Humint Events Online: Israelis Reportedly Euphoric Over Gaza Offensive

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Israelis Reportedly Euphoric Over Gaza Offensive

This according to a reporter on BBC radio this morning.

Anyone who is euphoric over the Gaza slaughter is an evil shit.

Doctor in Gaza says Israel is targeting civilians.

I know the Israelis are justifying the killing of civilians by saying Hamas is using civilians as a shield.

The problems are that:
1) the Israeli response is totally out of line, totally disproportionate, with the threat-- it's analogous to a kid throwing a rock at a car, so the people in the car stop and kill everyone in the house that the kid ran into. The Israeli response is insanity given the minimal threat from the Hamas rockets.
2) Militarily, it's not clear Hamas has any option but to hide out in the urban areas-- it would be suicide for them to be in the open desert.
3) Last but most importantly-- it's not like the people living in Gaza are allowed to leave! They are stuck there in a state of siege, held there by Israel.

Ultimately-- what is the fucking endgame here? Israel is not going to destroy Hamas unless they kill so many Gazans that Israel becomes a complete pariah even to the US. But short of that extreme killing spree, this is only going to harden the Arab world against Israel.

UPDATE: Al-CIA-duh weighs in.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

From 2011

What would you do if someone fired rockets or guns into your house trying to kill you and your family?
Would you discuss proportionality at that point?

The Israeli response seems to have worked. More Palestinians are being killed by Palestinians than by Israelis. Things appear to have quieted down in the past three years and nows the Gazans have two new shopping malls!

6:43 PM  

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