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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Bush and the Timing of the Pentagon Hit on 9/11-- A Key Insight Into What the Secret Service May Have Known on 9/11

The information here comes from a workshop run by Barbara Honegger at the Truth Emergency Convergence meeting on Sunday July 24, 2005 at American University in Washingon DC. This was the only workshop I was able to attend. I was actually very lucky to stumble on this workshop because it was on the Pentagon hit, a part of 9/11 I have been extremely interested in. I truly stumbled upon this workshop because I didn't know my way around and this was the first workshop I found.

I have decided to break the info I learned from Barbara Honegger (BH) into two separate posts. This is part one.

BH is a former whistleblower and is now a military-affairs reporter. She worked with Mike Ruppert on his "Crossing the Rubicon" but does not endorse all of Ruppert's conclusions-- particularly about Cheney being the mastermind behind 9/11 (and I agree with her).

BH describes the Pentagon hit as the "Rosetta Stone" and the "Holy Grail" of 9/11 because what happened there was very important for understanding 9/11 in general.

A key point is that the hit on the Pentagon, the killing of military personnel, was critical for engaging the military in this new "war", as opposed to 9/11 merely being a larger version of the Oklahoma City bombing.

Okay, to the meat of it-- the exact time of the Pentagon hit has been in dispute since 9/11. Initially, the time was 9:47am, then 9:45am, then 9:42am, then finally 9:37am as the final time settled on by the 9/11 commission. So there clearly has been some doubt about the timing of the event.

Strikingly, BH has extremely strong evidence from several different sources that the Pentagon was hit between 9:31am and 9:32am, five to six minutes earlier than even the earliest time officially admitted. This is physical evidence (stopped clocks) and several witnesses to the Pentagon hit (as she calls it the "violent event" since it wasn't clearly a plane hitting-- this will be in part two).

So why is this five minutes SO IMPORTANT???

We don't truly know, but BH has a very interesting and feasible idea, and it relates to what Bush was doing on that morning.

Remember, he was sitting in the classroom after the first plane hit, was supposedly told the second tower was hit in the classroom but did NOTHING for many minutes. In fact, Bush lingered in the classroom for a long time, in part because his aides told him to stall and not to say anything yet about the WTC attacks.

Here's the interesting part: Bush left the classroom at 9:32am.

The idea therefore, is that Bush and his people ONLY reacted to 9/11 when the MILITRARY had gotten hit. They didn't really care so much about civilians dying.

The reason they are lying about the time of the Pentagon hit is that it gives Bush cover so it makes it look like he wasn't leaving the classroom just after learning the Pentagon was hit. The lie about the timing was all about public relations! They didn't want the public to know that Bush did nothing until it was clear there was an attack on the military and that he didn't react to "mere civilians" being hit.

I think this theory makes a lot of sense.

Of course, beyond this, the really interesting question is: what the HELL hit the Pentagon????

In my next post I'll tell you what I learned from BH about what HIT the Pentagon.

Hint: she doesn't think flight 77 hit the Pentagon.

UPDATE: I didn't cross-check what Honegger was saying with other sources so just took her word that he left at 9:32am.

But according to Paul Thompson's timeline, Bush left the classroom at 9:29am, then at 9;34am was rushed out of the school-- it looks like only after the Pentagon was hit at 9:32am did they realize Bush was in danger!

This makes even more sense now! They must have been expecting the twin tower attack but not the pentagon hit. When the Pentagon was hit, they knew Bush might be a target as well.

This implies that the PENTAGON HIT WAS UNEXPECTED!

This also makes me wonder if the other hijacked planes, 77 and 93 were possible back-up planes for the WTC hit? Because the secret service had to know other planes were hijacked when Bush was in the classroom, but they didn't do anything UNTIL the Pentagon was hit!


Blogger pc93 said...

Search for the link on Google to abovetopsecret site regarding Pentagon hit. I started to believe that it really was that flight that hit the Pentagon. Even if it was the actual flight that hit the Pentagon it still does not mean that it wasn't engineered by certain operatives,. in our Federal Government or side spinoffs that we think of as Federal government. Too much unusual about Tower 7 collapse and twin towers collapse seems to indicate controlled demolitions being involved from CDI corp.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous pinch said...

The "timing" that Honegger has come up with seems to convieniently match her inability to handle complex events.

My own experience with the timing of the impact is backed up by NBC news footage from that morning.

I worked about a mile from the Pentagon at that time in Crystal City (I work in the Pentagon now). I was watching the footage from New York that morning on an office television that had been set up. I heard NBC's Jim Miklaszewski break into the broadcast, saying that he had "...just felt the building [Pentagon] shudder...".

I took about 3 steps to the window and even though I could not see the Pentagon itself I did see a climbing, black cloud from the impact/explosion. The impact had clearly just occured as this vertical cloud of black smoke and debris was still rapidly climbing and expanding.

Analysis of the NBC footage from that time showed that he broke into the New York broadcast at exactly 9:39:02 with his news about feeling an explosion at the Pentagon.

That is more than certain for me to demonstrate that the impact of the aircraft occured at probably something around 9:38:50 or within a number of seconds of that time.

I don't know what this "strong evidence" is that Honegger has. I can tell you for a fact that relying on stopped clocks is a far cry from a digitally recorded television archival tape where timing is crucial to television production.

As usual, in any event, believe what you will.

10:39 PM  
Anonymous pinch said...

One more comment on this with regards to a later post about have you ever visited the Pentagon.

DU post as follows:

spooked911 (1000+ posts) Wed Jul-27-05 06:00 PM
Response to Reply #5
7. They are VERY punctual at the Pentagon-- think about it:

Edited on Wed Jul-27-05 06:07 PM by spooked911

it is the military, after all. Honegger interviewed a Pentagon officer who said they HAD to be to meetings right on time.

_end_ snip

This comment is complete bullshit and reflects the fact that the individual who wrote it has no idea how the Pentagon works. Having worked in the building for a year and a half now and having attended hundreds of meetings in that time I can tell you for a freaking beyond-any-doubt fact that meetings do not necessarily start on time - very likely no different than any other large corporation. I've waited up to 45 minutes for a meeting to start with 3-star admirals and 2-star generals because of earlier meetings and I've been in meetings that dragged on beyond the stop time, making follow-on meetings late. Any meeting I have hosted generally would start actually 10-15 minutes after the published start time as we waited for people to make their way over from Crystal City or the Wash Navy Yard.

So yes, it DOES help if one know what they are talking about.

9:35 PM  

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