aid, social co-operation, civic activism, hospitality [and] simply caring for others”? 

These are questions that Graeber, a committed anarchist—an exponent not of anarchy but of anarchism, the idea that people can get along perfectly well without governments—asked throughout his career. The Dawn of Everything is framed by an account of what the authors call the “indigenous critique.” 

In a remarkable chapter, they describe the encounter between early French arrivals in North America, primarily Jesuit missionaries, and a series of Native intellectuals—individuals who had inherited a long tradition of political conflict and debate and who had thought deeply and spoke incisively on such matters as “generosity, sociability, material wealth, crime, punishment and liberty.” 

The Indigenous critique, as articulated by these figures in conversation with their French interlocutors, amounted to a wholesale condemnation of French—and, by extension, European—society: its incessant competition, its paucity of kindness and mutual care, its religious dogmatism and irrationalism, and most of all, its horrific inequality and lack of freedom. 

The authors persuasively argue that Indigenous ideas, carried back and publicized in Europe, went on to inspire the Enlightenment (the ideals of freedom, equality, and democracy, they note, had theretofore been all but absent from the Western philosophical tradition). 

They go further, making the case that the conventional account of human history as a saga of material progress was developed in reaction to the Indigenous critique in order to salvage the honor of the West. We’re richer, went the logic, so we’re better. The authors ask us to rethink what better might actually mean. 

The Dawn of Everything is not a brief for anarchism, though anarchist values—antiauthoritarianism, participatory democracy, small-c communism—are everywhere implicit in it. Above all, it is a brief for possibility, which was, for Graeber, perhaps the highest value of all. 

The book is something of a glorious mess, full of fascinating digressions, open questions, and missing pieces. It aims to replace the dominant grand narrative of history not with another of its own devising, but with the outline of a picture, only just becoming visible, of a human past replete with political experiment and creativity. 

“How did we get stuck?” the authors ask—stuck, that is, in a world of “war, greed, exploitation [and] systematic indifference to others’ suffering”? It’s a pretty good question. “If something did go terribly wrong in human history,” they write, “then perhaps it began to go wrong precisely when people started losing that freedom to imagine and enact other forms of social existence.” 

It isn’t clear to me how many possibilities are left us now, in a world of polities whose populations number in the tens or hundreds of millions. But stuck we certainly are.

Was it humans that messed us up? Or ALIENS???? 

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Thursday, October 14, 2021

January 6th WAS an Armed Insurrection

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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Civil War


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The Road to Idiocracy Is Paved by Rightwing Media and Facebook

