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Monday, November 28, 2005

The 9/11 Blogging Conundrum

For me, getting to the truth of 9/11 is THE ISSUE. Almost every other political issue pales in comparison, and yet-- there is scant recognition in the mainstream media and in all the popular blogs of the fact that the truth of 9/11 is still very much being covered up. This causes me to turn away from these news sources in disgust.

Yet at the same time, constantly thinking about 9/11 is draining. So many days, it is just too hard, too depressing to go back and revisit 9/11. It is still a raw wound, and even more painful due to the fact that I know that the official story is a huge lie.

Thus, there are some days where I simply have no desire to confront 9/11 OR mainstream news. This makes it hard to blog on 9/11!

The good thing, I suppose, I that this condition is usually short-lived-- often a day or two at most.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you brother! Keep the faith and keep talking about it. More and more people are interested in supporting an independent investigation into 9/11.

Keep up your spirits!


2:59 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

Thanks! I appreciate that.

9:55 AM  
Blogger PerpetualYnquisitive said...

I know how you feel Spooked. Many a time it has been that I've felt my morale drop into negative terrority, after watching the videos from 9/11, even more so when I listen to the firefighters tapes.

I could teach monkeys to wave a flag, but I could never teach those same monkeys to question 'Why I wanted them to learn how to wave that flag'.

Keep the Faith brother, for questioning 'Authority' is a noble cause indeed / in deed.

11:46 AM  

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