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Friday, August 15, 2008

Defeating the British/American Gestapo Regime, Part 2

The Successful Venezuelan Mass Protest for the Return of Chavez

by the Anonymous Physicist

In 2002, two Irish film journalists, Kim Bartley and Donnacha O'Briain, were in Venezuela to interview Presidente Chavez for a video they would make. They became video-witnesses, and documentarians, to a remarkable event. It was not the documentary video they had planned, but it ended up being called, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”, a.k.a. “Chavez: Inside the Coup.” Google video has it as one part here. Youtube has it in eight parts here. No one on Earth is apparently allowed to sell the DVD! One place once did, and may again. Filmed from inside the Presidential Palace, you will also see the lies put out by the American regime, and its lackey media, during the coup.

On April 13, 2002, American-backed Venezuelan Generals staged a coup, and took Presidente Chavez out of the Presidential Palace in Caracas, the capital; and took him to a coastal island. An American registered plane landed, and the film indicates that there were plans to take him out of the country. Police had already begun assaults on the demonstrators, which did not deter them. For a while, the coup plotters had control of all the TV stations, and lied about the entire matter. The Presidential Guard, buoyed by the subsequent street demonstrations of the masses, staged a counter-coup, and re-took the Palace. One million people took to the streets, and many stayed there until they got Chavez back. 25% of the demonstrators were estimated to have guns. This then led to the return (from hiding) of Chavez’ Vice-President and Cabinet. The subsequent return of Chavez depicted is one of the most heartwarming videos you can see.

Now the American Govt/media continue to portray Chavez variously as a totalitarian, a dictator, and worse. But if the top people in the American Govt, and in the American MSM, want to see a genuine, evil fascist, they only need look in the nearest mirror. BTW, this is one way to see through the cover, and note which “liberal” media, either MSM or internet, are thoroughly CIA. These media or websites give themselves away in many ways. They support the ludicrous O.C.T. of 9/11, and they blast Chavez, and falsely portray him, or his policies, or his goals. I am not saying Chavez, or his Govt, is “perfect” by any means. But he does seem to have the greater good for the greatest number of Venezuelans as his goal. And, of course, the people who elected him several times, know that he is a vast improvement over what they had before, and what was briefly installed during the Coup. Despite American propaganda, anyone who sees this video can instantly tell that there is a mutual love affair between Presidente Chavez and his People.

Lessons from this story:

Lesson #1. Get EVERYBODY, and come heavy (guns). 25% of the demonstrators had guns. Get them, if you haven’t already done so, and NEVER give them up. Be willing to suffer and die. The People knew that life would not be worth living, if the American-backed fascist coup plotters were not removed, and Chavez re-instated.

Lesson #2: You need to have some military people with actual guts--instead of the current American military, and intel agency, wimps who only “follow orders,” and torture and massacre defenseless civilians. Note the crucial Palace Guard who re-took the Palace with some risk to their lives. Likewise, other military people then stood with Chavez, and their Constitution; and this snowballed, and the coup plotters were isolated and made impotent. The big fascist regime to the north (the USA), and its handful of agents in place were not enough to counter the will of the People. But the PTB do not want this to be known, so no one on Earth is allowed to sell this DVD, even though its producer would likely make a fortune! The PTB obviously and desperately do not want the People to know that they can win because there are so many more of them, than the handful of monsters that comprise the PTB, and their lackeys. Please counter this by forwarding the links to the video, or by making copies and giving them, to everyone you know.

Lesson #3: Get some military with actual guts to re-take a TV station, which helped get the people to re-take the streets. This then convinced the rest of the military to do the right, and constitutional, thing. Imagine now, regarding the truth of 9/11, if some American military took control of one of the network TV stations, and then revealed to the People, the truth of 9/11? Namely, that the WTC was nuked by the American govt, and the China Syndrome resulted for several months. Maybe we’d get our own Caracas here in the U.S.

Part I-- the Hugh Thompson story is here.

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