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Saturday, October 06, 2007

On the New Belgian Video, and the Strange Smoke of WTC1, and other Anomalies

By The Anonymous Physicist

This new video
(see imbed at bottom), from a Belgian site, was uploaded by “bartvanbelle.” Now when you click on that name, this one video (“unseen footage 9/11”) comes up, and it is said to be of “13:51” duration. But when you get it to start playing, it then says it has a duration of “12:43.” What happened to the missing one minute and eight seconds? What was taken out?

Then listen carefully to the whoosh of the alleged “second plane hit.” It sounds like one can still hear the whoosh after we hear what sounds like the impact. But we should not hear any more “whoosh” after the impact, unless the plane or missile was a flyby; or the whole thing is doctored. Then when that "Radio Dispatched Manhattan Demolition" truck goes by, the video is clearly then playing in slow motion to facilitate the reading of what’s on this painted-over garbage truck, as one reader here described it.

But perhaps the most fascinating anomaly on this video is the smoke emanating from WTC1, after the alleged first “plane hit.” This video has good close-ups of the “plane hit” side and also of the adjacent side. Note, on this video, the people falling to the ground seem to be mostly or solely from the adjacent side, and not from the “plane hit” side. Now my key point is that the smoke emanating from the “plane hit” side appears to be going straight to the side (from all the floors from which the smoke is emanating from), due East (from the position of the tower and the street. Note how this smoke from this side has little or no upward vector component— it just goes straight east and then southeast— for a great distance away. Now contrast this with the smoke emanating from the adjacent side, from which people are falling or jumping. Here the smoke rises straight up, without any apparent sideways vector component whatsoever. This smoke acts as if it is hot, while the “plane hit” side smoke acts as if it is produced at ambient temperature, and stays that way. Note that neither is it “cold,” else it would float down. Even its density was well controlled. For if it were more or less dense than surrounding air it would have had downward or upward vector components, which again is not seen. Looking closely when the video allows, even indicates something inside may be blowing the smoke out. But we cannot be sure because hydrodynamic flow is a complicated matter; here involving wind shear, turbulence and other factors. This side having ambient temperature smoke, of course, fits in with hypotheses of smaller shape charges having made the ludicrous [pristine] plane outline shaped “hole.” As indicated above, the troubling flow of the smoke from the “plane hit” side indicates its physical properties, namely that it appears to be of ambient temperature and density. This is highly unlikely if this smoke were produced from actual conventional fires. Smoke from fires is hot just like the burning material it is derived from. Air hotter than it’s surroundings rises (unless other variables are involved.) This is seen at the adjacent side. So likely there is something untoward going on here; i.e. indications of artificially contrived smoke at the “plane hit” side.

Furthermore, the fact that there is no rising of the smoke from the "plane hit" side indicates that there was NO MIXING whatsoever of the sources of the "plane hit" smoke and the hot smoke going out the adjacent side. Thus we likely had separate explosions near the outer structure, and not the ludicrous scenario say from Purdue U. that shows a pristine plane barreling all the way through the outer structure and the interior floors, and an inside fireball doing the same. It is also untenable that any hot smoke from inside the building would totally cool off to ambient temperature in the short distance and time it has to reach an outer window. Indeed the fact that it would move toward such an opening indicates it is driven by a temperature gradient; i.e. if it were not hotter than the surrounding air it wouldn't move towards cooler air. And we have all seen the smoke from fires rise hundreds and sometimes thousands of feet until it is no longer hotter than ambient air. This entire smoke issue is even more anomalous when you realize that the ambient temperature smoke is coming out of the area which was allegedly impacted by the alleged plane with its thousands of gallons of allegedly exploding fuel. If any side should have had hot smoke, this would be the side-- as also indicated by the Naudet video. The latter, of course, may now further lose any notion of validity by this examination of the properties of the smoke.

