Humint Events Online: Why Did the Hijackers on Flight 93 Wait So Long to Hijack the Plane?

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Why Did the Hijackers on Flight 93 Wait So Long to Hijack the Plane?

Flight 93 left Newark 45 minutes late, around 8:45am.

Oddly, the hijacking didn't start until another 45 minutes later, around 9:30am.

See Paul Thompson's time-line.

The flight 11 highjacking took place about 20 minutes after take-off.

The flight 175 highjacking took place about 30 minutes after take-off.

The flight 77 highjacking took place about 35 minutes after take-off.

Yet the flight 93 highjacking took place about 45 minutes after take-off? The plane that was running extremely late already?

Weren't the highjackings supposed to be coordinated so as to result in near simultaneous hits on their targets?

Wouldn't the flight 93 highjackers try to catch up with the others, by starting the highjacking a little earlier? At least you think the highjackers had to start worrying (should have started worrying) about air defenses by 9:30am.

Or was flight 93 SUPPOSED to be different? Could it have been a "show" highjacking?

This is the flight with all the cell phone calls. This is the flight everybody was watching by this time.

Another thing to consider-- by the time flight 93 was highjacked, it must have been at maximal altitude. Cell-phones don't work very well that high up.

These things all make me very suspicious.

UPDATE: This CNN article says that flight 93 was a SUSPECTED highjacking at 9:16 am, only 30 minutes after take-off. This timing is much more in line with the other highjackings. I can't find any info about why flight 93 was "suspected" to be highjacked at this time, unless there were suspicious voices heard over the radio at this point. Very odd, because this the "real" highjacking apparently starts clearly about 9:28am, as "documented" by the pilots saying over the radio "get out of here" with sounds of a struggle. The transponder went off at 9:40 am.

Not surprisingly, the 9/11 commission report fails to mention the 9:16 am suspected highjacking of flight 93.

One source that I cannot locate right now claimed that "mayday, mayday!" was said over the radio from the flight 93 cockpit around 9:28 am.


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