Humint Events Online: Is Hillary Warning Obama Regarding the Assassination of Robert Kennedy?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Is Hillary Warning Obama Regarding the Assassination of Robert Kennedy?

...and the Ultimate Truth of the Assassination of RFK
by The Anonymous Physicist

Hillary Clinton has just brought up the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in 1968, after he had won the California Democratic Primary. He was thus in good position to become the Democratic Candidate for President of the USA. All this had happened after President Lyndon Baines Johnson was ordered by the PTB to decline re-nomination—something he never would have done if he really were in charge.

So I will write of two matters here. One will be the description of how the American regime murdered RFK, and why. But first I should say a word or two on the current news story. Now these tightly controlled candidates usually don’t stray from what the regime and its lackey press want to be promulgated to the masses. A faux pas is always still possible, and this may have been one. Or else it could have been a warning and/or reminder to Obama that he could be removed at any time, as was RFK. It could also be put out to get the masses pre-conditioned to some assassinations, including that of Obama. And maybe they even have something like the plot line in the film, “Basic Instinct” in mind. Therein, the Sharon Stone character had an alibi that she couldn’t have been the killer because she wrote about an identical murder previously. Time will tell whether Obama meets up with his “lone nut” assassin before, during or after his nomination and/or election, or if he decides to leave the matter to others.

It is interesting that I have seen no one else notice the following “coincidence.” That is all it may be, but maybe not. Now several weeks ago, reports said that Senator Ted Kennedy advised Obama never to have Hillary Clinton as his V.P. running mate. The insinuation of an LBJ kind of thing is clear. Assassinations only occur when the PTB have the Vice President in their pockets. Indeed I never forgot how on ABC-TV’s nightline show, nearly thirty years ago, JFK’s secretary Evelyn Lincoln recalled that the Kennedy’s took a call in their hotel suite (after winning the nomination), and were ordered to have LBJ as running mate. The two Kennedys protested but to no avail. Ms. Lincoln stated that she did not know who was on the other end of the phone. Others have said it was Nelson Rockefeller. But clearly the matter shows how behind the scenes, the PTB control everything. It didn’t matter if they didn’t have the President in their pocket, because if he got out of line, they had his successor ready to go. Of course, I have detailed some of the many things President Kennedy did that caused the PTB to order his murder-- see here. Now is it just a coincidence that shortly after giving Obama the anti-Hillary advice, Ted Kennedy has a brain tumor? We know that since the murder of Jack Ruby by-- in his own words--a cancer injection forced upon him in jail, as he was soon to be released for re-trial, the regime’s intel agencies have had cancer causing injections. Will Ted Kennedy’s cancer be very rapid, as was Ruby’s? Time will tell.

Now by June 1968, RFK had reached out to New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison about his trying some of the federal perps such as CIA contract agent Clay Shaw (aka Clay Bertrand) for the murder of his brother. I have detailed here the revelations of William Pepper that RFK had asked the Rev. Martin Luther King to be his Vice Presidential running mate while Dr. King had himself decided to have a massive march on Washington D.C. whereby the marchers would become squatters and would not leave until the Congress ended the War on Vietnam, and began programs for the masses of the country that included justice and social reform. Of course, RFK would have gone after all those in the regime who were part of murdering his brother, if he would have had the cooperation of the necessary people. RFK was tasked during his brother’s presidency to reign in the CIA, and the Pentagon. And there was JFK’s famous remark to Senate Majority Leader, Mike Mansfield, that “After I am re-elected, I will shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind.” Robert Kennedy was already trying to carry some of this out, despite someone else being the titular head of the CIA. Likewise the Vietnam War was being terminated before it ever began as PROVEN by the thoroughly documented book “JFK and Vietnam”, by (retired) Army Intelligence Captain John Newman.

Now for the RFK assassination itself. As with the murder of his brother by the regime, there is not a word of truth about RFK’s assassination either. First the patsy, Sirhan Sirhan was observed to be in an hypnotic trance, and may not have actually hit Kennedy at all, even though he did fire several bullets. If he did actually hit RFK, none of those wounds could have been the fatal rear entry shot. Many researchers believe that the temporary security guard that night, Thane Eugene Cesar, fired the fatal shot into the back of Kennedy’s head from very close range, as this is where he was seen and that was the fatal wound. There is much else that adds up to this being a large scale intel op. Independent investigators have noted that when all the bullets and evidence were finally accounted for, which included ignored (at the time) bullets in walls or ceilings, and such, that several more bullets were fired than could have come from Sirhan’s gun.