Now only the perps know why they did each element of their scenario. But in my— and the Finnish military expert’s-- theory of the nuking of the WTC on 9/11, conventional charges (and possibly micro-nukes as well [my theory]) were employed leading up to the final nuclear demolition of the towers. This took some time. Certainly one crucial need for continuous smoke would be to make sure that not all smoke went out before the “big one,” as nearly happened with one tower. If that happened, the ludicrous [pristine] planes/fuel/gravity/[pristine] pancakes scenario would be even more untenable. In the final analysis, what is seen [the unique smoke from the “plane hit” side of WTC1] and heard [the seeming whooshes and explosion] on this tape, require further video and audio analyses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

an analyses of the behavior of smoke due to varying temperatures?
that seems like real physics to me...
nice job, anonymous physicist!, now i anticipate a comment from sword of comedy demanding to know why you call yourself a physicist.
come on sword, that was your cue...

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

by the way:
look at that truck!
it is simply an old garbage truck with a hydrolic compactor.
garbage men used to ride on the back of it and dump small garbage cans into it which were then hydrolically compacted.
there is no way that any demo'ed building material would be thrown into that ancient piece of shit.
it has a nice new paint job though!

2:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your Anonymous Physicist is so convinced "nano-enhanced
mini-nukes"** did it and is an obvious "smoking gun" evidence, why
hasn't he/she filed an RFC or a qui tam case?

Are you aware that if someone knowingly files false evidence to a
government agency they can be charged with defrauding the government
or even be charged with treason. For someone on the governments
payroll (e.g. an OP), it's clearly a case of treason.

Note that the RFC filed by the Jones/Gage group makes no mention of
thermite, thermate, molten metal, molten iron, or even the word
"molten." Now, why would Steven "thermite" Jones make no mention of
"thermite" in his RFC?

Perhaps your Anonymous Physicist hasn't filed a "mini-nukes" RFC for
the same reason.

At a minimum, Dr. Wood has "put her money where her mouth is." She
has courageously stood up for what she believes in. Your Anonymous
Physicist, like Steven Earl Jones, has not. The contrast in their
actions is quite revealing.

**("nano-enhanced mini-nukes" or "nano-enhanced super mini-nukes" or
substitute the term of your choice)

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"why would Steven "thermite" Jones make no mention of
"thermite" in his RFC?"

maybe because he knows that he is merely a distraction?

"nano-enhanced mini-nukes" or "nano-enhanced super mini-nukes"

"nano-enhanced"...good one!
hey AP, have you ever even once suggested that any wtc nuclear demo might be "nano enhanced"?
i didn't think so.
why would this fool @8:09 add the words "nano-enhanced"?
things that make you go hmmm.

9:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, h. You posted before I could get my reply down here.

Now let’s see. Every WTC article I ever published here has had a quick, moronic comment from the regime agent calling itself, swart of truth. But the top commenter above called his bluff before he could post. So nothing under that moniker is being used now. I wonder why? And I wonder just who this allegedly “different” agent might be.

Then there is the fact that my article now is about the smoke from WTC1 and its properties. And this comment from 8:09 Anonymous ignores that issue completely, I presume because there is no intelligent reply to the visible facts. Instead the issues of nukes is brought up, when this was only mentioned once in passing and is clearly not essential to the strange smoke properties the article delved into. Then this troll puts “nano-enhanced mini-nukes” in quotes when I have never used those exact words in my articles. And when we have already proven the existence of all necessary [to 9/11] energy levels of nukes many times herein.

Then this regime agent gets really stupid. Bringing up the limited hangout that I have thoroughly demonstrated was created solely to cover up all the “exotic” phenomena that were due to nukes. And of course, not a shred of evidence of DEW has ever been presented. Just desperate claims of nuke-light, or nuke-like, or nukes without radiation, or no heat at the WTC, and no molten metal, etc., etc.--when I have pointed out a great deal of evidence of radiation, as well as massive proof of molten metal up to six months after 9/11. All my articles are archived at and

And who supports the DEW hangout? It is none other than the regime itself-—because, of course, they know they used nukes. Whether it was the public affairs person at Kirtland base or physicist Doug Beason, a creator and proponent of U.S. govt. DEW. So it is clear who—-the federal regime itself-—created the evidence-free DEW hangout.

