Humint Events Online: Just What is the Russian 9/11 Monument Telling Us?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Just What is the Russian 9/11 Monument Telling Us?

More pictures of the monument can be seen here.

by The Anonymous Physicist

Does not the monument look more and more like it is telling the world that the towers were destroyed from within! It only shows an INTERNAL gash— there are no plane hit holes! Why not? And the teardrop is looking more and more like a nuke may be depicted.

Note carefully the internal rungs, or steps, along the internal gash. It looks like every several floors has a rung [or tooth], if created to scale. Is this depicting the placement of nukes? And why put in these rungs, in the first place— the gash could be smooth? The PTB often love to gloat, and stick in our faces what they have done to us. They do that to try to arouse fear and hopelessness.

Is there a wealth of information that the Russian 9/11 monument is showing, and not showing?

In more detail, I made an attempt to count the number of rungs [or teeth] the monument contains on each side of that internal gash. There appears to be some 30-odd rungs or steps, on each side. This is near the coveted 33 of the PTB, that I have explained in detail at this blog for the past two years. These rungs or steps also seem to be parts of separate blocks, if you follow them to the outside surface of the monument. I am asking anyone who reads this, who lives in the Metro New York area, especially in New Jersey, to go there and count these rungs on the inside of this 9/11 Russian monument. Then let us know. If possible, close-up pics would be great. Thank you.

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