Humint Events Online: The Bizarre "Camera Planet" Video of the 2nd Hit

Friday, May 12, 2006

The Bizarre "Camera Planet" Video of the 2nd Hit

Short version here (see "").

Longer version here (start at 3:00).

The longer version of the video inexplicably starts on the middle of WTC1 (north tower), which was not burning, than starts frantically panning around to the left, as if they knew something was there. But when they start panning, there is no plane visible. From the distance they were at, it is highly unlikely that they HEARD a plane. Then the plane appears as a small dark smudge, grows large extremely rapidly, and the camera focus goes in and out. Then the plane goes behind a building, there is a pan out, a brief view of the plane again before it hits the tower and the explosion.

Check out the plane sound, which HAD to be dubbed in, since at the distance the video was shot, there's no way a plane would have been heard like that-- and importantly, other closer videos do not have a similar sound.

In any case, there is something truly bizarre about this particular video-- such that I have to wonder if Camera Planet, the original source, was in on the 9/11 scam.

This video shows a similar NE angle, but from a different perspective so buildings are not blocking the plane view, FWIW.


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