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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ground Zero Smoking Cannon: Where Are All the Core Columns and Beams???

The destruction of the WTC left basically four major types of large structural debris visible in photos like this:

(double click to enlarge)(this image was cropped from a larger picture taken September 23rd, 2001)

There was lots of aluminum cladding (the silvery stuff that spread the farthest and was seen on the rooftops of surrounding buildings), there were sections of the outer wall (these have the characteristic "wheat-chex" appearance, which were groups of columns linked by spandrel plates), there were many small beams of unclear origin (the right size for broken-off outer columns but could also be floor beams -- many floors of the WTC were supported by beams and not trusses-- or small core cross-beams), and last, there were the huge core columns and core cross-beams (the largest single separate columns that are strewn about like matchsticks in the photo above).

The core of the WTC was in fact MASSIVE-- in contrast to some conceptions of the core after 9/11, the core structure took up a huge amount of the space inside the tower-- it was roughly 90 feet by 140 feet in cross-section, in the 207 by 207 foot cross-section of the tower, and it left about 60 feet of floor on two sides and about 30 feet of floor on the other two sides.

The core was composed of 46-47 vertical sets of long columns that went the length of the building, and the core was abundantly cross-braced by steel beams. Additional information on the core structures can be seen here and here.

In the picture above, you can see that some of the very large core columns were about 100 feet long. If we assume that the core was made up of these 100 foot long core columns, it turns out there should have been over 600 core columns (at MIMIMUM-- the exact number depending on whether there were 46 or 47 the whole length and if the core had 100 foot columns the whole way).

The numbers of steel beams in the cross-bracings was much, much greater. At a minimum of 14 large cross-beams per floor, we're talking over 1500 more HUGE steel beams. All told, we're talking about, at MINIMUM, 2100 HUGE steel columns and beams in the core.

Note, if anything, I am underestimating the numbers of core columns and core cross-beams.

So this begs the question: how many core columns and core cross-beams are seen in the remnants of a WTC tower, such as in the remains of WTC1 in the photo here:

I have marked with a black line anything that could be considered a core column or beam.

Erring on the side of calling everything remotely close to a large steel beam or column, I only count about 125 core columns/beams.***

That leaves almost 2000 HUGE STEEL columns and beams unaccounted for!

This picture was taken 9/13/01, and shows that the large columns in the picture above were basically left lying in place since 9/11:

Now sure, some core columns and beams are going to be buried under the rubble and not visible. But almost 2000 of these monster pieces of steel are buried in a rubble pile that wasn't more than 20 feet deep in most places?

I don't think so.

Not to mention that the videos showed that much of the core clearly came down last (or at least large sections of it came down at the end), and therefore the core columns and beams should have been at the top of the pile.

And certainly, the core being the heaviest part of the building, core columns and beams were not going to fall very far from the foot-print of the tower.

So what happened to all the core columns?

I really, really, really, really doubt that jet fuel, or even thermite, caused over one thousand massive steel columns and beams to melt into a puddle. Besides, despite the reports of molten steel under ground zero, I have yet to see a picture of large pool of molten steel at ground zero.

What happened to all the core columns and beams then?

My guess is most of them turned to very fine dust and smoke.

Now you may say this "dustification" idea is just silly, that these huge pieces of steel are there and we just can't see them. But in truth, the rubble/debris pile for each tower was NOT THAT DEEP.

I defy anyone to take 2100 long thin objects (say pencils or toothpicks) and dump them into a pile and get a pile as relatively small as seen with the remains of WTC1-- and also only be able to see less than 10% of the objects at the end. Add in some junk to your pile if you wish.

Of course there is the whole issue of how the core structure was dismantled in the first place-- it's impossible for me to imagine that any gravity driven collapse would completely tear apart the core down to its lowest level.

***It's possible that I missed counting a few columns/beams in the picture, but I can't see missing more than 20. It's probably true I missed a few columns/beams that fell further and were off the bottom edge of the picture-- though looking at other shots of ground zero, I can't have missed more than 20 large columns/beams. Even so, we're still talking about hundreds and hundreds of missing columns and beams.

