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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Those Pakistani Leaders Say the Darndest Things

11/2007: Benazir Bhutto says Omar Sheikh murdered bin Laden.

Bhutto was assassinated less than two months later.

5/2009:Pakistani President Zardari says bin Laden was an US operator and that he is dead now.

How much longer will Zardari last?

Note, Zardari is Bhutto's widower.

Now, there is some controversy about if Bhutto really meant that bin Laden was murdered, as Omar Sheikh is officially known as the murderer of Daniel Pearl, and perhaps she got confused. Supposedly Bhutto referred to bin Laden being alive after this interview. But it certainly doesn't seem as if Bhutto misspoke or got confused. She didn't catch herself, as one would normally do after saying something so majorly wrong, and neither does Frost say anything. And Bhutto may well have been manipulated to say bin Laden was alive after this interview. Worse yet is the way BBC simply edited out her saying this from the more recent version of the interview, rather than simply putting out a clarifying remark.

Of course, it's rather important to note that both these Pakistani leaders say bin Laden was dead, and that Bhutto was killed shortly after saying he was murdered. All in all, I think the evidence points to the idea that Bhutto spoke the truth and that bin Laden WAS murdered by Omar Sheikh.


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