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Thursday, November 22, 2007

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, The Last True President Of The United States

By The Anonymous Physicist

Today is the 44th anniversary of the assassination of this great man. All too few people know the things he did and said, to try to make the USA and the world a better place; and to try to counter the forces that wanted to make the USA and the world the nightmare they are today. So I will highlight some of these matters.

The same gov’t forces (including CIA agent E.Howard Hunt) that were involved in killing Kennedy also have planted false information that “JFK started the Vietnam War” or that “he planned everything that LBJ eventually did.” Here Daniel Ellsberg also gives away his deep cover, and plants these same lies. But nothing could be further from the truth. Perhaps the most definitive work in this matter is John M. Newman’s 1992 book, “JFK and Vietnam: Deception, Intrigue, and the Struggle for Power.” (Read by me.) Newman was a major in Army Intelligence. The book details how the military and the CIA lied to Kennedy throughout, about all things related to the Vietnam conflict, and how JFK could tell he was being lied to, and lied back that he would support a wider war. Most of the first 16,000 “advisors” were sent in by President Eisenhower and were in fact CIA agents. But the book uses National Security Action Memoranda (NSAM’s) throughout to speak for themselves. They prove that by mid-1962, Kennedy stopped his part of the charade, and shocked the military and the entire federal regime by revealing that there would be no U.S. involvement in Vietnam after 1965. He planned to withdraw all U.S forces. The Joint Chiefs then sent communications to President Kennedy that not going to a wide war in Vietnam was “against U.S policy.” Think on who the Constitution says makes foreign policy, and who is Commander in Chief. It is fascinating to note that shortly after Kennedy gave away that he would withdraw all forces, is when the fake legend, but really CIA agent—and patsy-to-be, Lee Harvey Oswald, returned to the USA. Ordinarily the KGB would not have allowed him to return and with a Russian bride, who was herself the niece of a top KGB Colonel.

One of the most telling matters in Newman’s extremely well documented book, is his uncovering that JFK’s order to return the first 1,000 “advisors” before Christmas 1963— that made the headlines of the Oct. 1963 issue of the U.S. Serviceman’s newspaper, Stars and Stripes— was countermanded by the top military brass who were meeting in Hawaii at that time. They gave the order to countermand JFK’s withdrawal order, a day before he was killed. The implication is quite clear. As are the NSAM’s! Kennedy’s NSAM 263, of Oct.11, 1963, ordered the first 1000 “advisor” withdrawal. LBJ’s NSAM 273, of 11/26/63 reversed this, and laid out his “philosophy” for having a large war in Vietnam. But all this proof will never stop all the regime’s intel agents (throughout the media, the Universities, etc.) who forever proclaim that JFK started Vietnam and would have done everything LBJ did; or that old standby, “We can never know, if he would have done anything differently.” We damn well do know!!

After he was hoodwinked and sabotaged regarding the Bay of Pigs (BOP) invasion, JFK had a war with the CIA. It was actually E. Howard Hunt who woke up President Kennedy to tell him of the surrounded forces on the beach in Cuba. Earlier JFK was assured by CIA director Allen Dulles that a small force landing would lead to a mass rising up against Castro’s govt, Dulles and the other two top CIA assistant directors were “on vacation” during the landing. Kennedy correctly realized he was set up, and that those who landed were meant to be endangered, so as to force him to a wider war! Kennedy fired Dulles, CIA Director For Plans, Richard Bissell, and CIA Deputy Director Charles Cabell. Cabell’s brother Earle was mayor of Dallas at the time of the assassination. Regarding the Bay of Pigs, in the last 10 years, it has been revealed that the Soviet Union’s KGB knew of the plan ahead of time, and the CIA knew the KGB knew! Nonetheless, the CIA went ahead with it, after NOT telling Kennedy that they knew that the Soviets knew the whole plan! But Kennedy knew he was set up. In addition to firing the top three CIA perps, Kennedy created the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and issued a shocking (to the PTB) series of NSAM’s (52, 55, 56, 57), as detailed by Colonel Fletcher Prouty (see his book, JFK: The CIA, Vietnam, and the Plot to Assassinate John F. Kennedy, read here). These NSAM’s emasculated the CIA, who were to be limited to weapons not larger than handguns, and gave its power to the Pentagon. This began Kennedy’s plan to “break the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind.” This was said to Senate Majority Leader Mike Mansfield, in 1961.

Regarding the Cuban Missile Crisis, the following is to me, the most remarkable matter. JFK and his brother Robert had discussed doing nothing in response to the Crisis as they knew this was another set-up! See here. They concluded that JFK “had no choice” but to do what he did, else they believed JFK “would have been impeached.” Listen in at about 3:42 of that tape from Oct. 24, 1962, but the quality is poor. This remarkable conversation between the Kennedys is usually left out of all “official” histories of the matter. This includes the supposed “complete” tome (read by me), "The Kennedy Tapes: Inside the White House During the Cuban Missile Crisis", edited by Ernest May and Philip Zelikow. Yes, that Zelikow, who was Executive Director of the 911 Commission! Now the Cuban Missile Crisis, which supposedly almost led to global thermonuclear war and holocaust, could have been avoided, but JFK’s earlier orders to remove the 15 Jupiter missiles in Turkey, near the USSR border, were not followed. These nuclear missiles-- so close to the USSR border-- were the alleged reason Premier Kruschev sent nuclear missiles to Cuba. The relevance to today’s world is also clear. I had earlier surmised that the PTB seemed to be setting up a near exact repeat (as they often do), at the present time, regarding American missiles near Russia. This time in Poland and the Czech Republic. But with the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy is usually given credit for avoiding nuclear war, and finding a peaceful solution. He is also credited with the first Nuclear test Ban Treaty of 1963.

