Humint Events Online: There Are At Least 30 "Amateur" Videos of the 2nd Hit

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

There Are At Least 30 "Amateur" Videos of the 2nd Hit


Blogger peter said...

the way i look at it is if i'm holding a recording device in my hand, i'm pointing it at the first tower, after it was hit -maybe to record it only as curiosity- but never it will cross my mind that "another plane" is going to hit the second tower anytime soon. i'm thinking that it must have been an accident and another one is most likely not going to happen the same day.
but if i already knew what just happened to the first tween tower and i was sent -like others- "to document the event", my camera would be pointed in the right direction at all times. that explains how come there are so many "amateur" videos, but they didn't catch any planes, because they weren't any...

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