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Friday, January 01, 2100

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This blog explores politics from a liberal/left perspective but also deals heavily with conspiracy theories and various unusual topics. Although I started this blog to research 9/11, my most pressing issue of concern now is anthropogenic climate change.

If you have doubts about the science of climate change, this website is a very useful resource to get educated.

I'm happy to have people comment and contribute ideas here. I don't censor comments except in rare cases where there is abuse or private information. Google/Blogger does sometimes censor comments for reasons I don't understand and I have no control over. Lately, I am not able to even find comments that Google/Blogger has blocked. Sorry about that.

I post kind of irregularly in recent years but I try to keep this site active. Feel free to use the search engine on the side for older content. You can read about the history of this blog here.

I rarely ever check my email for this blog (see sidebar for my address). If you need to contact me, the best bet is to leave a comment. If you need to email me, let me know in a comment that you've emailed me.

Thank you for reading.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023

The JFK Ass'n Magic Bullet Theory Finally Bites the Dust for Good

 From JFKJ ass'n researcher David Talbot:

"The Confessions of a Secret Service Agent. (no paywall link here)
Former agent Paul Landis -- as he approaches 90 -- is apparently a low-key guy. But what he writes in his new book about the Kennedy assassination will change history forever. 
Landis, who rode on the rear bumper of the Secret Service car that followed JFK's limousine in Dallas with his partner Clint Hill, finally gives evidence that demolishes the magic bullet story as the fairytale it has always been. 
Landis's account of that fateful day also casts grave doubt on the lone gunman theory -- the twin fable that underpins the official Warren Report. 
For nearly 60 years, the New York Times -- the mainstream media's gold standard -- has clung to the increasingly tattered Warren Report. Now even the Times has finally begun to question the official story.
This should open the reporting floodgates: since there were clearly at least two shooters that day, who were they? Who did they work for? By pursuing the mystery that continues to haunt America, the New York Times and the rest of the press can begin to win back its credibility. 
Now that the official version of the Kennedy assassination has been debunked, other more tantalizin'g stories beckon. As the Bible (and Allen Dulles) said, "You shall know the truth, and it shall set you free."
Talbot's book "The Devil Chessboard" cracked open a major part of the assassination story and he makes a good case for it being a CIA hit job run by director Allen Dulles.

Also it's worth reading this piece published here from 2007 -- 

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The Last True President Of The United States
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Monday, September 11, 2023

22 Years On, Still No Justice for the 9/11 Perpetraitors

we can only imagine at this point, they have gotten away with it... all the lives, all the theft of our nation's wealth... no justice 

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Close Encounter of the 3rd Kind: UFO Crash in Peru - Jonathan Weygandt, Lance Corporal

 Great interview, worth a watch. I think it's part of Steven Greer's UFO Disclosure project from 2001.

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33 of the Day

"The Tajbeg Palace Assault, known by the military codename Operation Storm-333 (Russian: Шторм-333, Štorm-333), was a military raid executed by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan on 27 December 1979. 

It saw Spetsnaz GRU storm the heavily fortified Tajbeg Palace in Kabul and subsequently assassinate Afghan leader Hafizullah Amin, a Khalqist of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) who had taken power in the Saur Revolution of April 1978.

 The Soviet military operation marked the beginning of what would later become known as the Soviet–Afghan War."

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

Revisiting the Weird Ed Felt Phone Call on Flight 93

 Ed Felt's phone call from flight 93 always stood out as strange. 

According to the official story:

1) he made it from the bathroom of the flight using his cell phone-- so unlikely that he would have had signal/make a connection with the ground

2) he made the call towards the end of that flight, when the passenger revolt was well underway, but made no mention of that event

3) early reports had Felt describing an explosion, seeing smoke and the 911 operators hearing a whooshing sound, but that is gone from the final official transcript

4) there was serious discrepancy between the accounts of the phone call from the two people at the 911 call center who listened to it live (supposedly)

5) not clear why he called 911 rather than his wife or other family member, like most passengers did

Overall, it's clear that the phone call doesn't fit the official narrative and there has been some degree of cover-up about it.