"How dumb can a nation get and still survive?"
T.S. Eliot wrote that the world ends "not with a bang but a whimper,” but I fear our great nation is careening toward a third manner of demise: descent into lip-blubbering, self-destructive idiocy. How did we become, in such alarming measure, so dumb? 
Why is the news dominated by ridiculous controversies that should not be controversial at all? 
When did so many of our fellow citizens become full-blown nihilists who deny even the concept of objective reality? And how must this look to the rest of the world? 
Read the headlines and try not to weep: Our elected representatives in the U.S. Senate, which laughably calls itself “the world’s greatest deliberative body,” agreed Thursday not to wreck our economy and trigger a global recession — at least for a few weeks. Republicans had refused to raise the federal debt ceiling, or even to let Democrats do so quickly by simple majority vote. They relented only after needlessly unsettling an international financial system based on the U.S. dollar. 
The frequent games of chicken that Congress plays over the debt ceiling are — to use a term of art I recall from Economics 101 — droolingly stupid. In the end, yes, we always agree to pay our obligations. But the credit rating of the planet’s greatest economic superpower has already been lowered because of this every-few-years ritual, and each time we stage the absurd melodrama, we risk a miscalculation that sends us over the fiscal cliff. Today’s trench-warfare political tribalism makes that peril greater than ever. An intelligent and reasonable Congress would eliminate the debt ceiling once and for all. Our Congress is neither. 
In other news, Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) was speaking to a crowd of Republicans at a country club in his home state Saturday when he tried, gently, to boost South Carolina’s relatively low rate of vaccination against the coronavirus. 
He began, “If you haven’t had the vaccine, you ought to think about getting it because if you’re my age — ” “No!” yelled many in the crowd. 
Graham retreated — “I didn’t tell you to get it; you ought to think about it” — and then defended his own decision to get vaccinated. But still the crowd shouted him down. 
Seriously, people? Covid-19 is a highly infectious disease that has killed more than 700,000 Americans over the past 20 months. The Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines all but guarantee that recipients will not die from covid. 
I have, or had, an acquaintance who refused to get vaccinated, despite pleas from his adult children to protect himself. He got covid-19, and it killed him. Most of the deaths the nation has suffered during the current delta-variant wave of the disease — deaths of the unvaccinated — have been similarly needless and senseless. 
Covid-19 is a bipartisan killer. In the tribal-political sense, the safe and effective vaccines are a bipartisan miracle, developed under the Republican Trump administration and largely distributed under the Democratic Biden administration. People in most of the rest of the world realize, however, that vaccination is not political at all; it is a matter of life and death, and also a matter of how soon — if ever — we get to resume our normal lives. 
Why would people not protect their own health and save their own lives? How is this anything but just plain stupid? 
We are having other fights that are, unlike vaccination, partisan and political — but equally divorced from demonstrable fact. 
Conservatives in state legislatures across the country are pushing legislation to halt the teaching of “critical race theory” in public schools. I put the term in quotes because genuine critical race theory, a dry and esoteric set of ideas debated in obscure academic journals, is not actually being taught in those schools at all. 
What’s being taught instead — and squelched — is American history, which happens to include slavery, Jim Crow repression and structural racism. I get it. The GOP has become the party of White racial grievance, and this battle against an imaginary enemy stirs the base. But the whole charade involves Republican officials — many of them educated at the nation’s top schools — betting that their constituents are too dumb to know they’re being lied to. So far, the bet is paying off. 
And then, of course, there’s the whole “stolen election” farce, which led to the tragedy of Jan. 6. Every recount, every court case, every verifiable fact proves that Joe Biden fairly defeated Donald Trump. Yet a sizeable portion of the American electorate either can’t do basic arithmetic or doesn’t believe that one plus one always equals two. 
How dumb can a nation get and still survive? Idiotically, we seem determined to find out.


What Mr. Robinson is too kind to write, or perhaps too afraid of the backlash, is that all the major idiocy these days is from the right, the Republicans, from conservatives. It's wild. 

Of course the spectacularly idiotic QAnon movement is more evidence of the right-wing losing their minds.

The only "good" thing is COVID19 is killing the right at a higher rate -- natural selection at work.

On the other hand, it's clear that the GOP doesn't really worry about their voters as they can rig and overturn elections.

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Saturday, October 02, 2021

Trump Lawyer Says Planes on 9/11 Were CGI


Watch the 2 minute clip of him talking about 9/11 here.

In his sloppy little spiel, he also mentions the financial fraud at the Pentagon before 9/11, implies 9/11 was to cover it up, WTC7 going down despite no plane hitting it and says wrongly that WTC7 had the papers for the Pentagon fraud. He also mentions no plane hitting the Pentagon (says it was a missile) and wrongly says there were no plane parts found at any of the 4 sites. 

So Wood's a bit mixed up about 9/11 even if he's correct about CGI planes. 

The main problem is Lin Wood is a major promoter of the massive lie that Trump really won the 2020 election. Wood is a well-known liar and fraud and appears to be mentally disturbed.  

IMO, Wood talking about CGI planes on 9/11 only discredits whatever merit there is to the theory because he's such a ridiculous joke of a person.

