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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Towards The Complete Eradication of The Thermite Limited Hangout

by The Anonymous Physicist

I take pride in that my research and articles helped debunk the ”DEW” Limited Hangout for the destruction of the WTC on 9/11.

Only obvious American and British intel agents still push that inanity. On the other hand, the intel agencies have invested vastly more manpower and resources into the Thermite Hangout. Far more scientists, engineers etc. who are undercover intel agents or assets, and far more internet personnel and money have gone into the “thermite did it” impossibility. Above I demonstrated that the very latest thermite paper by Steven Jones, and eight others, that has been massively pushed online, contains nothing of value and instead ACTUALLY HELPS PROVE SMALL NUCLEAR BOMBS DESTROYED THE WTC!

Now I will examine a “blast from the past”--a previous claim by SE Jones that “hard evidence” repudiates mini-nukes. We will see that this letter in his own “journal” is a foul, insulting and ANTI-scientific entity. Jones’ letter, in his “Journal of 911 Studies” is titled, “Hard Evidence Repudiates the Hypothesis that Mini-Nukes Were Used on the WTC Towers” Letter, by Dr. Steven Jones 9/28/06 (Updated 1/07)

First the claim that this letter was peer reviewed is not worthy of examination. Oneself and one’s cronies do not constitute a set of impartial peers. And Jones’ claim of being “peer reviewed” for his 9/11 papers was destroyed in my other article above critiquing his most recent paper. Then I note that Jones both begins and ends his letter with a condescending lecture on the natures of logic and the scientific method.

Let us begin with perhaps the most bogus and corrupt set of sentences in Jones’ letter. On page 8, Jones states, “A previously published study of the WTC dust noted: ““The environmental science community has been slow to understand that the acute health effects were attributable to a complex mixture of gases and particles and that the particles in greatest abundance (mass) in the dust were the unregulated supercoarse (>10-μmdiam) particles, not the fine (<2.5-μm-diam) style=""> “It seems that the 9/11 truth community likewise “has been slow to understand” that the WTC dust particles in greatest abundance are the “supercoarse” variety rather than “fine” particles, and that significant chunks of concrete were also found in the WTC rubble. Mini-nukes are not needed for the observed concrete pulverization nor for “top-down” demolition as observed for the WTC Towers.”

Let me examine the above in detail. Jones first attempts to piggyback onto another article on the relative abundances of the particle sizes found for the WTC dust as that relates to subsequent health problems. Even that part is false, as it is well known that very fine particles more readily enter the smallest areas of the body (such as alveoli in the lungs) and they cause grave, often irreparable damage. Remember how the EPA lied about all the toxins at the WTC area for years. And you can search on “nano-particle damage to lungs” or “ultra-fine particles damage lungs” and see for yourself. Then Jones attempts to insidiously use that and follows with a foul, condescending AND ERRONEOUS rebuke to the 9/11 truth community about the relative sizes of the dust particles, AS THIS RELATES TO 9/11 TRUTH, namely to what destroyed the Towers. Now I have written extensively on the crucial matter of the dust particle sizes. And I assert that Jones is deliberately lying here, as the papers of Z.P. Bazant on the energies of the “collapses” are the papers that all the other NIST detritus rely on. That is, I have little doubt that Jones knows full well that the energies (and their equations) involved in the towers’ destructions rely heavily on the very SMALLEST PARTICLE SIZE created during tower destruction.