Then this moron/agent suggests I should file a claim with the govt! What a moron. Retard, whoever does that is proof they are with the Gestapo regime! If one know that the 9/11 perps are this mass murdering regime, would such a person file a report with that regime? As I said, whoever does that is proof that they are with the regime, and won’t tell the people the only hope they have, is not by begging some other regime agency. I have indicated before here that the people are their only last best hope. Limited hangouts created by the regime love to “file claims” to steer people away from what they must do, if they want their country, and freedoms back.

And retard, the reason Wood, Jones etc. don’t have to worry about filing a false claim, is because they are assets of the regime. They could, and have, filed the most ludicrous claims, without any worries, because they are "assets."

Imbecile: What do you think will be the result of these "claims"? Put it here in writing, so we can refer to it later.

Anonymous Physicist

9:58 PM  
Anonymous Sword of Truth said...

etc.--when I have pointed out a great deal of evidence of radiation

I think what you meant to say was that you found absolutely no evidence of radiation following the collapses.

In addition to the problem of no seismic spikes that you can't seem to work around.

Do you need me to teach you again?

5:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby low yeild [sic], resident retard/agent with zero on point, zero truth.

No comments on the smoke, low yeild [sic]? Like your alter ego above?

Like your buddy Prainmath, the gestapo agencies now have 3rd rate liars and moronic trolls.

As if...
baby low yeild [sic] had a brain.

6:21 AM  
Blogger spooked said...

"nano-enhanced mini-nukes" or "nano-enhanced super mini-nukes"

What an odd and revealing comment.

Where did this Wood supporter ever get this term from?

I believe it was Jones who talked about nano-enhanced thermite.

AP has never used this term.

And I do agree it is useless to file any sort of legal complaint against the regime. To do so indicates extreme naivete, or that the person is in fact part of the regime putting out a false opposition.

8:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice try sword of comedy, but the info is already out there.
the only way they can keep more people from learning about it is to do another, even bigger 9/11.
what are the odds that they'll let you live, sword?

you've been with us here every step of the way trying to claim that things are not what they are but you have failed. nice try though - a valiant effort! in fact you should change your stupid handle from "sword of comedy" to "prince valiant"!
i hope that you get a promotion and a substantial increase in salary just for sticking it out for so long...

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...and of course, not a shred of evidence of DEW has ever been presented."

What about the vertical, empty, 24 ft. holes in WTC 5 and 6 (coming after the destruction of WTC 1, not after 2 at all). The gouged photographs of WTC 3 after WTC 2 was disappeared but before WTC 1 disappeared (along with the rest of 3)? The missing wing of WTC 4 sheared off like a hot knife through butter with no remnants whatsoever? What of all the holes in the streets surrounding WTC 1,2 that were empty, vertical, 24 ft. holes?

"...a great deal of evidence of radiation, as well as massive proof of molten metal up to six months after 9/11..."

Where are the reports of workers having radiation sickness? If there were high levels of radiation, where are the sick people? They have lung problems from inhaling toxic dust, but where is the evidence for radiation sickness? Further, as for molten metal, this is an urban legend seeking to make everyone think the emanations from the pile were hot and smoking. This could not be true for if it were, every time it rained, there would have been steam explosions (water vapor is 1600x greater in volume that liquid water) similar to that observed in the streets of Manhattan in July of this year when the underground steam pipe was contacted with relatively cool water. Further, molten metal would have created so much heat for those working on the pile that they would have been badly burned standing over top of the inferno (you know, heat rises). Further, hydraulics on the diggers supposedly pulling dripping molten material from the pile would have been ruined by the excess heat. Temps over 180 degrees F would have ruined the seals and caused the hydraulic pistons to freeze up. So, to say there was molten metal anywhere on the site is a fabrication/deception perpetrated by none other than Rudy Guiliani himself.

