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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Late Eugene Mallove and the Reality of Cold Fusion

Another depressing story.

Not that *I* am depressed, mind you. There is a lot to be depressed about out there, but we must keep going forward and try to do the best we can.

In any case, Mallove was really a remarkable man, and his murder fits the tragic pattern of the "powers that be" trying to squelch all powerful new cheap energy technologies.

UPDATE: "Anonymous Physicist" in comments points out the important connection of Mallove with "9/11 skeptic" and cold-fusion buster Steven Jones. Jones' role as "debunker" of cold-fusion likely feeds into his apparent role as 9/11-truth hangout artist.

The reason I posted on Mallove was because I had just read his interview at the very end of Steven Greer's "Disclosure" project book, and I found his story extremely compelling and very credible. Basically, he was head of scientific overview at MIT, and found evidence of fraud related to covering up cold-fusion, and then he described how the US Patent office squelches cold-fusion patents because of the MIT data he had found was fraudulent


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Spooked for reminding us of the life and work of this true hero, and scientist, Dr. Eugene Mallove.

He likely knew who and what he was up against, but chose to fight in his way by publicizing this great new, relatively cheap, non-polluting energy source.

We also should never forget the scum/regime agent who was sent in to murder cold fusion in its infancy, Steven Jones, termite proponent, who claims that thermite would be molten hot weeks and months after its use--to account for all the molten metal and high temps at the WTC at those later times. As thermite cools down within minutes or hours, this is some "scientist."

See also the youtube videos on the "The War Against Cold Fusion "

Cold fusion and the peak oil scam are also part of the wider conspiracy. The antiquated, forced use of coal and oil both destroys the environement and kills Mankind while appearing to be an excuse for perennial WAR.

Mallove and the other proponents of Cold Fusion, and other non-fossil energy sources--like WATER, were thus very dangerous to the PTB.

Rest in Peace, Eugene Mallove. May the regime that ordered your murder be "shattered into a thousand pieces and scattered to the winds", as President Kennedy said of the CIA.

Anonymous Physicist

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Steve Koonin, Crocket Grabbe, CalTech
Courses Taught by Crockett Grabbe
Introduction to Space Physics, University of Iowa, 1985-1987.
Electricity and Magnetism, University of Tennessee, 1978.
Quantum Mechanics (co-taught under Professor Steve Koonin),
Caltech, 1976.
Stochasticity (co-taught under Prof Dwight Nicholson),
University of Iowa, 1984.
Advanced Plasma Physics, University of Iowa, 1982.
Mathematical Physics, University of Tennessee, 1978.

May 1-3, 1989

Koonin, Steven Jones, attack Pons, Fleischmann, Cold Fusion at APS conference Pp. 141-145
Keyword Baltimore

August, 1991

Eugene F. Mallove book, Fire from Ice (August, 1991) describes CF cover-up in unknown, innocent detail, including Koonin, and particularly, Jones (mirrors Jones efforts with Wood and Reynolds on 9/11 Truth cover-up)
Keyword Jones

Grabbe, visiting physics professor U of Iowa, author Space Weapons and SDI (August, 1991) which describes Directed Energy Weapons in space

Nov. 1, 1991

U of Iowa shootings, , killing Grabbe colleague and self-professed family friend Dwight Nicholson, an administrator, and doctoral physics students

April 19, 1995

Oklahoma City Federal Building destroyed. Characteristics eerily similar to destruction left at WTC 6 on 9/11

Nov. 2, 1999

Grabbe article in DSM Register describing Nov. 1, 1991 shootings

WTC destroyed with little collateral damage to surrounding buildings, Pentagon blown up, alleged Flight 93 disappears into filled in Pennsylvania pit, Sept. 11, 2001

Grabbe article on 9/11, specifically WTC within days of event (disregards his area of expertise, Directed Energy Weapons), but somehow knows that a theory later advanced by Dr. Jones was the answer.

The World Trade Center Collapse: Waiting for a Fuse (source 2),
by Crockett Grabbe, September 22, 2001, (Revised: September 25, 2001).