Explanations for all this:

1) official story-friendly: Felt was scared from the beginning of the hijack, hid out in the bathroom and didn't know what was happening with the other passengers, made a 911 phone call when he thought something bad was happening with the plane at 9:58, got a lucky connection, one of the 911 call operators over-dramatized what he heard on the call, made up the explosion and smoke part, the official transcript was edited merely for clarity, parts were garbled and not interpretable.

2) conspiracy versions:

A: Felt was on the real hijacked flight 93 that was shot down, crashed in Shanksville and this was covered up

B: Felt was an actor as part of a hijack drill where a flight 93 was hijacked and shot down, he was later killed

By itself, one could possibly buy the official story-friendly version. But given all the other flight 93 weirdness: weird phone calls (e.g. Todd Beamer), the weird crash site, weirdness with the cockpit voice recorder, the known occurrence of hijack drills on 9/11/2001, I have to lean more towards the conspiracy explanations.

The official version of the cockpit voice recorder. 

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Saturday, August 05, 2023

UFOs once took control of Russian ICBMs, nearly caused WW3

Did aliens nearly cause the Earth to be consumed by World War III after antagonizing Russian missile bases in Ukraine? Did Russian fighter pilots die fighting UFOs? 
 By AARON REICH Published: AUGUST 1, 2023 21:21 

 Russian fighter jets once fired at possible extraterrestrial life forms after a pair of UFOs nearly caused World War III to break out, according to sworn testimony shared to Congress and obtained by Fox News. The testimony was given by George Knapp, an award-winning Las Vegas-based journalist who has repeatedly reported on UFOs, now known as UAPs, and the alleged conspiracies surrounding them. According to Knapp, there was a time when the Russian military actually deployed fighter jets to fire on UFOs following an incident that nearly pushed the world into a globe-spanning nuclear war.

Lots of interesting details in the piece

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Conspiracy Theories Going Off the Rails Because of MAGAts

How QAnon and Jan. 6 Ripped the Conspiracy Theory World Apart

In one sense, I can really relate to this piece about the "good old days of conspiracy theories" very much (they mention the holy conspiracy trinity of 9/11, there JFK ass'n and UFOs), but what the piece very annoyingly leaves out is that all the terrible elements, the most toxic people, are all the goddamned rightwing assholes, largely Trump supporters!!! 

FFS, the NYTimes and their inability to call this noxious part of right-wing politics out is maddening! 

Also, this isn't in the piece, but I don't get the movement lately from the left to call basic questions about 9/11 truth nutty -- this was a largely leftwing movement based on facts from the beginning. Who the hell on the left really trusts GW Bush and Dick Cheney about 9/11? 

That being said I do know there has always been a schism on the left between complete adherence to official narratives and "science" and with those who entertain conspiracy theories about events such as 9/11 and the JFK assassination. 

Obviously I am interested in alternative theories for a lot of things that happen in our world, but they need to be originated in facts, follow some basic logic, adhere to human behavior, be put in perspective with normal politics and not be dogmatic or considered 100% truth. 

And it's undoubtedly true that what the rightwing and far-leftwing is doing now is taking all the more-or-less reasonable concerns from the left from the past 20 years, about voting machines, the CIA/deep state, govt surveillance, election interference which clearly happened with Dump with Russia, and twisting it beyond all recognition to fit their idiotic pro-Dump conspiracy narrative, and completely losing track of any sense of facts and logic and truth.
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Sunday, July 16, 2023

33 of the Day-- Trinity

 Today marks the anniversary of the dawn of the nuclear age with the Trinity Test in Los Alamos, New Mexico.

if you are into numerology, both today and the date of when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Japan, add up to 33.

33 is a conspiracy number commonly associated with all things nuclear.

7+1+6+1+9+4+5= 33

8+6+1+9+4+5= 33
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