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Friday, October 01, 2021

Trump's Quack COVID Advisor Steven Hatfill Brings a Flashback to the Bizarre Anthrax Attacks

Some recent reporting revealed that Steven Hatfill, worked on the COVID response under Trump, where he seems to have made things worse

Anyway, this old post from me here quotes a long DU post about the anthrax attacks, which has a bunch of astounding info that I'd completely forgotten about.

Then there is the October 2001 anthrax attacks -- a clear smoking gun for government-sponsored terror if there ever was one

The anthrax attacks of October 2001 should have put an end to doubts about the "War on Terror" and the likelihood that elements of the U.S. government are willing to stage inside-job terror attacks on American soil. Instead the attacks have been forgotten, although at the time they were trumped up into something even bigger than 9/11.

Unlike the case of 9/11, the facts about the anthrax attacks are simple, clear and close to conclusive:

-The Bush government revived an anthrax program early in 2001 on orders from Cheney and had developed a new milling process just before Sept. 11. Incredibly, this was called "Project Jefferson" (!).

- A week before Sept. 11, the New York Times reported that the Pentagon was experimenting in the "defensive" development of anthrax milling methods. Government scientists were assigned to put together home-made laboratories, using only materials available commercially, on the sparse budget of a mere one million of your taxpayer dollars. When this was revealed, the Pentagon said they weren't actually taking the final step, of milling live spores (although I wonder why, once ready, they would not want to see how well their lab works). The idea of the exercise, supposedly, was to see what terrorists might whip together from store-bought items. The French got wind of this program and complained to a United Nations committee, since the biowarfare convention outlaws all research, including "defensive research." To allay these concerns, the Pentagon invited an NY Times reporter, our old friend Judy Miller, to the Texas base where the experiments were held.*

-On Sept. 11th the White House immediately put some of its staff, reportedly including Cheney himself, on Cipro. How did they know to pick this antibiotic, out of the many available? How could they guess that anthrax (or another pathogen against which Cipro can protect) was coming? This is the subject of a discovery suit by Judicial Watch: how did they know?**

-A wave of stories immediately after Sept. 11th announced that anthrax was the likeliest next attack. We were even threatened with a specific sequence of future attacks: anthrax, smallpox, plague. (They've been drumming up the smallpox scare ever since the anthrax attacks stopped.) Of all the hundreds of biowar germs and literally thousands of types of terror attacks, why was this idea circulated so prominently? Who was behind spreading these stories? Why so specific?

-Suspect Hatfill, while working biowarfare research at SAIC/Batelle Memorial in 1999, commissioned his colleague in science, William Capers Patrick, the renowned dean of American biowarfare research, to write a report on modalities that terrorists might employ in sending anthrax through the mail.

-The report from that study specified an ideal spore concentration and weight of anthrax sample per envelope. These were the amounts that were then reportedly used in the attacks on Daschle and Leahy. In other words, the anthrax attackers had access to this secret report.

-The anthrax went first to the headquarters of the country's biggest tabloid owner (National Enquirer and Florida Sun-Sentinel). The Enquirer had printed a series of anti-Bush "conspiracy" stories, including one claiming that McVeigh was still breathing after his execution. The Enquirer also published embarrassing pictures of the Bush twins drunk, which had gotten much play on Drudge and similar outlets. Was this an object lesson to the media? (Note: never established how it got to Bob Stevens; no envelope located; theory that it may have been spread from one floor to another by a vacuum cleaner .. or was he directly hit, via keyboard?)

-The wife of the paper's editor had rented an apartment to Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi. Was the paper going to do a story about this that would not have fit the official 9/11 line?

--At this point, the FBI on a request from Iowa State University allowed the destruction of a stockpile of original Ames strain samples on Oct. 13, days after the Bob Stevens case became known. Why?! This was a precaution?!

-The next group of attacks hit the New York media. The letters arrived just as the Afghanistan campaign began and caused maximum coverage of nothing but anthrax. For a vital week or two, both the Afghanistan campaign and the 9/11 investigation became secondary concerns to the media.