One formal possibility is that I only counted the largest steel pieces that were the core columns and that all the cross-beams were smaller. There are in fact scads of small individual steel pieces scattered in the footprint of WTC1. I really doubt these are the major core cross-beams, as they seem too small. These small beams probably were individual outer wall columns that broke off, or steel beams that made up some of the floors (several floors had heavy steel beams instead of trusses supporting the floor) or the smaller core cross-beams (there should have been thousands of these). But even if we assume all these small pieces were the cross-beams, and the large steel pieces are only the core columns, we are still missing around HUGE 500 core columns!

Seriously, where are they?

Because if they can't be accounted for, it means the beam weapon that disintegrates steel is a reality.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are really getting very good at this blogging business -
i hereby nominate spooked for "blogger of the year"!
hey sword of truth, where is your structural engineer to explain the disappearance of most of the steel comprising the wtc?
the removal machine - one almost has to admire the efficiency that was exhibited in destroying and removing the entire wtc complex while leaving the bathtub foundation and the surrounding buildings for the most part intact. awesome. they should be pleased with the entire affair.


bushco inc: we're your go-to guys!
specializing in:
*strategic tower removals
*depleted uranium seeding
*budget and pension appropriations
now featuring no-bid contracts!

12:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are being too generous. I did what you did, counted big pieces of steel. I also measured them. The longest one is less than 80 feet. I counted fewer than 100 with a potential of being over 50 feet. I wish there was a non wierd explanation.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now now, wftgawhth, Spooked. Your silly arguments gave me a hearty belly-chuckle and a titter.

I see nothing weird about this disappearing steel at all!

Those 19 Evil Terrorists thought of everything. Just like they bought their boxcutters at WalMart beforehand, they probably stole some of the steel beams out of the towers beforehand too. How hard would it be for a few dozen Arab fanatics to sneak into those buildings at night dressed as janitors and sneak the core columns out to weaken the buildings a few weeks before 9/11? We know from the video we all saw on TV that big solid objects like airplanes pass right through Skyscrapers without leaving exit holes. Someone could have slipped a few core collumns out a time the same way at night when everyone was asleep.

You conspiracy kooks make me laugh! Beam weapons don't exist!

It's widely known that gravity makes steel core columns and aluminum airplanes disappear. Hundreds of structural engineers and thousands of eyewitnesses say so! Oh yeah, and newsflash for you, there was some smoke coming out of those towers for 45 minutes. How long does it take to smoke one cigarette? Well those beams are the same size and shape as a big cigarette. Did it ever occur to you that the beams just turned into smoke because of the fire? Isn't that a lot simpler?

Also, There were many media reports of the Mafia stealing scrap metal from the Ground Zero site. The front page story of Rupert Murdoch's New York Post of Sep 28, 2001 reads: "MAFIA LOOTS WTC RUINS" Sources said the heartless and unpatriotic crooks who pulled off the massive theft wouldn't have made a lot of money - they'd get $1.60 per 100 pounds of scrap, or just over $15,000 for all 255 tons. Underneath it they publish 19 FACES OF MURDER with the Arabs who are to blame for everything! The steel disappeared because 19 Arabs hate our freedom and the Mafia wanted an extra $15,000 because that's a lot of money for the Mafia. I'd gladly loot most of those 80 foot steel core columns for $15k, who wouldn't? You don't think that the New York Post would print stories like that if they weren't absolutely true, would they? To believe your conspiracy nonsense you'd have to assume that someone within "The Government" actually wanted them to print a front page story on missing metal from the WTC. I think that $15 thousand dollars of missing scrap metal is front page news for any major newspaper and that it's absurd for you clowns to suggest otherwise.

It amazes me that you conspiracy kooks can't see that the 19 Arabs and the Mafia and Gravity and a Fire made the steel columns dissappear. We're all having a big laugh at your expense over on our goverment-sponsored Conspiracy Smasher site.


P.S. I personally knew all of the people on those airplanes and most of them called me during the hijacking, so I can assure you that that's all true too. And I also talked to some Iraqi cab driver and he personally saw WMD in Iraq and Saddam mailing some Anthrax Letters from his hideout with Al Qaeda stamps. So I think you're unpatriotic for entertaining these silly ideas. Osama did it! Get real! Move to France! Stop aiding the Terrorists! Stop hating my freedoms!

4:10 AM  
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