"Then this moron/agent suggests I should file a claim with the govt! "

Uh, filing a claim led to a qui tam filing in which Wood/Reynolds can now pursue the perps in court. What are you doing? Blathering on about agents and Gestapo regimes. Blah, blah, blah. Are you going to get out your pitchforks and torches and lynch somebody (my guess is you still live with your mommy)? I thought the goal was to restore rule of law to the people? Isn't that what they are doing? Using the rule of law to pursue the perps and force the court system to acknowledge that they seek accountability in front of the world?

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the giant steel tractors would probably act as heat sinks and unless the hydraulic components actually came into contact with the molten metal they would probably be spared.
and many firemen told that they saw this molten metal and that their boots would wear out too often from the heat.
no doubt giuliani is a perp but why would the firemen lie about that? they were all told to lie so they willingly got in line and told their lies just so people would believe it was nukes and not notice a giant beam from above that drilled vertical 24' holes?
i would like to see photos of these holes.

responder sgt. Matthew Tartaglia has said that his teeth are falling out and only 6 years later several hundred responders have already died from rare types of cancer that can be attributed to radiation.
i wonder how many more will die before the decade is up?

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a joke: The "holes in the buildings". I have many times here stated that they are easily explained by either nukes inside the buildings or falling deris from a tower etc. No evidence of "DEW" whatsoever. If such evidence were ever presented, I would happily promote it. But the DEW hangout was clearly created to steer people from the truth that the WTC was nuked.

RE radiation and molten metal, I have massively documented the evidence of these two, and this is archived at

Saying I haven't, when I have, shows you as the absolute troll/regime agent you are. The sickening DEWhuggers, Woodhuggers who keep screaming "no heat", "cold pyroclastic clouds"--see today's article on another EMT witness and his reports of heat and EMP-induced car fire.

You foul "DEW"huggers say everything the OCT says because you have the same master. "There was no heat at the WTC"--despite the many firemen whose boots melted weeks after, "there was no molten metal" despite so many firemen reporting it, photos of it, top engineers having slides of it presented at conferences, NYC Commissioner, NYC Fire Commisioner seeing it. The radiation is indicated by the numerous people whose teeth later fell out, and others who were burned--with hanging skin like Hiroshima survivors--by "something" inside the towers accompanied by a flash of light, BUT NO FIRE just like Hiroshima victims, that I have cited, the 400 cases of formerly rare cancers among the responders--including rare thyroid, rare blood and rare lymph cancers. Scum like you repeat the same lie that the OCT people do--"any illness came from inhaling toxic dust." (True for respiratory disease, but not for the hanging skin, teeth falling out, and those cancers.) Your foul words, and scheme, makes a mockery of the 400 brave responders with those "rare" cancers which ARE known to be common among nuclear radiation survivors.

You just repeat the same old lies again and again despite all the evidence we have presented here.

I go to the "truth forums." I have grown tired of never seeing an article on the China Syndrome, and my archived articles on the China Syndrome never allowed to be posted therein. Such as "Killtown"'s "forum" (Mr. "Frame 312 is the JFK exploding head frame" when it is 313), or Siegel's forum ("why does that guy [presumably me] harp on JFK assassination?"--answer: It's OK for you to cite Operation Northwoods, but NOT talk about them killing this brave man precisely for stopping that, and for preventing for 3 years, what we have now. Would anyone but a shill show such a dichotomy? I will reserve final judgment if and when nukes at the WTC ever appears. I won't hold my breath though--there are too many other indications.

Will these two "truth forums" ever have a real post laying out all the evidence I have on radiation and molten metal already in the above archive, created by Spooked. No, but they continue to have new shills and trolls every single day, at these two "truth forums" state the same lies, I have quoted herein. And where is Siegel's new WMD at the WTC, supposdly due out in September 2007? Allegedly all about nukes.

All I see are lying fairies, babs, and obvious British agents. Can't people see shills for what they are. Try this one: "MI5 Agent David Shayler has to be honest. I know because he stayed at my home." Now would a "defecting" MI5 agent--with his well created, but obvious "legend," stay at someone's home if the latter weren't also MI5??--like my account of "reporter" John Miller getting an "interview" with Osama bin Laden. Two old CIA buddies getting their acts together. Where would a real defecting CIA or MI5,6 agent hide out? There are numerous genuine ones--not at a troll's home, but in Cuba. Alas, nowhere else to go for some.