Now many know of Operation Northwoods, that Joint Chiefs Chairman General Lemnitzer tried to get JFK to sign onto. This Op, that Kennedy vetoed, included the U.S. blowing up planes and ships and killing American passengers, and even Astronaut John Glenn in his rocket, and blame it all on Castro and Cuba, to facilitate public support for a total invasion of Cuba. Kennedy sacked Gen. Lemnitzer and put in Gen. Maxwell Taylor, who earlier had himself been sacked by President Eisenhower. Taylor was later part of the Hawaii group that countermanded Kennedy’s Vietnam withdrawal order, before he was shot. But few know of a vastly worse, global “Op” that was studied on 7/20/61 and 9/12/63 by the National Security Council. This plan involved a massive, all out, pre-emptive nuclear attack on the USSR and China before the end of 1963. They reasoned that the U.S. would suffer “minimal retaliatory damage” if the pre-emptive attack occurred before the end of 1963. Kennedy walked out of the 7/20/61 meeting to express his disgust, verbally indicating that those who planned such things shouldn’t call themselves “human beings”. He was apparently not aware of the 9/12/63 meeting on the subject. The reference here is Noel Twyman’s book, "Bloody Treason". (pages 517-520) As always, Air Force Gen. Curtis LeMay was involved in the planned nuclear holocaust Op-plan. In 1945, LeMay ran the U.S. Air Force’s firebombing of Tokyo and most other large Japanese cities that killed several hundred thousand civilians. His assistant then was Colonel Robert McNamara. Their roles would later be reversed (ostensibly). McNamara has admitted that he and LeMay discussed that if Japan won, they would be tried as war criminals. So we see the same perps are used again and again for the same reasons—here involvement in mass murder of civilians. If you find amoral people, promote them to the top and kill any person of peace-- including the President--who gets in the way. But perhaps this nuclear nightmare, that JFK wanted no part of, is relevant to today’s monsters who have plans to nuke Iran, which-- as before-- threatens to involve Russia and China in global, nuclear war.

President Kennedy is also credited with taking the first steps— countermanded upon his murder— of smashing the Federal Reserve Bank when he issued orders that included the U.S govt directly printing money, and left out borrowing from this unconstitutional, PRIVATE enterprise that not even Congress’ GAO can audit, and which leads to massive govt debt. Some people still possess the 1962 “U.S. Notes” (as opposed to “Federal Reserve Notes”) that were printed. Kennedy also forced US Steel to retract their 10% price increase, and fought to end the oil depletion allowance. He started the ball rolling on civil rights. He tried to get the whole alien/UFO matter released to the public, but admitted even he, as President, had his hands tied on that one! There is information now, strange as it may sound to the novice in conspiratorial matters, that the CIA and NSA (and other more hidden agencies?) were created in response to the UFO/alien matters of Maury Island, Roswell and others. See my “Ultimate Truths” article here.

Kennedy promised, in his remarkable June 1963 American University graduation, or Peace Speech to try bring about world “peace, not just in our time, but for all time.” He said American hegemony was not what he, or the world wanted. Listen here. Kennedy’s attempts to bring about global peace were so threatening to the monstrous PTB, that they held their infamous meeting at, and subsequent “Report From The Iron Mountain.” The series of meetings, by the PTB, was about what would happen “if peace ever broke out?” It concluded that “the consequences were grave for mankind if peace were to come about, and that war is good for mankind.” The report was leaked in 1967, and very desperately denied as being real, by the PTB, ever since. But read the review written by Mark Whitaker at Amazon here. I have little doubt that this was real and never meant to see the light of day. So there will forever be “spin” on this one, as it proves those in control of mankind are the ones who want PERENNIAL WAR on mankind.

So on this anniversary of his murder, please read or listen to the words of President Kennedy to see what a person can be, what a person can do, and what a world we could have had, and can still have now if we fight to get, and keep, such a world and such a person like him again--and if we become like him. The magnitude of the man, John Fitzgerald Kennedy can be gauged by what he said and did after the Bay of Pigs invasion, and his firing of three of the CIA perps. He said he thought they would kill him, if he did not go along with their next plan. He said he momentarily thought of resigning (“Who needs this job” said during the Cuban Missile Crisis when he thought they might kill him then), but instead he chose to fight the PTB to the end. I believe, as some have said, “the only saints are the unborn.” Nonetheless, the world had finally had a real person who was as close to a savior as it may ever have again, and most of the world doesn’t even know it. But President Kennedy’s words and actions all indicate that he would have urged every American to act so as to return this country to its Constitution and to Peace and Freedom and Justice. These are the things he said that “make life on Earth worth living.” He made the choice, with all the material goods that he had, that life was not worth living, unless he fought against the monsters that since his murder have been in control of the USA, and thus mankind. Are we to live solely for measly material matters that can, and will, be taken away from us at a moment’s notice, or are we to live to re-establish Freedom, Peace and Justice? Are we worthy of the sacrifice of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the last President of the United States, if we do not act?

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