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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Interesting Observations About Evan Fairbanks and His Footage

From “the anonymous physicist":
Statements by and about 911 videographer, Evan Fairbanks, as well as the video itself, need careful analysis. This Plaguepuppy PDF is a good place to start.

The NY Times piece the PDF cites is entitled “Catching the World in the Act of Changing” by Sarah Boxer; and was published on 11/22/01. Some of Fairbanks’ ABC-TV showing of the alleged WTC2 hit is here. Note how bright/undetailed the two towers are all the way to the bottom without any shadows from other buildings on it.

First we see that the NY Times piece came out (naturally) on the anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination. Thirty eight years later. Those two digits add up to 11. Sure enough, reporter Boxer says Fairbanks’ video is the "new Zapruder film." Her analogy to the Zapruder film is remarkable. This film was doctored, and for 11 years, lied about, and forbidden to be viewed by the American people. During that time, the media/government falsely said that it showed Kennedy's head and body went forward. But upon first public viewing in 1975, it proves--despite its (primitive) heavy doctoring--that JFK went straight back— from a frontal shot. And the added audio [motorcade cop’s dictaphone recording] makes it even more clear that the S.S. (secret service) driver fired the fatal head shot.

Now Fairbanks videos the WTC after coming out of Trinity Church. Trinity was the name of the purported first Atomic bomb site at Alamogordo, NM--the culmination of the "Manhattan Project." Maybe now we find out just why they used those names (Trinity/Manhattan) back in 1945. Boxer writes that Fairbanks’ camera is seemingly "a second or two behind the events." Is she hinting at the doctoring of the video? Then the following part is very telling: "He doesn’t know what he is photographing. How could he? And he certainly doesn’t know what it will look like in retrospect. He has no idea of the things that people will know when they finally do watch it...." Is she letting us know that the video will be doctored and Fairbanks won't know what is on there because it will be manufactured, and will not be what he saw while videoing!

Fairbanks' name itself is interesting. The alleged plane makes a high-speed, last moment near impossible bank, as videoed by someone named "Fair-banks."

Now let's look at Sarah Boxer.

We see that Sarah Boxer is a long-time cartoonist. Recall Fairbanks’ comment that it looked “artificial”, when he got "his" video back. She is also an expert on photography. Her first book is about cartoon versions of Freudian cases. The names of her animal characters are telling too. We have a male version of Alice in Wonderland—Bunnyman--first cited. The rest gets into, "there's really nothing to fear," crying wolf, being chased by mere paranoid fantasies etc.

Note that her NY Times piece states that Fairbanks just "found himself" in FBI local headquarters, 30 minutes after WTC2 “collapse”— written as if this was a random event. However Spooked last week quoted Fairbanks as saying the FBI “conducted” him first to a “safe place,” and then “brought” him to “their command center.” So the media/govt has begun to falsify the fact that the FBI was right there when he filmed, and took him right away to their headquarters, and later gave him a “copy” minus the audio. Fairbanks words: "They have the original, which has five minutes of audio. This is a copy." So did the FBI (or sister agencies) then “just find themselves” doctoring the video, removing the crucial audio and giving him back (in his own words) an “artificial/Hollywood like…copy”?

Would Peter Jennings, who did the Goebbels-like piece on the JFK assassination—omitting part of Asst. W.H. Press Secretary, Kilduff’s Dallas press conference where the latter said, and showed, that the entrance of the fatal bullet was at the right temple--ever have on air anyone who wasn’t showing only what the regime wanted the people to see? And is Fairbanks on ABC-TV so incredulous “even after I’ve seen it [the copy] six or seven times” because it does not jive with what he saw and heard? Never forget that on Nov. 22, 1963, the FBI and Secret Service also swooped down on photographers and witnesses to the Kennedy assassination. They confiscated film and cameras and began coercing/threatening witnesses who were close enough to see and hear who really fired the fatal head shot. Same government, same methods.

Since Evan Fairbanks has virtually disappeared from the public arena, it's not too much to wonder if Fairbanks is a pseudonym and he actually was an undercover agent of some sort-- giving out subtle clues for "the powers that be".


Anonymous Anonymous said...

""wonder if Fairbanks is a pseudonym and he actually was an undercover agent of some sort-- giving out subtle clues for "the powers that be".""

if the powers what be would indeed give out subtle clues and hints - and it certainly seems as if they have - it can only be for the purpose of undermining the bushco admin. maybe even ultimately pinning 9/11 on bushco.
"bushco did 9/11!"
talk about an ultimate hang-out!

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Spook" is a pseudonym for a CIA spy.

Nuff said.

9:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. I've always said that anyone who would post this crap has to be a disinfo agent. Nothing marginalizes or belittles or turns into a laughing stock the movement more than the asshole who posts on this blog.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey @9:30 -
awesome comment!
if your movement hurts then you should see a doctor!

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Spooked, don't talk about stuff that might implicate the criminals--It might hurt the movement!

Stick to blaming "corporations" and talking about if everyone gave a house to the homeless we wouldn't have homelessness.

When you show that the government created fake videos you get too close to implicating the criminals and that's a BAD thing for 9/11 Truth. Just tell people to watch Loose Change and think about voice morphing technology and gassing passengers in Cleveland and stealing gold bars.

Don't talk about how they actually conducted the media hoax!


6:11 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

except my pseudonym isn't "spook"-- it's "spooked". It's a play on the term "spook". Get it?

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure, we get it. The same way you have to jump through a dozen hoops to make "Fair-banks" relate to the banking turn of an aircraft.

Face it. You've been busted, disinfo agent.

Keep talking about nukes though.


10:14 AM  
Blogger Spooked said...

Fred-- WTF?

10:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That wasn't me, Spooked. Someone is spoofing my comments.


1:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually there are several comments above that aren't from me.

It doesn't matter too much though. I get plenty of death threats so maybe I'll get lucky and a hitman with an IQ a little higher than Sword of Truth will go and shoot one of the shills by mistake.

Anybody who wants to be Fred can be Fred as far as I'm concerned. There are already several different people pretending to be Nico and a couple more trying to discredit Killtown.

Besides, I'd rather see good ideas win out over bad ones. If I come up with a stupid posting on my own, let Reno and his shill operation take credit for it. If one of the idiots has a flash of brilliance and posts something under my name that's OK with me too.

Fred (the real one this time, who is and has always been a fan of Spooked's blog)

8:56 AM  
Blogger Lamont Cranston said...

Ok, one comment if you please regarding Evan Fairbanks and planes. Evan is a real guy. He's a brilliant videographer and I've worked with him side-by-side for years, doing mostly wedding videos on Long Island. I will not detract from any other assertions on this blog but analyzing Fairbanks name is patently over-the-top absurd.
This guy lived through a devastating photojournalistic experience and risked his life to capture the footage. Believe anything you want, but he's real and deserves the recognition. That's all, thanks for listening.

10:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Evan is in fact a real person, and I too have worked with him on a bunch of shoots as a camera man.

9:54 PM  
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