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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

WTC7 Continued

Watch it go down:

1) Now, assuming WTC7 did in fact have five basement levels, even if you vaporized those five lower levels completely (not an easy feat), it is not at all clear that this would cause the building to go straight down so fast. In other words, the building might go down five levels fast, but slow down after that as intact structural elements started doing their job. Remember the failed building demolition where the bottom of the tower was blown out, the tower dropped a few stories, and then the tower stopped and refused to collapse further. This is why the nuclear borer hypothesis is attractive, as it can explain the initial twenty to thirty story free-fall drop. Presumably, after the building has dropped 200 feet or so, it has gained enough momentum to keep falling at high speed and cause the building to truly collapse in on itself.

2) There are two other concerns with the nuclear borer hypothesis:

-- presumably it would have had to drill through manhattan bedrock below WTC7, but of course the machine was made to drill through deep underground rock

-- since WTC7 actually was rebuilt on the same site, if there WAS a deep hole beneath the rubble, one wonders what was done to fill in the hole

3) Remember, WTC7 housed offices for the DOD, the IRS, the Secret Service, the CIA, and possibly even the NSA. There is little doubt the clean-up of WTC7 debris would have proceeded under maximum secrecy.

4) If the nuclear borer hypothesis is not what happened, how WAS WTC7 done? I find it unlikely it was conventional controlled demolition, due to the perfection of the fall and the lack of obvious charges going off. Someone could of course posit a magic silent disintegration ray that disintegrated the building from the bottom up, but I would certainly like more specifics on something like that.

More thoughts on what happened and what didn't happen to WTC7 can be read here.

Lastly, here is a simple overview of the WTC7 issue-- and why the rubble was critical.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow see how truly fast it drops exactly entirely straight down the first time - you can tell it is real time by the audio track.
after that while the dan rather guy is talking they are showing the clip in slower motion.
even in slower motion it still looks damned fast...
death to the terrorist!

1:39 PM  

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