-At that point the FBI immediately called off one-half of the thousands of agents who were working on 9/11 and put them to work on anthrax. THIS IS VITAL: THE 9/11 INVESTIGATION WAS STALLED BECAUSE OF THE SUDDEN ANTHRAX MAILINGS.

-The third wave of attacks, the one that exactly fit the specifications of the secret paper commissioned by Hatfill, was sent first to Daschle and Leahy - the majority leader of the Democratic opposition in the Senate, and the Democratic head of the Judiciary Committee.

-The government said the anthrax powder sent to Daschle and Leahy had been put through a much more sophisticated process of milling to aerosolize the spoors, such as would require advanced technology from a state weapons program.

-This exceptional piece of constituent mail arrived at Daschle offices about a week after the USA PATRIOT Act was submitted to the Congress. Leahy supposedly received his weeks later on Nov. 17, due to it being lost in the mail. Leahy had initially opposed the Act, and requested clarification of its more extreme provisions from Ashcroft. Ashcroft never answered.

- Senate offices were shut down and Capitol Hill went into an uproar. For weeks, as employees lined up for doses of antibiotics, Hazmat and FBI agents poked around in the Senate.

- By the end of that month the Republican-majority House chose to run home. As they left, they cast their votes for the USA PATRIOT Act and its negation of the U.S. Constitution. As Republican Congressman Ron Paul has made clear, most of them did not even receive a text of the 300-page final version of the USA PATRIOT Act before they voted for it, let alone read it.

- The Senate soon followed suit, also approving USA PATRIOT.

- Reports told that Sens. Kennedy and Levin, two other liberals, had also received anthrax letters, although no photos of these letters were published.

- The notes included with the anthrax letters to Daschle, Leahy and Tom Brokaw tried to point the blame at Arab perpetrators, but these were clumsy and transparent. ("Allah is Great" instead of "God Is Great" or "Allah Akhbar.") They are written in block letters and look as though someone got a child to write them or wrote them with a pen in his left fist (assuming he's right-handed).

- The news at first wanted to blame it on Arabs, or Iraq. Why should that damned Osama bin Laden hate the Democratic leadership, as opposed to Republican leaders?

- Only days later did reports arrive of anthrax being found in mail to the White House, Pentagon, Federal Reserve, CIA, etc. All of their mail had by then been very safely isolated on military bases. No details about these alleged attacks have been released. We have not seen copies of the letters, as was the case with the letters to Daschle, Leahy and Tom Brokaw. There have to my knowledge been no follow-up reports on the provenance of the anthrax employed in these cases.

How strange how the first attacks, the only ones that had a chance to get through, went to the Democratic leadership!

- Suddenly, the anthrax wave stopped as quickly as it had begun. The biggest U.S. media story of October 2001 was effectively swept away. The media obediently switched to the taking of Kabul and spent November 2001 preparing us for a thoughtful Thanksgiving, with endless soul-searching stories asking how our country could have ever produced Johnny Taliban Walker.

- Anthrax has since been mentioned only rarely and out of context, as when Powell had the gall to hold up a vial of white powder at the UN and ask where Saddam is hiding his anthrax. Well, Colin, where are you keeping yours?

-All the foreign anthrax letters reported at various times in 2001 have been dismissed as white-powder hoaxes.

-It was established quickly that the anthrax to Leahy and Daschle was of recent production, with high-quality, weaponized spores such as can be produced only by a specialist at an advanced facility; and that the lineage goes back to Fort Detrick, Maryland and the Ames strain used by American biowarfare programs.

-For all this, the anthrax perpetrator(s) made an obvious effort to minimize casualties and target the letters very specifically to individuals. The same amount of anthrax could have been spread in a fashion causing many more deaths.

-Having gotten as far as Stephen Hatfill, the FBI investigation stalled. Hatfill has been a "person of interest" for more than two years, his house has been invaded several times by sniffer-dog teams, and the FBI even drained a pond near his house to see if he had grown anthrax spores in it; but no further progress has been reported in the investigation.

