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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bogus Eyewitnesses

It's 8:46am and let's say you just happened to see a plane crash into the WTC.

Is your first thought really going to be to try to find the number for CNN or ABC or FOX and then try to call and get through?

And what are the odds of getting over the initial shock, then thinking you should call the news, then FINDING the number and then getting hold of a producer or someone who will put you on air-- all within 15 minutes (giving you two minutes to talk on air), the time before the 2nd hit?

It's not like cable networks are call-in shows like they have on C-SPAN with the number on the bottom of the screen.

So how else would these networks get eye-witnesses to the 1st plane early on?

It stands to reason that any eyewitnesses to the 1st and 2nd planes who spoke early on live network TV are plants. Pure and simple.

And then, the plane footage is shown -- and EVERYONE "SEES" the "PLANE".

UPDATE: Marcus Icke has compiled some WTC1 eyewitness reports here.


Anonymous look how stupid this is! said...

ironic that these witnesses of a plane "i saw the faces of the passengers as they looked out the tiny windows in horror - from a mile away!" have been officially glorified, yet the firemen responders who ALL went on record as to being witness to many massive explosions occurring within both wtc just before each one turned into powder have been downplayed and their records for the most part ignored.
what's up with that?

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They attacked us with cartoons. Now the cartoons are fighting back!


1:17 AM  
Anonymous jim said...

Yeah, witnesses seeing passengars faces in the plane windows - solid evidence. Firefighters on the scene seeing explosions and saying no "inferno" in the towers - they are mistaken. Funny how that works.

9:02 AM  
Blogger Democrat said...

Show testpeople an accident by a brunette involving a car and a bicycle.

Aks hard questions to these people about a blond having an accident.

Be amazed about people catching on to the 'blonde' story.

Shock them when presenting them with the footage again, clearly showing them a brunette.

Remember that the above has been done and investigated


Personally, I find the testimonies right at the start that describe something different more interesting than testimonies from 30 sheeple from the herd parroting the already streamlining official story after a mere 6 hours into the event.

3:29 PM  

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