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Friday, August 17, 2007

Evidence of Vaporized WTC Victims

(This was originally posted July 17)

I just finished reading Robert Shaler's book "Who They Were", on the identification of 9/11 victims at Ground Zero. Shaler was the director of the forensic biology department for the New York City Chief Medical Examiner, and oversaw the enormously complex identification process for 9/11 vicitims at Ground Zero. Much of the ID'ing was done by DNA typing, as the very few intact bodies were found, and much of the human remains were small pieces.

Only 293 intact bodies were recovered from Ground Zero, out of at least 2749 victims.

Even more striking is the fact that only 1592 victims could be ID'ed-- meaning for at least 1157 victims, nothing was found (or if remains were found, intact DNA was not recovered). DNA is quite stable, as shown by recent reports of scientists obtaining DNA from thousands of years old specimens, such as men and mammoths.

Again, this is strong confirmation for extremely high energy devices, as might be obtained from nuclear blasts, being used to destroy the twin towers-- and at the same time vaporizing many of the poor souls left inside the buildings.

Keep in mind that officially, for the flight 77 and flight 93 crashes, all people were identified by remains found at the crash site-- same for the AA587 crash on November 12, 2001. These were officially extremely violent events, like the WTC demolitions.

But only about 58% of Ground Zero victims were recovered in any significant form.

On a related note, people might want to look at this article again, and others posted here relating to nukes at the WTC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to Ningen:
Thank you for posting one of my recent articles here, at the Progressive Independent forum! I believe I was wrong about you; I am happy if I am wrong in such matters. In your post though you wrote about lack of nuke evidence specifically “lack of radiation and fried people.”

So I am glad to see Spooked re-post this story. The vaporization of 1157 human beings inside the two towers goes beyond the “fried people” you asked for. I have myself only read a brief summary of the book Spooked read. But what I read noted that many people only had some bone ash left from themselves, and apparently many did not even have this much. I assert that no thermite, no thermobaric, or FAE type, explosive is capable of doing this. Furthermore I checked, and the very maximum temp. of the “best” thermobaric/FAE is said to possibly attain 4500-5000 degree F. temp. I also saw that steel (varies) has a vaporization temp of about 5000 degrees. But much of the steel in the towers was said to have been treated/coated with asbestos which would effectively raise this. And we know significant amounts of steel were vaporized both from its being missing from the rubble, and in the smoke/dust contents, and from inspection, including my citing the fire engineering professor, Dr. Barnett who said he saw beams with “steel vaporization from extraordinarily high temperature”. And could the rapid 10 second, or so, destruction of the towers have been accomplished by something that might barely, possibly vaporize some steel, or is it more likely from something that instantly vaporizes everything (steel, furniture, people) in or near its hypocenter? Explosions tend to be chaotic, not symmetric, unless it is one that does something simple, like vaporize everything within a certain radius. The radiation, or radioisotope evidence [radioisotope evidence can be as conclusive as radiation evidence] is available too. William Tahil’s, and Ed Ward’s, analysis of the UCal Berkeley study led them to state that Tritium found is 55 times background levels. Tahil’s study of the UCal data included numerous isotopes he said only arise from recent nuclear reactions. The hanging skin, and burned skin of victims (more coming here) WITHOUT FIRE, is also further evidence of high radiative flux (thermal rays, gamma rays). And of course, the SIX month long evidence (high temps, molten steel) of massive heat GENERATION, I have asserted, is only possible via the China Syndrome of radioactive criticality fragments. Likewise the responders’ falling out of teeth (coming here), and the thyroid, leukemia and lymph cancers are also evidence of ionizing radiation at the WTC.

Thermobarics/FAE (which I grant is more credible than thermite or DEW) should also have massive visual effects much like the [bogus] “plane hit” explosion videos show. Those indeed may have been thermobaric/FAE. But nukes going off inside the towers would be like the undergound nukes tested in Nevada. That’s why the side by side comparison of the two are so similar! As I wrote, in my original nuke article herein, and up at, likely several nukes per tower were used—but always exploded below the extant surface level of the tower at that time. Thus the equivalent photos!

Please tell your friends at that forum, and elsewhere to read everything I have written on this, archived at the other blog just cited and the new one coming for China Syndrome (C.S.) related articles. Thank you.
I welcome intelligent, non-corrupt skepticism. I have tried to keep out other matters—that I know many are not quite ready for—from my articles that are on the nuking of the WTC, and the C.S. aftermath. Wouldn’t it be great though if someone like Spooked had a forum? Imagine a 911 forum run by a scientist only interested in the truth. But alas he is busy with his work.
But thank you again.

Anonymous Physicist

5:36 PM  

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