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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I Don't Want to Come Across as Anti-Semitic, But...

It seems to me there are more than a few strands that point to Israeli connections in 9/11:

1) the Israeli art student ring (probable Mossad spies)

2) the "dancing Israelis" on 9/11

3) the Israeli moving company and the van with traces of explosives

Killtown has a good rundown on all this here.

But there's also

4) the Odigo (Israeli telecommunications company) warning about 9/11 and the WTC attack

5) Larry Silverstein and his connections to Israeli/Jewish causes

6) possible connections between Rupert Murdoch, Silverstein and "The Lone Gunmen" foreshadowing of 9/11

7) the strong Neocon link to Israel and the links between Neocons and 9/11

8) Daniel Lewin (an apparent Israeli commando) on flight 11

9) 9/11 obviously benefited Israel policies-- particularly the subjugation of Palestinians and the creation of a greater israeli state.

So what are we to make of all this? This is more than just a smoke-screen, it seems to me. On one hand, it is not clear that Israel had a major hand in the 9/11 plot, but on the other hand there is a plausible case that can be made that they were involved in the WTC demolition (means-- moving company planting explosives, motive-- Silverstein connection, and opportunity-- access to WTC site).

I guess there are three main questions here:
1) were Israelis involved in bombing the WTC? If not, who is a better suspect and why?
2) did Israelis play a key role in setting up the hijacker myth or play key roles in the 9/11 terror drills?
3) has the pro-Israel US media suppressed (further) evidence that 9/11 was an inside job BECAUSE of the role of Israelis?

An acquaintance has some interesting and pertinent words:
I do however, think we have to be a little bit conscious of the way that
PNAC and the "neo-cons" are being thrown as the media heavies in the whole Orwellian "global war on terror" psy-op. Larger forces are operating to direct developments, like the G-8, Bilderbergers, Trilateralists, CFR... all the alphabet soup of NGOs and
corporate/foundation cut-outs. In recognizing the specialized role assigned to American (Jewish) neo-cons, and to Israel (with its 900-lb. gorilla army of mercs and specialists), let us not make the mistake of neglecting the forest for the trees.

Much larger globalist forces directed 9/11, acting through the agency of their flunkies and bagmen in government, military, corporate and media. But certainly, the Jews and Israelis get to take the onus (and the immediate cash pay-offs) up front, right out in the open. Ariel Sharon has openly suggested that a rise in global anti-semitism would be good for the State of Israel, by boosting it with new immigrant flesh, forced out of Europe and Russia, especially. So some people advance their agendas by willingly fronting for the policies of war and police state.
I think this makes sense. Israel was important for 9/11 but a willing player in a much larger game. I'm just curious if this Israeli angle to 9/11 will always bubble just below the surface of US consciousness, or whether it will someday break out into a major scandal. The latter is probably not very likely in the current state of affairs, but politics is always somewhat unpredictable.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Critising the state of Israel is NOT anti-semetic.

Would be like saying...critising the USA somehow makes you anti-Christian.

(Because this nation was founded by, and is predominatly Christian)

10:03 AM  
Blogger Chronicles from the Panopticon said...

Exactly. Even Powell seems to agree with that

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again reviewing your archive from the vantage point of 2011. What is greater Israel? Right now it is the size of Rhode Island. Have you ever had a look at the size of the Arab states surrounding Israel? You say Israel benefited from 9/11. How specifically except for as you claim, subjugating the Palestinians? It has been five and a half years since this entry, do you still see a greater Israel?


1:18 AM  

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