And there was the matter of the “lady in the polka dot dress.” A police Sergeant put out an APB for this lady and her male companion, after he overheard them talking to each other as they were heading for the exit, and a rapid drive away escape. The lady said, “We did it, we shot him, we shot him, we made history…” The APB went out for a while, but was then rescinded by the Precinct Commander, one Daryl Gates. Gates would have a meteoric rise to the top of the LAPD. In just ten years, he was Chief of the LAPD. A post he held until the L.A. riots of 1992, which forced his retirement. His Wiki/CIA article notes that he was in “intelligence” when he was a Captain, but makes no mention of his involvement in the assassination of Robert Kennedy and his termination of the APB that night. It is interesting that Wiki notes Gates’ involvement in the Manson murders. Just recently, former local law enforcement officers have finally gone on record, and stated that they knew of this nefarious gang (before the Tate murders), and had wanted to deal with them but were ordered not to. This means feds. Was Gates the protector of this Murderer, Charles Manson, until the feds were done with him?

More recently, it has been suggested by some that Kennedy’s own Press Secretary, Frank Mankiewicz, was involved in the assassination, as he is known to have turned Kennedy around and sent him to the kitchen, which was not where Kennedy was heading, but where the patsy and the shooters were waiting. Mankiewicz has vigorously denied this after this connection was posted on Wikipedia.

Recently, Shane O'Sullivan made some significant discoveries and has made a film on the RFK assassination. Even the BBC made note of some of O’Sullivan’s remarkable new evidence of CIA involvement in the RFK assassination-- see here.

Some of this is on Youtube or the DVD, “RFK Must Die” can be ordered. O’Sullivan found eyewitnesses that indicate three (nefarious) CIA “personnel” were in the room overlooking the murder of RFK. And just as with the murder of JFK, audio tapes have apparently been found that reveal again, that more shots were fired than were in Sirhan’s gun, and that some were so close together that more than one shooter was acting. O’Sullivan has also written a book this year, called, “Who Killed Bobby?” I have not seen the entire DVD (yet) nor read O’Sullivan’s book. I did read, years ago, the fine book by Philip Melanson, PhD, titled, “Who Killed Robert Kennedy?”

So the evidence is clear that the patsy, Sirhan Sirhan was hypnotized by professionals and other (likely CIA and other regime) professionals assassinated Robert Kennedy. Kennedy likely knew this might happen to him, yet he ran for President anyway. Many in the USA stopped voting after this, as they knew that the PTB had removed, and would continue to remove anyone worth voting for again. No country in the history of the world has been in greater need of a revolution than the USA. One of America’s great leaders, Thomas Jefferson, said this would be needed every 20 years to keep tyrants at bay. (Jefferson was the favorite President of JFK.) It has been over 200 years without another revolution.

So the news story about Hillary’s allusion to the RFK assassination may well be code; as you can be sure, she knows full well who killed Robert Kennedy. Why would I say this? IMO, both she and her husband are highly likely to be, or to have been, CIA NOCs! Everything they have ever done, including their “marriage” has been a CIA op, with these two Non-Official Cover officers interfacing with the “Red Russkies” in Moscow during the “Cold War”, and many other fascinating ops. Sherman Skolnick published details of Bill Clinton’s likely involvement in murdering Congressman Hale Boggs, who had been on the Warren Commission, but had begun to reveal secrets shortly before his mysterious plane crash. None other than Bill Clinton drove Boggs to his plane, in Alaska in October, 1972. If either of the Clintons’s wishes you a “safe trip”, don’t go!

And if Hillary offers to be your Vice-Presidential running mate? Especially after reminding you of the assassination of Robert Kennedy? Accept only if you yourself are a total shill, as nefarious as she and her husband are, and have NO choice in the matter. At this point, the PTB may not even allow Obama to quit! So we may yet see these two “kiss and make up,” even though, for various reasons, this may not feel right for both of them. Orders are orders, and NOCs are NOCs.

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