My articles critiquing ZP Bazant’s bogus science are here and here In the latter one, I stated that the case for fraud was completely proven and called for the arrest and trial of Bazant for lying about the size of the smallest dust particles found by the Govt. The article by Zdenek P. Bazant, Jia-Liang Le, Frank R. Greening and David B. Benson is entitled “What Did and Did Not Cause Collapse of WTC Twin Towers in New York” and is here The point is that while Jones falsely berates the 9/11 truth community about the particle sizes found in the greatest abundance, the structural engineer Bazant’s equations make extensive use of the SMALLEST dust particle size in his equations of “collapse.” Bazants Equations 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 21, and 22 directly have Dmin (the diameter of the SMALLEST particle size) in them. Many other equations contain the results of the equations just cited. So much of the work on collapse mechanisms contain this crucial variable, and Jones damn well knows it. Furthermore I have written that the govt’s studies released may well have been doctored in that they lumped all the dust particle sizes that were 2.5 microns or smaller together. There may well have been 10 nanometer size particles in the dust, as nukes are known to create these. And the govt had apparatus in 2001 to find these, but either did not, or altered this info before release of these studies. But in any case, we see that Jones, like Bazant, is not writing/acting as a scientist, rather he is attempting to deceive and control 9/11 truth with distortions, lies and omissions.

I also note for the record that Bazant’s paper has 33 equations in it, just as Jones most recent paper has 33 figures.

Then on page 4 of Jones’ letter, he asks, “Can proponents of the WTC-mini-nuke hypothesis explain how large releases of tritium did NOT happen on 9/11/2001?” He asks this because the bulk of his desperate, anti-nuclear 9/11 “treatise” focuses on either the theoretical, 4th generation pure fusion bomb, or the fission-triggered fusion bomb. What I have asserted destroyed the WTC--numerous small fission bombs--is given very little weight in the letter. Nonetheless I have addressd this issue in my book and recently here at covertops:

Ternary fission produces small amounts of tritium, and the nuclear physicist knows full well about that. It occurs in fission bombs at a rate that some have estimated at only a few thousandths of a percent of the fission reactions. So again it is likely that this nuclear physicist is deliberately lying, and deceiving.

Then it is clear that Jones needs to pad his “letter” with irrelevancies and poppycock. On page 8, he states that the “MacKinlay sample was clearly in substantial pieces of concrete and wall-board rather than in fine-dust form.” So it’s a large likely outer chunk expelled; it means nothing. After all, how else could it have been blown into her apartment?? (Some physicist, huh?) We can see on some of the videos, massive chunks weighing many tons were expelled during tower destruction. No one ever claimed the towers’ contents were 100% pulverized. This is gibberish, deception and even stupidity.

Then we have the issue of the material falling out of the South Tower, seconds before it was destroyed. Jones, on page 10 states, “the molten metal seen flowing out of the South Tower can be accounted for by the thermite reaction which produces molten iron, but could not be ascribed to a mini-nuclear explosion since this flow began several minutes before the destruction of the Tower.” I have always ignored this because we cannot obtain this material and cannot perform any experiments on it. We see, seconds before the South Tower is destroyed, something that appears orange falling down. It could be anything. It could have been pushed out (even automatically) as part of the later thermite hangout. And it could be composed of anything. Scientists strive to utilize definitive facts and data, not things that cannot be retrieved or properly analyzed. Whatever it was does not prove or disprove any WTC destruction hypothesis. There may be another reason Jones likes to dwell on molten matters--to try to divert away from the issue of VAPORIZATION. As much metal was vaporized during tower destruction, and no version of his thermite is capable of vaporizing steel.

Then there is a discussion of I[odine]-131 found in the Hudson River later. But if the conclusion is that this probably entered the river through local sewage systems”,,+and+more+found+in+river+muck.+(Earth+Science)-a098172042 it too should have been left out, as it is not definitive of anything as relates to WTC destruction. And on page 6, Jones states, “ Neutron activation [was] not observed.” Not so. We have both the eyewitness accounts of WTC engineer Pecoraro and the isotopic analysis of William Tahil. Pecoraro witnessed a large steel press had been vaporized and that a 300 pound steel/concrete door was left shriveled up “like aluminum foil,” after an early nuclear, sub-basement blast timed to coincide with the alleged plane hit explosions on top.

