Humint Events Online: Bill Being Drafted for Congress to Re-Investigate WTC Destruction Mechanisms

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bill Being Drafted for Congress to Re-Investigate WTC Destruction Mechanisms

From World Trade Center Demolition

A draft bill setting up an independent science and technology investigation into the destruction of World Trade Center buildings 1, 2, and 7 to mandate construction-code changes was presented Sept. 16-17 in Washington D.C. by three Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice for consideration to eight House members and the director and staff of the House Science and Technology committee.
(Note, if you can log into OpEdNews, it is much easier to see the piece as a single page via the print option.)

Sounds like a bunch of "thermite sniffers" doing this, even though there is mention of Wood's DEW theory and Deagle-'s mini-nuke theory.

But, I'm encouraged that this is even being looked into.

This is interesting, something that I hadn't heard of before: "Another Deagle theory involves the possible use of the Pentagon’s new weapons of “ultra-powerful magnetic pulses.” Lasers can generate nuclear explosions without requiring a nuclear fission/fusion as their trigger." Does the writer mean EMP lasers, or maser-type devices?

UPDATE: Comment from anonymous Physicist:
First, please realize that this whole thing is by Jones’ people. There are numerous errors in the piece from the "3 Scholars." They get Deagle's degree wrong-- he has an M.D. not a PhD. And after re-checking, it appears that they have either mis- or disinformation when they cite what he said about "paramagnetic fields". His Vancouver talk slide set shows photos of rays hitting fiery cars--when he gets into "paramagnetic fields." So I think Deagle simply meant to say Electromagentic Pulse (from nukes), but may have erred. And these people are putting words in his mouth as far as a tower destruction mechanism, which he didn't say, except for the EMP affecting the cars. They probably say this to make it look like he has a DEW mechanism. Bottom line, I do not believe he has proposed any such thing for WTC destruction-- only micro nukes, as he said for the OKC bombing. I have explained many times here exactly how EMP caused sections of cars to burn off paint and catch fire. Curiously these thermite supporters also seem happy to promote DEW, which tells you something. They admit to the great heat there and molten metal, but make sure never to mention the actual cause of this HEAT GENERATION-- the China Syndrome Aftermath (CSA)!

They ask for their own people (thermite) and DEW people to be on the Committee, but no nuke people-- even after saying this is one possibility. This appears to be nothing more than the regime's method of getting their assets to make it look like they are using the system-- in tandem with Wood's "lawsuit" which is cited even though it was thrown out of court "with prejudice!" In addition to hiding the CSA, I like the way they threw in the Mossad, when they mention the CIA. How about a word on how MI6 controls both the CIA and the Mossad? Again showing me what is really going on here. As with Pearl Harbor, and with the JFK Assassination, there likely will be further "official investigations" in the years to come. All with bogus "official findings and conclusions". Each will go one inch beyond the last one, but will end up in the same pile of horse manure. Unless and until the people do what the founding fathers of this country did.


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