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Friday, December 24, 2004


I am slowly getting through "American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone" by Jim Fetzer and "Four Arrows".

One reason it's slow reading is because the writing really isn't that great-- the editing is a little sloppy and there is a lot of repetition. Moreover, it is slow going because it is not very uplifting material (similar to why I have a hard time getting through Mike Ruppert's book).

But overall the book makes a fairly convincing case that Wellstone was murdered. I think the case is mostly convincing if you are inclined to believe the Bush administration would do such a thing. I am inclined to believe this, but a lot of people probably won't be.

If you're interested in the topic, but don't really want to read the book, this essay by David Spring actually makes a lot of of the same points in a very concise way. The writer also makes this striking point:
This assassination was clearly the work of an organization with very sophisticated, high tech weapons at their disposal. Those who carried out this mission must have had plenty of experience in this kind of thing. Moreover they would have needed a lot of contacts with the corporate controlled media. Like with 911, the spin doctoring occurred so rapidly that it must have been prepared and put into place well in advance of the hit.
(Emphasis added)

This "spin-doctoring" is a key point when I think back to when Wellstone was assassinated. I was watching CNN at home, and they had breaking news with Wolf Blitzer about the plane crash. As "American Assassination: The Strange Death Of Senator Paul Wellstone" dosuments, Blitzer went out of his way to blame the crash on poor weather--- over the protest of the reporter on the scene. This type of shocking manipulation of fact was key to down-playing any hint of foul-play. And it worked-- no news organization even hinted at darker reasons for the plane crash. (This incident also makes me wonder if Wolf Blitzer is a CIA operative-- this would not be too surprising given that the US media is known to be infiltrated by the CIA, and would explain a lot about his reporting.)

As David Spring put it:
Given the clearness (no matter how poorly reported) of both the motive and method, the group who pulled this off must have felt confident they had so much control over the media and the police that they would never be caught. This group must have so much power that they no longer even care about conspiracy buffs connecting dots. In assassinating Wellstone in broad daylight, they clearly felt like they were above the law. Perhaps they felt this way because they now are the law.


What really is shameful is how willing people are to overlook any hint of government complicity-- despite the fact that there were clear motives for taking out Wellstone.

Overlooking any hint of government complicity is of course also very similar to how people have dealt with 9/11 -- despite clear motives and clear problems with the official story. But, the media played a large part in this phenomenon for shaping key early public opinion, and for that they deserve our eternal condemnation.


Blogger spooked said...

I still remember watching CNN on the day Wellstone's plane went down, and Wolf Blitzer kept repeating how bad the weather was in Minnesota in winter, like he was setting a meme to explain the crash. Turns out of course the weather was not that bad at all...

11:18 AM  

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