(Older discussions on these matters are at and Revised work is in my new book.) Now I assert that the things Pecoraro saw could only have occurred from the million degree temperature, and/or neutron bombardment, from a nuke. The lack of molten metal from the (former) door, now in the form of foil, is more likely to have occurred from neutron bombardment. Tahil’s lengthy isotope analysis is here While Tahil’s nuclear reactor theory is untenable, his isotopic analysis contains some very good points indicating neutron activation.

On page 10, Jones states “No such immediate fatalities due to radiation “burning” were reported…. William Rodriguez, after rescuing many people in the Towers, survived the collapse of the North Tower, adjacent to the building during its collapse. He did not show effects of a nuclear blast.” I have also written much on this matter. I have cited at least four people that had melted, hanging skin without being in any fire! This could only occur from the thermal rays of a nuke. The most famous of these four is Felipe David. My article on him is here (The discussion on the other three is at the archived articles or revised in my book.) And curiously the reader can see the statements about what happened to David are very different when compared--i.e. David’s own words as compared to Rodriquez’. Melted, hanging skin was a common occurrence at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And speaking of fatalities, here Jones, completely, and horrifically, omits that some 1157 people were so vaporized that not a strand of DNA could be found for them by the NYC Coroner’s office after looking for years. There is also the evidence from numerous firefighters who believed they were being nuked as they were far from any fire in the street, as tower destruction commenced, but they felt great heat on their skin at that time. These were the thermal rays of the nukes.

Finally, on page 10, Jones completely lies about EMP evidence during tower destruction: “Note that while power-outages can be generated by electromagnetic pulses associated with nuclear bombs, most power outages in history (and there are many instances) are due to other causes.” I have written extensively on EMPs during WTC destruction. See this summary of EMP: As I have noted, Jones deliberately does not even cite the various anomalous phenomena that almost certainly were from EMP! Here he has to OMIT and LIE as he cannot counter this with any other bogus phenomenological evidence. I refer to the half burnt/half pristine cars--separated by the air gaps of the doors--and the cars bursting in flames for no apparent reason. They were not hit by anything, neither were they in any pyroclastic clouds, and people nearby were not harmed. Only EMP could account for all that.

Steven Jones’ Op-Plan is all too clear to see with his thermite, or super nano-composite thermite, “hypothesis.” His Op is to try to claim for his thermite hangout, all the properties of the Uranium-235 used in the destruction of the WTC, and its high heat aftermath. While the U-235 in the fission mini-nukes were imploded, and caused the chain reactions of the numerous very small nukes used, only 1-6% of their content was converted. The remainder was left for the China Syndrome of heat heat in the rubble pile and under the towers for up to six months, until reached and carted away. Now Jones would have us falsely believe that some version of thermite could have caused the destruction of the towers, and also give rise to the great heat weeks and months later. The only problem is that no version of thermite is capable of EITHER causing ALL the phenomena of the destruction, or the molten metal six months later!

This is also the hidden reason Jones’ penultimate paper actually has him claiming “UNEXTINGUISHABLE FIRES” for his beloved thermite in the rubble pile. He attempts again to usurp the properties of the U-235, and the China Syndrome for his thermite. Jones knows well that the repeated water hosing down of the rubble pile was SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to try to lower radiation and heat from the U-235. He knows well that such methods are amelioration only, and that the real “unextinguishable fires” are radioactive ones!

No Steven Jones, no version of thermite can mimic all the phenomena of U-235 and of mini- or micro-nuclear bombs, and of the China Syndrome, that are mentioned here and cited in greater detail in my articles and book. Just as “DEW” is now only cited by obvious British and American intel agents, I can only hope that intelligent, concerned readers will use these two latest articles by me to help eradicate the Thermite Limited Hangout. I realize that the intel agencies are heavily invested in this one. But it is up to you to use the logic, science, and facts I have laid out here for you. My failing health indictates that this is likely the last time I will write exposing the thermite “hypothesis” and Jones’ papers. I am sure there will be new ones by him and others. There are unlimited coffers for them, while I am both very ill and virtually impoverished without any help. It is up to you now. The revised entirety of my work on the destruction of the WTC is here:

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