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Friday, October 12, 2007

"They Carried It"

OK, you can see where they might have carried it FROM-- there are in fact some tire tracks on the right side. But this still begs the questions:
1) where are the heavy footprints that should be all over from them carrying the vehicle?
2) Why do the tracks change direction dramatically and how does this fit with them carrying the vehicle?
3) WHY would they carry it????

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good, new website above. Shows how NASA's stated final resting place for the rover on "Apollo 17" was 5 Km. from LM. It asks did they walk back to the LM?

Shows how the same background is in many "photos" of a particlular mission, many km apart, and also I have seen it in different "landings" hundreds of Km apart. These phony backdrops (with visible horizontal breaks where they begin, are either painted in or cardboard backdrops a la hollywood. This is thoroughly proven. And I have seen 2nd gen. NASA videos for sale where they removed some of the phony background from previously released photos.) Should the TVfakery crowd get into this, they will have an easy time of making mashups of the all the laughable fakery.

But, as always, see, for yourself, all the NASA videos analyzed, by experts who expose the scam/hoax. Portions are available for free on youtube.

The laughable nonsense about carrying the LM is ad hoc. Apapently creatrd after one not too well doctored photo got out.

But one of my favorites, is showing how Apollo 11 TV broadcast with "tiny Earth" in the window, is revealed (after NASA slipped up and shows the scam in non-broadcast video) to be the huge Earth from low orbit that they were in. Find that one. If no longer on youtube, get the DVDs that I cite below.

Sadly, the PTB have removed several youtubes that I cited in my article

Those interested should get the references I cited and study for themselves.

Dark Moon: Apollo and the Whistle-Blowers" by Bennett and Percy; and the DVD by the same people: "What Happened on the Moon." And the DVD: "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon" by Sibrel.


8:10 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Many of the sections of the NASASCAM website now show "Bandwidth exceeded" error messages...


8:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, I guess too much truth there, but some of them are still up. I was able to see 'em all 3 days ago, but not the last 2 days, after I and others gave out the reference.

Did you, BTW, ever get the book, Rob?


9:17 PM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Which one A.P.??

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The One you asked about, Dark Moon [see above}

3:38 AM  
Anonymous Rob said...

Not yet. It's on my list (rather large) of things I need to buy. ;-)

3:48 PM  

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