Spooked has done what a scientist does, what a rational, intelligent, non-shill does--change his mind when something is found to have no evidence, and something else does. He has gone out of his way to create archives for my articles so that honest researchers can go there and cite them and find evidence for or against them. And remember I have not promoted a book or a presidential candidate, nor do I have any connection to Alex Jones (I would never have him host a website of mine), and I never intended to write these articles.

But seeing all the lies on DEWS, JEWS [the nukes, like the Anthrax, were made here in the U.S. of A--deal with it], T[h]ermites, and {Pristine] Pancakes got my Irish up--made me mad--so I have exposed those hangouts and the OCT as well. In particlular, I was pissd that the obvious (to this Physicist) China Syndrome aftermath of HEAT GENERATION was being supressed, so I wrote up the evidence and explained the connection. I have nothing to gain and everything to lose, as I have already detailed suffering beyond words for exposing, a la William "Bill" Cooper, that William Greer, Kennedy's S.S. driver fired the fatal head shot killing him. But, as Martin Luther King said, life is not worth living, if one hasn't found something worth dying for. So be it. I accept and expect my fate.

I would like to see if any of you trolls and shills have received anything except nice paychecks and "bennies" from the regime.

I have received brutal asaults, extensive wiretapping, car chases like Silkwood, and hidden mercury vapor placed all over my home leaving me in a state of health that only Karen Silkwood--whose home [and food in her frig] had Plutonium placed therein--would comprehend is she were alive. But shill, your beloved regime [to whom you file "claims",] killed her for exposing the hundreds of kg of missing Pu from that nuclear plant.

Maybe there is even a connection with Karen Silkwood and 9/11?!

Does the mass murdering U.S. regime have a hidden stockpile of nuclear bombs set aside for use on U.S. cities and U.S. citizens?! And, of course, used on 9/11.

Now those Woodhuggers and "DEW"huggers who repeat the same old lies, as the OCThuggers do, "no heat, cold pyroclastic clouds, no hot surface at the WTC, no molten metal, no radiation evidence", ad nauseum, after these have been amply demonstrated, and WON'T CHANGE, have more than proven themselves to be agents of the regime, promoting this regime-created hangout. One proof again is the Kirtland air force base public affairs officer, and physicist Doug Beason being DEWhuggers. Yes, the regime loves the DEW hangout--they created it, to hide from nukes.

Bottom line, you avoided answering and stating:


I will wait till Hell freezes over for your specific response. Then we will compare that to what actually will occur with these "claims"...

Anonymous Physicist

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Sword of Truth said...

No heat.

No radiation.


No seismic spikes.

No nukes, you kook.

Haven't I taught you that scientists aren't allowed to make shit up?

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Baby low yeild [sic], resident retard, so dumb and so controlled, he could be President. Maybe this is what the Chimp does when he's not trotted out to sign or speak--if you could call it that.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No heat?

Sword of Comedy-- you are comedy GOLD!

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

take conspiracy smasher's wife, please!
...sword of comedy

10:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hell, by now, is beginning to freeze over.

Anonymous Physicist

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The smoke going horizontal across one face of the building contrasts the movement of the smoke on the adjacent face dramatically, I see. However, I can also see that the wind is moving across the face of the building, carrying the smoke horizontally. The smoke rising vertically, up the adjacent face, mixes with the & travels with the smoke that WAS travelling horizontally once they reach the roof. The idea that the smoke is being generated & the smoke is cold & not the result of the fire is, IF there was no wind, possible, but, as much as I believe the towers were demolished, I believe this idea isnt well thought thru. They didnt NEED to create smoke, there was gonna be plenty. Besides, Americans will believe ANYThing, as long as it allows them to shrug & not do anything that would cost them a dime or be inconvenient. How many 9/11 truthers had the good sense to send Ron Paul a dime?

8:13 PM  

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