Humint Events Online: A Tip-Off to Suspect Video of the 2nd Hit

Friday, June 30, 2006

A Tip-Off to Suspect Video of the 2nd Hit

A video such as this first one*, where the frame is centered on the South tower, even though it is unhit and therefore shouldn't be the center of attention:

*press play to see; not the image the video loads up before playing

Also about this first video: what the heck IS that thing that looks like the front of the plane projecting out the other side and explodes? It casts quite a shadow. It certainly can't be the fuselage, that should have been torn up, and it is far too big to be an engine. Is it some sort of projectile-shaped bolus of jet fuel? But why would the fuel come out in this shape and not be more dispersed?

Another thing that has seemed odd to me for a while is how the cloud from where the plane went IN is primarily dust, like pulverized concrete. Granted this cloud does have some fiery nature in its center (seen in other videos), but this "entry" explosion/debris cloud is quite different from what occurs on the other side.


Blogger A_Ziggen said...

Them damn flying monkeys.

Bad monkey....BAD.

You are so stupid it hurts...apologize.

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