Humint Events Online: How Many Contradictions Can Fit Into One Phone Call?

Monday, June 20, 2005

How Many Contradictions Can Fit Into One Phone Call?

This is a great piece:
« Let’s Roll ! » : Let’s deconstruct a phone call !

Basically the piece goes over the various news accounts of Todd Beamer's call from flight 93 and finds that every possible aspect of the call has conflicting accounts in the media. All I can figure is that the call is bogus and has been essentially made up by the various people involved in propagating the story of the call, such as Lisa Beamer and Lisa Jefferson, and the various media figures involved in spreading this propaganda.

A less sinister explanation is that the call was real but was actually very short and the two Lisa's have embellished the details considerably. The problem with this theory is that suppoosedly the call was recorded and also listened in on by the FBI, and so there should be a hard record of what was said in the call. But one might think the FBI would set the record straight about what was in the call-- or alternatively try to shut the women up, like they tried to silence other 9/11 witnesses.

But no, it seems as though the call was purposefully propagated as propaganda, and that much of it was simply made up.


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