- Could it be that the "lone perpetrator" thesis is not sustainable, and they don't want to deal with the implications?

What can we conclude?

Unlike Sept. 11th, the anthrax attacks were a selective wave of terror. The confirmed letters, the ones that resulted in the deaths of six people, were targeted at specific individuals: reporters, news media personalities, and four leading Democratic senators. This was by design, there was nothing random about it. The perpetrators have not been presented and so we can only speculate about their motives, but there is no doubt about the direct and predictable effect of their design: the attacks were perfectly sequenced and timed to cow the opposition, force through the Patriot Act, make an exampe of deviant journalists, divert the 9/11 investigation, and frighten and occupy the media during the first phase of the Afghanistan war. The attacks provided important reinforcement in keeping these various actors from questioning the official post-Sept. 11th atmosphere of terror and panic. They were the key step in initiating the formal transformation of American society and law.

In simpler words, the anthrax attacks look exactly as though they were planned and executed by a black-ops or damage-control team working on behalf of the Bush regime's goals, either as rogues or as appointed hitmen. They may have hit Bob Stevens as a revenge job, they hit the media to shut them up, and they hit Daschle and Leahy to intimidate them into accepting the USA PATRIOT Act. We might compare the crew who were responsible for this to Nixon's Plumbers, except that they were more sophisticated and effective in their choice of methods; or, perhaps, they simply had better protection among their sponsors.

That is the hypothesis so far that best covers all of the above facts. In this case, there is no doubt which way Occam's razor cuts. Anthrax was almost certainly an inside job.

In fact, this is the thesis that many people subscribe to when speaking off the record in the the world capital of paranoia itself, Washington, DC.

And what has Daschle done or said about these facts? Are Brokaw and Rather really unaware of all this? They have chosen not to defend themselves against what are, in effect, attempts on their own lives.

This is the context in which we should view the Jan. 2002 call from Cheney, the premature Cipro-taker, to Daschle, the anthrax recipient. Cheney threatened Daschle of dire consequences if he should push too hard for a 9/11 investigation in the Congress. This single call led to a series delays in the Congressional joint inquiry of Sept. 11, which finally opened in June 2002.

Daschle - and Leahy, and all the other Senators including Kerry and Edwards - are so scared, or so compromised, or otherwise being blackmailed with other threats, that they have not risen to this challenge. I don't envy or accuse them, but how can you expect these guys to ever confront the Bush mob?

(*NOTE: What justification is there for programs like "Jefferson"? This program not only finds out what terrorists might do, it no doubt discovers ways to do it that they might not have thought of themselves. The government scientists gain the astonishing insight that there's fuck-all they can do to stop evil biology students from engaging in such activities if they so wish. And the program's results will be written up in a little "defensive" manual on how to make your own anthrax lab. One day, probably soon, that will end up in the hands of one of our freedom fighters somewhere... and a years down the line he or his successor will use it against the U.S., thus setting off the next round of "defensive" activity on our part. At least it's lucrative!)

(** Note 2: Interestingly, earlier in the year one Jerome Hauer took up his new job under Tommy Thompson at the Health Department, as the advisor for bioterrorism. This is the same Jerome Hauer who developed the West Nile spraying program and, ahem, the Office of Emergency Management on Floor 23 of WTC 7, during his tenure as a terrorism adviser to the City of New York. And the same Hauer who claimed to have gotten John O'Neill his last job, as counter-terror chief at the WTC, where he died on Sept. 11th.)

The bottom line is that some very sick people in the government have gotten away with murder, both with 9/11 and with the anthrax. And the killing is still going on in Iraq and no one can even stop it now, short of incredibly massive public protests-- which simply aren't going to happen in the near future. Moreover, there is a very good chance the delusional Bush administration will try to attack Iran in the coming year.

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