Humint Events Online: On Radiation During the Nuking of the WTC

Sunday, March 23, 2008

On Radiation During the Nuking of the WTC

The “anonymous physicist” has this to say on the issue of radiation during and after the WTC nuclear demolition. We must dispense with any naiveté on this important issue. If the EPA and Whitman had found massive radiation and/or radionuclides (radioactive/decaying elements) at the WTC after 9/11, does anyone believe they would ever release this data to the people? Relatedly, it later became known that they found high levels of (asbestos, mercury and other) toxins shortly after 9/11, and yet told the world, and the responders, that “the “air was safe.” They lied, for quite some time, about what they had found in this sense. Now if the EPA tested for, and found, significant radiation, and/or radionuclides, and failed to tell the responders this; it resulted in the responders not wearing radiation-shielding, protective clothing. This would then likely lead to cancer and other illnesses. I note that there has been cancers, in 9/11 responders, and people living nearby; and asbestos is known to usually take far longer for its victims to get cancer. Could these cancers be the result of radiation? Cancer can be caused by even the very lowest levels of radiation. The father of the field of health physics, Dr. Karl Ziegler Morgan, has so stated. The EPA officials and Whitman would be liable for charges of mass murder and treason, just for this cover-up. Also if the government perpetrated 9/11 (and no one else could), would they allow another section of the government to give it all away? Do not the people know how the government lies, in perpetuity, about the Pearl Harbor set-up, the Kennedy assassination, and many more nefarious deeds it has perpetrated?

The rest is well worth reading.


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