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Friday, October 28, 2005

WTC "Entry" Holes

Here is what I was referring to in this post:
wtc1 "entry" hole Posted by Picasa
Click on the picture for a larger version.

There are two large chunks of wall that are in the way of the fuselage entry point. One is a large section on the left hanging down a bit (above the woman in gray pants)-- that piece of debris could have swung in as the plane went in, then swung back out, perhaps.

But below that debris piece are lots of large jagged pieces of wall that really seem to block where the fuselage would have gone in. In particular, there is no clear path where the wing between the engine and the fuselage to go in. But if that was blocked, it is hard to see how the whole plane disappeared in that hole.

But if that isn't weird enough-- look at the WTC2 entry hole! This is more rarely seen, and I didn't even look at it closely until just now -- but look at it!

wtc2 entry hole Posted by Picasa
Click on picture to enlarge.

There is no freaking place where a 767 fuselage could have gone in! The entry hole is simply blocked! And this isn't stuff that swung in and swung out. This is large pieces of wall broken off stuffed in the hole where a 767 is supposed to have gone through!

This really smells rotten to me. Were the WTC hits faked with bombs too?


Blogger marcos freitas said...

surely yes! they've faked it as well! any photography of the aftermath shows us, there's no room (at all) to fit a boeing 767 (as we all have seen on television) piercing those buildings as they were made with cardboard!
they probably used cut-charges combined with some other source of explosives (along with the missile) to make the 'cartoon-like' plane-shaped hole

who are "they" is the very question
i mean, the perpetrators, the men behind the curtains... those who planned it and thus... those who can profit not only from the event itself but throughout the designed consequences (i.e. the afghan/iraq invasion and this fuckin' absurd farce, the so called war on terror)

3:32 PM  

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