Krivit Interview of Martin Fleischmann re: Military hijacking of CF

Eugene F. Mallove shot March 2004

Krivit Interview of Martin Fleischmann in 2005 re: Military hijacking of CF

Jones sabotage of Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Wood and Reynolds call out Steven Jones as scientific fraud

Why Indeed did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate?
23 Aug 2006, janedoe0911, Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood

Reynolds & Wood Try to Help Steven E. Jones
27 Aug 2006,, Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood

The Scientific Method Applied to the Thermite Hypothesis
14 December 2006, Judy Wood and Morgan Reynolds
Use of Journal Of Nine Eleven Studies (JONES) to discredit Wood and Reynolds in 2006
An analysis of articles and letters published in the online journal of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice

Michael Zebuhr murder, March 2006, graduate student of Dr. Wood, researcher of 9/11 Truth, nephew of Eugene Mallove, magazine editor, William Zebuhr.

Wood, Reynolds analysis of photographic evidence of WTC destruction pointing out possible use of Space Based, Land Based, or other platform of Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)

March, 2007

Wood, Reynolds file Requests For Correction (RFC) with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) stating that their reports concerning the destruction of the WTC were in error and must be corrected.

April, 2007

VA Tech shootings occurred - Wood, graduate of Virginia Tech, Mechanical Engineering department, Undergrad, Postgrad, dorm and department, knew professor shot, April, 2007

Jones, Grabbe, Journal of 9/11 Studies (J.O.N.E.S.)

August 1, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge Collapses (both pillars and all supports simultaneously as seen from live video – whatever happened to the weakest link theory?)

Interstate 35W Security Footage of Bridge Collapse

Security Camera Footage Catches Bridge Collapse

(Better CNN version of the above)
Video From The Minneapolis Bridge Collapse (NewsTv)

(from pedestrian bridge, and it also shows lots of "crime scene" yellow police tape)
You News: Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

August 8, 2007

Grabbe article on Minneapolis bridge collapse within days of event (disregards Directed Energy Weapons) dismissing it as inevitable

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jeez, Fairy, give it up already!

Those are standard undergraduate and graduate physics courses, so what?

You're damned right, WTC6 and OKC bombings are similar--they were both nuked. Bill Deagle has detailed how an ATF agent and patient of his told him how he removed unexploded, redundant micro-nukes from Murrah bldg, and this agent paid a great price for revealing this.

And the nuclear physicist, Jones was brought out after the Finnish military expert detailed how the WTC was nuked. Both Wood and Jones trotted out after the Finn gave it all away. The nuking of the WTC and the China Syndrome aftermath.

Give the DEW DEW a rest already! Relax and have some "Cheetos" and wine. And do smoke some of your "molecular dissociating clouds" while you are getting high. But don't get too high. DEW is not allowed in Space. Try to learn something when you aren't high.


12:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or was this DEW DEW (to use a Woodism) posted by the "great" German disinfo agent, and DEWhugger, hey "Main" mann? The one who gets interviews with other obvious agents, like the "Dean?"

And the one who has obviously staged altercations with other agents, like the Loose Change agents?

Yes that reminds me of the phony altercations of one Lee Harvey Oswald, pretending to be pro-Castro, scuffing it up with anti-Castroites in New Orleans. Part of the legend being created by the fake Commie and patsy-to-be.

Was the DEW nonsense here posted by the rambling Mann who has gotten his disinfo so desperate that he no longer tries to find any evidence of DEW at the WTC. Instead the rambling Mann just cites all sorts of U.S. govt agency material on its DEW programs and weapons.

Irrelevant to the WTC on 9/11. Very desperate on the DEW, Ja Woll, hey bro?

Yes was this gibberish posted by the Mann who avoids all the nuke findings, as obviously ordered to?

Plese keep your DEW DEW at the disinfo forums and your own blog. Or did the latter die of loneliness?


P.S. Mann, remember what the regime did to its own CIA agent, Oswald?? Yes, you are very expendable. Get out now if you can.

Havana bro... take the very next Space Beam over there.

Sei gesund und Auf wiedersehen.

Note to the CIA, your Mann is getting dumkopfed. Ease off on the poison you are giving him.

8:20 AM  

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