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Thursday, October 14, 2004

What Good Were the NORAD Hijacking Exercises?

As my last post shows, NORAD was clearly used to dealing with hijackings, and had planned for situations incredibly similar to 9/11/01.

So why WAS NORAD so unprepared for 9/11?

There are basically two possible explanations.

1) The NORAD wargames (Operations Northern Vigilance, Northern Guardian, Vigilant Guardian and Vigilant Warrior) completely interfered with the detection of the "real" hijacked craft. In particular, the fake targets that were "injected" into NORAD radar could be very misleading and confusing. Also, these games may have drawn key interceptor planes away from the critical northeast sector (in particular the "Northern" exercises).

2) The NORAD hijacking exercises actually showed the perpetrators of 9/11 how to AVOID NORAD detection. In support of this, the 9/11 hijacked planes acted strangely-- the only sign of hijacking was the transponder going off, loss of communication and alteration of the plane's course. This undoubtedly also confused NORAD.

In theory, once the first plane hit the WTC, the war-games should have been immediately cancelled. However, there may have been too much precious time lost and too few planes to respond. Both theories may therefore be true.

The question then, is who were the perpetrators of 9/11? Surely Al Qaeda wouldn't know about NORAD exercises would they?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, according to Hopsicker:

A software company called Ptech, founded by a Saudi financier placed on America’s Terrorist List in October 2001, had access to the FAA’s entire computer system for two years before the 9/11 attack.

2:11 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

Yes, I know about P-tech.

But how would P-tech know about NORAD exercises?

In any case, even if P-tech is involved in this, why hasn't there been more attention drawn to them and more investigation?

The answer is that P-tech appears to have CIA ties.

7:46 AM  
Blogger DuctapeFatwa said...

"Al Qaeda" appears to have some CIA "ties," as well.

8:04 PM  
Blogger Spooked said...

DuctapeFatwa said...

"Al Qaeda" appears to have some CIA "ties," as well.
Yes, there is that....

11:47 AM  

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